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  1. Yesterday
  2. Anyone currently showing the ridiculous t shirt window cleaning tan Before my holiday I may have to have a spray tan to even things up lol
  3. Tango

    Waiting on payments

    I just send a text along the lines of "(auto) hi X weeks ago i did your windows and i've still not been paid". The auto bit removes any personal issues as it looks like it was sent by an automated process. To a point it is, i schedule the texts lol but have started marking non paid jobs on my calendar with a £ symbol so they can be picked up by another process i'm working on... which WILL send them automatically..
  4. Dave B

    If Window cleaners had Anthems.

    I used to have my hair like Phil Amselmo in the cowboys from hell video when I was young 😂 Cemetery gates.. what a track Excellent polka version by steve n seagulls too lol
  5. What WFP backpack would you recommend? Looking at starting off with a backpack then eventually upgrading it.
  6. ks789

    Invasion of the spiders

    yeh agree. is a ***** trying to clean when those swarms come out. You dont know where they are, you can be stood in one as they are swarming, and get savaged.
  7. yeh thats the type of boozer should and used to be everywhere. We got a few are ok, but many are gone all soul-less now, or more like restaurants. lot closed too. Govt are a lot to blame. taxing it too much so more people drink cans instead.
  8. Ricky.

    New gardiner pole

    Thanks mate appreciate it👍🏻
  9. SteveC

    Advice for New Starter

    Yeah maybe being a bit naive to think I could get all customers to go GC but will certainly try for it and be happy to pick up cash from the rest (all be it from good payers) Looking forward to getting started now. I see Gardiners have the back pack back in stock and I have already put my order in!! Cheers for all of your advice, its being most valuable 👍
  10. windowsurfer

    Power up hose reel problem

    No idea. I bought the reel months ago n still not fitted it or used it.
  11. probably not the best way but i wet surface then spray ubik onto brush, scrub abit and normally manage to get a 3-5 meter area covered at a time
  12. I don't pay for SEO and have never had to, but I am fortunate and for a good number of years I was the only local windy to have a site, so a long history of around 10 years and I always rank No1 on page one and my site has helped me gain 100's of client's
  13. Will T

    Cleaning Solutions

    With water fed pole (WFP) cleaning we use purified water with no cleaning solution added, scrub and rinse.... if its a really bad clean there are a few things you can spray on the frames etc but generally pure water is all that is needed. Being totally new and asking this question I would expect you would benefit from a good youtube session - green pro clean has alot of good videos especially for the basics on how to clean with WFP system, pretty sure there is a start up guide either on forums or the blog if preferring it in text. EVERYTHING I have learnt to do with window cleaning and the add-ons have come from youtube or this forums so definitely enough information around to get you up to speed. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSQ9VL4EeZOBX3vgEQe5pIA videos are in a bit of a jumbled order but if you scroll you should find some of the beginner type questions answered and imo worth watching most of them just for random bits of advice you never knew you needed Back pack system is very simple - fill with pure water, turn on and clean the window, turn off pack up and go to next job :D decent pole and brush helps alot the backpack is really just a pump... best advice I can give would be as soon as possible move to something van mounted so you dont have to mess with the 25L bottles all day every day. If possible might be a good idea to speak to whoever sold family the work and see if they can give you pointers or even get them to show you a couple of cleans to learn the basics.
  14. rugbywolf

    Looking for this handle

    All you need is a 12 inch Ettore Channel and handle, then just do a slight 'dog-ear' on the channel (see Chris Dauber on you tube). Then, if you use a RazR-red rubber, you will be OK. Also, stick a bit of broom handle into the brass handle, showing about one and a half inches sticking out, it'll give it more balance. If you can't find the video, I'll do a photo of mine. I use Moerman squeegees now, but now and again I use my Ettore..
  15. Can't believe all the tips on this thread and nobody has told you as a newbie with water fed pole, you will just rinse the muck out like a mad man for the first month and after that it won't be a problem with monthly maintenance cleans. Simple.
  16. Looks like a simple and easy thing to use , just be aware with the time that it’s used ( over several hours ) it still at 2kw could over heat an extension lead , I would advise getting professional advice of the best way to connect it to the a mains power supply , I have seem many house fires due to overloading a ring main .
  17. Incheck

    Benz tornado cleanze

    Hi all, one for the softwashers, if you ever have stubborn black spot after you’ve softwashed i highly recommend this stuff benz have just developed. It comes in a Gel form, you paint it on to the slabs and the remaining black spot disappeared within 3 minutes today. Very good on areas with stubborn green algae as well
  18. My knowledge of the world of electric vehicles is rather scant, hence the topic. For those who have no access to off street parking, can these charging facilities be used with the correct equipment and charge cards for charging leisure batteries as and when necessary? Some windies just don't do enough daily mileage to fully recharge their auxillary leisure battery. Also, if left overnight, could they provide 230 volt heating using a small oil filled radiator. Or would another solution be a 230v electric element in the tank to heat the water sufficiently for several hours to be a heat source to keep the internals from freezing overnight. There appears to be different types of plugs as well as 230v and DC charging. So I'm guessing we could use a fixed 230v to 12v battery charger through an rdc protected consumer unit that would also cover the power point for the frost heater or electric element.
  19. Daniel Perkins

    Initial clean price and advice

    I have sticky stuff remover, in halfords. Few quid and test patch.
  20. Cookie

    Newbie Question

    The FLITE connector looks pretty similar (if not the same) as the Ex-Ceed tubeless kit. You can use the Univalve with the Ex-ceed tubeless kit so I would expect you'd have no problem using it with the FLITE connector.
  21. Iron Giant

    25mm corrugated pond hose

    When the tank is filling there is a fair amount of weight to the hose with water passing through, I had considered drilling a hole in the top of my tank and fitting a brass barbed fitting, but the hose would have to be pushed on tight and may not eaisly come back off without a struggle, so I scrapped this idea incase it became a hassle or I flooded the van, if it wasn't pushed far enough on I fill mine through the lid opening, hose in tank about 10" or so, then place lid on hose then a partially filled 25ltr container on top to weigh it down when the tank is almost full I turn off the pump and drain the water left in the hose into the container then pour the water in the tank, I use about 30m of hose so it's around 20ltrs of water left in the hose.
  23. Hi Silverline Measuring Wheel 0-99m with storage bag Offers please Darren 07768 560177
  24. Last week
  25. spruce

    Water heating wfp system

    You really need to think this through a bit more tbh. What happens if you tank isn't full to the brim? My advise now is not even consider an electric heating element.
  26. Justin1

    Reverse osmosis system or not?

    So if I use an emmersion heater that will speed up its life?
  27. Baldmonkey

    Ubik 2000 does what!!!

    I washed my car, I'm not a detailer 😂🤣😂
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