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  2. I suppose you are right hard to judge from looking at a video. It was the change of grip that got me. Best of luck in your endeavours anyways mate.
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  4. Virosol through backpack?

    A lot of cleaning chemicals are actually fine for use in the backpack, but once used it creates an issue for any returns or warranty inspections. Once an unidentified chemical has been used in a backpack our couriers (FedEx - most others also have the same rules) will no longer transport these backpacks due to the potential hazard that an unidentified chemical could pose in transit. Also once the unit has arrived back and needs to be worked on with an unidentified chemical in it, it can cause a H&S issue for the staff member stripping it down. We will of course try to resolve any issues remotely if used with chemicals, but it does restrict us somewhat. In general use as long as the chemical is not caustic or acidic in nature then it is usually fine for use and even storage within the backpack. However we cannot guarantee this. Many people believe that we source these from a firm called Kobold - as you may have noticed when searching you will not find our backpack as an off the shelf item from Kobold or any other manufacturer. As to what we pay for these units - of course we make a profit on selling them - It would be strange if we sold an item that did not have a profit margin in it for us
  5. Hi, I'm looking at buying a small window cleaning round in South Leicestershire - any work considered but will need to be introduced to every customer. Many thanks
  6. Feeling like taking the leap

    DONT do it. Who actually really likes there job, We all work for money to live. Window cleaning is so boring after a while. Just do it part time and see how you feel about it in 6 months.
  7. Virosol through backpack?

    I have a mix in one permanently, why would it void a warranty they're designed for crop spraying not wfp they're not Gardiner Backpacks either they are made by a Chinese Company called Kobold Gardiners just sell them and they actually pay about £30 each for them.
  8. gardner extreme poles

    Hi tench0771 The X3 Xtreme poles are proving to be very popular among those who need a lighter pole option - particularly for those working at height. Whilst they are stronger and tougher than the previous Xtreme poles they are still comparatively fragile and need extra care compared to our standard CLX/SLX pole ranges. Having followed your pole use experiences and longevity needs from a pole I am not really sure that the Xtreme pole would be a good match for your working needs though.
  9. Gardiner ultimate dupont brush

    looks good, cost is near £40 with extras but if it lasts years then small price to pay. let us know how you get on? Thanks m
  10. Feeling like taking the leap

    you never quit full stop. If it's stressful then jump on the sick for a month. Windy cleaning is very therapeutic, if you get caught all you say "It's therapy and helping my stress condition"
  11. Feeling like taking the leap

    Book a fortnights holiday and use it all to see whether you can build enough customer base to cover LIVING!!! then assess. Bills will not stop if your having a bad week, and eating occasionally is quite nice
  12. Bumping into forum members

    Tuffers did you start at the bottom or top of the flats, also you should wear an high vis for safety reasons.
  13. Window round for sale north tyneside

    Still for sale please, PM me please Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  14. Hi I am looking for window cleaning rounds in Middlesbrough, Stockton On tees or Ingleby Barwick. Must be established for couple of years Must be able to walk me around and meet all customers before takeover is complete Any price considered Pm me if anything comes up Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  15. Window Cleaning Video

    I think you have the vid on private not unlisted or public
  16. Gardiner ultimate dupont brush

    No idea Eric. I just assume boars but never used natural/boars before so guessing
  17. Gardiner ultimate dupont brush

    When they say ‘natural’ fibre what are they meaning Dave? Horse hair, Boars hair?
  18. Feeling like taking the leap

    i gave up my management job in April 2017 becuase it was making me desperately unhappy and was eventually going to kill me. I started up my business in the same month and have needed every penny of my £10k savings to get myself started and to cover the bills whilst I got going. The likelyhood is that if you work hard, do a good job, and be confident to go and get business you will succeed, but don't let a lack of short term financial planning make you fail. Financial pressure can also lead to poor judgement and some desperation in your decision making, so ask yourself how you can best support yourself in the first 6 months to ensure you have the time and space to make your business a success.
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  20. Virosol through backpack?

    Valid point, but I always do it to be on the safe side, just in case.
  21. Window Cleaning Video

    Video link seems to be wrong.
  22. Organising customers

    I looked at commercial, went into hundreds of shops, got 3 hairdressers, a cake shop, clothes shop and launderette. Used to be the money's in commercial, now its in residential unless you get some huge jobs and can tie them into year/2 year contracts. It's a lot easier to get £100 worth of residential (8-10 on average pw) a week compared to £100 a week (10-20 pw) on commercial. As said before big shops have national companies, one I know of has all the contracts in UK for KFC, poundland, Toby carvery & tescos. That's just one company. Only luck you may have is the independent shops, as they have a choice, but most of them will be taken.
  23. I keep a mix in it so it’s ready to go all the time , we regularly put hypo through it to I do flush it out after that but virosol at 10-1 mix doesn’t seam to affect it I have 2 and both are 2 years old and are treated like this without any problems I do accept that it will void the warranty but don’t care about that as one job and it’s paid for it’s self so if I had to replace it each year it’s still a cheap way of applying chemicals i had a sure flow back pack years ago that lasted 8 years using it like this but couldn’t get another one so bought the Gardiners one sureflow was a better product but 3x the price don’t think they make them any more ?
  24. Feeling like taking the leap

    You could try and cite family problems and see if you can reduce you work hours, then use that as more time on the glass, but it's risky if your boss finds out you've had it
  25. Virosol through backpack?

    Just rinse through with pure after, just to make sure it doesn't damage anything by overexposure.
  26. Hi can i have a little feed back on the video please for my web page many thanks John https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t26PZLxfAek
  27. Bumping into forum members

    Damn you SG!! You caught me wearing my Sunday best transgender gear. BTW I charged them a fiver . If they want the frames cleaned PT, it's another quid on top.
  28. Gardiner ultimate dupont brush

    Ah ok sorry if I miss read it 😬😬😬😬
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