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  1. Yesterday
  2. RyeCleanLiam

    The job that nearly killed me

    Did this one 2 years ago. When they asked me to go back last year I said no
  3. RyeCleanLiam

    2020 Citroen berlingo

    I have the new Berlingo. Cracking van in my opinion. I went for a LWB version though so I do have extra room in the load area. My 18 pole fits in with loads of room but my 35 only just fits so bigger poles will struggle in the SWB version. But the van itself it's lovely, feels much more like a van than the previous models.
  4. NewGuy

    I guess it's a sad day.

    I think we need re-educating. Some people here are not understanding what people are saying. Then you're not putting your prices up enough
  5. Apw1210

    Blocked hosepipe

    I wouldn't waste money on a water pump. Respectively I strongly suggest you get to grips with your system it's component parts and in depth fault finding. It sounds like your pump is sucking in air causing cavitation and hydrolocking. Post some images of your system so we can help you further
  6. ched999uk

    Best stuff for cleaning facias with a WFP?

    I've not tried the liquid only tubs. Let us know how you get on.
  7. dazmond

    Update 1st 6 weeks in.

    theyll be disappointed though as they wont make good money overnight...it takes many years of being an established window cleaner to get the good work in the first place......its also extremely tedious and boring at times esp during the winter months...most cant hack it and pack in within the first year or two.... i know loads of guys that have tried and failed to build a decent window cleaning round over the years......
  8. ched999uk

    Marolex Pump Sprayer 5L for hypo. Help!

    Sorry, I have no idea. I tried looking but couldn't see a 5l one just a 1.5l one. I don't know much about hypo but I believe Viton seals are the best ones. Buna ones I have no idea, sorry.
  9. Hi guys I’m having a new van and would like to paint the floor before putting it on the road. it feels very odd to get a brand new van and sand the floor and paint it with a roll ive been looking at different products and quite like the look of the bully liner and was looking for some feedback has anyone on here used it if so was it easy to do and how’s it lasted ?
  10. Lost my very first customer today, they have been with me since 1997 so that is kind of sad. On the other hand it was a big under priced house and couldn't be done when windy so was becoming more challenging in the winter. I will view it as an opportunity to take on some easier, better value jobs and improve the productivity of the business.
  11. Matty

    400L upright tank in a frame wanted

    Below is the 350, it’s much wider tank and leaves about 90cm to the back door I need 101cm to fit that raised floor with drawer
  12. sundance

    Should I be concerned?

    I would love a round of well priced 4 weekly customers 4 weekly priced right are my goal LOVE THEM
  13. Matty

    400l ro/di system for sale

    Yep ..... pop some pics up I would be interested in ur tank ....:. 400L tank sounds like my kind of tank for a partner van ..... Matt
  14. DeLaCruz

    Best method of footing the ladder

    Used the nonslip ladder feets from screw fix on a dirty green ice rink decking this winter - they’re well good and worth the £12 just for that one gutter clean https://www.screwfix.com/p/non-slip-ladder-feet-guards-2-pack/3148P?tc=RA7&ds_kid=92700052138708319&ds_rl=1243324&gclid=Cj0KCQjw38-DBhDpARIsADJ3kjk8vLK9AsK2MYPz5_u9hjLwEVM8eucGE9qRks5JeiaYCFtxckBptn4aAtT5EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  15. Received the extreme 26cm stiff brush last Friday used today for first time water approx 45 degrees was very impressed early days even though bristles are very firm they get into the corners liking ATM.
  16. Pjj

    Conservatory cleaning

    Walk away !!!!!!!! I did one like this when I first started never again the nicotine will run down your arms go into your skin and you will stink for days , no money is worth it there are far better jobs out there .
  17. windowsurfer

    Zero PPB vs Zero PPM?

    Wonder what level you need to change the nuclear resin, as if 000ppm going through, what level does the nuclear resin breakdown n actually contaminate the pure water? Or can you keep using it at 50-100ppb, or whatever its measured by, as long as your water is pure?
  18. Pjj

    Price Increases Advice

    Well done for having the courage to do it and sharing your experience on hear , we all need to take a lesson from this and have realistic prices while ones are prepared to charge low prices it will keep our industry in the dark ages , we need to change with the times everything is going up in price and unless we follow suite our standard of living and wages will take a nose dive
  19. Pjj

    Happy Monday everyone

    We had the van frozen solid this morning when we started work and it’s been a lovely day but chilly in the wind
  20. i use an xtreme 25 as my main pole and an xtreme 47 for anything higher..ive used this pole combo for years.....
  21. Apw1210

    First Gutter Cleans

    If you need any further help just comment and tag me or message me mate
  22. swc1

    Squeegee Lengths

    I use to carry same setup as you guys, but after some time I realized it was actually a time waster I'd say 95% my trad work I can hum through with my 14 very efficiently no lost time deciding which channel Blah blah... The 4 I use for small cut ups and storefront frames. I try to keep things simple
  23. Push your brush up against her letterbox and show her the power of wpf
  24. spruce

    New system or not?

    I don't know what tank @richb77has but the Brodex 250 litre tank has the pump and controller right at the bottom of the tank. The controller can easily get water ingress and Brodex didn't believe in an inlet pump strainer either. Take 2 wires from your battery and connect them directly to the pump 'bypassing' the controller. If the pump runs then you know the problem is either the controller or the supply wiring. (You need to connect the red wire on the motor side of the pressure switch.) It could be that you just have a basic flow controller, one that relies on the manual pressure s
  25. Yeah, I think if there was unrestricted height capacity for the water above my overflow outlet, eventually the weight of the water would have been enough to start the flow. Trouble is the lid is only about 3 or 4 inches above the overflow.
  26. There is no overspin nut only a belt tensioner nut which requires an Allan key
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