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  2. Robt100

    350 l tank and filter for charity donation

    Cheers, replied
  3. Apw1210

    New pressure washing business - Please advise!

    Regardless of the top quality interpump pressure pump its only a tiny 5.5hp rated engine I've got fire fighting pumps that push 550lpm through a 2" fire hose and engine thats 7.5hp You can buy what you like but its workflow profit and coverage that will see you well. You'll need a water tight wheelie bin or or 200ltr barrel for water as mains water pressure and limited flow usage will not produce the standards and productivity you need as business Have you any local chaps offering commercial pressure washing near you that you can talk to. Check out their equ
  4. Hyzer373

    Sole trader question

    Ok mate, so as-long as I get that employers liability insurance (hope it’s not much dearer) I am legally fine to have him work for me helping out?
  5. Hi guys, so far I’ve just been using laptop, notepad & texting from phone (I send text day before coming to leave gate open & let customers know I’m coming) I send text for payments also. My round is getting bigger though and this is becoming a pain & time consuming. Was thinking of a better way to keep my round updated, sending texts & invoices. I know a lot of window cleaners use apps like squeegee etc, do you have to pay for these, are they difficult to use and which ones would you say are the best? Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks guys!
  6. Apw1210

    Newbie ,looking at getting started

    Yes AW Services I make all my own kit so you may find it useful https://www.youtube.com/user/76apw
  7. Hyzer373

    Window Cleaner Van Insurance

    Hi mate this may sound stupid but are you saying £360 for the year?? If so that’s mega cheap, I’m paying much more!
  8. On the DI Cartridge you haven’t by any chance dropped the “o” ring. There should be a black “o” ring seated on the top if I’m correct. That may explain why your resin is not working.
  9. Master Jedi Alejandro

    Resin recommendations

    Well in that case, I wanna know how long it'll last. If I can get a year out of a bag I'm buying!
  10. I forgot to mention the RCD. When we purchased the house one of the mortgage conditions was that the garage was to be fitted with an RCD. I put the whole house on an RCD because the electrics didn't have that. If we didn't have earth leakage (as we called it years back) then I would have not used 230v. Another condition was that all the light circuits had to be earthed, not a building standard when the house was built in 1965.
  11. Diamond geezer

    What is your go to brush?

    I bought the universal flocked! Ibought it because i was likeing the flocked sill on everything not just lead,I still do.The Universal is good with the end brushes,but it is heavyier and after using it for a while i thought maybe just be a bit more carefull with bushes that dont have sidebristles,so i use it on some jobs,but not as much as the flocked sill.I have an ultimate medium soft,as recomended by Alex,which i used for about the third time yesterday on a minging first clean,the flocks are suposed to be good scrubbers,but didnt trust that for this job.the ultimate did a great job, firm s
  12. Part Timer

    Winter water fed pole tank

    Fill your van up as late as possible the night before, water should be around 8 degrees, and stick an oil filled rad in. Worked for 9 years for me, except the really bad 2011! winter
  13. Welcome to the forum. I can understand why you would like hot water especially with freezing winters in Austria. I think you need to explain to us a little more how your system operates. I understand that the Unger RO40C filters water on demand by plugging into your customers water supply with a second hose to a nearby drain. What I don't understand is the 700 liter tank with pump you mention. If this tank is in a van and you also fill this with pure water, then you have 3 options. The safest is an inline diesel heater that heats the water going to your brush head. Most wfp
  14. Supremely

    Generator Questions

    Thanks again APW yes very informative particularly little tips when filling the oil & fuel reservoirs and prep to starting up for the first time.
  15. scottish cleaning service

    Strange one this!

    Smoke is unburnt particles that rise due to heat. When it cools down it gently falls to earth. You don't want to breathe it in especially if plastic is being burnt because its cancerous.
  16. CHWS

    When soft washing goes wrong

    I hypod a wall that had the lower part painted grey. Left pink run marks
  17. It's faulty as the internal POT isn't at the correct calibration. Send it back. Stay away from ebay.. it's all garbage DA Components sell a basic speed controller which works and is backed by a guarantee.
  18. Stevieboy

    Van payload weight help

    No that’s wrong. 2nd one is gross train weight.
  19. Omega

    Round for Sale in Hampshire RG25 & RG28

    No longer available. Thanks
  20. Part Timer

    Gutter camera advice please

    Apologies, saw the word drone and assumed it flew.
  21. Baldmonkey

    Battery charger

    I already have a good charger thanks, but always keeping an eye out for where I can make improvements thank you
  22. HWCS

    Ohh that's a bit steep !!

    Ive got a 4bed to do Friday, with GFS and a full on window clean but no conservatory and im £200 i was the cheapest of 3 quotes by £40 & £80
  23. Iron Giant

    Running out of vision

    Get yourself to Specsavers
  24. Iron Giant

    Selling a round plus van WFS and traditional equipment, Torbay, Devon

    I save invigorating for skinny dipping
  25. Last week
  26. Apw1210

    Best squeegee & blade

    unger soft rubber Splus channel and standard Ergotec handle It works it pays the bills and it's green
  27. like previously mentioned stay away from crappy Ebay. And find your local window cleaning supplier and either shop face to face or over the phone. Build a relationship with a valuable supplier and support their business, shop and staff with a job. We've been through some awful times recently and these accomplished window cleaning supplier's will value you as a customer. If you have a fault or warranty claim they will not dissappear off the face of the planet overnight. If you want a remote control system you have a few options and limitations The Sprin
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