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  2. So for the people that use pivot/swivel movement on there water fed brush. Which one do you use, what do you like about it?? What do you think can be improved. For what reason.
  3. I've used the rectus fittings for a long time and haven't found a problem with them leaking on the hose tail. Mine are just clamped on with an o ring with inner sleeve. I do put them on very tight though. I find that they do leak however from between the male and female fittings when they have a little wear. If they are never disconnected then they'll be fine but if you disconnect regularly then inevitably the loose ends get knocks and it doesn't take much damage for them to start leaking. If you're careful whenever it is unplugged then it'll be fine. I love the JG fittings for ease but like the auto stop.
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  5. Thanks, I've been curious about setting up hot water for a while Reminds me of a farm house I used to do on the Pennines that was a right pain to do. Came to do the conservatory windows one day and there was a cow pat a foot wide and 2" thick on the glass.. I tried spraying it with pole but it was solid! Told customer I quit after that.. I've had piles of house Martin droppings as thick as that on sills before though. Disgusting, especially if you're getting splashed from water bouncing off the pile! And don't want to use brush on it as it makes it filthy. Combine that with the usual spider, insect and bird poo on the windows and dog muck in the gardens, I'm thinking for window cleaners, we deal with far too much
  6. I quoted a farmhouse yesterday that had 16 nests just on one side 👀. She wants me to start cleaning in September when they've gone. everywhere. Think I might def this one!
  7. It's the first thing I do once I've fitted them now. I also find I don't need 'O' clips when fitting the barbed JG hose tails to PU hose either.
  8. As originally designed and conceived (pad over top and used primarily as a pole tool) there was no issue with the Fliq. It was when wider testing was done that they realised that a lot of guys would also use mounted Fliq in hand and mounted under is the logical way to have for that purpose. Problems arose on close out with deep frames. This has been addressed with the elastic 'curl' which hits frame and encourages the pad to fold back out of the way at close out. I've noticed that after a period of use as the pad softens it behaves much better also.
  9. Gel max and algea .... Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  10. Why have I never thought of that? [emoji848][emoji848] Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  11. If you use the barbed JG hose tails, I've found it helpful to file down the flange to the same outer diameter as the hose if using PU pole hose. It makes them a lot easier to disconnect. This is easy to do if you have a small dremmel type tool with a sanding wheel, but you can use a regular file.
  12. whats the best u have used ??
  13. Any one want a 10% discount code for Aims Chemical. Well worth it if your putting a good size order in.. just use AA10 to get 10% off. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  14. easy to set up m8 ill take some pix tomorow im no diy guy but this it easy cost £2 a day in gas to run on hot temp wich is naff all total cost is only like £300 tops that includes every thing gas +heater+conecters ect
  15. Which Biocide you using & are you in a hard water area? Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums Active ingredient in a biocide is DDAC. If DDAC is not the active ingredient then it's an inferior product & will not work in a hard water area so will need mixing with pure Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  16. Is it expensive to buy? I don't really know how they are set up.
  17. go hot m8 you will never go back to cold again i shxxxit u not hot water melts bee pollon with ease
  18. Half the voltage means half the speed and half the torque. If you feed it with 24v the motor is too fast. The was a guy on the other forum that started this diy conversion. He connected 2 x 12v batteries together in series and said it is was too fast and too powerful.
  19. The estate I do in Wooley (M1 junction 38) in covered in them. Most of my custys have now put netting up under the eaves which stops them building nests but the rest of them are a right mess. Taking ages longer than it should do to clean.
  20. im looking the trigger for the bottom and for it to take the pole thru it
  21. It looks good.
  22. Difficult to say. The problem is; at what point is the resin spent. Is in when it first reaches 1ppm or 5ppm or 10ppm? Personally I can see spotting in low level sun at 5ppm, so I never let my pure tds rise above 1. If you put your figures in; 5ppm and 7700 liters of pure used a month (350 x 22 days) then the calculator says you should replace resin at 4.8 weeks. However, whilst we say we are using x amount of water a day, it could be much less if we have bad weather and loose several days cleaning. So it could be that we use less and so our resin should last longer. .
  23. The best thing with Yell is the free listing option. Be aware that their salespersons will call you and make big promises about how you will greatly increase your sales with a premium upgrade. What you get in the end is something pricey and not so effective. People nowadays don't visit online directories to find a business. They will do a quick Google search and choose something from there. So the conclusion is to spend the money that you would spend on a premium listing on something else. The best option is to search engine optimize your website. Gone are the days when you needed to be some kind of an IT guru to manage this. Nowadays it's easy because search engines reward unique content. So you don't need to learn difficult techniques to promote your website. Also there are some great guides on the Internet and great videos on Youtube, where you can educate yourself in this area.
  24. just put the high pressure hose through the middle with some washers between hose and end nozzle m8 stop the hose firing back down the pole
  25. I have tried advertising on Facebook but felt that it was not effective for my window cleaning business. The platform I have succeeded with is Google Adwords. Basically I'm paying for every click. If people don't visit my website I'm not paying anything. I like this type of system because only the people who are interested in my services will click on my link. It's important to get the keywords right here. But because my business is local, it's not a big issue. You could try "window cleaning + your city/town".
  26. ive not had a issue with them but ive seen these mud nests buy the soffet if that is house martins ? if i was you ide get a hot water system gas heater
  27. ive had my microlite slip off before so now i have it on the other way and had no issue since but the way u have it is ment to be the corect way so ive bin told buy smurf ,ide have not used the ankalad at that hight but thats me i only use it on wet decking and slipery or sloped areas as it can be a faff but ide never be with out my ankalad very good bit of kit i also have one of them foot the ladder tools thats good bit of kit dont no y they stoped selling them ?
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