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  2. Dave B

    Anyone else fish?

    Fly fishing for carp tomorrow. Got some lovely imitation dog biscuit flies to try out.
  3. The thing I found with trolley was pumps lasted a year or 2 then died think cos used smaller pumps hence quality not as good. I'm hoping now I got expensive Gardiner pump it will last 3/4 years... Then again bought expensive controller once from pure freedom lasted 11 months.
  4. Bwfc

    Left controller on...

    I normally charge it every couple days & it's normally on 55 so surprisingly how much just leaving it on a day & a half drained battery so much. U live & learn tho. Appreciate the replies
  5. Today
  6. To build a compact round you need to knock doors , Facebook and any other advertising will bring in work all over the place , knock an area that you would like to build up a round in and speak ti as many as you can ones that arnt in leave a flyer and call back another time this is the best way to build compact work that’s what I did when I started 21 years ago we now have rounds on estates where we have in excess of 200 customers.
  7. As @ksp said, you'll soon start to build muscle in the areas required. Personally if I were you I'd buy a slightly cheaper pole, a CLX, this will save you money, teach you how to clean windows with something that's harder to control and build muscle quicker then a SLX. The difference in weight between the 2 is only circa 100gms and this is only really a factor if you're doing 5 hours plus a day, every day.
  8. WFP Round for sale. Based in Doncaster and Rotherham. Ideal for starting up, or for adding to a WFP round you already have. Income of £615 every 4 weeks. Average 20 hours work overall, currently worked over 3 days. Price is £3,200. Open to offers. Please message me directly through the forum website. Also planning to sell 650L Pure Freedom system (once round sold), upright baffled tank, frame bolted to van floor, hot water ready, two pumps, R/O (40”), 6.5L DI, booster pump (fills tank in less than 2 hours), 100m hose reel, fill and drain hoses included.
  9. Gasket

    House brickwork clean

    Hi Guys, I've been asked to clean an area of brickwork where the customer removed some form of ivy. Its left behind what looks like black dark dust, not the usual suckers that ivy leave. Did a test patch with a firm sill brush and cold pure only and it did lighten it slightly. What would you recommend, only have water fed pole and separate back pack for usual fsg chemicals. Picture attached. Many thanks
  10. ched999uk

    Quoting first house for Clearing

    I would try to stick to the £130 as you will be slower as it's first real go. Obviously don't tell custy that She will be happy as you are charging lower end of your quote and you will have gained experience. You may well get recommendations from her or maybe even ask for a FaceBook/Google review - suggest to her that she doesn't mention price as you charged her the price for a valued customers not any person you don't know.
  11. spruce

    1 Inch BSP Outlet Fitting

    Pure Freedom sell this https://purefreedom.co.uk/large-tank-outlet-fittings-kit.html
  12. Daniel Perkins

    Moerman blue rubber

    On my 3rd nxt-r rubber, 1 has been good, 1 has been ok and 1 has been a bit sh*t but hopefully just a bad one in the batch. Lovely glide to it initially, does last longer and doesn't bleed like soft rubber in the heat or direct sun. Definitely a medium soft imo. Squeaky and catching the glass a bit quicker than I would like but I will need to keep using it in different situations, temperatures etc to properly gauge it. Usually I use soft rubber, preferably Ettore master rubber as it has amazing glide, love it but doesn't last long and is expensive but by far and away the best soft rubber on the market imo. I never could really get along with hard rubber as I found you have to put too much pressure on the glass which is not good from an rsi point of view over time & also found hard rubber skips on the glass too. I've tried so many different brands and always hated them. Don't want to give a full opinion on the nxt it just yet but decent so far. Kind of a useless review lol sorry
  13. Pjj

    Citrosol for UPVC

    We use Virosol which I think is very similar, diluted 10-1 works well rinses easily and removes most things .
  14. Mine are film tech I never had any cloudy water when first fitting them and after 30-40 muinits had good water they are now 6 years old and still producing the same reading , we produce between 1000-2500 ltr per day with that van .
  15. BigFoot

    Van fault help, any ideas?

    it’s starting first turn in the morning again but the garage could find no fault, I can only think they moved something inadvertently because it works again but I have no confidence that when the cold weather returns so will the problem. glad it’s starting, frustration not knowing what’s the underlying issue.
  16. Eric Gilliand

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    Yes, I’ve been using it for a couple of months now. Good slip, very durable. Doesn’t stay baby blue for long but that doesn’t effect the performance. I’d class it as a medium rubber. Excellent.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Suhrly

    Anyone on here?

    Aye loads of times I thought you meant that most people were missing bits
  19. Apw1210

    Speed but quality.

    Work on your own home. Watch videos on the best wfp techniques ie Frames top sides pane rinse
  20. Pjj

    cement board cladding clean

    Depends what the dirt is if it’s green with algi or mould hypo will work well if it’s a carbinatious dirt it won’t , virisol or similar would work better for that
  21. Robt100

    Upto 50 customers

    Its not much, £65. The 'funniest' bit is it was a one-off as they needed someone to clean the show homes for an event. Turns out my mate whos a window cleaner does them regularly every 2 weeks, and last time out they accidently paid him twice yet im still waiting. I'm thinking about maybe turning up with him to help him clean and waiting to see the look on the guys face when he works it out
  22. ched999uk

    ro membrane help

    That's great news, well done and thanks for posting solution.
  23. ks789

    Newer Van Options

    yeh true, some down here are doing it well but one of em is lax as anything.
  24. Gav

    Has this site changed?

    Nope not changed. You can still browse by trad etc just go into that specific forum area.
  25. I haven't got a costing here as that van belongs to my lad and he bought it, paid for it and collected it. It was 3 or 4 years ago now and my memory doesn't go back that far. It was a case of contacting a fiberglass specialist (this one was in Newcastle Upon Tyne) and asking for the correct fiberglass mat, the resin (I 'm 90% sure it was polyester resin) acetone thinners and the right top coat. We opted for blue non slip. We also ordered a few tools as well. The only thing is that it has to be done in summer. We did it in late autumn and we battled to get the resin to cure because of low temperatures that caught us out, even doubling the amount of hardener suggested. We used 450g chop strand matting. https://www.ecfibreglasssupplies.co.uk/ There are quite a number of windies who have fiberglassed their vans. Hopefully some will come on. I remember one purchased a kit off Ebay. @Mark Munrohas a Youtube video up on his van he did. He used general purpose resin. We didn't fiberglass over the wood; we fiberglassed directly onto the metal floor.
  26. ks789

    ultimate high reach pole

    This is why I think best for me to stick with my slx22 for vast majority of my work, and just add on extensions for odd 3 floor high windows and solar panels, and those super max's would prob work better with that weight.
  27. scottish cleaning service

    Price per square meter

    I stick to £3 a sq metre and sand for free. Usually get all of the jobs I quote for but I remember this old guy trying to get me lower and I through in the sanding for free and he still tried to get me lower. It was only a £200 job and he was getting 3 quotes for the PW job. I don't really like working for folk like that so I'm glad I never got the job. Its great when one has plenty of work on and you can just walk away.
  28. Pjj

    First Gutter Clearing Problem

    To be honest it’s practice , just keep doing what others have said. You will develop a skill for getting stuff out it’s like driving a car you gradualy get used to all the controls it’s the same with the vac wriggle it around, trie a narrower end , just keep plugging away Ime sure it will come out. Ladders are needed now and again though .its better to have problems with your house than a customers
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