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  2. Squeegee App

    Cleaner Planner SMS feature

    Cheers for reporting this - could you possibly get in touch either by email or the chat to let us know some further details so we can investigate? Thanks!
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  4. DeLaCruz

    Extreme 22 or 25

    The way i approached this was having two poles (could use another one tbh) - i have extreme 18 and a SLX35 for higher stuff - the way i figured it was i would use the SLX less and so i would go for a cheaper option and spend more on the one i use most. In hindsight i would have got the Extreme 22 version bc there is many jobs i do that are just a few feet out of reach with the Extreme18 - its always a compromise between of course and if i was gonna only get one pole it would be the extreme 25 for access to jobs you wouldnt be able to reach. Also although its a tiny bit heavier the fact you wont be stretching will help you a lot.
  5. spruce

    Wanted: Van system 650l

    Here's the data sheet giving you the weight of the tank full (726kgs) and also the footprint. https://brodexbms.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Brodex-E650DI-Datasheet.compressed.pdf With your van you would need to position that tank correctly which could well mean length ways. Not only does the load have to be within the van's payload but it also has to be positioned correctly so neither of the axles are overloaded. My 650 litre Wyedale tank was fitted length ways in my previous Citroen Relay SWB. I found that the area behind the driver's side became a 'dead' area as it was difficult to reach from either over the tank or down the side. This tank would have made that even worst as its much wider. My Boxer van is a 333 with a higher payload. I was able to mount the tank width ways so some the the tank frame fits between the wheel arches. This gives me enough space for both hose reels at the back, our step ladder mounted vertically and the electric heater during the winter months when necessary. Mounting it this way also gives me full access to that 'dead' area I had on my previous van.
  6. Looking for ways to speed a job up - Job is on a top floor holiday let flat - priced it at 20£ per every two weeks. Previous guy did it for £14 apparently and recently said he didn't want to continue. The clean is a trad clean of 16 balustrades and the windows that surround - the windows take me max 15 mins, but the balustrades take me 3 times that time to get a good finish on. Its a hard job to get clean finish on (there's always bits that i notice after i think i'm finished). All balustrade cleaning is difficult if your reaching add to that the fact they are curved so there are always soap trails that runoff. There must be a quicker and better way. Things i have considered to speed it up: * Investing something that allows me to target the area's that need it on the 2 weekly cleans (like Unger Stingray kit) * Somehow getting WFP up there (its really high though) Anyone else clean these type of balustrades and have some technique they use for a quicker clean ?
  7. wezza13

    Battery connection

    These are really good, I've got them on both of my leisure batteries and are really handy for quick release.
  8. Who did you get it from if I may ask? They are obviously a dealer of Sterling so really Sterling should be monitoring that their dealers are supplying the right kit. If you look at Simplysplitcharge on Ebay you will see that they supply a BB1230 with 70 amp cable with proper fuse holders.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3mtr-Sterling-BB1230-kit-with-red-70amp-10mm2-leads-Fords-Euro6-Transits/252446796475?hash=item3ac7006abb:g:OFoAAOSwrhlXT8fT
  9. AGlassAct

    Can you prepare quotes in Aworka?

    Yes. You fill out all the customer details as normal but tick the ‘estimate’ box. It then puts it on your planner (to do) and you can email or print it as normal when you’ve marked it as done. if you get stuck click on the help tab, it’s normally got the answer. If not email Chris (from the tab) he normally replies straight away
  10. TWC

    Magnetic signage and logos

    I’ve had magnetic signs for 5 years. On my first van no issues but my second van a 2014 Peugeot Partner the paint bubbled on the sides and back after 12 months and on the bonnet the paint completely came away and ended up buying a second hand bonnet as it was cheaper than a respray. Somebody on here said it was due to newer vans having different or thinner paint. Can’t remember which I’m afraid.
  11. Eric Gilliand

    Carbon Trad pole

    ...make your own from old pole sections...
  12. Yesterday
  13. Joe G

    My first couple of months

    Thank you all for the words of encouragement! I hope you are all well and the cold weather is not hindering anybody! I can't believe it's only been three months since I started this little business, the time is flying and I'm loving it! Progress I'm now up to 60 customers totaling £648 on a 4-weekly rota, gaining 20 regular customers in the last 5 weeks (plus some one offs and 8/12 weekers). Most of these new customers have come from posting in FB groups and canvassing, but I have also gained a couple via existing customers passing on my number, which I didn't expect to happen so soon! Other highlights are gaining a £54 8-weekly "contract" for three community centers (I attend one of them and know the manager who is doing me a favor really), booking my first commercial quote for a hair dressers [later this week] and hitting £30+ per hour for a few hours. Some of the FB posts I made were links to my website, which has generated 6 enquiries, 4 of which accepted my [top end] quote, and 2 of those opted to pay via GoCardless. FOR SURE I'll be spending some time this month trying to get my website up the google rankings. Purchases After plugging and unplugging the microbore-hose from the super-tough hose pipe at every clean for the last couple of months, I decided to treat myself to a £35 univalve; and I'm so glad I did! Not only am I saving the ballache of plugging, unplugging, draining, but it's also saving me water and time. Really so glad I purchased that. (ebay) Also bought a high-vis with "WINDOW CLEANER" and my phone number on the back, uniform level 1 lol. Nobody has got my number from it yet but I feel more comfortable working on the street with it on. (£5 Amazon). Spent about £15 on traditional gear from Wilkos for an internal clean which got cancelled, but I have the stuff ready now. Planning to do the community center insides free of charge to get some practice. Experience The experience of this wonderful forum helped me to get two jobs done with confidence this month, one was dried on egg and the other was cement splashes. The egg took a bit of a soak from the WFP and then an ice scraper, and the cement took a spray bottle of pure water and a window scraper. Both jobs went fine with happy customers thanks to the advice of this forum, without which I'd of probably been hauling a bucket of warm soapy water up a ladder and going out of my way to buy unnecessary cement remover! Cash monies Grossed £609 in December (+£69 outstanding). On target to gross £900 in January. Next Get up to £1000 / 4 weeks to cover my living expenses and then start quoting all of my customers at the top end of my range. Build back links for my website. Ask customers for reviews on Google. Thanks for reading, Joe.
  14. wezza13

