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  2. Part Timer

    Unger new release pole system

    I was going to tag you in but new you'd find it
  3. Part Timer

    Who's taking the second SEISS grant?

    I would never tell anyone what to do, all I look at is what is the risk and as far as I can see they will ask for it back. If you're taking the mick and can't prove you've lost money then there might be worse consequences. If you do claim, and I'm wrong I'll come visit you
  4. I remember that winter too. I lived in Kent (near Brands Hatch) and worked in Farnborough Hants. So M26 M25 A3 every day. I remember trying to get home one night on M25, when it was snowing heavily, weaving in and out or artics that were jack-knifing. I was mad thinking back... I was in a Golf GTi mk2 16v that had a Turbo Technics conversion, so pushing 200bhp through front wheels, I can still remember the feelings trying to keep momentum and timing getting past the sliding wagons. I should have just stayed at work and kipped their. I also had a few times where I had to winch the car up the dr
  5. Today
  6. Pjj

    Rigid Neck for Atom - worth it?

    Jubilee clips will do the same thing for a fraction of the price
  7. When softwashing a house with leaded windows we mask up the glass and any electrical items like alarm boxes door locks key safes etc tk prevent the hype affecting them , this should be standard practice by any competent firm offering softwashing what ever method is used , if you dint follow theses principals and there is a problem your insurance won’t pay out .
  8. Nick772

    Upgrade filter system?

    Thanks for that advice
  9. ched999uk

    Running an electric van

    Cheers. It's a bit like back in early 90's I was considering buying a Saab 900 turbo. I didn't buy one, as people kept saying 'if the turbo goes it will cost £1000 to replace'. That was before it was easy to get turbo refurbs or refurb kits etc. Now it's 'oh what happens if the battery fails' it's just the unknown that people are scared of. We generally don't like change, we are creatures of habit. To be fair on a 5 year old vehicle I would probably do an engine or gearbox change myself and buy a used one or rebuild myself. Now we have You Tube there is so much more info out there most ve
  10. I’ll keep an eye on things. I do have a backup battery in case. I keep that regularly charged even though not using it. Thanks @ched999uk and @spruce
  11. ched999uk

    Gardiner backpack question??

    You could either buy a chemical resistant replacement pump (DA components I think sell some that might fit) or just a spare pump from Gardiners. That way if it goes you have another ready.
  12. Sonicthesplash

    Wanted - 50m Hose Reel for 12mm Garden Hose

    Good to see the the 50m fits on the reel. I did see one in a local garden centre and the build quality was better than the usual domestic quality. Think I may give them a go as well. Thanks for the pic and info.
  13. DeLaCruz

    Facelift compact

    I have a facelift 450 compact with split charge installed - have to say (touch wood) it’s been a great system for me. Never let me down in 2 yrs - I don’t drive a ton of miles and never had a battery problem from it. I went to Wales to get it installed at the workshop at window cleaning warehouse - tbh it’s quite a lengthy process to install correctly - depends how secure you want it in the van in terms of fixings - the guys used a good amount of specialist kit to do the installation - of course it’s do-able just depends how handy you are, what your tool kits like and if you have a decent setu
  14. RWCleaning

    What to do with too much work?

    Interesting thread, there’s only so much refining you can do I think, putting £25 houses up to £28 in the grand scheme of things won’t make a huge difference, and you can only put prices up like that once every 3 years imo. And there’s so many cleaners around these days you may not ever get a full condensed round in just 4 square miles or so. This thread has got me thinking. As by April next year all of my work will be 6 weekly (With a few 12s) as I’ve bought a few small rounds over the years and added to them which were all 8 weekly, but my own work I had picked up myself & built alr
  15. brianbadonde

    Another Cull again.

    I have a cull every year during the Xmas break. It’s a very satisfying process, refining rounds to make them more compact and more prompt payers.
  16. wezza13

    Powering a gutter vac

    Did you manage to get round to doing this?
  17. wezza13

    Any camera reccomendation?

    Use a GoPro rather than the cheap action cams. I use a Hero 4 Silver and there is no lag when transmitting to your phone app. Yes, they may be a lot more expensive than the cheap action cams but you'll save yourself a lot of hassle. I have 6 spare batteries and they keep me going
  18. wezza13

    It's Christmas!

    Biggest upgrades for you (which would make your life a LOT easier) are an electric hose reel and an Xtreme pole!
  19. harunh

    Kilm dryed sand best one to get

    Free sand at the beach if u want to save some ££
  20. Someone also did another mod to those bushes on the petal reels. He replaced them with sealed roller bearings. He had to modify the three way frame brackets for the bearing to fit. Personally I like the reel to not be too free running. If it is then it tends to overrun when pulling the hose out which leaves the hose loose. This can lead to links in the hose that restrict the water flow.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Chris34

    Showa 282 replacements

    https://www.justgloves.co.uk/Work-Gloves/Cold-Work-Gloves/UCI-KoolGripreg-Arctic-Thermal-Gloves I've been wearing these. They are waterproof and have really good grip, like the grip your pole hose gets when it gets stuck on a car tyre. Only downside is that it's hard to move your fingers but I've got used to using them with the pole. I wear nitriles underneath, I usually suffer from cold hands at this time of year but with these I've been getting too warm and having to take them off for a bit. Rather be too warm than to cold though. £4.95 +vat well worth it.
  23. Martyn

    Broke a section today

    Thats an option that might have to wait, I need a new turbocharger for my van first. At least we have still got enough sections to do basic work. Thanks for your input guys.
  24. scottish cleaning service

    Customer loyalty

    The pension is good in case something happens and you can't work but you pay a lot for it. Best job in the world if you want to learn something else while staying in the brigade. Most of the guys I worked with were involved in another job and some were even running a company but takes it out of you physically. Great, when retirement finally beckons and you see a nice lump sum and a monthly income.
  25. RWCleaning

    New boots suggestions?

    I googled ‘best water proof boots’ the other week, and on several unofficial lists this pair of timberlands (can’t be bothered to link) came up in 1st, 2nd & 3rd in all the lists. They are £130 but had 20% off (so £104) on Black Friday last week. Look very smart as well.
  26. Pjj

    Touring Caravan clean

    Depending on size £30 we have done a few , I used to do my own with the pole when I had it .
  27. Only just got in have replied to your pm Didn’t know you cleaned any
  28. Martyn

    Tight Between Roof & Gutter

    We've had a couple like that where there is only a small gap at the end. I got a couple of bits of plastic pipe from B&Q, the sort of thing that is used for the drain from a bath etc, it just fitted in the gap and has the benefit of being slightly flexible. Connected it to the hose with a bit of duct tape and fed it into the gap, worked surprisingly well.
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