Create A Window Cleaning Business Plan

Are you considering planning a window cleaning business?

Starting a new business usually begins with that light bulb idea of what you can do and grows rapidly with or without input and advice into a venture that could be potentially profitable. Before you get carried away though you must first look at creating a window cleaning business plan. The plan will clarify if your business idea is viable and if window cleaning is a good business to start in.

If you are considering window cleaning as an occupation or business or already in the trade but considering expansion or diversification, it can be tempting to jump right in and get started.

Indeed, for a sole trader or small business, immediate income or cash flow may be the main impetus to get a company operating quickly and without planning.

Window cleaning, with its relatively low start-up costs and easy to learn techniques, can be especially tempting in this area. Many established businesses have gotten off the ground by sheer hard work and willpower without a plan. For many, a lack of tracks has meant they have gone off the rails.

Sitting down and organising your thoughts and ideas into a structured business plan can take time and can seem rather unnecessary compared to the frenetic activity of building your client base and completing jobs.

Having a plan can, however, set your business and labour on a trajectory to maximum profitability and growth. Below we look at the window cleaning business plan, why it is essential, and how you can create your own.

Cleaning Service Business Plan

You can download our template at the bottom of this post.

The benefits of having a window cleaning business plan

“Failing to plan is planning to fail,” Benjamin Franklin.

Creating a window cleaning business plan is a worthy investment of time if you are looking to build a business that has staying power and can operate consistently. It is an investment of time but will payback in not needing to think things through later down the line.

This is where you can test your assumptions to see if your window cleaning firm will genuinely be commercially viable. Benefits of creating a business plan include:

  1. Creating a sound road-map for your window cleaning business.

    Use your window cleaning business plan to set out exactly how you are going to make money washing windows and keep your operation sustainable. Diligent preparation of your plan equips you with a strategy for marketing and operating your business long-term.

  2. Develop a sound breakdown of the services you will offer as most of our readers will know, window cleaning is a diverse and increasingly innovative trade.

    It is crucial that you are clear and explicit about how you intend to go about your window cleaning. Document the techniques you will use and the necessary equipment. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of your approach and how you will explain to customers what you are doing.

  3. Opportunity to undertake sound market research

    Drafting a business plan for window cleaning is one of the few times you will have the chance to undertake some market research without the distractions of running your business.

    In this trade, reliable marketing is critical to the viability of your firm, so take the opportunity to analyse competitors threats and the customer base you will be serving.

  4. An objective assessment of the financial operations of your window cleaning firm and potential profits.

    Before starting your window cleaning work, it is essential to check that your revenues and costs will create the profit you need to keep this business viable.

    What seems a great idea may not be worth the effort when pounds and pence are taken into account. Demonstrable, consistent profitability will undoubtedly help attract investors and employees as we mention below.

  5. Possess a document that can communicate your business idea clearly to investors and potential partners.

    If growth is part of your plan in window cleaning, prepare for it early on. Draft a business plan that potential partners and investors can read to understand your vision.

    Without sound financial metrics and a solid strategy, it will be hard for someone to know whether or not it is worth providing finance or assess the potential returns. Well written business plans will open doors to investment or even franchising opportunities.

  6. Attract employees and build a winning team with your window cleaning business plan.

    For your business to grow big or better, you will need to assemble a team of workers and allied services such as accountants or business banking.

    Having a solid plan that you can provide these individuals presents you and your business as organised and focused on success. It also provides potential employees with an idea or where the company is heading and their prospects with you.

Cleaning Service Business Plan

How to create your window cleaning business plan

By following a well-recognised structure for business planning, you will be able to develop your bespoke window cleaning business plan.

An online search for window cleaning business plans will give you a wide range of example documents. Don’t just copy them consider the circumstances you have in front of you.

Many business and marketing consultants provide business planning services. There is the cost of this to consider, and also no one can replace you in understanding your window cleaning business ideas.

There is some excellent software available that can structure your plan and create a presentable published document. Address each of the window cleaning business plan components outlined below to create a high-quality document for your business.

Window Cleaning Business Plan Template

1 Executive Summary

This is your opportunity to set out your mission statement. What is your window cleaning company about? What do you want to achieve with contract window cleaning? Address these questions as well as an engaging summary of what lies ahead in the remainder of your document.

Don’t hold back from being compelling; explain why you have started your window cleaning company and argue why the business is a good idea. Use the rest of your plan to justify the bold statements in your executive summary.

2 Company Description

Use this section to thoroughly layout the key components of your window cleaning firm, its services and target customer base. What about your business makes it stand out? How are you going to benefit your customers specifically?

3 Market Analysis

Overview of the window cleaning market in your area. Current trends and expected areas of growth or recession. Find genuinely useful metrics and statistics that will help you demonstrate that your firm will be viable once up and running.

Compare demand for the different types of window cleaning, for example; water fed pole versus cradle or harness contract window cleaning. If done well, you may even come across other opportunities that will help you grow your business.

4 Competitive Analysis

It may seem arduous, but this step will assist significantly in honing your window cleaning business idea. Look at your nearest competitors and businesses that operate in your sector.

Objectively analyse their strengths and weaknesses. Set your business against them to gain insight into how you will fare when running.

5 Description of Management and Company Organisation

Carefully outline the structure of your business. Who will manage? How will authority flow down the chain of command? Clarify the roles and responsibilities in your window cleaning business and don’t forget to state if you are working on a sole trader basis or limited company structure.

6 Describe Products and Services

Explicitly address the methods of window cleaning you will undertake, the equipment used and any packages or other services you are offering. Think about the frequency and duration you will provide window cleaning services to a typical customer.

Are you reliant on specific suppliers? Detail them here as part of your window cleaning business plan.

7 Marketing Plan

Authoring a marketing plan is a near-essential part of planning your window cleaning business and sets out your strategy of generating and retaining business in your territory.

To keep your business afloat, you will need to find and implement effective ways of getting your business in front of potential clients. A marketing plan will organise and budget your campaign, keeping your efforts focused.

8 Sales Strategy

This part of your window cleaning business plan addresses how you will sell your services to clients and your initial and ongoing sales targets.

9 Financial Projections

Present in detail your financial projections and goals. These should be based on your market research and integrate aspects of how you intend to operate your business.

Make this a 5-year plan with a detailed breakdown of the first 12 months of running your business and annual projections for the following years.

10 Funding Request

If you are looking for a business partner, loan or investor, this is where you need to ask for the money you need and explain explicitly what the funds will be used for.

Consider who will read the document and make sure that the information you provide will facilitate them in making the right decision.

You can download the full word doc template below


So there you have it. All the elements you need to create a winning window cleaning business plan. As we mentioned above, try to do as much of your business planning yourself, as you will be operating your business. Research is a vital part of pulling your plans together. Any questions? Why not share them here on the forum?

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