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Batteries again

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Terrible idea, while it can work if you have small customers with driving in-between, it will only introduce unnecessary wear on your battery resulting in not having enough power to start our van.


The best option is of course a leisure battery, but a regular car battery can work fine if you're a pinch economically.

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Cheers buddy [emoji1303]

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If you search spit charger, Spruce has given detailed information.


Mine is on a split charge, it is a leisure battery, but I do very short journeys so it has to be manually charged as well.

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I’ve mine wired to ignition so it doesn’t affect my Jeep battery

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9 hours ago, jason20581 said:


Anyone else on here connect your equipment straight to vehicle battery? Does it work efficiently? Pros and cons?




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I've had mine connected straight to vehicle battery for 2 years and it's worked perfectly.

I run a good quality pump (capable of two man) and have a 650 litre tank on board and it's never let me down.

I've never had to charge a separate battery as when I drive the van it charges the battery and powers everything. 

I do a variety of different residential properties mainly. Some take 5 mins and others take 5 hours, van parked up (not running)

Never had a problem... Even when I was away over the winter period for 2.5 weeks just started up van drove half an hour and carried on as usual.

Hope that is helpful but I'm sure we'll get some issues thrown in later... 👍

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