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Do you get leads from your website?

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Hi guys

I am designing a website for my cousin who is starting out in window cleaning

I'm also doing a bit of research into marketing for him, and knowing a fair bit about SEO I can see there is pretty low competition in Google for window cleaners

My question is - how many leads (calls / emails) per month do you get on average just through your website? (presuming you are ranking highly. Not including leads from Google Ads either)

Just seeing if it's worth going down the SEO route before committing to it

Any feedback welcome! Thanks

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Numbers will likely depend on the area. But if you have a good site ranking well then you should see some good traffic. I know some who don't pay for any advertising and get pretty much most of their business through their site. 


If you know about SEO you will of course know that if the domain is brand new then it will take some time to build up authority through off page SEO to then rank with good on page SEO. 

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Iron Giant

I don't pay for SEO and have never had to, but I am fortunate and for a good number of years I was the only local windy to have a site, so a long history of around 10 years and I always rank No1 on page one and my site has helped me gain 100's of client's 

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Thanks for the replies


Have done a bit more research and can see there are good numbers of monthly searches for window cleaners so looks very promising - 320 per month in Oxford for one keyword alone


I've ranked plenty of other trade websites before - roofers, tree surgeons, electricians etc which are generally much harder competition, so have been pleasantly surprised about what I've found so far!


Yes you're right domain age is a factor, but I've seen quite a few good expired aged domains out there already 🙂


But ultimately the no. 1 goal is to achieve leads, so if you guys are getting plenty of business from Google then that's good enough for me

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