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  2. Same here, I text my invoice now as it can’t get lost. Copy and paste previous invoice with adjustments to date windows cleaned today date: 24/06/21 price:£ 1. 00 Kind regards Window cleaner business customers I email a proper pdf invoice that can be printed
  3. Yesterday
  4. Apw1210

    4 6 or 8 week schedule.

    For me it's 4 & 6 weekly. It's what the customer stipulates and works well for me
  5. Ok not good new in some way but leaning curve I thought would need 3 stage filter be for the membrane any way may be will have to replaced it has Well I really appreciate your time explaining this tho thanks
  6. Pjj


    Never experienced drain odour in a house all sinks and toilets has s bends and water traps to prevent this issue .
  7. Pjj

    WFP white scum????

    I agree with @Part Timer looks like it’s in between the two pains of glass , only thing to do if it is that is replace the sealed unit
  8. NewGuy

    Failed go cardless payments

    It's possible the customers declined the payment. Not sure there's an automatic retry option available so I believe you need to try again manually.
  9. Unfortunately you aren't in business to make friends, however you're also not looking to make enemies. You will take customers off existing windies and you will lose customers to other windies. The customers you get from other cleaners will either be price shoppers, if you're cheaper, or they aren't happy with their current cleaner. The ones you lose will be on the same basis, except those that move or circumstances change.
  10. Even better. Tell the customers that your frightened, and being exploited, get your boss arrested (the police don't check facts anymore, it's a case of guilty until proven innocent) and Nick all his customers.
  11. cleaniac

    Poor design from skyscraper

    Yeah although if the billet had moved mid process, id expect the teeth to not be able to engage full stop, and it won't match up with the profiles so I would expect to not even be able to engage the teeth at any position. I'm thinking that the fixture was probably designed by the same person who set the tool in the machine and already had a datum process in place, someone else has come along to cover perhaps, and the datum point hasn't been followed either because the person who designed the fixtures didn't show the person the datum point, or that the datum point wasn't clear enough on f
  12. I ment the unger fixi clamp, for detailing - auto correct Try standard rubber first. I use unger Pro soft. I haven't tried the unger green, but moerman nxtr drags really bad. I tried the same with a s-plus in an excelerator, but its front heavy if that makes sense. Doesn't feel right to me. The liquidator channels are very lightweight, compensating for the heavy fliq pad. Unger ergo-tec stuff is cheap and will suit everything, we're as I really only use moerman on a pole. Its better to learn with if your new to it, and you can add a 10" fliq later.
  13. Neil Ry

    securing tank frame

    Nice one , thanks for reply , i may get their frame and get local garage to fit it
  14. I’ve used several canvassing firms over the years, buying £500 maybe 6 times. I live and work in a fairly saturated area. They would usually send 2 guys and they’d generate about £600+ or about 40 customers in a short day, winter&summer So 20 per person per day. I bet 2 an hour could be a reasonable average in built up areas. There is a lot of variables though, depending on the area, your pricing, competition etc.
  15. HWCS

    Inside clean pricing

    ALWAYS 1.5-2x more but that being said i only do 3 or 4 places inside and thats on the understanding that all window sills and any sideboards we have to reach over are 100% cleared, if theres anything in the way we dont clean that window we WILL NOT move anything or risk breaking anything
  16. Its generally glass only on a pole for me, up at the window on a ladder a damp sill cloth does a good job of the frames. A microfiber on a pole would give it a quick wipe to get the worst of it, but it won't be as good. You can get these, never tried but maybe better. https://windowcleaningwarehouse.co.uk/products/unger-fixi-sponge
  17. laddergarder

    Squeegee slip solutions

    Fairy liquid Autumn/winter - few squirts Hot 20° summers day - few more squirts
  18. For vinyl signs, I just soap and squeegee over, then give the edges a quick wipe with a precision microfiber.
  19. karenD

    Government alert test tomorrow

    run for the hills! reminds me of an old friend who worked at a nuclear facility,he had a company range rover equipped with all sorts of radiation detecting gizmos his role if ever the place went whoosh was to drive there and help out-and he practiced doing just that but he told me if ever that happened he was instead going opposite direction heading straight away to Scotland
  20. Last week
  21. K in Kent

    What's the best weed treatment

    Just so you know, sealing in itself won't stop weeds. The best you can hope for is inhibiting weed growth when the sealer stabilises (hardens) the jointing sand, But whatever sealer you use the customer needs to do some sort of onging maintenance - because if dirt accumulates on top of the sealed joints then shallow-rooted weeds will very soon start to appear by growing into the recently accumulated dirt. And they grow in to, and not up through the joints. So sealing per se doesn't in any way guarantee no weeds
  22. wgwindows

    What WFP hose do you use?

    I second the green pu hose from gardiner. I find it really good. I actually quite like the black hose from WCW as I find it doesn’t kink or anything but the gardiner green is better quality- plus it’s bright so it’s very visible when it’s laying on the ground.
  23. You need to find out the payload of the van before purchasing it. I think from memory the SWB Connects have a payload of either 650kg or 800kg. The 650kg will be pretty useless if you're going to transport a full tank of water ie: 350L (I'm assuming you're going WFP). Also you need to get yourself a TDS meter in order to establish what you need in order to produce pure water. Giving Pure Freedom a ring would be a good start...
  24. windowsurfer

    Pure freedom reel failure!!!!

    Goodness me,that's not good, hot water does cause problems with hoses n joints, but thats a 'cracker, hope you get it sorted soon.
  25. Spit & polish

    SkyVac Atom - is it too good to be true?

    Guttersucker junior or skyvac atom? dont really want to spend more than this really
  26. Gmeister

    lee burbridge ?

    To answer the original post, think he became ill, last I heard was he had heart problems, hopefully he became better, I never had a problem with him, great guy if am honest, trying to better himself. He had multiple businesses Not heard from him a while used to love his magazines, does he still produce them? Gmeister
  27. Gloucesterlad

    Gloucester help

    Thanks for replying guys ill take what you said onboard and push on with the residential cleans im excited to start doing in probably ive been offered more customers over the years but my job always took precident my names phil
  28. ched999uk

    Trad for 17 years, going into wfp

    Strapping down a tank is safe unless you have an accident!!!! The tie down points, generally, don't have any weight rating on them for a reason!!!! They can't take much as they are small diameter and most just go through the thin floor. If you need to strap a tank down then put some new heavy duty tie downs with spreader plates under the chassis and 4 ton ratchet straps. Just remember that a 400lts tank is 400kg and in an accident that could be 4 times as much!
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