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  2. Which are classed as the best to get, Axeon ? im after renewing my 300 RO with new 150 membranes,, Best place to get them. Thanks
  3. Today
  4. Gutter vac specs.

    Hi, Cancyou post a link of similar vacs for a better price then so we can compare?
  5. Good rubber gone bad

    ive got 3 36 inches lengths of pulex rubber that are all knackered both sides. they are leaving water on the glass after i blade off. thought it might be the channel so tried another & exact same. cant see any scuff marks or anything wrong with the rubber. any ideas ?
  6. Pole hose connections

  7. The Selling Power Of A Test Patch....

    😂 I’m guessing it was a cheap diy karcher jobby...he said he’s going to bin it now! Thanks. And yes, no point doing a test patch somewhere inconspicuous 😊
  8. Employee nightmare

    He works 3 days a week, but is yeh constantly trying to stay under the threshold. He sells a round every year.
  9. wanted slx pole

    Hi guys looking for an slx or comparison pole 25 feet or over, northwest England.. and possible 350 ltr tank/ hose etc cheers, J
  10. tank frames diy

    It's just a simple frame made from angle steel, welded together. Not much to it really. A few holes to bolt it to the floor, a cut off in the corner to fit the tank outlet, and that's about it.
  11. Tank fittings

    Cheers guys , I had one sitting in the shed, you’ve saved me a load of time ...really appreciate it [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  12. First van

    Fair enough, I’m not very good at making water last, I work with my pump on 25/26 and on a average 8hr (£220 day) I would use 400/450L.
  13. Have Doodlebug pad long as you want. Do big commercial glass, SOLAR PANELS “FAST” Lighter then using water fed brushes.
  14. Absolute bargain; £55 delivered
  15. Also looking MK Northampton & Beds

    I got work in Luton etc if interested
  16. Milton Keynes/Northampton/Bedford

    I got work in Luton etc if interested
  17. £1000 worth of work in Luton, Houghton Regis and Dunstable. Mostly residential built up over a year. Make me an offer Michael.
  18. General advice for new starter

    Learnt something new there, worth knowing 👍
  19. Paint on pvc window frames

    Yes I now state that we can remove paint from glass if its on there in small amounts. It doesn’t mention UPVC. As going down that road has lost me time and money on every occasion Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  20. Coin holder

    My wife gave my a little cloth makeup bag it’s black with gold trim 😄 size of a small purse been using for the last 12 months makes all the customers laugh when they see it 😃
  21. Retractable hose

    Maybe the large capacity reels have reinforced hoses but my smaller retractable airhose are pu hose quite heavy duty.
  22. Microlight Stand-off

    Reduced : £75 delivered
  23. Help pricing this up

    £80 can't see it taking me more than an hour & half
  24. pay monthly websites

    I had someone claim to be calling me from Tsohost about my domain the other week I just put the phone, as knew it was a nobody but people do fall for this stuff.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Price rise fail

    33 out of 48 customers told about increase on one of my rounds all more than happy to pay new price 😁 15 more to tell could lose all 15 still be around same money 😁😁 very happy man
  27. Backpack flow controller

    I agree perfectly suitable for the job. Since my digital flow control was being temperamental I purchased one like this, fixed it in a small Tupperware wear box wired it up and been using it daily. My digital flow controller wasn’t happy because my battery wasn’t holding a strong charge so fitted the analog one above and found it less fussy and performs as it should. Good reliable and extra low cost.
  28. Night window cleaning

    Hi guys. Just wanted to ask does anybody on here do night cleaning in essex or London? I’m looking for some extra money if anybody needed a hand. Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
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