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  2. Stupid silly mistake

    Pumps are usually fine, never had a problem in 10yrs, even when the tanks been a block of ice. Hose reels are a bigger problem, if it’s a petal style reel the inner spindle is plastic, it can split and leak if it freezes.
  3. Today
  4. DI vessel

    You don't quite know my circumstances, in time I may say on this forum as there are some lovely people on this forum that have helped me. I am quite a perfectionist, plus I'm new to wpf. So I felt I needed to be 100% sure. Hence the question.
  5. 100m 6mm microbore for sale

    No got a few left
  6. Employing somebody

    Totally illegal
  7. Carrying water is far different to carrying bricks. Bricks don't have inertia
  8. Has anyone upgraded their gutter vac hose to 2.5in (63mm) I've been getting some blockages in my grippavac and was thinking of a larger hose and a clear hose so I can see where the blockages are. A lot of my houses here in Australia have gum leaves and twigs so probably harder to suck up. Also is there a way to test for suction, I feel like I've lost a little suction power.
  9. £5 Window Cleaners Yorkshire

    We can all disagree with what some people are prepared to charge. What you have to remember is that charging £5 a house could mean they are earning £15 an hour, with next to no expenses. It's fine everyone saying they should be wanting £30+, but if you've worked for minimum wage then double that is good money in their eyes. I've said since I first came on here, I can get my 4 bed semi cleaned, very well, for £5. The bloke that owns it works as well and has worked my estate for 20 years. If the people are fiddling then whose fault is that.
  10. Xline Evo Pro +30

    Were do you live mate Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  11. Bits and bobs poles/tanks/controller/di

    Hi Would you take £260 for your pole can pick up Sunday Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  12. Yesterday
  13. A quick spruce up.

    That’s an epic end result Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  14. Best pole on a budget?

    http://thecleaningwarehouse.co.uk/water-genie-barracuda-hybrid-5050-complete-4ft-27ft-5867-p.asp 18ft 102 + vat
  15. Gardiner backpack

    I think you need to do a search on the forum for threads similar to this one. https://windowcleaningforums.co.uk/topic/23606-compact-hose-reel-is-there-such-a-thing/ However, I wouldn't advise about getting too carried away with adding a hose reel to a Gardiner Backpack. Most backpacks use small pumps which aren't really designed to push water down a long piece of hose. Overworking a small pump will reduce its longevity. The guys using the type of trolley mentioned in this post use bigger pumps. Bigger pumps use more current so require bigger batteries to power them. A backpack is heavy enough with 22 liters of water in it without adding further weight with a heavy battery and bigger pump. My son uses his (mine actually) Gardiner back pack 90% of the time. He links it with a SLX25 which he says provides him more than enough hose to work comfortably with. If he is doing 2 upstairs windows he positions the backpack on the ground in the 'middle' of the windows and cleans then cleans them both without moving the backpack. I can also manage fine with my SLX22 but the backpack is too heavy for this old man to lug around nowadays. If I have to use it I try to half fill it as its easier for me to carry. With a backpack you need to start at the closest point (thats when your backpack is full of water and its heaviest) and work further away as the pack gets lighter.
  16. You all make some very good points lads. I'd rather not mess with the wiring so looks like I'll have to run the RO inlet pipe to the back of the van for the probe and then return it back again to the side door. It seems silly that HM Digital made the wires so short? Thanks for your help guys
  17. VAT Reduction

    Hi Mr Green where did you get your motorised reel from please ? Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  18. Tax man

    How he works is a strange setup He works from home and has his own pa based up north in an office Technically he is only allowed to work for the firm that supplys the leads, pa, company bmw etc Fsa laws etc stop him working for anyone else at the same time Whatever he invests for them he is on a percentage of I have no idea how it works but he still has to do tax returns I know if he left and worked 100% for himself he would be rich as he could earn an absolute fortune but he has contracts etc that state he can't approach existing customers if he left and can't work in the same field for 6 months
  19. How dare she.

    It must be my old man. He's got he's got white hair, beard and he's a drivers. Bloody he'll my Dad is Santa.
  20. IBC Tank

    I'm in stevenage I occasionally get asked if i cover Hatfield.. do you go that far? Happy to pass work on I work old welwyn to hitchin/letchworth
  21. IBC Tank

    Maybe try going round some of the local industrial estates and seeing if there are any empty ones lying around in yards. Find out who owns them and enquire. You might strike lucky. And if not, you've only wasted an hour and a couple of litres of fuel.
  22. auto shut off for DI vessel

    You don't need anything complicated John - just a solenoid valve linked to a float switch. Or even just a typical ball valve like you get in a cold water header tank/toilet. Keep it simple and you won't have any issues. On the subject of pressure in the DI, it shouldn't make a difference the only issue I've had is when the hozelock connections pop off under normal tap pressure (I've now changed all my connections to rectus 026) Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  23. Unger HiFlo stop valve

    Exactly the same as pinching the hose. Whilst the stop valve is good i would use the altetnative. I was recommended a univalve and it works really well. bit more expensive but for £25-30 can't complain. Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  24. More forum members onto Page 1 of Google

    £415 new work for my add on services this week from my website in the new area's added and in my town too. I have no knowledge of the SEO stuff in www land, so dealing with @K in Kent has been very easy stress free and an extra £415 coming in. I am happy with the service and the advice and my website. Well worth the money for sure. Happy client here
  25. I Really like the izettle and sumups options, probs go with izettle come the time
  26. Xmas Eve

    Nope I break up 15th Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  27. Soaping the applicator

    When doing trad I tend to use a spray bottle and spray the glass and then mop. Never had a problem
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