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  3. I always like that sketch where they're looking out to sea pondering over the sunken family fortune, 'The sea shall not have it' goes delboy haha, expecting rodders to get out there in that cumbersome antique diving gear lol. Might have to watch that later whilst supping a beer pre pub/club.
  4. At the ripe old ge of 59 (60 this year) I have been runing my window cleaning business for around 7 years. I have a good customer base and all of my customers are great to have as regular cleans. Over the years I have been in many managerial rolls - sales manager - product trainer - team leader - hire shop manager - wedding photgrapher, and I also had a marketing company selling corporate clothing/business stationary. Window cleaning came along as a part time few hours a week while I was trying to make my mind up what I really wanted to do as a living later in life. After running the window cleaning business for the past 7 years I have never turned back! The customer base grew slowly at first but then created it's own momentum enabling me to make a good living. I have always been a believer in giving a good service in whatever business I'm involved with or whoever you work for. I have found that over time with this business window cleaning is more than just cleaning peoples windows. You build up over time a good rapport/relationship with the customers and give them a service that they look forward to everytime you turn up on a regular basis. Customers always love a chat and are always pleased and grateful for the service provided. It is one of the services in their lives that isn't something that they have to have - unlike like running costs of their homes utility bills/food etc. It is a luxury that they are paying for and something that they can see what they are getting for their money. I am really happy and proud to have a lovely customer base, and really enjoy getting up in the morning for work knowing that it will be another day dealing with people that appreciate the service that I can give. Window cleaning is an important service for a lot of people out there and to the ones that take pride of their homes, we are a great add on!!
  5. Yeah, I don't think folk would be too happy when they're having family and friends round for a BBQ. 🙂 Hope you get a chance in between working to relax and enjoy the weekend.
  6. It sounds like he is trying to employ the old stack em high, sell em cheap tactic in an era when it’s more or less impossible to build rounds like that anymore. Everyone knows it does work, there’s still lads out there today cleaning £4.50 semis and getting £30+ an hour which even after expenses, tax hol pay etc is a damn sight more than min wage. Don’t get me wrong there’s still loads of work out there, just not at them prices any more.
  7. A few commercials today and Monday. Don’t do domestics on bank holidays. It’s like turning up on a Sunday.
  8. We use a Gardiner backpack and clx 27 pole with a softwashing nozzle of Ben Marriot at Rutland pumps we use Virosol and keep a mix permanently in the backpack works very well
  9. Thanks for the reply, as you were selling the van and equipment separately I thought you might be looking to sell the round separately as well. Unfortunately outside the area I would want to work anyway.
  10. Hi Part Timer I only posted the ad yesterday, and you state not getting a reply, i am not sure what you mean, when you say considering the time span!? I have quite a few offers on the round from other sites such as gumtree, but really need to sell the van and equipment FIRST, whoever buys the van gets first offer on the round, but I'm not selling the round by itself. As for other questions above i am based in NE39 area, near Blaydon The round is mainly in Gosforth, NE3, and Wylam areas Hope that all helps My mobile if SERIOUS on van and equipment is 07891594850 Please don't contact me just for the round, as for reasons stated in ad and above Thanks SM
  11. Just finished. Took 3 hours. I remember the the first clean, it hasn’t been cleaned in 12 years and it took me 6 hours 🙄
  12. I might be interested in the round but not getting a reply makes me wonder if it's genuine. You mentioned messers but aren't exactly forthcoming yourself, considering the time span.
  13. Any back pack will do it, either just use your normal brush to apply or get a DA Applicator.
  14. Master Jedi Alejandro

    Graphic Designer?

    I would recommend CCP Design. Did all my stuff and stuff for our other business. Great rates and easy to work with. The guy also use to be a window cleaner so knows what works! https://m.facebook.com/CCPGraphicDesign/
  15. If you submit your tax return online you have until January 31st to do it but also you only have until January 31st to pay it Why is money tighter in winter? Work is all year round
  16. I don't understand part of your add which I have highlighted in red, also looking at the photos I would not consider the tank to be secure the ratchet straps look totally inadequate and if they are the original lashing points they are simply a 3" bolt and a nut and in an accident potentially it would go straight through the ply bulkhead and crush the driver
  17. Recently i used a hand held garden centre sprayer to apply my Ubik mix to my brush then brushed onto some high heavily soiled guttering, overall it worked but seemed like a slow way to apply it with all the extending / spraying as i moved along the gutter. Also some of the very stubborn green stuff was left and needed a few more going overs. Afterwards I did a low level pipe with the hand held sprayer and the soiling just rinsed off so easily. That made me think i gotta get kitted out with a dedicated tank for the ubik and spray nozzle on a pole. What cheap tank / pole options are you guys using for getting the ubik onto anything from ground floor up to 3rd floor (20fi ish) gutters?
  18. As above, 25ltr di vessel ready to go with unger resin, was used as a polishing bottle and still reads 000tds 07828758738 £80
  19. RWCleaning

    Can't you just get your cherry-picker out?

    Should of got one out then put a extra £150 on the bill.
  20. Blimey, I know we've come a long way with technology etc, but some people dont half expect a lot,
  21. Ahh right👍 I wouldn’t have thought the tie down points would be strong enough to hold such a weight. I bet your talking over half a tonne when full of water. Great idea if you have a worker that you could drop off on an estate were you’ve got loads of work together then you can go do your own thing to save time and make more £££’s. At that price though I bet you could get another cheap van and diy install instead.
  22. spruce

    Booster pump fittings

    You've made a good point there @Tuffers regarding the wiring up of the unit. I'm sure its quite easy to do but if I remember correctly, Alex had a tick box where you could have him wire it up for a small additional fee. @P4dstar, why not contact Xline and ask them if they can do this if you don't feel confident in doing it yourself? I would also ask them to supply the right fittings for you to use with JG tubing. If not a 1" female to 1/2" male reducer will be available somewhere. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brass-BSP-Taper-thread-Adapters-Male-to-Female-Nipple-Reducing-Bush-Sockets/302731783065?hash=item467c386b99:m:mN4-6YdKeZ0w9LvhVE316XA
  23. Yes, you read it right! LOL I do a block where I knock to clean the top 2 balconies. One lady of he tight-fisted variety says 'oh I've done the balcony windows, can you just do my skylites instead?' It's a new block in n/w London, so I said, I didn't know there were any but, can I just take a look as they're not visible from the outside? (They sit flat in the roof hidden) She said, well, I'm just going out, can you just do them?? I said, I need to be inside to flip them round, he said 'can't you just use your cherry-picker? hahahahaha.... I was in too much of a shock to even laugh.
  24. Jjs window cleaning service

    Issues with shurflo pump

    Well after much messing about it was the facelift controller that needed replacing. These rarely go wrong but did with mine,pump is fine and now sounds quieter also
  25. Clearview Lee

    You haven’t cleaned my windows

    Had it all mate. U get em! 🙂
  26. Yesterday
  27. i have no objection to it really. Not relating to this Context but when i have to repeat myself. E.g. when they don’t provide their full name, or address, they only mention the one, or just wont give a straight answer, and then you have to ask.. again.... When people don’t pay attention or follow instructions it can be infuriating as it wastes our time. one time i had a conversation that went something like. “hi how much for ? “ Me - please provide your full name & address & i’ll come to provide a written quotation, thanks answers with neighbourhood and first name only ”please provide the street number and your second name” answers again “but how much will it cost?” Me - ^ (as if to say, the above requests have not been answered) customer - ? by that time i’ve accepted its probably time to give up lol.
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