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Lee p

Window cleaning round info

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47 minutes ago, dmw said:

It's been a few years since I sold one and mostly cash collections back then.But when selling I went round to introduce the new windie and introduce him personally and contact him directly in future.

I kept my number and didn't get a call off my old customers. 

My one concern nowadays if selling or buying would be dealing with GC or BACS payments. 

If your introducing each customers then that is the best way to hand a round over, but when the round seller does not introduce it can be a problem i can imagine !



47 minutes ago, spruce said:


I wonder how many are working in Scotland without a licence and they haven't disappeared.


People are prepared to flaunt the law because that's modern day society. The DLVA had a field day last week clamping untaxed cars in our side streets last week.

People are prepared to chance driving a car without Road Fund Licence and most probably insurance believing they won't get caught because they are above the law.



Yes but if you dont have a license in Scotland nothing happens, Its not forced upon so the window cleaners in Scotland are paying the license fee for nothing, there is no difference to paying it and not paying it if it not forced upon, If i was in Scotland i certainly would not be paying license fees, becuase if others can get away with it then i would aswell 😀 Its just a money maker for the Scottish councils lol

44 minutes ago, dmw said:

My sentiments exactly, the cash in hand merchants just drive the prices down for the rest of us, and I would welcome paying for a licensing system, but it's only useful with rigorous enforcement and not a cash cow for the local council.

Yes i agree the prices in my area are low and my prices are also old prices i can not put them up due to a lot of people charging low prices, but it is what it is, makes u work the extra bit harder which in my eyes keeps me on the ball 😉 lol

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