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Lost a Custie to VISON!

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hi all..

was gonna start a thread last week about what's right and wrong with attracting new custys

I was proper peed off as every house I went to on my round had been posted a card undercutting my work by about half.

my £20 jobs this firm were offering to do for £11.

Most of my customers showed me, but said they were gonna stay with me as I've been there window cleaner for about 10 years and have built up a good rapport with them..

They had delivered their calling card to the whole area..

It just annoyed me as when I started out, I made a conscious decision, to buy rounds and advertise and build up by recommendations as I didn't want to tread on people's toes..

However, since reading this thread, have realised they probs havnt done anything wrong and it's a dog eat dog world in the business world and I need to calm down..

like some have said on here, anyone can clean windows but it's the person doing it that keeps the custys happy by sparing 10 mins for a chat over a cuppa that keeps you the business as opposed to a cheap deal that may not call again after a couple of visits..

sorry to hijack the 'vision' thread, but thought it was sort of relevant..

For the record, have never used vision, just keep tds to 000 and no complaints!!



Its just business, the custie i lost i didnt like anyway always insisted i collected cash, rich people couldnt be arsed paying online.


Im more than happy to tread on toes now, not in the slightest bothered about taking others work, its dog eat dog as you say and you soon learn you have got to get out there and get yours. I was cleaning a house only last week when a windy popped up next door saying i do most of the houses round here, i said thats great i only do this one but im hoping to get plenty more see ya later pal.

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