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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hey lads. Was doing a Gutter job a while ago and one of my poles snapped. To make things worse it is now stuck inside the other pole and won't come out. I tried and tried to separate them but to no avail. Does anyone know where I can get replacement poles that would do the job? I have a Gutter sucker Pro but it's like £70 for one replacement pole and to be honest I'm a tight **** 😂😂
  3. Part Timer

    De-ionized water for car/van screenwash

    I use the Waste water from the R/O 😁
  4. Dabber

    looking for a system installer near Essex

    I used Grippatank and was very happy with the installation and ongoing support. I think that they are about 60 miles or so from you. Cheers Dabber
  5. MCWC

    Northern Irish Window Cleaners

    Lol whatever keeps the missis happy
  6. Part Timer

    Advice on new filtration system

    Have a word with @doug atkinson, you'll probably need a static 40/40 R/O. Depending if you want to get your TDS to 00ppm then you'll need a DI as well. Personally I would think that if you get your water from R/O at around 10 you wouldn't need to polish it off
  7. Diamond geezer

    Cement removal advise please

    My customer,had his crazy paved front drive repointed by some chancers,to put it mildly,what a mess,!!! Ive done repointing myself so I know.Theres cement all over the place.Is there a chemical I could aply to break down the cement so I can do a clean up please.Iam con sidering using my angle grinder with suitable attachment over the mess.Worst case sinario,the chem destroys cement in the joint have to repoint ,but its not the entire drive though.Cheers oh and looks like the same chancers did a drain cover on another property ,cement all over the block paving,some blocks coverd by about 50% Animals.
  8. wee man

    Flow rate advise

    I've seen it more on the fb pages. Also dieing of a hangover here and out tonight to a out door concert, heading out in about a hour for a cure .. I'll be in some state by the start of the concert lol.
  9. Domestic window cleaning round, very compact on new estates around the Stanley area, West Yorkshire. All reach and wash, some 3rd story work (20% of the work) and a little ladder work getting over balconies. £300 + a day, (I do this work in 5 days on my own) well established and everyone pays via bank transfer. The round takes over £1700 every 4 weeks, no rubbish customers, all good payers. Cost to buy this work is 5X its worth...£8500, no offers, it's worth every penny! I'm also selling my Van, Citroen Berlingo on a 56 plate, all kitted out ready to work, £1500 Absolutely no time wasters welcome! Many thanks, Mark
  10. Iron Giant

    Window Cleaned Today Cards

    I can understand to a point why you've written that way, as from a marketing perspective it could work in that it flicks a switch in there head and gets them to call you with the words "your window cleaner" I have a line which is similar on my website, but of course it's working some what different but it's essentially to hopefully hook people into contacting me.
  11. Last week
  12. Clisty1989

    Picked my new van up, advice needed

    After some faffing about and tweaks I've finally got it how I like it. Only thing now is the bigger tank and get it bolted in, which should be done in a few weeks.
  13. Skxawng

    Heavy Duty Hose Guide

    Search for "winch roller" on eBay, they're about £11 and pretty sure they're the same ones.
  14. Astonish paste will remove those marks quite easily. In my experience brush bumpers are a waste of time. Even when I glued them on they started falling off, they collect all the cobwebs & muck you scrub off the window & they also wear on the corners after a few weeks. Much easier just to adjust your cleaning style.
  15. Gav

    What’s happened to tuffers ??

    Yes if you report stuff it goes to me and mods. If you want to contact me only then send me a pm via the link above or via my profile. You can also email me by clicking the contact us link at the very bottom of the forum.
  16. i just bought a 750 flat - this one is for sale now about £150 if anyone interested
  17. Iron Giant

    Expensive Van insurance

    Last year direct line said no to me and always had, Aviva wanted £1,400, I have around 17 years driving experience, but as my wife had passed her test before me, we always had her as the policy holder and me as a named driver, last year A Plan tried to have me over, so I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole anymore. We both started over with no proof of ncb and Admiral worked out the cheapest with good cover and a 5 star rating with defaqato I think it is.
  18. Craigmac

    Two dirty barrels of pure...

    if you see yourself using 25l containers for the foreseeable future then just buy them new. you can get 4 for about £20 on eBay.
  19. steve garwood

    xtreme sill brush - Gardiners

    You as well? I’ve been testing it for a month now but Alex has asked me to not to give an opinion or post pictures until it’s ready 🤔
  20. clearview

    Glue/silicone on brush

    Friend of mine said he used wd40 to remove silicone type stuff out his brush once then washed it in soapy water after 🤔
  21. Hi thought id put a call out for feedback on the above brush before I purchased one. Anybody currently got one or using is on a regular basis, any feedback welcome. Also do you this I can put a Gardiner Quick Loq socket on it. T I A
  22. Iron Giant

    Gardiner Green PU Hose Lightweight?

    Thanks for the offer, very much appreciated, I've got plenty of hose to be getting on with for now, but may weigh things up over the next week or so.
  23. I totally agree with you that would work to everyone’s advantage, but doubt it would ever happen , having said that I have done job swaps with other cleaners or evan given them jobs that arnt cost effective for us to cover and they have done the same in return .
  24. dazmond

    Saturation point !!!!

    i clean an estate where i have the majority of the houses(90+)and theres 4 other window cleaners cleaning one or two properties each.....its been like that for 20 years!..... its no different than its always been where i work...lots of window cleaners and even more windows.....👍
  25. kevinc250

    Softwashing Guide

    have a look at the x jet which is a downstreamer, one of the better bits I've bought over the years and is handy for both pressure washing and soft washing ok, its quite expensive but for me has paid for itself many many times over in time saving and just ease of use its one of those tools where, when you have it you wonder how you ever coped with a backpack or watering can etc, don't get me wrong though i'll still use a back pack when the job is small and doesn't warrant unpacking the pressure washer just horses for courses really
  26. Iron Giant

    which forum?????

    Most people will show off were they see fit, it's everyone's forum so they are free to post within the window cleaning section as they see fit with the their DIY builds, if it goes in the wrong section I'll just move it 😜
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