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  2. Iron Giant

    Forum app

    @Gav is your man
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  4. P4dstar

    Leaking Hose Reel Help

    I guessed the Proloc and power up were the same thing. Really tempted by the power up HD, maybe i'll hold out with the Agratti until spring, it's not the time of year to be spending £400+ on a hose reel. I emailed window cleaning warehouse to ask if the Proloc has a 3/4 connection either side... I 💩 you not they assumed I meant on either side of the reel... Like on the side where the handle would be too 🙄 I've ordered the pro lock stuff, it will be here tomorrow. I only use 6mm hose so that won't be an issue if I do get the Proloc. What connection do you use on the end of the hose to the reel dude?
  5. P4dstar

    Winter wear

    Quite self conscious about my weight actually 😂
  6. Like some of the ideas on your page but how are you eco friendly? You pump 1000s of litres of water a week on windows lol! You have a section for what to do if your unhappy or have a complaint (something like that)! Doesn't fill a customer with confidence that you need to highlight that.
  7. P4dstar

    Hello everyone!

    This is true, it comes with us coming out of recession and away from austerity. In 2008 when the last ''recession'' hit us I worked in a call centre for Carphone Warehouse. All of a sudden people started calling up wanting a cheaper deal on their contract, panicking! It was ridiculous. You wake up one morning and the TV and radio are telling you there is a recession, you have the same job as yesterday, you're paid the same as yesterday, your car is the same... Literally nothing has changed but consumers panic. As things seem on the up, at least in comparison to 10 years ago, people are willing to invest in quality. I've picked up some customers who just weren't happy with the quality of the last windy I haven't been doing this long enough to compare trends and say how this stacks up but I see no shortness of customers wanting a quality job and willing to pay a small amount more for the privilege. Jurys out on the north south divide, i've seen that mentioned so much over the last year it's quite repetitive but even the chaps up north arguing they couldn't get those rates would agree they can charge more than most if they provide a good quality service.
  8. P4dstar

    Pressure washing FSG

    Theres a guy round here that does that. One of the pro roof cleaners called him out on Facebook about it. He was proudly showing videos of his lads pressure washing a roof. The pro guy has done some top notch stuff round here.
  9. P4dstar

    Split Charge Relay

    I have a 110AH Bosch leisure battery I bought from Euro. I bought a split charge but I haven't bothered fitting it just yet.... It's on the long list of adaptations I want to make to the van. My battery is under the passenger seat, i've got a new dispatch so the passenger seat springs up which is a cracking space for the battery. I got chatting to an AA bloke who was recovering my old van, he told me how his mate down in Bristol is a window cleaner and was having trouble with his battery, where he bench charged it every day the battery sometimes ran too low and caused damage. He had just installed a split charge with him but he removed the relay thing. He said he removed the relay because modern alternators kick out far more power than one battery needs, there should be no need to have it only charge your leisure battery when the van battery is full. I wonder if the guys not doing much mileage but never charging their battery have a faulty relay which means they are constantly charging the battery 100% of the driving time.
  10. Thought of that P4dstar mate. Washed it out and rinsed several times with pure 00 before resin went in.
  11. Thanks Adam. I gona start vblogs soon and link them to site and blogs on there, all in the name of seo. How are you?
  12. Pjj

    This mornings job

    Talking to the builders and the architects and the heratage guy they haven’t been cleaned or re curbed in living memorie . I know most would use a flocked brush for leaded but I just took it easy with a normal stiff supream brush I was surprised how strong the windows were not of them leaked at all and no damage was caused ,the heratage guy watched me like a hawk , and was very impressed with the results he now wants to recomend us to any other building developers that have this type of window in other properties . We have been doing similar work like this for the national trust and English heratage for a number of years and this building s Windows were in the best condition of any we have done , most leak a bit to quite a lot 😬😬
  13. ppads52


    hi doug, i tried cutting off the top of the riser, didnt work. it will still wobble around in the head of the vessel. the other vessel s riser doesnt wobble at all. can i buy a new riser and head only? cos the vessel is fine
  14. Part Timer

    How to get good staff?

    95% of them would be classed as unskilled labourers.


    Many thanks...I first thought it was a bit excessive but on hindsight I'd sooner not skimp and achieve a good result first time..thanks for the support [emoji16] Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  16. Here is a blog i wrote on the subject hopefully comes in handy for someone https://fifewindowcleaningservices.co.uk/how-to-start-a-window-cleaning-round-in-the-uk/
  17. Thanks for the replies. I've decided to not pay for the on-line backup anymore. I'm unsure if the data restore will work. I'm not very computer literate 😳
  18. Incheck

    The Round

    We were lucky & escaped most of the weather, most of wales took a right hammering but we just had the odd bit of flooding in lower parts of the city. You have to treat foul weather as a blessing in itself...in small doses...wind blows **** on to the windows, rain makes people notice the gutters need seeing to, you lose short term to gain long term. But its a bit different when storms roll in one after the other, week on week, as we have had in the past. And when its sub-zero for a few weeks with snow on the ground its easy to get agitated and worry about the bills then Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  19. Doddy111

    First week

    Agree I’m currently setting up and the advice/info I’ve had from people on here has proved invaluable Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  20. Last week
  21. Part Timer

    New Brush Advice

    Just in, better than your lager top or G&T. 2 nights off the sauce then killer pool Wednesday. Hope the Wife's still talking to you 😁
  22. Hi all, Just wondered about peoples thoughts on hiring someone that would deal with the sales side of things as well as social media and advertising. My thinking is that if i had someone dealing with the marketing/sales side of things i could concentrate on cleaning the windows and may not get the pain in the bum side of training someone on the glass etc. maybe only a part time position for a couple of hours a week. Any body got any experience with this? Regards, Dan
  23. Clarkus84

    FSG ubik application

    2 storey no problem.haven't had to do a 3 storey yet.Don't use ladders at all although I'm gonna get some,you just never know when you'll need em Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  24. Carts69

    What size wheelie bin

    Didn’t think of that 👍 240 it’s is then, cheers
  25. Pjj

    Oil Stain on Tarmac

    Very difficult if not impossible to do to a good standard , if it’s been there for a long time it will have softened the tarmac if it’s fresh oil it will still have semi desolves the surface and it will be a different colour. You can paint Tarmac with a special paint but personally I would walk away from the job as it’s more hassle than it’s worth , you will spend lots of time trying to make it look good but it will never be right and getting the customer to pay for a mediocre job isn’t easy
  26. scottish cleaning service

    Too much soap on moerman fliq?

    I've tried most rubbers and the best Two I came across was Moreman and Unger both soft types. I think its just a time thing like when one buys a new trowel. It takes time to bed in, that's what I have found out. If you expect a rubber to work right away then forget it!
  27. Pryors window cleaning do it I am sure and he has 8 vans or more on the road, as above if you are looking to expand your rounds then get out door knocking.
  28. Maund

    Vac Pole Gutter Cleaning Video Footage?

    You will want them cleaned on the inside as well if your showing video footage
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