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  1. Yesterday
  2. P4dstar

    Leaks, leaks everywhere.

    No definitely not from there, it's bone dry all around it mate.
  3. P4dstar

    World Cup fever

    The hosts always do well... Unless it's South Africa. They haven't actually come up against a decent team yet though.... If Uruguay go out and smash the Saudi's tomorrow it would look completely different.
  4. Incheck

    Quality versus price

    We are moving over to “restoration” cleans. I’m using the word “restoration” more. For some reason it seems to have more selling power. all it really is, is a glorified term for a window cleaning. To my surprise I am picking them up with relative ease. Done a few recently at £100, £90, £75, £60 etc. (All just standard semis mostly, no connys or extras like) the one we did today was quite time consuming, a lot of paint on the windows so went through a few scraper blades. and magic sponges/rub out needed on upper floor windows. But it’s good & I enjoy it. If it takes half a day to clean someones windows then so be it. Higher price for the job, less travel, more satisfaction at the end. Got a bit overwhelmed with high volume low paying jobs so i’m targeting the ad ons much more than growing rounds now. The demand is there this time of year and you can get really good prices. Looking forward to starting softwashing soon. Got our first delivery ordered from benz, so a few home trials to see what the stuffs really made of. And then later this year it’ll be another service to our badge i’m hoping [emoji4] Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  5. Jordiebarrett

    Pure Water to Buy or not to buy?

    We've previously sold at 5p per liter. Minimum sale of 100L. Any less and it isn't worth it. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  6. Ime no expert on imprinted concrete but this looks more like the sealer has come off in patches rather than damage from hypo just a guess but would suspect that it needs re coulouring and sealing
  7. I would agree if I didn't spend it as fast as I earn it. Currently on the drink in Newmarket, that knackered last night only had 5 pints 😥
  8. Pjj

    spray nozzle for the end of wfp

    This is what you need give Ben a ring at Rutland pumps
  9. Part Timer

    Fake/artificial grass maintenance

    Doesn't look very sturdy, looks more like a kids toy.
  10. scottish cleaning service

    Making Vans Secure

    Didn't think you could get alarm padlocks. Was looking on amazon there, well worth investing in some of them. Looking into getting my van alarmed because mine is not sounding. I'll get there slowly but surely. There is now 4 white vans parked in my small estate now.
  11. steve garwood

    Delivery hose. A better one?

    The green delivery hose is excellent. Had mine 9 years without a single issue
  12. steve garwood

    Just my luck at the moment

    Chin up mate
  13. THL4KEL

    Backpack system?

    Gardiners V3
  14. Clisty1989

    Anybody used this before?

    Only £5.70 a bottle (these were free) so I'll do more field tests and it may replace screwfix no nonsense degreaser as my go to chem of choice. Plus it's stronger so will use less.
  15. 65psi min tap pressure, I have ordered another flow restrictor from collins water products that’s where I bought the RO a couple years back.
  16. @Dave B used to use one, had to make some mods to make it fit
  17. Mark H

    wfp trolley / backpack advice

    We’ve had our gardiner backpack V3 for about 15 months and We had to replace the pump (seized up) didn’t use it every day. So ordered a replacement from soft wash technology which could handle harsh chems for the same price as gardeners. Otherwise a great backpack Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  18. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Best gutter vac at the moment?

    That it is.
  19. BlueClearChoice


    All very nice areas Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  20. rugbywolf

    Ladders to use for cleaning window

    It's a shame you are in London, I have a set of 'Lyte' double !2 brand new for sale.
  21. solarpanelcleaningltd

    Window cleaning database

  22. scottish cleaning service

    Pricing driveways

    I had a few of those karacher washers and everyone gave u the ghost after 13 months. They are ok for cleaning the car but not meant for driveways. Karacher must make a fortune out of those washers, nearly everyone has one or had one.
  23. bigtallgaz

    Window cleaner

    Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  24. Does anyone happen to have any excess work available?
  25. Hi guys/gals, Need to buy a new pole set for my sky vac atom. I have come across this alu pole set from gutter cleaning systems. Anybody rate them? I cant afford full on carbon poles at the moment. Any reviews would be welcome. Cheers. https://www.guttercleaningsystems.co.uk/product/aluminium-pole-set-40ft/
  26. That's what I had hoped. The stuff at GPS is spot on. Like I said, would have been a shame if these were made there.
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