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  2. K in Kent

    Green algae on wall

    tench is spot on Benz Biocleanze is good stuff but won't get immediate results. It's ideal for "spray and leave" if that's what u want. just explain to customer....bit pricey though for one-off small job. Pij is also right cos hypo works wonders and immediate results but it stinks so be careful ising on shop front if public are passing cos they WILL make comments about using bleach and selling like a swimming pool etc - so use good scent masker - e.g. Bonnymans but that also not cheap. I've found strong smelling fabric conditioners an acceptable cheap alternative when needed. (and yes I know all the technicalities / law r.e mixing additives with hypo - so just don't get caught!) Benz lightning Cleanze will also work faster but also pricey for a one-off and still stinks even with a scent masker added and people still moan. If i were you i'd buy 5-10litres of 14-15% of hypo off ebay or amazon and fabric conditioner then go down there out of hours, mix hypo with water approx half and half or weaker (60/40/ 70/30)****, spray on with pump sprayer or whatever u want to use, scrub it and if needs be give another spray of hypo then rinse and go home. Algae should ber gone. Or if u really want to do on the cheap and if algae not too bad go to Tesco and buy a few 2litre thin bleach and use that neat = it's approx one third stremgth of 15% hypo before diluting..I'm not recommending it but it savers money and gets desired result for couple of quid....or spend £60+ on the good stuff with all its residual protection, HSE approval etc (although that's a bit academic unless u are also an approved userr and had the necessary training on safe use of biocides) And be careful where u spray it - hypo ruins clothes ***What sort of wall is it? Brick? Render?
  3. Yesterday
  4. Chris34

    How fast can a new windy earn a decent wage ?

    Best thing to do is to set yourself a plan to begin with. A cash-flow forecast is really good, I did one in January when I started my business and I've been lazy and not followed it, but I know from doing the forecast what price I need to charge and how many new customers I need to get. I checked over my plan for the first time a few weeks ago and I was surprised at how accurate it was, it's pretty much gone to plan. One thing I have found though is that around March to June it was a bit crazy as there were lot's more one off work coming in (fascia's, conservatory roofs) and this boosted my income early on but you have to be careful to not get too busy with one off's. I also work part time, so a one off job bringing in £150 then onto my evening part time work seems good, the problem though is that you then have no time to do any sales so you end up doing one off's that only have an immediate impact on your finances but it doesn't help you long term. Regular window cleaning is your bread and butter and should be your main focus. 10 new regular customers each month at £20 each is going to bring you £200 extra every month so in theory if you work hard then you could be up to £2k a month at 10 months. For me I will get half that as I have been held back a bit, partly though being a little lazy on the sales side, but also because of lack of money to invest and lack of time. There comes a point where trying to clean your current customers windows, hold down a part time job and then do the sales as well means that you become time poor, when this happens it's your sales that take the hit as cleaning your current customers and doing your part time job have to be done, but sales doesn't have to be done, so when you spend less time doing sales your business stops growing as fast. I think I'll be biting the bullet and handing in my notice for one of my part time jobs tomorrow, it's just getting in the way of me growing the business. I think if I spent the time doing sales I'd replace the money lost within 2 months, so by month 3 I'll be better off. Sales is the hard work though, it can be tough but if you keep everything on a spreadsheet you can set yourself targets and look at the turnover increasing month on month, I find looking at my spreadsheets and seeing the turnover grow is a great motivator to get out and get more sales.
  5. Neil.. Lancashire

    How to get sub work?

    one of them I my upload my documents on to there system and the other one its just a case of emailing it over so they have it on file. There not really bothered by it, there just covering there **** incase you **** up badly.
  6. Pjj

    What’s happened to tuffers ??

    Ok good to see you are still about , always found your posts interesting
  7. hi all, Not long ago I bought a pump and flow controller from Gardiners, set up a system using microbore hose. has worked with no complaints on a setting of 50. Two things bother me though, one is that it auto calibrates at 19, which seems very low and also the flow rate at 50 is only putting out 1 litre a minute. Looking at other cleaning vids etc they seem to have a stronger flow, My system does DE but seems to take a while to do this. All may be ok! just thought i'd ask if anyone sees any obvious errors? Thanks.
  8. steve garwood

    What Poles do we use?

    On this forum you will get many many answers of gardiners poles. Including me 🙂
  9. tench0771

    Has any one used these for block paving

    im thinking just no heat m8 just a 15lpm pressure washer turned down to get them 50% before soft washing
  10. Don Logan

    At the risk of opening a can of worms.....

