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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Purefreedom have just joined WCA and will be making a offer very soon I will keep you in touch
  3. £50 off from spinaclean for WCA Members https://www.thewca.uk/15-off-our-business-opportunity-training-day/
  4. I had a bash on vistaprint earlier, You can get double sided postcards. Which is what I am thinking of doing and just drop them in with payment cards after each job Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  5. Thought about it before , with over 500 customers thats a lot of envelope licking
  6. Never thought about this but still only my second year in spite of 25 years in sales and marketing I shall be on it today and think will reap rewards. I do enjoy this forum Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  7. For the past two years I have used an open source software called Libre Office. Basically the same as word / excel etc. Just Google it and download. Like always Microsoft got way too greedy for a single user of an occasional product. Sending cards though great idea. 'I got a card from our Window cleaner this year ' Really? That's thoughtful of them, which window cleaner you use? My windows are in dire need' Could earn more than a little good will with the customer.
  8. Good idea but only editable if you have word, Made me think though as I hardly ever see or have even ever met 100's of my clients due to online sign up's etc. Even if I have to pay for some it's definitely a good idea to send cards now i think as i consider myself to be in a very fortunate place right now .
  9. Free For Members So if you are looking for something different than going down to the pound-shop & giving out those generic cards.. just because you have to... we've designed these fully editable cards in word format so you don't have to. fully editable Word Format change the picture if you want add your signature add your own logo simple 'right click' & 'cut' to erase any item change your services to fit all in one solution for all clients or customise your favourite clients with name cheap as chips - colour limited to save ink
  10. Happy to announce WPS Canvassers will be giving 10% to WCA Members
  11. Thank you for the reply Darren really sorry Stitch ( Joanne ) got your order wrong I wish I had known I would helped you straight away and gave you a code let me know if there is anything else that I get that might interest you in the future I will tell you the code as a good jester for the mix up
  12. @mark m. It's not that I did not like it, I have not spent any time there at all so can't comment on that either way. I contacted a supplier after a recommendation on here to purchase our uniforms for year (I buy fresh ones each year) she asked was I a member of the WCA when she realised I was a window cleaner. She then mentioned that I would get a good discount for being a member. We all like a good discount so I signed up right away.. however... once I had signed up there was some delay with authorization of my membership for some reason.. during this period I needed to get the order placed but here's the kicker. I told her I had signed up and would get her the code ASAP and asked for the price for the items I wanted........ She refused to tell me till I had the code........ so I asked for the non discounted price as now I was getting irritated and just wanted to buy the damn shirts...... She said we could discuss prices once I had the code.... Oh FFS! Enough of this already and just 're ordered from the same place I got them on eBay last time and two days later had my new uniforms. My gripe was not because I do not like your site. I appreciate what you're doing there. It was simply this one supplier in a first transaction that soured the whole thing so I washed my hands of it all and moved on. I do however very much appreciate the membership fee refund. Thank you and I hope I have explained my gripe clearly enough.
  13. I have refunded your money Darren, I am sorry you never liked WCA I don't want people to think they are getting conned and you found the coupons codes hard to add to the suppliers web site we tried to make it as easy as we could but I will look into it again so others do not have the same problems
  14. Could you please tell me what you signed under to become a member and I will refund you your money as I cant find you name in the member list
  15. I didn't join and spent the £30 on Ale ! Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  16. Lol thought you were more switched on than that!
  17. mmmmm thats a shame thought it might off been a gd idea to join save my £30
  18. We joined to use there templates which were laughable like a child had wrote them out.. Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  19. I joined earlier in the year, solely to get a discount from one of your suppliers. Turned into such a ball ache with them wanting promo codes and faffing about in the end I bought the items off ebay. That was the first and last time I ever logged on. £30 i'll never see again.
  20. A little celebration that WCA have just got 250 members this weekend
  21. WCA is now the cheapest place to buy Unique blue not buy pennys but buy over 25%
  22. Rutland pumps and Aqua Fed both good company's also if you not had training there is a discount with Spinaclean