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Getting valuable links to rank your website

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Hi all, you may have noticed the blog link in the forum menu. I have launched a new blog for the forum with the idea that it will be added value to our members and visitors. I am hoping for it to be partially a community effort where we help each other out. 


Some of you may well know that getting your website's ranking involves many factors but one of those is gaining relevant and valuable backlinks to your website form related sites with high DA (domain authority). In content links that are do-follow links and are not just added to footers or signatures etc are even more valuable!


 The idea with the blog is that you can write articles for the blog that will be helpful to window cleaners and the industry in general. In return for your work, we will add a do-follow link in that post back to your site. You help us grow our blog and following and we help improve your ranking by giving you a valuable in content do-follow backlink. 


Most will read this and think ha whatever but for those that understand the value in this, I am sure you will be in touch. I will continue to add posts over time but feel free to pop over and submit your articles!

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Posted (edited)

Hi Gav,

Sounds like a very good win win.

I'll check out the forum. if there is anything you want to have an article written about let me know.


There is a couple on our site already to see the style. Feel free to check them out


blog link is in the footer


Thanks Gav

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Jjs window cleaning service
Posted (edited)

Hi Gav

Im very interested in doing this, please let me know when I can write and if you could direct me etc that would be great. Anything to help with ranking as more than 50% of enquiries I'm getting are through Google currently 

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