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Reconditioned Di Vessel

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11ltr Dumpy EMPTY DI VESSEL - Window Cleaning/ Filter - 400 sold so far 12x15in


does anyone use Reconditioned Di Vessel ? and is this one any good? ,or im I just being cheap.

also ,and this might be cos im tired ,but why is there so many different sizes ,4ltr 7 ltr 9 ltr 11 ltr 17 ltr 19ltr of d I vessels ,what's the difference besides filling the 4ltr more often then the 19ltr one ?

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When I started out I purchased 2 re conditioned vessels. Don't think it was of this seller.

Had no problems with them though


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Bought one the other month and it is spot on, even cane with a spare riser tube

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Scots lad

I got 3 off him have 2 in van and one connected up in garage for quickness all 11 liter

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