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  2. Iron Giant

    Sick of carbon dust on hands

    I'll do owt do keep out of the my wifes way at times after 20 years of marriage, can't wait till I get my shed with a wood burner down the allotment, me some brown ale, I'll be curled up like a little field mouse
  3. Doddy111

    Wet and Forget on Conservatory Roof

    I had a walk up today they told me they’d put wet & forget on their conservatory roof & it hadn’t worked so they wanted me to clean it, £120 I quoted which was a fair price as I normally price them high, the guy nearly fainted he couldn’t believe the price. Stick to your £10 bottle of “magic” mate, tight arses like that do my head in.
  4. Dave B

    flipping hydrophobic glass!

    Miss the top frame do you wear your spurs to work?.
  5. Today
  6. Iron Giant

    Traditional at ground level

    @Gav I think you need to use Grammarly
  7. Iron Giant

    Welcome to our new theme!

    Knew it wouldn't take you long
  8. Den

    Replacing Resin and Brushes..

    I would be interested in the more info resin used using a 11L DI vessel as that’s what I use, if using a smaller vessel helps reduce resin I would purchased one but would like to see the science in it first?
  9. solarpanelcleaningltd

    What's the coolest thing a customer has given you?

    Slap it like a *******.
  10. Dave B

    Render Cleaning

    Some of us like @kevinc250have a better understanding of chemicals which helps for example b&q no longer sell squeegee off but the h&g interior cleaner they sell is exactly the same stuff but marketed differently and the own squeegee off. Others are not so clued up so best to be safe. I can honestly say any chemicals I use I understand first so always use them safely.
  11. Crystalalan

    Cleaning and organising my van?

    A Alright Robbo! Just wanted to thank you again for taking me out for the day. It has really helped me big time. I owe you one fella!
  12. If the work is underpriced it is worth the square root of zero.
  13. Suhrly

    That’s a first for me.

    Spoken like a true Scotsman
  14. Danfire

    Are gutters worth the investment

    I put a kit together, saw a package on machine marts website that they wanted nearly £2k for. Bought the exact same vac 3000watt (3 x 1000 watt bypass motors) poles (from Aquafed) and hose separately from 3 different suppliers and it came to less than £500. Works well, saves a lot of time and climbing).
  15. Pjj

    How do you fill backpacks?

    Take the top off and pour it in
  16. DeLaCruz

    Safety precautions when cleaning panels

    I clean a solar house owned by the director of a solar panel company - the panels are a ******* pain to clean as on a low pitched two story roof so only just get em with a 35ft pole + 72" gooseneck. Its back break work too - interestingly though the guy has an app that monitors all his energy for the home. The panels were decently new and looked quite clean to me when i did them first time around (no obvious lichen ect.) - after i cleaned them he showed me the energy graph and you could clearly see a spike of improved output from the panels. So it really does work apparently - also i didn't die which was nice
  17. DeLaCruz

    Wfp from customer tap

    Slightly more time consuming but this idea could work - arrive, hook up two vessels to exterior tap, carry round backpack and just keep refilling as it runs out of water - say you have a 20-22L backpack thats gonna be a few refills but you get good low tds water for a great finish and its better than having weird hoses running out of vessels and flow problems with the pressure changing when someone runs a tap in the building
  18. THL4KEL

    Backpack with trolley and reel

    I rarely take mine out of the van, unless the hose is potentially going to be in dog muck, or terrace houses. It does make it a lot heavier, but having the reel placed on the trolley saves a lot of bending whether it's used out of the back of the van or if it actually used on the ground. The reel is always waste high.
  19. Cleanco

    would you work in this weather?

    It was snowing here first thing but the suns come out and it’s all cleared up. It sometimes pays to stick it out for an hour two. Tbh I prefer the snow than the rain as you don’t get as wet.
  20. Wow some great responses on here. That story about the businessman and the fisherman is a classic. One could argue that you could also take the context of that story and apply it to window cleaning. I'm not looking at becoming some high flying solicitor for big corporations. I'm just looking at channelling an area of interest into something positive, where I may be able to gain something positive, and a qualification. Just doing some study has actually kick started those rusty cogs in the brain and I am retaining information, and feeling good about it. Window cleaning is no longer my main focus, it's a job that's going to get me where I want to be..that's all and I feel better for that actually. If after I do get qualified; then I can do a bit of legal work, like drawing up contracts, doing wills, probate, conveyancing, trusts act.. and other run of the mill bits and bobs as my own boss as I won't need a qualified solicitor to pass it, I can do it myself. Choose my own terms, I have plenty of private contacts and customers who are wealthy people who may well want me to assist with wills for example. I'm sticking to a 15 hour a week study schedule, and I have to say it seemed daunting to start with, but once you get into the swing of it, and you get that information retained, it's quite enjoyable. But then again nearly 20 years of no real mental stimulation since school or college, it's like letting the brain out of the cage to stretch it's legs..
  21. scottish cleaning service

    Keeping track of customers and booking people in.

    I am going to visit my local TSB to see if I can switch over from RBS. They are giving a free card reader and 25 months free banking. I'm rapidly falling out of love with RBS.
  22. Chris34

    Kobold Backpacks £15 Yes £15!

    That's a very poor comparison. You could spend £1,000 on leaflets and deliver them yourself and you would have 100 customers bringing in £15k to £20k per year net profit. To get the same return on your website using Ebay you would need to turn over £300k to bring in £30k turnover to your website NOT profit. Out of that you would be lucky to get £10k net profit, but once you factor in that to shift £300k per year you will need staff to help you then your costs would be higher so therefore making a net loss. That's why I think a window cleaning business is a doddle in comparison.
  23. Tango

    Bumper sticker gave me a smile

    Out there their MOT equivalent is seriously strict so cars are built to a much more reliable standard. That's why Toyotas and Hondas are so bullet proof. We had an older style Honda Civic a few years ago. It clearly had a slightly bent drive shaft as the brake disk was straight but you'd see it wobbling sideways in the caliper (causing an awful sound when using the brakes). Anyway you couldn't stop the thing. It just kept going and going. Went through the MOT with no problems and started without any hesitation every time. Never once changed or topped the coolant, never did the oil, in fact i didn't really do anything to it except half wrap it round a (unlit) lamp post which jumped out at me in a Tesco car park and even then it kept going - with a huge dent lol. In hindsight we should have kept it and done it up. It was automatic too which made it even more impressive that such an old and abused box could still keep going but i didn't like the thing due to the brake noise and when it featured a lamp post imposed dent i'd had enough of it especially as i'd kinda trashed the rear seats with garden waste etc. I regret it going now.. was a bit sad to see it on a farm a few weeks later having been taken to a rally and pretty badly beaten by other cars and getting covered in mud. I felt rather sorry for it and regretted letting it go. I'll have you know some of them are incredibly reliable! I've got one sat on the drive that's been sorn 10 years.. hasn't let me down in the middle of nowhere once
  24. Nick1000


    Fantastic, thanks!
  25. Yesterday
  26. Pjj

    Jetmac Briggs & Stratton

    The only thing you want going through the pump on any pressure washer is water always use a downstream system if you want to go down that route , personally I feel they arnt suited for applying hypo as they spray stuff everywhere, ok for tfr or similar products though .
  27. DeLaCruz

    Which roof scraper would you recommend.

    seem like these places are often prime for a gutter vac job aswell since the moss flow down into the gutter - i just vac up up the loose moss quick an easy
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