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  2. Part Timer

    What would you guys do in my position ?

    Make sure heat is best for it, sometimes the pain can be caused by inflammation. If this is the case for you the worst thing you can do is put heat on it.
  3. scottish cleaning service

    Pricing past and present

    Them Russians 🙄 Did a few detached houses yesterday and priced a £400k house. Told the guy it would be £20 a calendar month and he seem happy with it. He said the other guy traded the windows but they were covered with small lead squares. I don't know how he did it but i told him i would be using pure hot water through the pole. How can you possibly trade over pretruding lead strips? 🙄
  4. Today
  5. Lee85

    Name on Jumpers/Shirts

    Thanks for getting back to me. I will have a look into them, as you say 100 of them will last a really long time so it's probably worth it in the long run. There is a sewing machine gathering dust in my loft, may have to get the wife to have a go as I'm useless with anything like that!
  6. There is -its called mumsnet 😂
  7. Sky View Cleaning Ltd

    What would you quote? Inside & out

    Thanks all. Went in at £240 for inside & out. Have to wait and see
  8. Yesterday
  9. AGlassAct

    GrippaTank Electric Reel Review?

    Don’t worry @NoName I’ll have the remote info for you pretty soon. The method I used wouldn’t really be suitable unless you have a multimeter to test the input/output on the winch relay I used, I also had to remove (de-solder) the ‘out’ switch on the remote. Although it was the cheaper option (at around £45) I think the alternative would suit you better, I’ve figured out how the grippa reel remote works and what bits they use (although discontinued now apparently) so I should be able to find the bits you need and how to wire it. My only concern is if you want the wired push button AND the wireless remote as I struggled to ‘size’ and source a decent diode to stop the switch from burning out and the fuse popping. This may not be an issue if I can source the exact same bits as grippa use (hence the delay in getting back to you)
  10. Pjj

    Christmas ‘drink’ tips

    maybe things are different in Ireland but they are 100% declarable in England
  11. brianbadonde

    Boxing fans

    Yep, he looks vulnerable when under pressure.
  12. laddergarder

    Carpet Cleaning

    I gave carpet cleaning a try years ago. But just wasn't for me. I was busy busy with the window cleaning, and spent 1k on advertising for the carpet cleaning and never got a single job. The machines cost a fair bit, and as others have said there is allot more to it than you may think. Your main aim should be to stay busy. If you can do that without having add on services. That's a good thing. My advice, if you have time and money to invest in carpet cleaning. Just spend it on advertising your window cleaning service instead.
  13. Apw1210

    Trying to find a fitting

  14. Hi, are you referring to using my water tank as a buffer tank? could this be used as a buffer tank? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Flexible-Koi-Bowl-Quarantine-Tank-Pop-Up-Koi-Bowl-3-Sizes/381985697548
  15. Johnwindow1987

    Di resin gone dry

    I have had it for sometime but the other bag was ok. Iv just placed order for a new bag aswell but didn’t want to waste what I had.
  16. Window Cleaning Dublin

    Two degrees today coldest people have gone out?!

    I think pure water freezes faster than normal water. When there 2-3 C outside, the water in the tank becomes all thick and semi ice. But we also have a water tank for power washing that water is not bother before -1C
  17. No I haven't. If you are looking for a unit then you need a universal one that they use on boats as they aren't CANbus specific. I believe you can also use heaters from Rover 75's and Citroen/Peugeot but not BMW, Mercedes Benz etc. Here's an example. It comes with the wiring loom as well as all the other accessories. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Webasto-Thermo-Top-C-boat-motorhome-diesel-water-heater-warranty/252144112661?hash=item3ab4f5d415:g:Pw4AAOSwDIJdr3zb (I'm not advocating you should buy this one.) Here's another, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Webasto-Thermo-Top-C-KIT-5kW-DIESEL-WATER-HEATER-12V-Boat-Motorhome-3-mths-WA/223782761099?hash=item341a7df28b:g:51MAAOSwPbdd6Wby You have to be careful if you buy one from a breaker. Often the water circulatory pump, fuel pump and wiring harness are missing. By the time you add these you might have been better buying a refurbished kit. They will always guarantee it working but they can't test it. The drama starts if you want to return it. You say its not working, he says it is because he tested it.
  18. dmw

