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  2. Tango

    just did the first quote...

    I go with up to 8 units £10, up to 12 units £15 upto 16 £20. Anything more is a licence to print money. I define a unit as a window / door surrounded by the fitting to the wall - if it's a bay window with 3 pieces that's 3 (though to be fair i'm naff at remembering that). Double doors are 2. I don't charge per unit / window / door i just do it in the ranges above. Much easier. Also i add on a fiver if i got to get on a extension roof and conservatories i still can't get right lol.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Tango

    Price rise after 5 yrs.

    WAS struggling lol. I'm doing alright now - picking up that one or two a day generally when i go knocking. Didn't get any "work" today but took a booking for friday. I prefer the cash jobs where i knock and they say "yes right now" but a booking ahead is still a new customer. My initial mistake was dropping 600 leaflets on a new build... I gained one customer there - one. Another did contact me recently about cleaning one of her rental properties when the current tenants move out too but that's a one off. I'm avoiding new builds now. Is there even a point in replying? - Sometimes it's just best to ignore completely..
  5. Defiantly like the increase in font size 👍👍
  6. Pjj

    Ultra Pure Water

    I think this might be nuclear resin ?.. not sure ,the way ionics do it is to re circulate the pure water from the tank back through the resin for a couple of hours or so , Ime guessing this is a similar system
  7. Pjj

    window federation or association

    Yes I totaly agree , what is more important to customers I find is iosh certificate , only ever been asked once if I belonged to the federation of window cleaners , and I said no I don’t believe in wasting money on a sticker for the van , the manager laughed and had to agree it’s not really worth the paper it’s written on , I think this type of organisation is out dated and will soon be a thing if the past , proof of training in certain areas is well worth having though , but from experience evan some very large national companies don’t ask for anything apart from public liability insurance and a couple of ones we do work for haven’t evan asked for that .
  8. Davy G

    Sign writing. selling your business

    This is ours.
  9. chelmsclean

    Cleaning Alucobond

    I cleaned some of that with a wide flocked brush, it came up well. Just used water, but a weak detergent may have made it easier without causing any problems.
  10. Lennie

    Transit custom owners

    Yep, couldn’t find one to buy off the shelf so it was a factory order. Fully loaded every morning with a mix of local and rural driving, display says its doing 30 mpg.
  11. Pjj

    Cutting squeegee rubber

    I use a new scraper blade and push it through the rubber I find this gives a sharp straight edge
  12. Apw1210

    Looking into pump boxes

    @wezza13 before i purchased my 210L tank i had a split hose water pick up One length of hose then quad tee'd using John guest T's with four pick ups and foot valve filters. It saves changing a barrel every 5 minutes
  13. Good evening all. Just wanted to share my progress on my water fed pole pump trolley control box project Adding a backing panel to your enclosure really makes installation so easy and tidy Once everything is mounted ill peel of the protective paper and then focus on my cable management by means of routing and securing all of my cabling and connections If you are starting a build and need help just yell
  14. scottish cleaning service

    First big job quote

    Looks like the customer is not short of a bob or two. Would try a test patch, that's what I do now when I'm giving an estimate but I have PW in van permanently.
  15. Haven’t played pool in age definitely haven’t play killer in years.
  16. You just have to break it down fella and talk, as you grow it gets lonelier and harder to make them 10% gains, Im great at creating big goals and how to achieve them but I dont create smaller goals that I can achieve daily/weekly/monthly. and now I've ended up mind ****** and broken because I havent got this big goal when it all went to **** for a multitude of factors. The best advice I can give is Focus on the small stuff and yourself the big stuff will come!! A house is built of individual bricks its easier to just look at the whole thing rather than think today I want to earn that brick!! If you are struggling or want to vent Im more than happy to listen or chat dm me for my mobile. Ive said it before on here if anybody wants to discuss anything Im happy to talk and discuss my **** ups lol
  17. Stay clear window cleaning

    Best place to buy ro

    Thanks spruce
  18. chelmsclean

    Titan 30ft Pole Raffle for dementia

    seems to work fine
  19. Talk to Yazz at https://wayupseo.co.uk and when you see just how cheap it is then decide if you want to put in all that time doing it for yourself.
  20. Hi is this still available?
  21. I suppose there is nothing else to blame so it’s the glasses fault now 😂 ive noticed I have windows it leaves lines on more than others also to be fair
  22. Last week
  23. Brandon

    Powerup HD electronic hose reel

    I saw that but thought it was worth asking in case it was going cheap!🤷‍♂️
  24. Purpose built trailer. 400ltr tank. Set up for 2 people. 2 reels,pumps and flow meters. In situ a spare pump and flow meter. Good battery. Triple ladder. 4 solar panels. Good tyres. 22ft pole and small pole. Available from 1st July. £1500 07866398981 07800645278
  25. Chatters300

    350l water tank and frame

    Hi mate, sorry been away ... both still available , been in my garage. If you are still about , make me an offer?!?
  26. Pjj

    A chemical sprayer for roof cleaning

    What a nutter !!!!!
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