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On and Off page SEO and content writing for small business, self-employed cleaners and cleaning services.

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  2. I've just done some work for @Lawrence Morgan targetting 2 main towns and he is now 1st on page 1 of Google local search results for some services and page 1 for all services. His rankings as follows: Location 1 - window cleaner / cleaners / cleaning - 4th conservatory cleaning- 1st conservatory roof cleaning - 1st gutter cleaning - 3rd and 4th (2 separate pages) fascia and soffit cleaning - 1st and 2nd (2 separate pages) exterior cleaning - 1st solar panel cleaning - 1st and 2nd (2 separate pages) Location 2 - new window cleaning page not yet indexed conservatory cleaning - 3rd conservatory roof cleaning - 1st gutter cleaning - 8th fascia and soffit cleaning - 3rd exterior cleaning - 3rd solar panel cleaning - 3rd If you would like to get onto page 1 of Google for ONLY £50 per page please get in touch with me through the forum....best deal you'll ever get for genuinely effective and fast SEO and content optimisation.
  3. Structured citations are listings of your website/ company on internet business directories. A structured citation includes NAP information - Name, Address, Phone number. It is esssential that this info is recorded accurately and consistently on all listings. Accurate citations increase your credibility and authority to search engines, and along with backlinks help build your domain authority which in turn helps improve your position in search results. Just like with backlinks, the authority of the site on which your citation is listed affects the value of the citation. Low quality directories should be avoided as listing on them (and adding a backlink to your site) is likely to do more harm than good. However, niche specific or local directories do benefit local SEO as they relate specifically to your industry and / or geographical area. Google and other search engines use all these resources for compiling information on your company which is why it is so important to provide consistent and accurate details. The following are the top 10 UK citation sources. In other words the websites where having an accurate listing passes the most value to your company: https://plus.google.com/pages/create https://www.bingplaces.com/DashBoard/Home http://www.scoot.co.uk/advertise/free-listing.html http://www.yell.com/free-listing/ https://biz.yelp.co.uk/signup_business http://www.2findlocal.com/Modules/Biz/bizPhoneLookup.php http://www.thomsonlocal.com/free-listing.aspx http://admin.cylex-uk.co.uk/firma_default.aspx?step=0&d=cylex-uk.co.uk https://www.uksmallbusinessdirectory.co.uk/advertising http://listings.touchlocal.com/touch/
  4. Average SEO Prices in UK

    Don't mistake K in Kent's amazing price for mediocre service. This guy knows his stuff and have no trouble recommending him.
  5. Below is a screenshot of average SEO prices in the UK - source is seopremo.co.uk So that's £50 to £200 per hour or £800-£1000 per month. And to be clear that is for SEO only. You would be expected to supply your own content or pay someone else to write it for you. Well written, properly optimised - or SEO'd - content is THE single most important requirement to rank well on Google. And these SEO companies do nothing in a hurry because it's not in their interests to do so - they're out to make money for themselves first and foremost so they take their time. I charge you ONLY £50 per page / service and WILL get you onto page 1 of Google FAST and that includes rewriting your content, optimising it and dealing with other SEO issues - and some think that is expensive! If window cleaning up north it's still paid for itself after only a handful of jobs - everything else is profit. If gutter cleaning it pays for itself after one job, pressure washing and you're already in profit after one job. And remember, being on page 1 of Google means ongoing customer enquiries week after week after week. It's the best return on an investment you'll ever get.
  6. The biggest change in recent years to the way Google indexes your website content is coming in 2018. Mobile First recognises that the majority of searches are now conducted on mobiles and so the way your site is displayed on mobile devices will take precedence over desktop. What does this mean to you? Well, if you already have a mobile friendly / mobile responsive design it won't be a problem (eg all those with a site on Cleanershost already have suitable mobile responsive websites). This means ALL your content will still be indexed and so your ranking in search results shouldn't be affected. But for anyone with a separate mobile site with different and more limited content than on desktop you need to get your site mobile friendly ASAP. If not YOUR SEO WILL be affected and will see a drop in ranking. It is something everyone should bear in mind for SEO and when creating future content and consider how it will look on a mobile first and foremost, as that will dictate how you perform in search results. All relevant content needs to be clearly visible to users, properly spaced, easy to read font type and size, user friendly buttons etc.
  7. More forum members onto Page 1 of Google

