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The Best Mounted Hosereel Setup?

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I'm looking for inspiration and ideas for my van mounted Hosereel. 


I have 2 main problems now the hosereels are mounted:


- 1) When pulling hose from the back of the van, the hose comes out at the level of the van load area floor which is about 2' off the ground. This can cause a trip hazard and can be problematic pulling the hose out across a road.


- 2) Pulling hose away from the back of the van spools out easily but trying to go the other way towards the front of the van it is difficult to pull around the rear tyres.


What are the best solutions people have come up with to make a mounted Hosereel work as well as possible?

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Iron Giant

I have rollers through the van floor and underneath, hose is easily pulled out and kept low to avoid a trip hazard, walking away to the front of the van at just the right angle means I pull out up to around 50mtrs of hose no bother at all, the ones below can be bought at https://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/all-products/pump-hose/hose-reels/hose-reel-accessories.html although currently I am just using a manual reel. 



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