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  2. Iron Giant

    tds creeping up

    Depends what pre-filters also I assume you are talking about 10" ones for a standard R/O not a 40/40 which has 20" pre-filters and which I assume @simon smith is on about. With my standard R/O my sediment I switch when it looks knackered I have a clear housing for this because we have issues with sediment the 10" PENTEK FIBREDYNE CFB-PLUS FILTER has a service life of 38,000 litres, Everyone will or won't have issues with sediment we only live a 160 meters from our last house were we never had issues with sediment in this house I have to change sometimes every 2-3 weeks it can start changing colour with in a few days to light orange, apparently we are on the same line as the last house @THL4KEL lives in same town as me just over a mile away and he has no issues with sediment
  3. Yesterday
  4. Dave B

    Record Day Today

    @Tuffersis in the house
  5. ched999uk

    Gutter Cleaning 101

    You need a reasonable camera like an old gopro or an sj4000, they need to have good dynamic range to be able to see dark areas and bright at same time. If you record the footage then you can download to a computer at home and see if the camera is giving poor results or it's the monitor/phone you are using that can't cope with the sun.
  6. Davycrocket

    Go pro for gutter vac

    The worst aspect by far using a camera is seeing the results on your phone, almost impossible on a bright day unless someone knows how to combat this ?
  7. Davycrocket

    Upkeeper Petrol guttavac any good ?

    I have all the poles and possibly the hose depending on the diameter on the new machine so might just need the bare machine, will have a look, cheers
  8. Davycrocket

    quick question guys

    Look for one with a metal trolley those plastic ones with small wheels don't last a jot.
  9. Pjj

    Steps per day, how many ?

    Mine is on my phone
  10. Iron Giant

    1st cleaning 7 houses in

    Got what?
  11. Last week
  12. It looks like a Pure freedom system with a booster pump fitted @LXW PF recommend and sell Hf4 membranes which works fine with boosted water pressure. 400ppm in and 11 out before r/o is a 97.25% which is on spec. Others have identified either the di vessel or your resin quality is suspect. If you're mate uses the same resin and his lasts then my first point of call would be to inspect the di vessel. When assembling it's easy to misalign the riser tube into the screw head. Also ensure that there is a rubber o ring in the head that seals the riser tube. Best to check out squeeky clean dave's YouTube video on how to fill a di vessel. It's a good video which I followed myself with my last resin change.
  13. Unger 18" ergo tec s plus squeegee and pole works well for me
  14. Parker are definitely the best. If you look for the recprotec that covers these fittings, they last much longer. I’ve had mine on now for a good while and they are still ok. I’m going to spray mine then, I like to get my monies worth. best membrane axeon hf4 or 5 depending on your pressure.
  15. Don’t get too despondent, starting out is tough. Stress when you price a job, that your including the frames , sills, and doors in the price. Avoid 50p ‘s. Appear professional, just say you’ve picked up a few houses nearby, so you thought you’d try and get a few more. Think outside the box.I clean windows in one cul de sac, there are about 100 houses, I clean about 40 of them. It’s Prime window cleaning, 3/4 bed detached houses, £20-£30 each. I reckon there are at least 10-12 window cleaners who work the same estate. They pull up do 1 or 2 houses and then clear off. It’s constantly being canvassed, so it’s a complete waste of time for anybody to canvass. I haven’t had a walk up in ages. The road it comes off of, is a main Rd, it has no path on one side and you’d have to park in their drives. I’ve picked up 6 houses along there through walk ups and recommendations. I bet if I canvassed the whole lot I’d get another 6 - 10 too , as nobody bothers to canvass it. Yes it’s a bit more fiddly, but if your canvassing you clearly need work. So you need to find places that don’t get canvassed. Hope you get on ok Don’t give up.
  16. tench0771

    76ppm to 120/157

    Im guna have to buy a 1000l ibc tank im guna order the booster pump i was guna get it from streamline as there local to me 600 gpd as for storage im not shore yet as don't have garage
  17. Preferably around the Fife area.
  18. Dan88

    Gutter vac for sale Andover Hampshire

    Hi thanks for your reply could u WhatsApp some pictures over if possible How old is the system, is it fuel operated or 240volt, what model is it of Clarke My number is 07961157882
  19. Tuffers

    How many customers would you expect?