    £415 new work for my add on services this week from my website in the new area's added and in my town too. I have no knowledge of the SEO stuff in www land, so dealing with @K in Kent has been very easy stress free and an extra £415 coming in. I am happy with the service and the advice and my website. Well worth the money for sure. Happy client here
  8. In addition to ongoing successes targetting new areas for Darren @Green Pro Clean Ltd 2 more forum members are now onto page 1 of Google search results for window cleaning and add on services. @Portsmouth Tom is now page 1 for window cleaning and all related search terms in Portsmouth, Southsea and other locations, i.e. window cleaning/ cleaner/ cleaners plus all those preceeded with domestic or commercial, eg window cleaners portsmouth 4th, commercial window cleaners portsmouth = 2nd. Also page 1 for conservatory cleaning, conservatory roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, fascia soffit cleaning, driveway cleaning, patio cleaning, pressure washing, pressure cleaning and jet washing. Also Abbie @Joe 70 is now page 1 in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire for window cleaning and related terms, oven cleaning, gutter cleaning and fascia soffit cleaning. Additional terms he now ranks on page 1 for which weren't actual keywords he was targetting include exterior cleaning services and cleaning services. If you want me to get you onto page 1 of Google search results for any of your services send me a PM through the forum or call 0800 999 5363.
  9. Ooops, he's done it again!

    yeah thanks I noticed that and have corrected it this morning, and done a fetch and render but not indexed the correct spelling yet.
  10. Ooops, he's done it again!

    Not sure it you have noticed but you have a mistake in your description. "Window Cleaning Alfreton & Matlock | Peofessional Window Cleaners https://greenproclean.co.uk › window-cle..."
  11. Ooops, he's done it again!

    Ambervalleyinfo is another directory, not a window cleaning company. The only company ahead of Darren currently in my SERP is St Cleaning - the rest are directories. But this goes to show the fluidity of search results sometimes and also different devices will very often produce different results. It's not unusual for mobile and desktop results to differ slightly eg indexing of content updates using search console may have only been for one device as there are mobile and desktop options. Also exact search terms can make a big difference - even w/cleaner and w/cleaners + location will most likely produce different results eg for commercial window cleaning alfreton you are definitely the first company and 3rd overall behind 2 Yell listings. People should bear in mind other factors can also influence results they see - Previous search history can affect listings if you have visited a site via SERPS many times. To get a true picture I use firefox ordinarily and chrome for SERPS only and SEO research as it then produces unbiased results. Results aren't necessarily different between browsers but they can be. So it's just worth bearing in mind that the results you get MAY be influenced by search history. In a competitive industry with much local competition results will fluctuate a little as other companies submit new content or have aquired an SEO advantage through citations or good new links or any number of other means. Of course, it's just as easy to go down the rankings if you get things wrong or aquire bad links/citations/reviews etc. The local 3 pack is also affected by external factors, the main one being the location of the searcher as it tends to produce results with the closest companies to the searcher. For the default 3 pack it is better to conduct a search outside of the town on a new device or after clearing all cookies, search history etc. That will then show Google's preferred 3. If you are checking 3 pack results and are at home on your usual device and keep seeing yourself in the local pack it's not time to rest on your laurels just yet. After all, the point of search couldn't be much closer than the exact same location that your business is listed at. I mention all this only as forum members may not be aware of the number of factors that have a bearing on local search results - both organic and local pack- and hopefully it might be of interest to some. Darren, I see you're also 5th for Matlock with only one company ahead and the others being Yell x 2 and a local paper business section - so not bad hey...and they're all heading in one direction = up.
  12. Ooops, he's done it again!

