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  2. R O membranes 100 / 150 gpd

    They sell Hid membranes membranes which are made in China. @johnny bravohas a booster pump as his water pressure is poor. Those Hid membranes need a high water pressure to work to their spec which is lower than Axeon (as per a post of @doug atkinsona while back).
  3. Gutter vac specs.

    Mate this thread is recent go to page one and read through the whole lot. All the best vacs are detailed with links to the places to purchase them.
  4. Good rubber gone bad

    People fail to understand that rubber actually breaks down with time. That's why one should replace your van's timing belt every 7 years no matter how many miles it has done.
  5. Good rubber gone bad

    theyve all been binned. other strips from the load i got were fine.
  6. Good rubber gone bad

    Sounds as if the rubber has broken down. I would bin it and buy a new strip from a good retailer.
  7. Today

    *ROUND NOW SOLD* Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  9. Good rubber gone bad

    it was still in the jiffy bag it came in. kept in a drawer.
  10. Hey guys so due to me hanging up my window cleaning boots due to taken on full time care of my mrs which honestly gonna miss the window cleaning, i built and bought the trolly and everything else at the time for just under £1000 with taxs and such, i have used the pole system on my own house but thats it. so its time for me to sell it to someone who will get some use out of it, and you ca have the full lot for £200 it is the WFP trolly with Gardiner SLX-22 pole, also the RO system comes with it. it all works as it should it even comes with a pump as well pics to follow im not looking to make much back off this but its a great deal for someone who wants a really cheap WFP system set up and pole. Collection only from the Warrington Area £200
  11. Good rubber gone bad

    Depends where its been lying and did any chemicals touch it. If lying in a garage then the frost may have frozen it and now its thawed out. Many reasons but better to just buy it when you need it or it just gets in the way.
  12. R O membranes 100 / 150 gpd

    Collins water products tell them lee of forum recommended
  13. Pole hose connections

    Still not entirely sure from that diagram which one I have or need Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  14. Pricing for larger jobs

    well we do each person nearly 3k in day
  15. Which are classed as the best to get, Axeon ? im after renewing my 300 RO with new 150 membranes,, Best place to get them. Thanks
  16. Gutter vac specs.

    Hi, Cancyou post a link of similar vacs for a better price then so we can compare?
  17. Good rubber gone bad

    ive got 3 36 inches lengths of pulex rubber that are all knackered both sides. they are leaving water on the glass after i blade off. thought it might be the channel so tried another & exact same. cant see any scuff marks or anything wrong with the rubber. any ideas ?
  18. Pole hose connections

  19. Well here’s my next questions guys Had a gardiners pole which I’ve used for Fsg, it has a hozelock connection and isolation tap on on it, new pole hose for van set up obviously has different fitting, what do I need to order from gardiners after I remove the hozelock fitting. I think I’m also going to remove the isolation tap on the new hose as it much larger and looks like a snagging problem.... thoughts and advice greatly appreciated Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  20. The Selling Power Of A Test Patch....

    😂 I’m guessing it was a cheap diy karcher jobby...he said he’s going to bin it now! Thanks. And yes, no point doing a test patch somewhere inconspicuous 😊
  21. Employee nightmare

    He works 3 days a week, but is yeh constantly trying to stay under the threshold. He sells a round every year.
  22. wanted slx pole

    Hi guys looking for an slx or comparison pole 25 feet or over, northwest England.. and possible 350 ltr tank/ hose etc cheers, J
  23. Employee nightmare

    so many posts on this thrbut thought I'd chime in with my experience employing people. Work ethic and customer service skills are all you need, the rest can be taught... I usually take people on a 2 week paid trial period to see if you like how they work and equally important for them to decide if this is the sort of thing they want to do for a considerable amount of time. for the first week, you're going to be working on a loss, checking windows etc. showing them bits they've missed etc. I remember how long it took me to get fast. I'd keep them with me for a month minimum and then think about giving them small lists to go and do on their own, or dropping them off on a run etc. You have to invest a good amont of time and money to train someone up but it soon pays off. if youre struggling with too much work then you could just employ a 'window cleaning mercenary' and pay him top dollar. I've had a few of them when I've been bogged down with work who just go round doing days here and there for a few companies, they're usually quick and decent standard and can plough through lists. Now I just employ Polish as Engish lads round here aren't worth the effort, also because of the language barrier they are unable to branch off and start up on their own so they're usually happy to stay.
  24. Good rubber gone bad

    Have to agree with John. I use soft rubber predominantly in the winter, only using red when I'm forced to on really rough wooden frames, that would destroy my soft rubber. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  25. tank frames diy

    It's just a simple frame made from angle steel, welded together. Not much to it really. A few holes to bolt it to the floor, a cut off in the corner to fit the tank outlet, and that's about it.
  26. Employee nightmare

    And then you hit the 40% tax and VAT further down the line.
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