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DI Vessel and resin

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Hi all, 

move just bought a backpack system to go alongside my trad work for conny roofs and hard to reach windows, 

how much would a DI vessel and resin cost? 


Im only using a couple of Ltrs of pure a month if that. 


I’m in Plymouth Devon so TDS is pretty low anyway 


Many thanks 

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Posted (edited)

If your just using small amounts a 700ml resin housing from Collins water product is £19.99 and resin starts at £6.99  for 1 litre and free delivery . If its just a few litres can you not get another cleaner to let you buy some of him .

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Added a bit more to post

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Hi thank you for reply, yeah was going to do that but means keeping loads of barrels in garage and then contacting him all the time to get some of a job comes in I’d rather have my own means for the ease, 

thank you for reply do you have a link by any chance, 



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