    LOL, looks like I been knocked down 3 spots since breakfast!
  13. Ooops, he's done it again!

    I’m sure he is good green, however when I google the phrase window cleaner Alfreton I see St Cleaning, Belper window cleaners and amber valley all before you?? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  14. Introduction to seo4cleaners

    hi, im really interested in using your services . can you please pm me with some details as to what it entails thanks nigel
  15. Ooops, he's done it again!

    Had a quick check this morning and I am now number #1 in the organic results for my home town of Alfreton just below the directory listings such as Yell, Check a Tade and the like. What does this mean? This means that https://greenproclean.co.uk is the first ACTUAL company listing on page one of Google for search term, 'Window Cleaner Alfreton' There is no other company above my listing, just directories, and generally most people will google what they are looking for, ignore directory listings (cause after all they are already using Google as a directory) and go to the first one or two company listings for the service they are looking for. In this case...me! So once again, many thanks, K. It's nice to be #1!
  16. A massive thanks to K

    I have used SEO4Cleaners to update my website and works too and I cant thank him enough. I am ranking top and front page on Google, The site has been tweaked and is very good and generating calls. Im getting a call or email a day at moment, The advise I have been given has been excellent. As and when I can, I will 110% use K again to add other towns etc to my site in the future. I no nothing about SEO stuff and very happy with the service and advise.
  17. A massive thanks to K

    Just a quick shout out to our resident SEO ninja! In less than a month my web site has made page one on Google for all the key areas I service. On top of that phone calls have gone from random and occasional through Google to a couple a day already and rising. Top man. Thanks @K in Kent
  18. What is SEO?

    Well basically what it includes is u getting onto page 1 of your local search results. More specifically I will rewrite and optimise your content, lengthen it and do what needs doing to be ranked higher by search engines. I will also internally link your pages within content which is extremely important when done well. Your site designer would have already included links to your pages but there are other ways of getting seo benefits from internal links. And I would do all the other seo like the titles you see in search results, URLs, meta descriptions, image optimisation etc.
  19. What is SEO?

    HI K in Kent What does that invlude
  20. Silly me I forgot about solar panel cleaning leeds.... so I just checked and he's FIRST on page 1 for that too
  21. Now Page 1 for ALL Add-On's in Leeds

    Impressive stats but I am not surprised at all. With all the work you done for me my call this summer more than doubled and it allowed me to invest in some serious gear.. without this man's seo input I couldn't have bought what I did. Yes this meant some long shifts but we reap wot we sow! [emoji6] Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  22. Now Page 1 for ALL Add-On's in Leeds

    whats the average costing for this? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  23. Meridion is going from strength to strength as all the work I did for him has been indexed by Google and he is now on page 1 in Leeds for ALL of his addirional services. fascia & soffit cleaning - 1st conservatory roof cleaning - 1st guttering services - 3rd gutter cleaning - 5th exterior cleaning - 5th conservatory cleaning - 6th pressure washing services - 7th jet washing services - 7th And that is in addition to already being 1st on page 1 for: window cleaning leeds domestic window cleaning leeds commercial window cleaning leeds and at worst in top 3 of page 1 for ALL related window cleaning search terms and variations such as window cleaners , window cleaner, window cleaning services and that includes starting any of those terms with domestic / residential / commercial / traditional - for any and all he ranks 1st, 2nd or 3rd on page 1 Leeds. That's pretty good going. Particularly as before I started just a couple of months ago all his services were on pages 3, 4 or 5. If you'd like me to get you onto page 1 of Google local search results wherever you're based, get in touch through the forum and send me a personal message.
  24. What is SEO?

    Alright Pottsy, Yes it's £50 per page = service + location So for example - window cleaning in Norwch = £50
  25. What is SEO?

    Hi have you got any prices you can let me have a look at Cheers Pottsy Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  26. What is SEO?

    Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app