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Is it worth learning my own SEO and marketing

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Im thinking of doing some short marketing courses and learning some SEO and advertising basics , im in two minds  though , On the one hand id like to be able to do it for myself because i thinks its a useful skill set to have these days and it means im not paying someone to manage it for me. On the other hand theres so many rabbit holes that im not sure i can cope with the hassle , i know a proffesional will do a better job for much less agro and it means i can relax when im not out working . 

I think what im asking is whether it is just really worth paying someone to do it all for me? I like the idea of being able to set up an ad campaign as and when i like without the extra cost of a specialist and to be highly ranked or reasonably visible online and know how i got there but is it going to take me hours upon hours of research learning trial and error and wasted cash learning these things as opposed to just paying someone who has a stratergy and knowledge of what works as and when i need it . 

I hope that makes sense amd thanks in advance.





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Green Pro Clean Ltd

Talk to Yazz at https://wayupseo.co.uk and when you see just how cheap it is then decide if you want to put in all that time doing it for yourself. 

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