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  1. Yesterday
  2. Part Timer

    Industrial Clean Pricing

    If was a tongue in cheek comment
  3. Part Timer

    Windows below solution

    I just give them a card and say if they mark give me a call and I'll sort it. Never had one call yet
  4. RWCleaning

    Awkward balcony windows?

    Ladder & drill, take the railing off haha
  5. P4dstar

    IBC tank advice

    Ball ache mate. When I cut that cross into mine I swilled it out for ages but still managed to find some little shards in the in line strainer a few weeks later. That's the worst part of making any changes. I did like how they fitted your hose to the side and then patched over it, it can look as fancy as it likes though if it floods it's pointless.
  6. P4dstar

    Waterproofing van floor

    I considered roofing seal on my first van. Spoke to a former roofer who said the stuff is amazing but has no grip whatsoever. It was a different brand to that but the same stuff essentially. The benefit with Protectakote is the grip it provides. With water on the back of your van a slippy floor is a recipe for disaster.
  7. Cleanteam South west

    D.I.Y Electric hose reel conversion for less than £50

    yeah see what you mean, that would have been a pain mate.
  8. Marko067

    Trolley build help please

    This is partly why I stripped down my PF trolley and rebuilt it to my specs. It’s a pity really that they are as expensive as they are because they are hard to beat in terms of ease of use and maintenance.
  9. RyeCleanLiam

    squeegee app woes/questions

    Correct me if I’m wrong but Cleaner Planner is £19 a month for basic or £29 a month for Pro? Squeegee is free for entry level and £9.80 a month for premium? Not sure how Cleaner planner is cheaper?? Now for others in this thread. I have been using Squeegee for about a year and a half now, and yes bugs appear but they tend to be sorted out fairly quickly. The biggest advantage for me is that I now run my whole business from my phone. I don’t have to mess about logging onto my account online and uploading worksheets at the end of the day. There is a way to move work and keep the schedule updated without ticking a box, you just select the job, then the other days in the planner will be highlighted in purple, just tap on which day you want to move to and it will move the job to that day and keep it updated. You just need to spend time learning the quirks and nuances. There are many of them. Once you get to grips with it you will be amazed how easy it is and how hassle free it will be running your business. I now do everything from this app. I schedule the work, send reminder texts and emails, send invoices, take GoCardless payments plus much more. @kevinc250 it seems to be there are maybe 2 things happening with your issue. Firstly maybe your customers aren’t set up to be automatically invoiced. So when you are marking them as done, Squeegee isn’t creating an invoice so the app isnt creating a transaction. Secondly, once you have set a customer up for automatic invoice if you swipe on the planner it will mark the job as done and invoice not done and paid. So if the customer has paid you on the day you need to tap on the customer, tap on the pink +, then mark the customer as done and paid.
  10. doug atkinson

    150 RO Membranes best price

    You will not get one from Machine Mart as the ones they sell are more suitable for 4040 membranes. That pump you have there are 3 series looks like you have the lower series pump. If you have an old Shurflo pump lying around try using that. I used to test systems with one of them and got a decent flow. The only problem is it heated so you could not run it for that long.
  11. Yes people have there way of doing things fair enough. Anyway thanks for your information very much appreciated.
  12. spruce

    Is my leisure battery broken?

    No, it comes with age. The older we get the better we get at it as it becomes more natural. As we get older the unfortunate thing is that our health deteriorates. I had a TURP op on my prostate 10 years ago which has left me with an 'over active bladder.' (A very common complaint they don't tell you about - not that it matters because after the op I could pee again.) When I get the call of nature I have to immediately respond. Whilst this issue is very frustrating when outdoors working, it can also be used to great effect. I have an excuse to leave the room even in mid conversation to go to the toilet. That's usually the end of that topic of conversation. I might then 'forget' to go back into the room and start doing something else. If I do go back into the room later its easy to divert the conversation onto another topic. A simple question, "Would you like a cup of coffee?" is a good one. "Whats for dinner (tea) tonight?" even although I can see its cooking on the stove, is another. "Those roses in the back garden look so beautiful, its a credit to your hard work and care." There are also certain 'buttons' she has that can also be pressed at the right time. Talk about what one of the grandkids said will change her mood totally. In the middle of a topic so unrelated I said, " Do you know what Victoria said to me when I walked in this morning?" (Victoria is our 5 year old Granddaughter). "No what?" "She said, hello Oupa (that's me), its nice to see you." "Ah, she so cute" means that the wife's mood has totally switched phases. Tell her the dentist found a cavity in a tooth of hers and the wife will go mental. Its because they are being fed so much junk. Then she goes off on another tangent about how poorly that are being brought up. An excellent way of changing the topic albeit at someone elses expense. 😁 BTW, I can say what I like on here because I know for a fact she will never read it.😂
  13. Have developed, self levelling clip / buckle less connection for bucket on a belt. Easy Off easy ON. No more water tipping out of the BOAB when bending over. Fits all BOAB. Adjustable different heights high up or down low and anything in between. You can even sit on chair with out it tipping water out. (Self levelling)
  14. Last week
  15. AGlassAct

    Water TDS in Newquay

    Cheers @PJJ. With a TDS of 71 I’ve advised double DI to begin with and then an RO going forwards. Wish my TDS was that low!!!! 300 and climbing daily at the moment 🤦‍♂️
  16. P4dstar

    Wet pour playgrounds

    Just had a look on Google, seems similar to Resinbond but softer. Rubber is much more flexible than resinbond so I can't imagine it would have the same issues. Never seen that stuff up close but I know of a couple of playgrounds made from resinbond in Manchester, pretty sure they have a different material around the actual apparatus.
  17. P4dstar

    Window cleaning training

    That's why @steve garwood is so hot on grammar. I mean capital letters for example can be the difference between helping your uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse 😂
  18. Yes it’s about 8 inches long , it’s a good vac a lot better than I was expecting to be honest
  19. Even with @Denmedical problems 😲 Extra three words
  20. I did a temporary fix, folded a freezer food bag in half and put it over full container opening and screwed lid on it. Doesn't leak now. 99 percent water tight.
  21. Patrick Flaherty

    Spotless Water is it not working out?

    Spotless Water started out as a car valeting business and then went down the franchise route. Seen several of their vans in the Bournemouth/Poole area.....they may have ambitions to franchise into WC !!!!! RW cleaning is right. Spotless currently charging 1.5p (+vat) per litre here in Bournemouth..
  22. I'll definitely keep in touch. Even since this post I've put another £1k on top of the annual turnover, its growing rapidly, there is so much work around here mate!
  23. jaswindersingh

    Traditional Window Cleaning First Clean

    Thank you, Green Pro for the amazing information about the window cleaning services
  24. CM Cleaning Services

    Need a privacy policy !!!

    Thank you will look over yours for ideas
  25. Adman

    Cleaning old egg marks off render

    I've read white vinegar...think I'm going to regret this one... I'll learn one day
  26. Probably best to send Waterworks an email request tomorrow morning. I might guess its a 25H chain and link but I wouldn't put my life on that. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_odkw=e+bike+chain&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=e+bike+chain+25h+link&_sacat=0
  27. Cleanco

    Streamline Pole Hose (Blue)

    Yes. Don’t have hot water so can’t say on that.
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