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HI guys am new here. Have recently started my own commercial cleaning. The opportunity has came up to start doing has came up and looking into starting to do domestic window cleaning.


Anyway going to get some leaflets made up (will up the design up when finished) and get them out.


Have thought of a deal and not sure if it would be better putting in on the leaflets when getting new customers or tell the customers about the deal after I get work from them....

The deal would be if you refer someone and I get work, then your next window clean will be free. Most of the houses I would had out my leaflets are just standard semi detected houses. With 7 windows, 8 including front/porch doors, with 2 big about 3mx2m and 5 that are about 0.6mx1.5m. And would charge around £7-10. Not really thought about the price to much yet.


Going to put on my leaflet from a £1 a window, good or bad idea? Or would I be better saying whole house from £7 ?


Thanks for any help or advice :smile:

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Welcome to the forum!


I wouldn't put prices on them.. You could leave a blank space, so you can pencil in a price at each house.. As not every house will be the same!


Also putting on like £1 per window will let them get their own price in their head, which could be way out from what it's worth after you seeing it, could be bigger, hard access etc etc..


Also think about first cleans, they should be charged a premium rate as they are more work than maintenance cleans


Good luck

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Thanks for the reply. Have had a quick play about with leaflet designs etc and have came up with this:




Blocked my number and site because I know some forums don't like you, getting 'free' advertising :smile:


What do you thing? To much text?

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HotWash Window Cleaners

Same as other post I posted a reply lol. Spelling could do with tweaking lol

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Thank taken it on bored :smile:


Sorted out all the spelling on my original now, should have really read it over before uploading it :laugh:


Just need to have a think about the back ground now. Really not sure what else to put, but will see what I can do.

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hi good luck

a offer i thought about is them and a neighbour get booked and receive a discount might be worth a try


good luck again

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