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  2. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Cleaner Planner Vs Aworka

    We switched about 2 months back to Squeegee from CP due to lack of customer support from CP. We now run our staff and our franchisees from a cell phone. The product is the best of it's type by a country mile and the support is actually unrivalled. Not once had 'We are now closed but leave a message and perhaps we'll get back to you on Monday'
  3. Den

    Equipment for WFP system

    I'm basically the same we always carry the bungelows clx4, 2 x 18' and theslx22 is left permanently on the van for the odd window and for a spare just in case needed my Slx25 plus extension are put on the van as and when needed.
  4. WfpTen

    Gardiner Spray Bar ...

    Thanks! From what I'm reading the 2nd agitation would be at an angle, correct?
  5. Dane

    Separate Phones

    I do same mate, DND with a list of favourites who can get through Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  6. Today
  7. spruce

    Van choice

    IMHO don't make a buying decision based on fuel consumption. Its a work tool to earn you money. Your main focus is to find a reliable van that doesn't spend half its life in the garage awaiting repairs. My son's Citroen Berlingo has an 800kg payload with a 500 liter tank. With that full, his pole, hose reel, battery and A frame step ladder he is below his payload limit. If I get in then he will be over weight. You can always under fill a tank but if you have one that's too small you will make growing your business in the future more difficult.
  8. BlueClearChoice

    Pure Freedom Trolley optimum flow rate?

    I’ve never let it gone completely flat before. But I think once it’s gets bellow 11.5 it shuts of automatically. Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  9. Iron Giant

    Van sign written

    Better to have a sign written van as it will get you noticed and it looks a bit more professional, says me who didn't have a sign written motor for 18 years
  10. Yesterday
  11. scottish cleaning service

    Question For New Model Dispatch Owners

    I had a puggy 306 TD and had problems with alarm and central locking. It turned out that the door cable harness was too tight and after a while the cables would break but still be institute. Meant that sometimes when you closed the door they would connect or disconnect. Turned out Peugeot knew about it but wouldn't do a recall because of cost. I ended up joining 21 cables together with wire spades one day. Not very pretty but it did the trick. After that I became allergic to French vehicles though their engines were great.
  12. Pjj

    Water from your house

    You can have a separate meter for water for your van you won’t pay the sewarage charge on it but the waist water must not go back to any drain that your water company treats the water from ,this will save a considerable amount . We produce around 1650 ltr per day of pure this figure doesn’t include waist water ,5 days a week and my water bill is around £1200-1400 per quarter
  13. P4dstar

    Pvc clean.what would you charge?

    I know. For the record I don't fall into this category, I just like a bit of banter with everyone. This I might fall in from time to time but as i've said before if we all agreed all the time then we would have very little to say. I just want to be clear though, I don't actually care what happened to Dave and I certainly wasn't fighting his corner but thanks for the lengthy response. A more interesting one is Smurf, always wondered why a guy with that many posts who was clearly committed to the forum ended up disappearing. I genuinely thought he might have died. I clicked his profile once to see his last activity and his last few posts all seemed harmless.... Then I realised I don't really care and got on with my day 😂
  14. Pjj

    Cheap Gennie for 300w vac?

    Honda are good but loncin are cheaper and seam to have a reasonable reputation
  15. Suhrly

    Def leppard

    I went to see Def Leppard on Sunday up here in Newcastle. One of my favourite bands ever and they've pretty much been the soundtrack to my life. Being a semi professional musician myself, Phil Collen (guitar) is one of my big inspirations. Third time I've seen them get better every time it was an amazing gig 🤘 Very cool mate you must of got to see Steve Clark. How was the gig back then?
  16. Sintesi

    Conny roof covered in paint

    Hope you’re being paid by the hour.I’d never clean up after painters or builders.Speaking from experience it’s just not worth the hassle.Let the painters sort it Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  17. Agree mate as would I if I couldn’t WFP but all gotta start somewhere, all here to help Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  18. Sintesi

    Identifying a gutter bracket help

    Looks like a Celuplast gutter.It’s their lighter profile range.Think it’s called Titan Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  19. spruce

    Aquatec pressure switch

    If you have a Spring or a Varistream controller you can get away with not having the pressure switch connected. Varistream tell you to disconnect your P/S from the electric circuit when fitting their controller. I would just buy the one from Gardiners. fit it, and then in true Spruce style see if the first one can be repaired with a new microswitch.
  20. Part Timer

    Van auctions

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  21. Last week
  22. RWCleaning

    Headstone cleaning

    It’s a dying business really 🙈
  23. Kleenwell

    Battery Connector Issues

    They are designed for large cables. Such as start motor cables. But I just twist the wires together, Tin them with solder then clamp to the terminal. Simple. If you flip the clamp upside down, it will clamp smaller wires. I have these in my caravan with 2x 2.5mm wires in them
  24. Thanks, I have ordered 4 x 1.4mm pencil jets, will see how I get on.
  25. Maund

    Which system to install into my van?

    I've got a water genie system, £2500. I paid an extra £250 to get it fitted in Wolverhampton. Does everything I want it to do, just over a year old now and no problems so far. from window cleaning warehouse
  26. You never know and good luck, I reckon it would only be for one off clean as anyone that wants a regular windies would just enquire normally. saying that if you don’t have a full round yet every little helps.
  27. scottish cleaning service

    Raptor lined my van just now (PICS UPLOADED)

    Was in my VW Van showroom this morning ordering a door handle cable which broke. Had a look in new crafter and the floor has 9mm ply with a rubber mat on it. Not sure if it would be ok as a cover? Tempted to get a new van next year if the work comes in.
  28. scottish cleaning service

    Tips for cleaning old stained glass?

    I would only clean them if I had a damage waiver on them. Sometimes they are just waiting to fall out because the lead has perished. There is a lifespan on lead a roofer pointed out to me.
  29. Brilliant all round brush is the ultimate medium soft or the ultimate DuPont hybrid I prefer the DuPont with 100 degree fan jets.
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