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Ford closing plant? Time to produce our own.

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More bad news. We all suffer when these big employers decide to move production abroad. Im sure I'll be told why we cant do it, but I dont subscribe to that. We need to produce from scratch, our own reasonable priced vehicles. Then the jobs stay in the uk. They will be good quality, and even foreigners may like them and boost exports. Maybe these companies would think twice about leaving if we produced and bought our own and not theirs. the cost to society and life in the uk is too great to ignore. We want to revitalize areas, not create yet more rundown scrapheaps where theres no future/hope. 

The ones getting laid off cant all turn to window cleaning. I dunno, it gets me down. And the govt and no one seems to do or try anything about it. I'd pay a good grand or more extra for a true English/uk van than one thats taking its production elsewhere.

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This is close to my heart, I've actually quoted the company that makes aluminium castings for this plant. There is a shift towards electric vehicles so this, unfortunately, doesn't surprise me. 

The likes of Vauxhall, Nissan etc, only really assemble the vehicle, not manufacture. The globalisation we have will ensure that these types of plants will go to where the labour costs are the cheapest.

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