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  2. RWCleaning

    What's happened with Tulsion resin?

    I’ve got a bag of MDB19?? Coming tomorrow. As normal had run out, apparently it costs more & higher grade. Anyone tried it?
  3. Been using loads this week with the nice weather & excessive rincing for fear of spotting
  4. Dave B

    Hi looking at starting up and advice.

    Some microfibers for detailing and wiping sills etc.
  5. Do you find that more effective than TFR on first cleans??
  6. Does anyone know what attachments go on end of this pole? I got given this pole when I bought some kit off this bloke, the pole is 45ft long and has a EZ snap at the bottom but no hose coming out the top and when you look down through the top it looks like a little metal bar going through it.
  7. ks789

    Air locks how to avoid

    I used to get loads of airlocks. Im not sure which particular measure stopped them, but I 1) fitted a non return valve about a foot after the water tank outlet 2) moved the pump as low as possible ( i know others have theirs up higher with no problem though, but thought I'd try everything) and 3) removed the pressure switch thing off the pump.,cant remember how or what that was now, but dont need it with a controller. And, touch wood, longest time without air locks.
  8. ks789

    I could kill who designed this

    yes always a risk. I'll bell them early tomorrow. Get it out the way. Always satisfying to get that done, load off the mind and then chill a bit with some ice cold wkend beers
  9. This will give you a rough ish guide and starting off it's what I went with. Have an absolute minimum from the get go, my minimum for a front only 6 weekly is £12 My minimum for front and back is £16. Some will squak at your prices as they are used to some of the lads @dmw mentioned but you don't want them on your round. You'll make mistakes it's all part of it but try not to screw your self with an under priced round as it's more of a ball ache trying to fix it then it would be to say no and then pick up a well priced job!
  10. Cottonlung

    IBC tank recommendation

    Direct water tanks. Reconditioned grade A.. Perfect for me
  11. windowsurfer

    Hose reel on trolly

    Think the aquapony as mentioned would be sturdy
  12. Martyn

    Telescopic lances for pressure washers

    Horrible things!
  13. HWCS

    Advice on electrics

    Thats banging advice mate thanks. I opened the controller that i got months ago and theres everything i need and fuse and connectors lol. I got my 110ah battery today from local place as Halfords is a ball ache to get to.
  14. Hello, We are a husband and wife team. We are relocating to Yorkshire to be closer to our family. We are selling a round of 130 customers. 99% private. 1% commercial. Most work based in burnham-on-sea & Brent knoll. Some work in surrounding areas. In general we cover the round in 2 days per week. Most work is 4 & 6 weekly with few exceptions. 95% of customers still had us during lock down and they're to have their windows cleaned in the rain. All work is WFP. No bad payers, one or two inside cleaning too. Paid by cash on the day most of the time, some card payments and some online payments. The round averages £1800 per month. Many customers had us clear their gutters and take care of filthy pvc. Some orders also placed on Power Washing. Plenty of potential in the round. We are looking at £7200 for the round but will negotiate. More information @ wrcichoccy@gmail.com. Thank you.
  15. harunh

    Start ups appearing by the dozen

    There is a higher charge for a first clean of course, You can price the first clean @ 2x-5x higher then the actual monthly price, 9/10 customers will accept to pay it, the other 1/10 can go find someone else
  16. Martyn

    Raptor liner 👌🏻

    That's good to know.
  17. Old School Window Cleaner

    Hi everyone Lee an Old School Window Cleaner in Birmingham

    Hi yeah traditional certainly not prices LOL
  18. Pjj

    Starting up waterfed back pack

    Iconic systems do a thing called the Quattro and that’s the same one works of main tap pressure and they gave one that will plug into the mains electric to boost performance they are very good we used to use them in London in big blocks of offices you can take them in a lift onto the roof and produce loads of water , they arnt cheap though typical Ionic’s
  19. Dave B

    Advice on detailing

    Seriously watch polz'n'bladz on youtube. He designed the liquidators with moerman (and a very nice bloke to talk to if you need advice) Been meaning to catch up with him at a trade show for ages but never seem to get to one. He wfp's tops or uses the liquidators on a pole and trads bottoms and like me can trad bottoms as quick as someone can wfp them. Just plenty of practice and experience. Once you master fanning with one you won't mess about with straight pulls although nothing wrong with it just quicker to do it how we do. Soapy rag on the frames and sill. Soap up and squeegee glass. Use squeegee blade to take the soap off the sill. Walk away to next window.
  20. The thing is most of us have done our "apprenticeship " trad and then moved on to better things and earn more money per day. Sour grapes? Don't worry you will get there one day. Or be in hospital when you fall off your ladder. Done that a few times and have the deformed fingers to show for it.
  21. Iron Giant

    Deleting my account

    Gets me every time the author of this post could have googled their other post/question without going to all the trouble of creating an account creating 2 posts then having to have their account deleted by admin, also when someone asks a questions and doesn't reappear for weeks or months or even bother to reply with a simple thank you.
  22. Iron Giant

    Best vans and pics 😁

    No mate thanks, got far too much going with the allotment and work to enjoy a second motor.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Martyn

    Bit hot hear today

    You can't get away with typing naughty words with a Brummie accent.
  25. scottish cleaning service

    Anyone tried Ionics contact foam?

    Handy, keep the handbrake well on.
  26. Jango

    Chemicals in backpack

    You need to dilute it, then when you have finished the job your using it for, thoroughly wash it out to get rid of the solution.
  27. dmw

    Wheelie Bin Cleaning

    Your doing well, they're still charging £2.50 each or 3 for £7.00 in the N.W. England.
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