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mark m

Wagtail wave in action

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i had a go on this squeegee as my work m8 brought one ive only had 10 minits on it to things im not keen on ,when closing out its dont allways go rite down to the edge ,and at serton angles the pad tends to just catch the glass when blading off , i wasent sold on the wagtail slimline flipper eather as the disk weres out very quick and the channel starts to spin 360d wich is blady irratating i fiel im now found the perfect combo , i use a wagtail channel with wagtail pad but i use the mormon flip handle

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with this combo u have the best of both worlds imo u have angle ajustment  and a swivle that wont were out any time soon a nice soft pad that flips easy and dont get in the way when closing out like the excellarater pad as its to thick , i would trade a liter less absorbent pad over a thick bulky one any day , also the handle is much nicer in my hand over the wagtail handle, this is just my 10p worth tho not saying the highflier is a bad squeegee but its not for me , my wrk m8 loves his

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