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  2. mike007

    It all turned to **** overnight!

    If it happens, there will still be a fight to retrieve our freedoms from this power mad group of Cabinet ministers who seem to enjoy their control.
  3. spruce

    Scraped glass ?!

    This is another good question I don't know the answer to. I assume so and have always worked on that assumption.
  4. Today
  5. Ian Docksey

    Just got started.

    Cheers mate
  6. It's one of the old ring chargers. Just failed to auto cut off stupidity turned it off then on again and as the battery was overcharged it blew it!. So need a new one there is a screwfix near me I see they sell the newer ring which one is recommended? Cheers
  7. Wait...what...? No way your fooling round
  8. Yesterday
  9. I'm currently looking at buying into some shares. Lloyds bank looks very cheap. Obviously there is risk but there comes a point where they can't really get much lower. Might go down the spread betting route though, higher risk for higher reward but so long as you do your homework it's worth it as you don't pay any tax on profits unlike you do when buying and selling shares.
  10. Davy G

    Brushes scratches

    Extreme Sill, non flocked.
  11. Most we do ask for there house to be pressure washed m depending what it’s made of we suggest softwashing and explain what it is and how it works , we advertise both on the web site and on the vans
  12. Thanks mate, ive got a lot of classroom work in February :O :D
  13. Scottholt

    New build clean

    What area are you located?
  14. Pjj

    Return to tank valve

    I would keep them separate that’s what I have done with mine , or connect the two 8 mm hoses to a half inch garden hose and use that to go into the tank
  15. You can just buy the lever assembly cheaper
  16. johnny bravo

    steel hose reel wanted teesside

    wfp reel wanted teesside
  17. Oh man! How many times have I said that? And to how many people? I've given thorough explanations and reasons and I've suggested people run the reasoning by their accountants. I don't think anyone has up to now. For sure 6 weekly as against 4 weekly if it's charged a small bit extra for each visit can add up to thousands of pounds extra in a year for the same amount of jobs overall done.
  18. Thanks mate. I'm gonna have a look later, see what I can come up with.
  19. We mostly hope people don't use the search. We'd rather hand out "a paddlin".
  20. spruce

    Shurflo pump wont run properly?

    Just another point. PTFE tape is used to seal a male threaded component inside a female threaded component. A shurflo pump has male threaded ports with a cone taper. If you use the correct Shurflo filter with wingnuts, you will see that it also has a corresponding cone shaped seat which is how the joint seats and seals. It doesn't need PTFE tape. If you are getting an airlock then there is a pretty good chance the problem is with the PTFE tape. This also applies to the other Shurflo straight and elbow hose connectors.
  21. Probably more so for suppliers.
  22. laddergarder

    Large window cleaner pouch

    The facelift canvas pouches are quite roomy.
  23. Complete van and system Consists Of Renault Trafic Business Plus 2016 45,000 miles Complete Service History Grippa Tank 850l 2 man delivery system. 2 hosereels with poles Automatic Frost Protection System Can be supplied with electric hosereels if required Price Open to offers around 14k Contact me for photos
  24. Last week
  25. Part Timer

    Gardiner Pole Systems free Pens

    I actually trimmed it down yesterday, with my longish very thick grey hair and long grey beard I looked more like a Yeti then Father Christmas.
  26. DCDom

    Diesel water heater

    I have split charge relay, but looks like I'm going to have to charge them at night too!
  27. With the pandemic more folks are home looking out of dirty windows. The possibility of great business growth is at everyone's finger tips. Maskup, social distant and build that round!
  28. There is no comparison whatsoever.Door knocking is the way to go unless you have a massive budget.
  29. ched999uk

    Trad cleaning ‘nose to glass’

    She is/was a noob so pointing out risks seems a sensible thing to do. She can decide what method to take but at least she is a little better informed of the risks!
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