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  3. Thanks @Pjj let me search for them and will keep you posted. Thanks for your assistance
  4. Any ionics supplier should be able to get one for you they arnt cheap though , I have the older type to yours
  5. Can you recommend me any where I can get the stainless steel one from? Also when you changed yours did you go with the the stainless one or they replaced it with the new version housing(blue in colour).
  6. They do a stainless steel version as an option , they know there is a problem with theses filters but just denied it , try and get a replacement from your nearest supplier
  7. Thanks @Pjj yeah this is is also 2nd time on the same filter. Blew the first one back in 2017. I will contact them tomorrow and see what they say. Thanks for the response. I thought it was just me. It also happened to the 3rd housing RO back in May this year hence the blue in colour.
  8. I have had exactly same problem with the older style filters , ionics claim it never happens but it’s happened to me 3 times and a friend of mine has had it happen twise . I personally think it’s due to fatigue the constant expansion and contraction the plastic fractures . I have had it with the 5 micron filter and the di one . I don’t know how old yours is but I would apply pressure on ionics to replace it , I had to get to the point of threatening them with a solicitor and then they finally replaced it and gave me compensation for the damage done to my van due to it being flooded to a depth of 12 inches
  9. You can check with hmrc but a lot of information of what you can offset legitimately is widely available online from official sources. I can see why some people use an accountant but once you've done it a few times it's fairly easy and there's nothing to be worried about so long as you declare honestly. I'm fortunate to know an accountant socially so I have the added benefit of running anything I'm unsure of past him. But even if over the years you do miss a few things you could have claimed for (which I have), it won't be anything like the cost of paying an accountant every year. Each to their own though.
  10. I've got a hm digital TDS-EZ hand held water quality tester, I've searched the website and googled it but can't find out how to recalibrate it. Anyone know?
  11. Just allow for it in the price ,sometimes they arnt blocked so you are a few quid up sometimes they are and it might take a little longer , if in any doubt put the camera up and take a look if you don’t have a camera just put up a ladder and take a look , biggest problem is making sure that there is enough room to get the vac in the gutter between the roof tiles and gutter
  12. maxbruffell

    Pricing trad gutter clean

    Cheers guys. I fully intended on clearing downpipes. Maybe I should have worded my question better, do you also quote these by the metre? Or differently? @Part Timer @Pjj
  13. Today
  14. Part Timer

    Pricing trad gutter clean

    You can't really claim to have cleared the gutters without doing the downpipes. A blocked downpipe prevents the water leaving the gutters, the whole reason for clearing the gutters is to make sure the water escapes as quickly as possible.
  15. Iron Giant

    Forum hompage changes and testing

    Just click on the recent activity icon and all is good, it's the one before the pen and pad icon to create a new post, @Gavhas made multiple changes and trailed various options more times than I can count today 😁
  16. Yes we do check and unblock them as we go all part of the job as far as Ime concerned, you cannot vac the gutters and leave downpipes blocked
  17. Iron Giant

    Commercial pricing

    For a short person like me, I reckon I would just about hit the very top with my 32ft pole, so definitely 30ft plus, or you would manage with a 18ft pole 😀
  18. maxbruffell

    Pricing trad gutter clean

    Sorry to hijack the thread but I just wanted to ask if everyone quotes for downpipes as well? At the same price or different? cheers!!
  20. Sorry to be negative about it after your hard work but I much prefer the old version much easier to find things and see new replies, all this ticking and unticking boxes it a right pain 😬😬😬
  21. Ime guessing by now that that any chicks would have fledged and be long gone from the nest , obviously you should only remove the nest after .
  22. Tango

    Anyone's add ons and bookings dried up

    In doing so you are restricting access to the nest. Like I said don't do it. I've provided you the links to the info you need, ignore it at your peril..
  23. Mcsweeney

    Commercial pricing

    Thanks Guys that’s all the windows they share the bloke with another company that I will try to get. I will have to do the job on a sat when no one is there. They want a price for the inside as well 3 times a year.
  24. Part Timer

    Commercial pricing

    Also with the proximity of the trees I think at certain times of the year there will be spiders eggs and webs everywhere.
  25. Part Timer

    Commercial pricing

    Would depend when you can do it as well. The windows in the stairwell, second picture, will be a nightmare to do if all the bays are taken up. They also look quite high, I'm not sure a 27' would get to the top. Basically what you've shown, picture wise, it's about an hours work. Fairly certain though by looking at the stairwell there's quite a few more windows you haven't shown us.
  26. Marko067

    Univalve! Leaks! New One Does Too!

    I often use the pinch method between windows and even houses even though I have a Univalve in both my poles which is probably why mine have lasted so long. I've had them since they were released. They do leak a little (emphasis on little) but not a major problem and hardly surprising in view of the pressure the O ring inside has to deal with.
  27. Pjj

    Commercial pricing

    Work out how long it will take you and how much per hour you want to earn and you will have your price . Ime guessing it will have to be done out of normal working hours due to the parking of vehicles making it awkward, is it in and out or just outside ? What competition are you up against all theses things will have an effect on the price , those windows are a pain to do as they hold water on the ledges and you will end up cleaning the panels between the stairwell windows or the dirt will run straight onto the pains below , we do several apartment blocks like this , pricing from photos isn’t easy but I would be looking for £100 and recon after the first clean it would take 45 muinits to an hour max
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