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6 hours ago, scottish cleaning service said:


I go quiet in winter but the reason i make so much is because i do nearly everything. Today is a big gutter clear on church and their windows. I have a big PW job on a driveway with a small tree that needs to be removed and then monoblock fitted in where the trunk was. One part of monoblock has sunk so after i PW it, i will need to lift it and lay sand and re-lay it and wack it down. That's what the customer wants, someone who can do it all, no ifs and no buts. Then i clean their windows and collect a grand, hopefully.

fair play if you like doing that kind of work........


i prefer just regular window cleaning these days and the odd add on job.....its less hard work and i make that 1k(and more some weeks)mon-fri doing part time hours all YEAR ROUND......


theres no "quiet" time in winter...my income is the same whether its january or july.......

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steve garwood
8 hours ago, scottish cleaning service said:

I'm making a grand a week and the money is real. I cleared 3 gutters yesterday but had to block where the birds were getting in. Problem is I like working, even 7 days doesn't bother me. Fully booked till November now. I take the Tortoise approach and every penny goes back into the business on new equipment only problem is storage space.

Haven’t you got a wife, friends or social life? 

Why the hell do you want to work 7 days a week? Much more to life 

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