    Would you still be in this business

    If I had to go back to trad I'd be working 5days solid rather than 4 easy days, and the toll that would take on my 50 year old carcass doesn't bear thinking about. 3 years of Wfp as been my saviour.
  19. Part Timer

    FAO New Model Citroen Dispatch Owners

    Tuffers has stopped coming on here for the time being, if you tag @P4dstarin he has a new Dispatch so might be able to give you feedback
  20. spruce

    Intermittent Pump Pressure loss (Univalve?)

    Looks like the same trouble I have - with my bladder. 😂 Sorry, I could resist that.
  21. Last week
  22. Martyn

    Water shut of question

    I must admit to forgetting to turn my tap off once or twice, in my experience it still flows from the waste but at a much reduced rate. I should say that I'm running into an IBC with no valve though.
  23. NoName

    winter down south

    https://www.trouva.com/products/marram-trading-flip-flop-sheepskin-slippers?currency=GBP&utm_source=googleshoppingUKCSS&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=1635278108&utm_content=68063453011&utm_term=&targeting=pla-437154809269&device=c&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIi_7Ayquf5gIVzbTtCh3okQQ8EAQYAiABEgJStPD_BwE or even https://www.culturevulturedirect.co.uk/jewellery-accessories/torsa-sheepskin-flip-flop-slippers/?SKU=CV618848&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIi_7Ayquf5gIVzbTtCh3okQQ8EAQYByABEgIhyPD_BwE Who would have know you can actually get these stuff... Trevor don't forget come warm milk in a flask for breaktime
  24. NoName

    To full time or not to full time

    DJT if you use chems they will be less effective as the temp drops - if it's cold enough to freeze overnight (and thaw) it will be damp and you'll struggle to resand effectively (it may look like the sand's all in - but when it dry's out your sand will flow more easily into the gaps and you're custy will get a gappy finish and will look awful).
  25. Window Cleaning Dublin

    Who are the best customers?

    There are not bad and good customers There are bad and good salesmen First you have to make your potential customer believe that he/she badly needs you. You will help her enjoy live more. Your services are in big demand and the fact that you are speaking with him/her right now, is a lot of luck for them. There is a house cleaning company in Dublin charging 600 euro for a standard 3 bed house - once off. Fully booked 3 months ahead. Other companies charging 250 euro for the same project, cannot find work Why is that? The expensive company comes to your home, they turn off your light and they put blue lights on. They show you bacteria, fat, etc, all over your walls. You are in big danger. This bacteria will eat your brain soon. They create a big story. Then you pay 600 euro This company has 275 bad reviews and 1 good review. They are mad busy In few cases people have contacted me by mistake looking for this company. When i told them that i am not them, they hang up!
  26. dazmond

    Best Scrim to buy

    ive tried all the microfibre cloths over the years and none are as absorbent as scrim IMO.....
  27. so your probably left with around £30k take home pay after tax/NI....... which is roughly the same as me....however i turnover around £45k to get that £30k profit after expenses/tax/insurance,etc......but i work no more than 30 hours a week on EVERYTHING to do with my business(actually window cleaning,admin,purifying water,chasing debts,etc)....im happy with my income but its took me many years to get to this stage as a sole trader window cleaner...... sorry i meant to quote this post from the original poster in my above post!🙄😂
  28. NoName

    Highline or Tuffi - this is the question?

    I've heard of 'highline' but it's such a generic name I might be just imagining that! Have heard of Tuffi - but have no view/ knowledge how they compare - I bought mine 'cos the engine is Honda (reliable) good psi and and lpm flowrates - I can't remember what the sticker said, that's long ago come off - to me the components, spec and build quality would indicate that it's at least been designed for the job rather than just look the part...
  29. solarpanelcleaningltd

    Best length for pressure washer hose

    We’ve a hundred metres. Need a forklift to shift it. Better too much than too little!
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