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  2. Incheck

    Window cleaning in winter

    Should’ve been a trawler fisherman! Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  3. adamangler

    Winter prep

    If I couldn't get an extension out to the van I would just run everything dry on a night and hope for the best. I did this all winter just gone and only got caught out a couple of times with frozen pipes but it soon thawed out with van heater on full.
  4. Today
  5. Part Timer


    Disconnect pipe going into your DI, usually hozelock, and test water there, wait a few minutes after start up before doing so. If you're tap pressure has dropped recently that will affect your RO
  6. They can hardly say anything if your only using rain that falls on your own property, that would surely be a step too far, even in todays orwellian society. Although I had heard that certain states in the u.s are against it. Beggars belief dont it? I can see that chip implant getting closer by the week. I will refuse it whatever.
  7. Thanks for your input guys, really appreciate it. You confirmed what I was already thinking.
  8. I use one of these transfer pumps they're great not the fastest but saves lifting i have one from ebay £18 and plugs into cigarette lighter so no need for extra battery also it's 38mm correct diameter for lid of containers 50mm is too big will not fit which is the gardiners pump diameter. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-Submersible-Water-Pump-38Mm-Water-Oil-Diesel-Fuel-Transfer-Pump-Cigarette-/223072045282?hash=item33f02148e2
  9. Mark H

    6mm or 8mm hose reel

    Just rang them up and yes they do a lime green one 100m @ £59 inc VAT and delivery. It’s not made for window cleaning but many cleaners have found it good. Seems to be a suitable product though Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  10. You need a female swivel then convert to connectors we had loads of these old brass parts my old man kept but I can’t find them in the stores at the mo Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  11. Yesterday
  12. Applepicker

    Scratch nightmare

    You meant rub your hands through brush ten times?
  13. Lennie

    Why UPVC Doors are so profitable

    From my experience, the magic sponge and some unger rubout does a good job but they just don’t last long enough. I have found that the green scourer is a little too course and has scratched sills in the past. I prefer to use the small sponges with the white scourer on the reverse, gets the job done and last a reasonable amount of time. Gardiners sell big thick white scrubbing pads that attach to one of their swivel pad attachments. I also buy these and cut them into smaller pieces and these seem to do a good job with some unger rubout.
  14. Robt100

    Please Help Me Fix My RO....

    Sadly its a bit of a catch 22 situation at the moment. At least with my employment we can hopefully use the window cleaning income purely to get the business running. Hoping to get getting a grant for expansion/start-up which would solve the problem quite nicely! Thankfully amount of water isn't a problem, its quality of water that is sadly the issue. But it'll get there, but from what you have all said it seems its a case of start again on the RO/DI front with new filters, membranes and vessels 😯
  15. P4dstar

    How to undo a 10” filter housing

    Mine was a bit tight, put the spanner on and used the rubber mallet to loosen it 👍
  16. My dream brush would be a 35cm flocked Xtreme sill brush with 4 50° fans, but it's unlikely to happen
  17. Part Timer

    Carpel tunnel

    Can be caused by repetitive use of a pole as it is caused by regularly using a strong grip. Bigger the pole, bigger the danger. Friend of mine, who worked at Nissan got it, not nice.
  18. Totally agree, although I use best quality hand towels, which is the same thing.
  19. Hi Steve, yes I looked it’s full metal and connections, is it much heavier? Or bigger? It’s pricey best seen is 70 quid. If I was to get it I’d use the connections from gardiner the cleaber ones. I’d use 20 meter on it may be 30m I seen sack troll bnq 23 quid was on the post. It should go on that trolley. What you use to hold it on trolly? Jubilee? Thanks Steve.
  20. RWCleaning

    Bournemouth & Poole lads.

    No way. You could not write this. But had money stolen from my van last night!! I know I should f of left my work wallet in there. Had about £70ish cash and a couple of smallcheques gone. Quite unsettling
  21. No, its not 2 after the ro, 2 after the di. Our tap waters about 530, then the ro gets it to around 14, then the di to 0. But ro has now been getting it to 17 and so the di doesnt totally polish it off, so got some new prefilters as they have done about 10 000 litres (waste and pure) and ordered some new resin too. yes they are great, I have the same, over 250 litres in 3 and 1/2 hours.
  22. scottish cleaning service

    Pricing Advice Required

    The guy or company who quoted £5 was only doing it to get his feet in the door. My mates all quote for council work and its great going to the pub with him, they all know each other. Some time served painters have electrical companies and a electrician has a painting company. It doesn't make sense unless one is related to the person who deals with the contracts. I call it the mystery tour but some call it the ghost train when you get on it.
  23. Eddie dragon

    When's too late to go round to a customer's?

    People are all different so will vary so much. I do a lot of work in villages, and find that they like there privacy more. So don't work past 3.30 when they start getting home with kids. Never a Saturday unless booked in advance. Local towns a different mentality. I still don't work past 4 but that's my choice. I see two of the reqular trad guys out till 5.30-6pm. I work 9.30-3 odd Saturday if behind.
  24. Eddie dragon

    Breaking UPVC window vents

    Done it a few times. Customer is usually OK as old brittle vents so understandable. Got cancelled by one who's since come back on the round. I do offer to change them if I see they are bad when quoting. Most wait untill they actually break.
  25. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    how to get them first customers

    I think you have that slightly backwards... pennies here are probably worth about $50 of your Yankee Monopoly dollars. 😉
  26. Dave Shaw


    This is what I’ve just done. I already have an employee and I’m very close to the vat threshold and I’m happy were I am and don’t intend on crossing it( been warned off doing this by various small businesses unless your planning on goin massive). I have too much work for two but for the reasons given can’t take on another employee so I’ve decided to rent. I found a good lad(which is the hard part) and I give him £400 per week with a return of £100. It’s not much but it’s 100% legal and works for me in my situation. He’s also buzzin cos he’s workin 2 days for a 5 day week minimum wage whilst also growing his own business. Obviously a time will come when he has enough of his own work and I’ll have to find someone else but this also happens with employees so it’s swings and roundabouts. What I’m thinking now though is if you could rent out £6000 per week with a return of £1500 with no employee benefits to sort, no expenses or admin either with your only job being to keep everyone in check and make spot checks on the work to make sure it’s not goin to pot. That would be a nice wage for doin naff all. Now someone will probs say(not mentioning any names) why don’t you do it properly and go vat reg and build a proper business. Tbh from what I’ve heard it’s too much hard work and red tape and I’d rather just be out myself grafting. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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