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  2. I like the idea of turning up early and charging the extra! Take the **** out em. I'd be inclined to say "ok mate - just pay me what you think it's worth" (obviously, adopting the appropriate vernacular for the type of customer it is). Depending on what he offered, that would decide me whether I wanted to keep him as a customer. At the end of the day, my maximum loss is the work I've done and got paid nothing for - and the maximum benefit is one apologetic customer who'll be good and almost trouble free for years to come, who will also recommend me to new customers.
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  4. Try and do a deal with the Property Management companies. If you can't then the gloves are off
  5. We regularly use hypo on slate sills and slate hung on walls to very good effect no problems , it will however turn lead flashing yellow/brown though
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  7. Face shield is sometimes useful but won't stop all debrie from hitting you
  8. Minimum price to empty any gutters is £50 then extra to clean plastics if that was plastic gutters and facias , soffits it would be a further £50 but will do both at the same time for £85 -£90
  9. Love it great idea [emoji362] Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  10. 5 years ago yes as i had awesome abs On a diet and training again now so hopefully before summer is over then yes again
  11. hi all after putting kiln san down do you must it or do you leave it I have been leaving it myself but someone said mist it would be better
  12. I add 10-20% to the price for the inevitable haggle down/'freebies'. I get the price I want and they get to knock me down a bit, everyone a winner! Typical example the other day - windows and small patio pressure wash, haggled down from £70 to £50. Job took 90 mins
  13. Keep at it. I started up again 2 years ago after an 8 year stint in tech sales. I've found that door knocking works the best to start with, look at the sills on house and businesses, these should tell you if they have a window cleaner. I don't normally compete, so if they tell me they have a window cleaner i say "ok, heres a flyer for if they ever let you down". Set yourself a daily sales target, mine was £100 of pcm jobs, it provides the needed motivation. Explain your price. i.e, that'll be £15 because I clean your frames and sills. Its ok to be a perfectionist is this trade and speed will come, when i first started window cleaning ( when i was 16) i practiced for hours on my mums kitchen window, just make sure you get your value out of it. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  14. So only used to rain then
  15. I honestly don't know the answer to that one. I've read conflicting reports, some agreeing with this statement and other saying the opposite. Logic tells me that if the pressure is higher the pump won't work as hard, but I've seen specs that advise their pump will boost existing pressure by X. Over the years we have read of a few windies who, according to them, have used similar pumps successfully. Here some useful info If you look at the installation manual, page 8 of 16, 4.17 under cold water installation - Do not connect this pump to the mains supply. Why not? The installation manual and the advertising spiel differ. Its a good price though. I've never heard of a windie using one before - you are the first. The specs seem to indicate to me that the 6 bar is the maximum applied pressure to the pumps inlet. Flomate Mains Boost pump is designed to be connected directly to the incoming mains and will deliver an additional 1.5 bar pressure to the existing mains pressure and a maximum flow rate of 12 litres minute. . 247594-Automatic-Flow-Switch-Pumps-IG.pdf
  16. I want to keep the area the size as I'm already marketing In just pay more so that it goes out to a bigger audience. I'm trying to gather enough information to see if it's worth investing more in Adwords or Facebook adverts. I know peoples views on Adwords are lukewarm and depends on using the correct words and how much £ and how many of the competition invest in it so I'm uncertain which direction to go. Unfortunately my round is still small and I don't have enough money to do both alongside flyering so I need to be as prudent as possible. Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  17. Looking for a WFP round in Birmingham that's worth between £1,000 and £2,000. Please let me know if you're selling Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  18. That's the remains of Ivy that's been removed. Its not your problem. The roots if Ivy impregnate themselves into the plastic. The frames are damaged. You might be able to remove them with abrasive means, but you run the risk of removing the outer polished layer of the frame. Don't get involved is my advice. We have cleaned some windows for the past 10 years that had Ivy growing on them and then removed. The roots are still there.
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  20. Thanks Den, appreciate the in depth reviews[emoji1417] @den what pole are you using too mate? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  21. I don't work with anyone but I would suggest that if you paid the. £100 for the day and you generated .. £200 of work then his portion is 100%. If you generated £300 in the same day then split that down to him generating £150 of income but paying out £100 then that works out at 75%. I know days vary etc but this is how I would work it. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  22. Just after my breakfast outside. Temperature feels like when your going to leave your towels down on your holidays
  23. They do indeed Dan. I only live a couple of miles from them too. Very friendly bunch they are. In fact I was in there yesterday for my resin Sent from my iPod touch using Window Cleaning Forums
  24. In the last fortnight I have done approx 20 first cleans all new customers from two small leaflet drops in two Different villages (approx 200 leaflets) had another 6 from recommendation on Facebook which havnt been cleaned yet also got to go and quote another very large house. and plenty of add ons.
  25. Hi does anyone have a good round for sale in Hampshire area specifically basingstoke/hook and surrounding? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  26. Get a decent metal reel my reel goes on the back seat in transit, I have a 400ltr flat tank in my L200 the future plan is to put some marine ply over the tank and mount the reel on the ply and go for a power up reel.
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    his name is Nathan ferry. He has had a number of limited companies. when he met me his name he used was Jonathan Rossetti which I found out was his child's middle name. A Sarah doesn't exist it's actually him who pretends to be Sarah. He also uses mailing address so if u have an address it won't be correct. he's on companies house and has set up 9 or 10 companies now.
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