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  2. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Dealing with drip down

    Use it if you get jobs that are majority leaded. You will see it come into its own.
  3. Yesterday
  4. P4dstar

    My Christmas tip n present to all my fellow tradders

    Its like the launch of a new iPhone! A lot of hype followed by a massive disappointment 😂
  5. Helped install a webasto the other day. All went well and it ‘seemed’ to function check OK. Header tank reached 70 degrees then the webasto went in to slumber mode, heat exchanger was red hot and water coming through it was a steady 40 degrees out of the pressure release valve (fitted a return circuit back into the tank when the univalve is off). Job was a good un’ - so I thought. The report now is the heater is doing it’s warm up and the header tank as it should be, as soon as the the hose reel draws water through the system the webasto header tank loses temperature and is unable to keep up - ultimately the temperature at the brush is 22 degrees maximum. No obvious air locks in the hose reel side of the heat exchanger. Battery voltage good throughout (engine running with VSR/split relay) I’ve got a couple of ideas but want to get other opinions before I jump in with yet another expensive ‘experiment’ to what was meant to be a quick install to help someone out. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  6. I’d love an extreme but I’m too heavy handed with my slx so too scared to buy one 😂
  7. Pjj

    Veteran Webasto owners

    No manual ones that’s a project fir next year
  8. james82

    Fabric softener...

    Hi just curious to how you've found using fabric softener on the windows? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  9. Dave B

    first floor sills

    Extend the pole a little more then stand back and scrub the sill to get a better angle Rinse it and you will know it is clean when bits stop running off in the water Job done Then just a quick scrub on future cleans Never get complaints
  10. CHWS

    Buying a round is it worth it?

    Doesn’t take long to learn how to trad or wfp. Speed takes time. You will learn each house as it comes. ( where to position the ladder best or what way to pull the hose ) any hiccups along the way then this is the place to say
  11. I think it all depends on the size of the business. You have been at this a long time and are well known in your town, you're not some random guy doing a bit of cold calling and trying to get someones details. Darren has a couple of vans and will be well recognised in his area. I honestly don't think customers would have an issue passing you their account number and sort code as you have built that brand. I would probably be more likely to run into the problems that you're thinking about. There is very little you can do with an account number and sort code other than set up a DD and pay money in. Also you're quite transparent about it, the details are on your website so you make no bones about the way you accept payment.
  12. no mate, I cant get inside it, its from inside the membrane. Well, I say I cant, havent opened up a membrane up to now. It does seem like it shouldn't be a problem, and seems to be working ok as it is although would be more reassuring if it was a common thing. will phone doug up tomorrow and see if its just one of those things that are ok.
  13. Part Timer

    Business banking

    You can post your cheques in the Post Office via an envelope the major banks supply. All you have to do is get one from the PO with your banks name on it put your cheques in with a paying in slip and put your account details on the front and they process it for you and give you a receipt. It takes a day or two longer to hit your account but saves loads of hassle.
  14. Part Timer

    Buying a used van - VAT

    Two doddery old buggers going off on a tangent 🤗
  15. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Stainless steel polish

    I get that but trust me, no point losing a minutes sleep over it, we gain customers, we lose customers, life goes on, the more we stress over it the more time we waste in a non productive environment.
  16. I read the original post as it was 34 after r/o and now its 4ppm. I would still put that 4ppm through a di vessel. If his water was 34 from the tap originally he wouldn't have needed to spend the money on a water softener. It will make life a little easier for the membrane/s so they should last longer. They are just having to remove sodium ions. The water softener removes magnesium and calcium ions from the water and replaces those ions with sodium ions.
  17. Last week
  18. 12.8 or above is a fully charged battery in very good condition. It doesn’t hurt them to leave on longer than it needs because smart chargers drop the voltage to 13.6-13.8 once full. (Floating charge). When I charge mine (rare) I put it on when I get in, in the evening and leave it till the morning when I’m out the door again. The thing with charging current, higher currents can help brake down any sulphastion buildup on the plates, Sulphate build up reduces the batteries ability to produce electric. Also, a battery will only absorbe what current it wants. You can feed it with a few hundred amps, but if it only wants 20, it will only take 20.
  19. I have made a good start in building my round in and around the Polegate area. However I want to accelerate my takings and would consider buying part or all of a round within 25 miles of my base in Polegate East Sussex. I have a WFP system and am ready to go once I find the right round at the right price. If you have too much work, looking to wind down or wind up altogether please drop me a line. Jake ARP Window and Cleaning Services
  20. Rather have the hose reel hose on the floor and have the more flexible lighter 5mm pole hose in the air. As for the remote that looks like you still have to take a hand of the pole to control water flow. Where as my tap is at my fingertips at all times. Controlling water flow without taking my hand off the pole.
  21. Glad you got it done and I could help. All the best bud [emoji1531] Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  22. scottish cleaning service

    A brief introduction

    Today I seen another window cleaner van, there seems to be a lot going around. When I was doing recycling, I didn't see many or I wasn't looking for them. It maybe because I have changed to window cleaning.
  23. scottish cleaning service

    Renting rounds scotland

    I personally would be looking for 80% of the takings.
  24. scottish cleaning service

    City & Guilds or other Training

    When money was flooding into the fire service, one could go to college for managerial degrees for free. Now the the money has dried up, one cant even apply for a free paper jotter. You will find when times are good they will want qualifications but when there is no money they will want you to work for free.
  25. Or to tight 😘, the Med is lovely but the Caribbean is a different level. To use a WFP analogy its like comparing a CLX to an Extreme
  26. Mcsandlaly

    Merry Xmas to you too!

    Had a few tips but generally not much apart from £15 from one customer on Friday, think there is a lot of worry and uncertainty about with the B thing going all the time on the news. People are anxious as to how things are going to pan out next year me thinks!
  27. Carts69

    Slx gooseneck snapped

    Yea thanks, as it’s solid in there I think the option of part timer is the way to go, it was always tight to get out but this time it’s solid in there, you can see by the pic that I gave it everything, but I’m gonna make sure the next one is not so tight in there as now & again they do need removing.
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