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    Pure freedom hose reel

    Glad to hear as I'm just about to get their electric hot water twin stack fitted, when Renault finally send me my new van, ordered end of Jan with an 8-10 week delivery schedule.
  3. Every 15 days works out at twice a month but is very specific. I wonder if he has had a window cleaner take the mick before and turn up earlier and earlier? 🤔 I had a woman a few weeks ago. ‘We’re really pleased with the service but feel every 3 weeks is too often, can we move to 6?’ ‘Hello...Just to clarify, your on a monthly, minimum 4 weekly, schedule. Your last clean was on.... I don't offer 6 weekly but I do offer 8 weekly (every second month). I'm more than happy to move you to that. Price will increase X per clean but you'll save money over the year. Let me know.’ ‘Hi Alexandros, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Every 8 weeks would be ideal but I don't understand why that would cause a price increase, so if you don't mind we will go elsewhere for our window cleaning. Thank you for all your help so far. Thanks, .......’
  4. Having had a bad experience with pure freedom 5 years ago about buying a 9 kw boiler , I was very reluctant to deal with them again , but I need to replace 4 old free standing hose reels thought I would give there new stainless steel reel a go , I have to say this time there service was very good ordered on the Monday arrived on the Tuesday by lunch time , packaging was very good the reel could not possibly get damaged a small bit of assembly was needed that took less that 5 muinits and they also supplied an Allan key to attach the handle , the reel is quite heavy but have to say it’s extremely well made and can see it lasting 10 + years at least . I bought just the one to give it a go and see what it was like , I would go as far as saying that it’s as good as the ionics one that cost twise as much , I will be buying 3 more from pure freedom , and would thoroughly recommend this reel for £154 + vat it’s not it’s not cheap but the quality is second to none .
  5. For not much more money you could have got a power up hd brilliant bit of kit just a observation.
  6. Today
  7. As as I said earlier renault uk told Grippatank to fit it like that so one assumes that it’s ok on a renault, but not nessasarily the right way on a Ford .
  8. Part Timer

    Faulty Thermopure System (Ionic System)

    Always thought they had non return valves on, obviously not
  9. Some return to tank fuel lines have non return valves fitted to them so you cannot draw fuel from the tank only take the fuel from it if the engine is running , with mine on the master van the return to tank fuel line is just a pipe back to the tank so you can suck fuel out of the tank up it to the boiler , hope that makes sense . My van has a 105 ltr fuel tank so won’t run out any time soon 😂😂😂😂
  10. Part Timer

    carbon pole supplier/ seller

    There's always one smart **** 😜
  11. I do indeed 🙂 4 guys with 2 ready to go very soon.
  12. Part Timer

    Faulty Thermopure System (Ionic System)

    I'm not a mechanic but surely the return fuel line only has diesel in it when the engine is running. If you don't move for 5 or 6 hours running the hot water system you are bound to run out of fuel!!!
  13. We don’t txt any customers we just turn up , cannot be bothered with all that faff , and them say leave it this time etc sometimes you might not be able to make the agreed day if you leave a card , due to weather something unforeseen crops up etc I tell all customers that it will be approximately 4 weeks barring something unforeseen, 99% are quite happy with this . Commercial customers if they want or need it I will phone the beginning of the week and let them know when we are coming , but certainly wouldn’t offer that to domestic customers . We are cleaning there windows if we are a few days late it’s not exactly life threatening 😂😂😂
  14. dazmond

    How do I get to this window?

    you must have some serious back problems if you get pain from cleaning that window with a pole sideways on.......
  15. @Damo has a franchise set up I believe as well ???
  16. Trust me, they don't want to do the job. If it takes them a whole day to fit a system, then having to drop a fuel tank and fit a stand pipe will take that job into the following day. That becomes a logistics issue in their workshop. There is a way to take diesel from each makers fuel tank which is manufacturer approved. In @dazmond's example, Grippa got the parts required from Ford. Once they fitted those then it works perfectly.
  17. When Grippatank fitted the boiler to my brand new van they contacted Renault uk and renault told them to connect into the return to tank fuel supply, so that was what they did , webasto supply a tee and all the fuel line clips as a kit so it is obviously an approved way of fitting it , but as @spruce has said some vehicles return to tanks are not suitable ,if I were a betting man I would put money on it that ionics have connected it without checking if it will work on the fuel return on the ford , typical ionics you cannnot tell them anything . I had a new 5 micron filter off them a couple of months ago and it was not made right the end came off it and it flooded my van to a depth of 12 inches , ionics denighed that was possible evan after I supplied them with photographic proof , they refused to do anything about it apart from replace the filter , when I threatened them with legal action surprise surprise the bosses son suddenly offers me compensation , funny old thing that . The only problem with a separate tank inside the van is that it stinks of diesel I had one like that years ago and the smell was awful
  18. PureFreedom came out with this a while ago but I was never able to find this EU directive. Webasto still fit a seperate pickup pipe into the top of the vehicles tank so I don't think this directive exists. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fuel-Tank-Sender-Stand-Pipe-Pick-Up-Clip-For-Webasto-Eberspacher-Heater-490MM/273839022818?hash=item3fc213e2e2:g:DQ4AAOSwdQ5c1C6f Its easier for a company to fit a seperate tank and be assured of no comebacks. On my new Boxer van I have the choice of drilling out the top of the fuel pump and fuel level sender and fitting a dip tube, or just drilling a hole in the top of the tank. To drill a hole in the top of the tank, the tank has to be lowered. Its labour intensive and a right 'chew'. Probably easier to just refuse to do this and fit a seperate tank. An outboard marine tank is a good, cheap option they can fit easily and will hold 25 liters.It can be filled outside of the van at the fuel station and will save diesel overfill spills inside the van.
  19. Haha, thanks! Fingers crossed 😛 Thanks! Will give it a go.
  20. Pjj

    Pole Hose..........

    No Ime talking about pole hose we use hoseless system so have have the pole hose connected to the microbore hope the picture makes sense
  21. On some older vans the diesel return to tank pipe went into the tank and ended about 3/4 of the way in. This was an ideal situation as they could tap into this return and use it as a way of supplying diesel to a diesel heater. I have done mine this way with my diesel air heater. I'm also assured that the diesel heater will never drain my diesel tank completely. But the van you refer to belongs to @dazmond. On his they ended the return at the top of the tank. So when Grippa used this return as a fuel source they tested it with the engine running so the return always had diesel in it. When the engine was switched off the diesel in the pipe ran out. You make a good point. On the surface it sounds as though the battery is low on charge causing the heater to cut out. But it could also be a fuel problem. I found this pdf a little while back. Webasto_Fuel_Integration_Sept_2016.pdf
  22. Thats how Grippatank have fitted mine
  23. yep thats the standard way to integrate these diesel hot water systems into a window cleaning vans fuel tank....
  24. P4dstar

    carbon pole supplier/ seller

    Most of us on here use Gardiner Pole Systems. This is their supplier in Norway; https://www.nowas.dk/produkter/?brand=2834-gardiner-pole-systems
  25. Part Timer

    Faulty Thermopure System (Ionic System)

    I can't believe anyone would tap into the return fuel line
  26. Part Timer

    carbon pole supplier/ seller

    I would've thought a quick internet search will find something. Doubtful that we can find anything for you unless you want to pay the shipping costs.
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