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  2. Trent Valley Cleaning

    Solar panel cleaning - risk of shock?

    Hi Guys I’ve found this thread an interesting one. I’ve installed solar panels (Domestic/Commercial) I have them on my property and I’m now a window cleaner. A couple of points Solar panels are connected in such a way that the voltages that you are dealing with will kill! 400V DC - 1000V DC However they should NEVER be installed in such a way that you would get a shock cleaning them. Solar panels, connectors and inverters are designed to be installed to withstand weather, human contact etc and to be safe. I personally wouldn’t pay to have my panels cleaned! I earn £300ish a year (Late to the FiT) + the savings. £60 for a clean eats in to benefits. Dust and normal dirt has little impact on the output of the panels and a heavy shower will sort this. However I’ve seen panels installed under TV aerials for example and one of the panels is covered in bird ****. This will have huge impact on output and would be worth cleaning. (Solar panel strings are only as good as their weakest panel)
  3. Pjj

    is it worth a try?

    There you go , it’s all experience and will give you confidence when quoting in the future , well done
  4. Pjj

    Ubik on fake wood panels

    Looks like it’s the latest cement cladding board , we use Virosol but ubick is similar and at 20-1 will be fine , if it’s green algy and you are used to using hypo I would give it a treatment with that as it will kill the spores ubick won’t
  5. Incheck

    Career change. Is it to late

    Met an old school windy yesterday. 66 and been at it since 1976. Used to be trad only but works off backpacks now. he plans to be at it til he’s 70 he said. Was a pleasure to meet him. A guy in scotland didnt quit his mens rugby team til he was gone 80, he fought in ww2, he is still about, hadnt played for ten years but just to see what he was still made of, he played the whole 40 minutes of the first half of a match in 2018 at the age of 97? Ish. and scored a try too, this is against blokes of much younger ages. there is a 95 year old “paper boy” in the west country. window cleaners, plasterers, roofers and all sorts of trades have been known to go on past 80. if your body allows it, why not. Its often the “get up & go” attitude that keeps people living so long. My great uncle is 82 and still works 9-1 5 days a week as an accountant at a builders merchants. They have offered him retirement many times and give him plenty of understanding due to his age, but he has no intention of quitting. Age affects people in different ways, its luck and genes usually. Some people seriously struggle in their 60’s, others just go on forever. There is a guy round here who is gone 80 and still clears gutters the only reason i know this is because he knocked a custys door (after the custy had booked in with us) offering to clear them out, the custy said sorry mate ive already got someone booked (and said to us that he felt a bit uneasy about letting someone of that age go up the ladder)
  6. Does anyone charge their trolley or backpack in the van rather than taking indoors every night? Would you just connect it to a leisure battery? I think the battery is too small to connect it to a split charge relay on its own?
  7. Nope but i keep dropping flyers in roads where there is a resident windy and it's really winding me up. No wonder i'm getting so little custom - everywhere i go one of the neighbours is a windy. Same thing today... Last customer i went to there were two or three windy vans there. I know one lives there, can't explain the other two (or how i got the job lol).
  8. Pjj

    How do you work your clamps?

    We always close the clamp fully on all poles I wouldn’t have thought about having them partly open to be honest .
  9. Sounds like its paint that has splashed on the glass and then dried , unless it’s a builders clean I wouldn’t worry about it
  10. triangle

    Does Hypo kill weeds?

    And you use a respirator with 3p and b filter right? B is for chlorine and 3P fine dust
  11. Cookie

    Van Sign Writing

    TBH I wouldn't bother paying for sign-writing for a 12 year old van. Get a magnetic sign from http://www.signs4vans.co.uk/ I used them & the speed of dispatch along with the quality of the signs was excellent. Also you can use them on your next van.
  12. Hi guys, a bit of advice on setting up water feed for PW. I have a Kiam 2800p pressure washer. It only has one feed in and no return feed as i have seen on some. Will this still draw water from a bin? if i "plugged" it into a water butt would this draw more water than if it was plugged into a tap with low pressure? hope this makes sense Dan
  13. windowsurfer

    Which Gutter Vac?

  14. R wcs

    Water water every where. Where to buy.

    Spotless water have just opened station up at Newcastle upon Tyne 4.2p litre inc vat
  15. R wcs

    Water tank lid,

    Yeah same when tank is full, bit silicone underneath around it, then screw it back down , I’ll do this over weekend when am not busy ,
  16. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Back pack trolley - water shortage hack

    No there is nothing wrong with said thread. Quite informative IMO. I started with a ladder and £1 bucket from B&Q so a trolley would have been luxury. My personal take on trollies and backpacks is well documented as a waste of time again IMO HOWEVER if that's the means that the budget allows at present then go for it. I know a few windies that have full van mounted systems all the bells and whistles and are still scummier than some lads working out the back of an Astra Estate I know. So the addage of 'Clothes maketh the man' does not apply in this game. You do what needs to be do be done to make a living, makes you no less a man the tools you use to do it. Keep the conversation cordial please.
  17. Glazenwasser (.NL)

    Rutland Pumps.....

    A big thanks to those here who gave me the advice to go to Rutland Pumps..... Spoke to Ben originally and then Sophie who has been able to dicipher my wish and wants list given that I don't know a great deal about PW and on occasions she steered me not to the most expensive but the best options. So soon will have a hot setup and a few toys thrown into the mix. Rutland Pumps will certainly be my go-to peeps now..... And even the shipping from UK to .NL isn't that bad as I'm sure it'll be more than one pallet. I know some will not think that hot is required but I have a few jobs on farms where hot is need and I will be using the hotbox to heat water from a static dump tank on occasion to my van tank to have 'warm' water during the day for wfp. 🤣
  18. DavI'd Clarkson

    Window cleaner required part time Leicester

    Jamie, ring me please. After one day a week. Dave in Leicester. 07821435952
  19. DavI'd Clarkson

    Anybody selling a 400-460 litre tank

    Hi, is it just a water tank, you want, or a full set up? Dave in Leicester.
  20. Ana

    Gardiners Extreme 25 with extras

    Do you have any pictures of the pole @Green Pro Clean Ltd? What extras are included in the £400 price? I'm looking at getting a extreme in the future but likely a 18 or 22ft version as I have a clx 27 for three storie and sky lights. from Stoke so can pick up or meet half way.
  21. PavinderSingh

    Pump sprayer

    I haven't tried making pump sprayer lance to reach higher level FAscia etc to apply Chems. I would like to make one.
  22. How many hours a day are you working if I may ask? I’d expect to be covering that amount of work in a good 40 hour week. It looks like a lot of driving covering a large area in a busy part of Manchester. Don’t mean to sound harsh but your expectations of value sound a little high. For that price I’d want the work a lot closer together.
  23. Last week
  24. In a nutshell, as was well said by BigFoot . Your wife does need to understand you're running a business. My price would be absolutely minimum of £12.50. Probably a couple of quid more.
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