    Totally agree, that's madness
  11. Don Logan

    Help please - Changing over from traditional

    Just make sure you work top to bottom and on the first clean rinse off the glass
  12. Dave B

    How windy is too windy

    1 is backpack filled from tank with bilge pump Other is the same but with pressure washer mounted permanently on board with a buffer tank also.. that one mostly does pressure washing but can do windows when needed
  13. Part Timer

    40/40 booster pump.

    Don't think you're supposed to flush with the booster pump on, so I've been told.
  14. THL4KEL

    What minimum size generator do I need?

    Probably 6kva to run it efficiently. I use a 5kva for my 3600 and its not as good as mains electric, a slight loss of suction. Never not completed a job though using power from the gen, getting big tufts out.
  15. Will do thanks Brian
  16. Marko067

    Fan jets vs pencil jets

    I had 2mm pencils and 100° fans on my brushes simultaneously for a while in case I felt the need to use one over the other,but found once I had the hang of using the fans I just didn't ever need to use the pencils so have recently removed them. I have a lot of vents at the top of windows on my round and just found too much water splashing into them with pencils when rinsing off the glass. I can foresee the same issues with vents using a rinse bar. Davy G's method with the 100° fans is definitely the best method for me. Has been for a number of years now.
  17. Pjj

    Tubeless extensions.

    Yes I agree if it would fit up inside the pole , the currant ones are far to big and bulky
  18. Haz

    Carpet Cleaning

    If you let your customers know that you also offer carpet cleaning i am sure a few will be interested! If you already got regular window cleaning customers u can offer them any other service such as carpet cleaning, pressure washing, conservatory valets , car valets , gardening etc Add on services always sell, the more customers u have on board the more sales u will get with add ons :) Good luck
  19. Baldmonkey

    Water production drop after fitting solenoid

    Might do a flow calculation and see If its losing much and do a comparison with a 3/4 inch one, if I can find a 12v ball valve I might give that a bash
  20. P4dstar

    Waterproof footwear

    Had these a year or so. I posted about getting them at the time. Bone dry. S3 safety thingie as suggested by @solarpanelcleaningltd. Had to change the laces but that's all (They sell the laces in Screwfix for £2.50) https://www.screwfix.com/p/dewalt-recip-safety-boots-black-size-10/94428
  21. Iron Giant

    Computer software

    My wife does her via Google docs or whatever, but businesses don't operate using Google software or systems so in that it fails, so you have to rely on software etc that is common place in big organisations. I seriously I have my doubts about os's that say they are all up to date with their security when updates are few and far between and Norton can have between 5 -15+ security updates a day, I always run a live update as soon as I open my pc, as for my site it's also wordpress and I check in for updates on a regular basis, I think my web design guy does back-up's not sure, I better ask him today what the crack is
  22. Last week
  23. These kind of people are everywhere, I would never back down on a price, if they don’t like it walk away. I went to one recently, big house with conservatory loads of land, quite clearly the house of a very well off retired couple. They wanted a quarterly clean and I quoted £40, quite reasonable for the job, her reaction was one of horror. ‘Oh my last cleaner only charged £25 but he stopped coming’ I wonder why... I was doing another of my regulars not far and she was out walking her dog and clearly confused me with the cleaner she had taken on and obviously hadn’t turned up. One I had assured her i had visited her but she hadn’t got back to me she told me she would likely give me a call. I won’t hold my breath though. Went to another quote later that day, maaaaasive farm house, £80 quoted, accepted with no questions asked.
  24. paddie

    Wfp trolley fix

    good evening all, thanks for the tips, I have got a fibre glass repair kit and hopefully give it a go tomorrow to see if it seals it up.
  25. dmw

    I just started window cleaning (WFP)

    Tulsion MB 115. is what seems to be the most popular and long lasting, just make sure you go to a reputable supplier like Daqua or Gardiner's as there are a few dodgy suppliers selling inferior resin as Tulsion.
  26. Pjj

    Leisure battery help

    They are haze 180 amp gell heavy duty batteries
  27. spruce

    Osmosis psi speed with booster pump?

    I think you need to contact the supplier and ask them how they would suggest you reduce the pressure. Vyair describe this pump as self regulating. I wouldn't know what they mean by this. And no, you can't reduce the booster pump's pressure by restricting the amount of water from your tap. You would need to do this electronically, but that's for the supplier to suggest a solution. I understand the Aquatec booster pumps have an internal pressure relief valve which keeps the boost to spec.
  28. doug atkinson

    25 litre vessels and 11 litre.

    In the MSDS sheet it states landfill for disposal which I’ve advised whoever asked. The cork bottle idea is good but if someone who followed that and their riser tube was not the correct length then it would be an issue. One day I’ll make an informative video.
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