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Guest Dubc


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Guest Dubc

Hi I'm new to the site after seeing it on tapatalk and just one thing I have to rant about there's this new company about we're we work (east Lothian) been round everything around where we clean trying to undercut us 3 pound a house regardless of the size, I was cleaning a top and bottom flat had two easy windows left and half a double bottom window seen them walking down the street then they disappeared finished the top and bottom then went to another top they were on the top next to me I done the whole backs and fronts and two fronts of two easy houses before they finished the top there was three of them and they only had 1 ladder but come on how are they making money on 3 pound a house? Has anybody else experienced this? And just to make it clear I don't cut corners don't leave a window till its clean scrim all sides and wipe frames.

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Hia mate welcome to the forum, no I've not experienced anything like that but just do a better job mate thats all there is to it and all you can do.

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Hi Dubc, welcome to the forum.


Just moved this to introduction forum.


Yeah I think we have all seen something similar, I know one company, has three people and two ladders, don't know how much they charge, cause those 3 work for someone, so they much be charging a fortune

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M.K Cleaners.co.uk

There workers are working for peanuts... and are claiming benefits? This is where a window cleaning licence can screw people up, up in Scotland. Yeah its bull you have to pay to clean windows but it does give you the power to send the police to someones door and demand a licence for al employees. (you call a number crime stoppers / police are here in a few days)


Ill add if a member of the public ask to see a licence its under the agreement of the window cleaning licencing team, you have to show it.


My advice would be, approach them as a customer, get as much details as possible report them for benefit fraud.

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