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Pressure washing prices

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No don't use a watering can. The coverage isn't so consistent and the drops hit the ground with more of a splat and you don't want to disturb the sand - and last thing u need is the sprinkler falling off!

Use a pump sprayer wirh viton seals like this Hozelock although you can get cheaper ones with larger capacity if u look around and Amazon is your best bet.This just meant as an example for you.... Hozelock Viton 7 Litre Industrial Sprayer (max fill* 5L): Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools


These are meant for heavy duty chemicals and last longer. However,if it's just a one-off u will get away using a basic pump srayer for a tenner from Homebase etc. There have been times when I've forgotten my sprayer and realised on way to a job and if easier for me I've stopped and bought a cheap one rather than going home and they work fine - but won't last long cos they can't withstand the corrosive effect of sealers. But worth considering to start with and just clean it and pump through fresh water afterwards and u might get more use out of it.

Longer term though once the expense is justified get a decent one cos a cheap sprayer will pack up without warning


Great, thanks for the help.



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Imprint prices include all cracks repaired. Flag stone, crazy paving etc prices, includes re-pointing. Not interested in doing part of the job. If they don't want it done right I aint interested in doing it.
Out of interest how do you charge for re-pointing?

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@K in Kent


YES fantastic info you've given here,

i too would buy ya a few pints to pick ya brains!

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I am looking for some help with pricing.


I have a job that covers 290 square meters of monoblock with medium to light staining/organic growth.


What is the going rate for cleaning this size of area?



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scottish cleaning service

I charge £3 sq metre and i tell them i will sand for free on a sunny day. I don't go below £3 unless its a massive area. I'm doing a PW on Friday on monoblock and the house costs 700k so there's no point being cheap or they will chase me. PW is like buses, don't get one for weeks and then 3 come at once, what i have found out. fwiw, Nearly forgot, i buy a bag of 25kg Hanson kiln dry sand for £4 a bag and it usually covers 80 sq metres.

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Jewson are cheap for Kiln (Its always dry never damp) at the moment bought some today £2.33 per bag was £4 a few weeks back... Might stock up for next year while its cheap.

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scottish cleaning service

I have a PW job tomorrow, removing a broken gutter stain down a red sandstone house. Now he has asked me to PW the driveway on Friday at £3 a sq metre, happy days. Monday i have another big 300sq metre PW job with a few extras. Like i said, haven't had one in weeks and now i have two and maybe three when the neighbours see or hear me cleaning the driveways.

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