    updating rounds to app based

    Been using Squeegee for a year now, highly recommend. Used to use Aworka fwiw
  15. dazmond

    DIY-Hack Safe scraper, always at hand that doesnt rust!

    just buy an unger ninja scraper with spare stainless steel blades....their the best scrapers ive ever used they dont rust either!
  16. maxbruffell

    Tank positioning Scudo/Dispatch/Expert etc

    Noted! Thank you!
  17. P4dstar

    New battery advice

    https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/exide-leisure-er550-battery-115ah-444776790 Use the code VCBT52 and you'll get over 50% off, comes in at £112 and its a B rated battery by the caravan club. There are many many posts where @spruce recommends A & B rated batteries by the caravan club but this is the particular one I ended up getting.
  18. NoName

    I have white marks on my windows

    Everyday...get your /a local (pure water using) window cleaner to clean the upvc above when they clean your windows....initial clean of upvc will generate a fair amount of milky run off...each subsequent clean will improve it to point it should stop dripping onto yours. Give it 3-4 cleans that should do it , then just include part of the regular maintenance
  19. NoName

    Best company Water fed pole??

    Voice of wisdom that.. Like shoes and wine buy the most expensive you can afford... Right i'm off to buy an extreme 35 😎
  20. NoName

    Neighbours right to complain?

    Speak to the neighbours (take round a peace offering (bake a cake (wife made obviously)/beers) if words have already been had and genuinely try to understand what the 'issue' is (trip/messy/nosey/just feeling left out) Once they have their grievance genuinely heard most peoples hackles drop... whatever they say don't argue, thank them and say you want to think about they have said and will come back in a few days.... Then try to accommodate whatever their concerns are, they will feel listened to and if they see you accommodate them in the 'solution' you will have their 'buy in' for the 'solution' - then you don't have to clean their windows for free...(not sure that's a great bribe anyhow - the power relationship will be weighted in their favour - you 'owe' them something - and they may feel they have a 'hold' over you...) Best reach a compromise which everyone is happy about Would a lay flat style hose help mitigate trip slip risks? https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/2in-layflat-hose/?da=1&TC=GS-051020154&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4vm1ieWS5wIVGeDtCh3BKgn5EAQYBSABEgIgUPD_BwE Or one of these boys would may help https://www.theworkplacedepot.co.uk/hose-protection-ramp?p=17454&vat=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlJnxpeWS5wIVh6ztCh30GQh_EAQYASABEgKTGfD_BwE Oh...and can you run the hose straight onto your garden, even bury it in a shallow trench rather then down the rhs of your shared path, (with a join at end of your garden, so you just need to put out/in the hose over the 'road') then to the far kerb and then left along the gutter - you would be away from the neighbours garden...would need a crushable hose obviously in case people drive over it.
  21. scottish cleaning service

    What's On this Week

    Today I had my heart on using my wfp and the backpack to Softwash a house. The moment I removed the pole I knew I would have problems. I recently went hoseless meaning I would need a hose extension to run inside the pole. Ended up spraying the whole building and using the brush to tidy up any bits I missed. 😂
  22. Clearview Lee

    how does everyone feed power into the van?

    Same as that! 👍🏼 Keep burning it, so new van every 6 months or so, but hey, brand new van all the time! 😁 happy days
  23. Top tip... My Waterworks PowerUp HD reel (powered hose reel) controller is on a 1.5m lead and I want to stand back a bit (so I can see anyone passing etc) when operating the controller. Came up with the idea of putting a magnet on the back of the plastic controller, so I can 'fix' it anywhere convenient on the van's load area's metal panels. Works an absolute treat, no scrambling for the hook to hang it on, just slap it on the rear door panels/body/roof out of the way but handy. You'll only need a A Neodymium Magnet (20x5mm round disc/'coin'), bought two, only need one, they are that powerful (one of the most powerful type for it's size) A dab of superglue (gorilla super glue) Just sharing....
  24. Part Timer

    Husband considering career change

    I always say on these posts they're like a Google search, first page very relevant, bottom of second page tailing off, page 3 and after totally irrelevant to what you were actually looking for 🤣
  25. Last week
  26. Haychh

    Cleaning Gloves

    I use Nitrille gloves like the link u showed me... cant work without them and they protect your hands from the **** of your hose reel. I pay £45.00 for 20 boxes... I get them very cheap 🙂
  27. THL4KEL

    Budget gutter vac

    The filter for mine was £60 to replace it. So I never bothered getting a new one when it wore out. It sucks better without the filter.
  28. ChrisTheHelp

    What chemical to kill moss on metal roof

    Its hard to know what metral it is so I need to be careful what specific chemical I use this time. Power-washing isnt an option unfortunately. The grit is too fragile. I wish though!
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