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Torch Advice

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I'm off to the MotoGP camping the weekend in 3 weeks. I need a good torch so I can find my digs after I've been in the beer tent. I've got a big maglite but it's knackered. Recommendations?

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mark m

you cant beat a maglite tuffers great touches I have one I use mine a lot as there is no lights in my village and its a long walk back home in the dark with a skin full of beer :Image2:

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I'm a Glastonbury veteran. Worked there for years selling flares (not the trousers) 150000 people & never needed a torch. The fun of it is struggling back & I camped in a VIP area. Many a time I just laid on a field & went to sleep or sat with the hippies listening to them busking. Great days.


Torches for tarts lol

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Iv got one of those pectel head torches much better for when youv had a 'few' as your hands are free and there nice and small.


anything with an LED bulb as it will out last the normal ones in a heart beat




have a great time there I wish I could go but my missus wont let me spend that on a weekend when we could afford to go abroad for the same money :Image5:

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