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Van and System for sale

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Vauxhall Combo 2012

Coming up to 110k with FSH. I’ve owned the van for three years (I think?) the previous owner provided a history print out . It’s been serviced every year and 6 monthly since the EGR, DPF delete and full re-map - this has cured all the reliability issues I experienced due to the short journeys I was doing.

Tidy van although needs a good clean which I will do prior to selling. Wheels could also do with a tidy up or just some wheel trims. Bodywork good for age, small dent in rear door. I had the passenger side resprayed to remove a dent on the lower rear quarter panel.

Roof rack included

Reverse camera with sensors. Lovely van, great on fuel and very easy to drive.

WFP System -

500ltr upright tank - Steve Scargill custom. Housed in a custom metal frame and bolted through the floor (not chassis). This is a single user system - the van does not have the capacity for twin operator as the payload is 750kg. The tank does have two outlets and a third larger diameter if you wanted to add a quick fill for a back pack or such like.

6l LPG heater - with nearly full 15kg tank.

Webasto diesel heater. Return circuit with pressure relief valve for Webasto so hot water circulates when demand to the pole isn’t required. Brand new leisure battery hooked up to Durite VSR, could do with another battery to prolong the usage time of the webasto - I’ve fitted a small stand alone battery to just power the hose reel which has helped.

Waterworks power up HD with custom flip down stainless roller.

Rear of the van is fully waterproofed. The section after the tank has a custom tray liner so the liner bed doesn’t get damaged. Leisure battery and shurflo pump are housed inside/behind the drawer unit. The drawer unit is made from plastic (drawers, frame etc) so won’t rot.

2 pole holders in roof which go through the bulkhead (soil pipe which is larger diameter) you can store poles up to 1.8m which is most 25ft poles.

External ports if you want to work outside the van.

Solenoid fill float valve for auto shut off.

240v consumer unit with 13a socket for charger.

Ready to go.

Looking for £4650

Sign writing will be removed although I can leave the ‘Window Cleaning’ decals on if needed.





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Just a quick question, where did you get the GoCardless vinyl stickers? Cheers ...….Davie

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Thanks mate much appreciated.



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Green Pro Clean Ltd

I know Neil (owner) personally and I know this van. Bargain at this price. 

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Just removed all decals from the sides and front - I’ve left some on the rear but they can be removed easily enough. Van has had a full cut and polish.

I’ve removed the LPG heater - when I checked it over the other day the wiring on the inside of the unit has overheated in the past and looks dangerous, it’s now in the bin!!!

The van now has 2 x 110amp batteries. Plenty of juice to run the webasto for a full day. I’ve run the webasto weekly as a preventative maintenance task - it’s still pumping out +40 degrees at the brush head.

additional photos now it’s been cleaned!!

open to sensible offers - no more comedians please 





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wee man

That's a really good van for the money.  If anyone is starting out it would be perfect.  If it had of been in about 8 months I would of had it myself.  Good luck getting it sold. 

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