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👉Community Quick Start Guide👈

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WCF community quick start guide.


Where can I find the rules?

You can find them here along with our privacy policy here


Is there a how to use the site section or a place I can ask questions about using the site functions?

Not specificaly but we have made several posts that will help you. 

Getting the most out of this forum

How to start a great discussion


How can I manage my notifications on the forum?

You can find out how to manage notifications here https://windowcleaningforums.co.uk/topic/25483-managing-your-notifications-on-the-forum-🔔/


All other questions are answered in the below videos. They cover everything from posting to tagging other members in posts and sending private messages. Under each video, I have added time stamps so you should be able to find the info you need quickly. 



If you still need help after watching these, please send me a PM (private message) 


New Video on new homepage layout 👉 https://windowcleaningforums.co.uk/topic/22261-community-quick-start-guide-/?tab=comments#comment-422361



Activity streams view list of unread/recent posts



0:50 default activity stream (recent posts)

1:35 All activity stream on desktop

2:14 All activity stream on mobile

2:50 Unread content

3:40 Changing and setting the default activity stream (recent posts etc)

5:53 Create your own custom activity stream



How to post, use personal message system and report content



0:30 creating content on desktop.

1:35 creating content on mobile

2:23 adding images to gallery

4:03 Notifications and notification settings

6:40 Accessing notifications and notification settings on mobile

7:00 Private messages on desktop

8:40 Private messages on mobile

9:17 reporting content

11:28 How unread content works



Using prefixes



0:35 What prefixes look like and are. 

1:00 Adding tags and prefixes

2:35 using tags to search

3:34 Marking item as sold



Profiles and account settings



0:30 Your profile page

1:58 Update your status

2:16 Find all content you or a member has posted

4:34 Editing your profile

5:07 Account settings

6:22 Linking your social media accounts with your forum account

7:54 Ignoring users



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New site homepage layout and navigation. If you want to ask questions about this or discuss this please visit this post or message me.



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