    I've just finished emailing my enquiries for the last couple of days. It didn't take long as I only had one.
  20. kevinc250

    First attempt at Softwashing

    hello @Boomtown, first of all, please don't take the umbridge with me as i am only trying to help and sometimes when i type the words can come across well, sarcastic or looking down, its not on purpose it just looks that way. firstly that app, i have it and its a waste of time if i'm honest, it comes from america where the water is hard to very hard, theres only california which i beleive that the water is softer there. hypo works better with hard water rather than soft which is what you have so you need to compensate a bit for that, the app doesn't allow for that. the surfactant used doesn't say which one you are using in the app, there are only two which would work with sh but here is the issue. i can buy the surfactant in either 14% or 27% or 35% strenght so the app doesn't allow for that either. many years ago i took those same questions up with one of the guys who made the app and the response was "how far are we out" i'll leave that parked there. now, down to the job in hand, you didn't pre-wet did you? i can see that in the photos and for want of a better word you have driven the stains into the k rend and will be problematic to remove from now on as some stains may not come out following a re-visit. pre wetting is something everyone needs to get their head round and its very important to the finished result, i'll try to explain it if you want. done the right way that job should and would have been very straightforward no more than a couple of hours from start to finish (with time for a tea break inbetween). theres no courses for softwashing with hypo that i know of in the uk and usually the knowledge comes from forums or you tube and tbh its not the best way to learn at all.
  21. Apw1210

    2 x Di vessels & 1 pump

    What would you want for the 2x DI's im in Warwickshire tomorrow
  22. spruce

    Dirty windows noooo

    On a first clean @Davidpatrick1978we scrub the top frame and rinse well and then clean and rinse the rest of the window and frame. We clean the rest of the windows the same way. By the time we have finished cleaning all the windows the first window we cleaned should have finished dripping down. We go back and clean and rinse the glass only making sure to keep away from the top frame. Inspect the results which could mean having to return a couple of hours later. We purchased a trad round 16 years ago. The cleaners never touched the frames, so they were minging. We found with our inexperience of wfp that nearly all windows responded using this method. There were a couple we had to do a third time. When we came to do the second clean we scrubbed the top frame and rinsed it, then cleaned the rest of the window and rinsed the glass missing rinsing the top frame again. We had very few spotting issues on the second clean. You may have to repeat the same process on the second clean, but usually the frames then come right. We once had two blocks of flats to clean. They were newly built with new window frames. They were so bad that the first job was to go around a scrub and rinse all the top window frames (with vents) on all 27 flats. We could then start cleaning the windows and rinsing below each top frame, missing out the top frame on each window. We have rather poor quality windows frames in our house and even after 16 years of wfp they still leave white streaks on south facing windows, the windows that get the brunt of the sun. (The rear windows are from the same supplier, and they don't have the same issue because they don't get the sun.) Wait until you get windows with 2 openers above a full pane of glass below. Older windows with old seals can be a challenge.
  23. Iron Giant

    My top three irritations are......

    A couple more, People who message me for a quote, I respond promptly and they don't reply also those bleedin year round wreaths on the doors that some people now have
  24. Iron Giant

    Organisation for customers

    Aworka is good for the price per month I used it years ago and only switched to Cleaner Planner because the updates needed at that time just never came, I'd go with Aworka if starting out I had too many issues with Squeegee and couldn't get on with it at all.
  25. Jamesmarshall

    Cleaning scrims

    Soon as they’re slightly damp they leave lint I’ve used old ones new ones ripped ones I’ve got some that are 20+ years old they’re probably the best ones IMO new ones with sewn edges I find are toss absolutely fine for detailing - no good for buffering them up thank god rarely i ever have to do it, only if water runs out and need to get house finished or some windows are leaded inside too! god knows how I used to scrub all leaded on my round by hand thank god for wfp
  26. I think my approach would be to speak directly with the customers. I'd tell it as it is, as you've shared it with us. You're family business, founded by your good self and you're now sadly deceased husband. Explain that you helped this guy out when he was in trouble and that you're shocked, hurt and saddened that he could do this after knowing you for all those years. I personally wouldn't have anything to do with him. I wouldn't give the b.....d the satisfaction. He's already shown his character so no point. I'd avoid the temptation to call him any insulting names when talking with customers. A friend of mine (in the legal profession) gave me similar advice years ago when I was going through a tough time with a family break up. "Be honest, tell it as it is. keep the moral high ground.
  27. This is very difficult to answer without other variables. How much will you want to be paid? How much will you overheads be? How many hours will you work? Average time per job, jobs per day? You could Jerry rig a bike trailer setup, for what your talking about, bucket moerman squeegees etc. just a thought. Would be kind of cool . Let's look at an example (just an example lets not pick at it guys ), Let's say you do 12 shops per day, 20 minutes each including travel, collecting, 5 days a week. That is 60 shops in 20 hours each week. If you pay yourself £12 per hour, thats £240 per week, £12,480 per year. Lets say £4000 on costs and marketing. Taxes and some profit say another 4k. Take off 6 weeks for holidays downtime, you'll have to make around 21k in 46 weeks, around £460 per week. Which would be an average of £8 per shop.
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