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  2. Ok so new van and I want to stop leaks. When I sold the old van it became apparent that I have had a steady leak that has eaten the footwell in the sliding door area away. Because of the way the van was set up and how the ply sat I didn't notice the leak. With the ply out the new van the leaks are really noticeable. I have put Protectakote down but I have no doubt that long term exposure to water on this steady scale is gonna create some rust issues. Especially as I have dual sliding doors and each footwell has a plug hole, it's sure to cause some issues under that eventually. So the 2 major leaks I need help with..... 1. The hose reel. I have an agratti hose reel from Gardiners. When I first got it I didn't use PTFE. I have never worked with water on this scale before so thought it was just something for boilers, I kept tightening the metal connections until they stopped leaking. They started to leak again after a few weeks. My plan with this is to get some gas PTFE tape. Neighbour who works for city plumbing said that stuff seals much tighter and expands better than water PTFE. Gonna out that around the thread and then use some self amalgamating rubber tape to wrap around. Once it's all sealed up the rubber should set and seal anything the PTFE doesn't overnight. Failing that it's time for some replacement parts, probably only a few quid and I plan to order from Gardiners this week anyway. 2. The tank. 500L upright tank. This is the big leak. I would guesstimate it is leaking approx 5-6 litres over a 24 hour period. I think this has been happening since day one. I thought it was just the hose reel but since working without a ply lined floor I have realised it isn't just this. I have removed the hose reel and the leak is as bad, I have drained the tank and had no leak so I am confident it is the tank. I put the tank in the garage when switching over and had a small leak there but so much water falls on that floor I can never be sure. My only plan here is to replace it. However the tank was new in September time. Does anyone know if there is some sort of warranty with it? I will email Gardiners in a min as I bought from them but I am conscious they don't supply them direct. Any advice on either would be greatly appreciated!
  3. scottish cleaning service

    Pricing driveways

    I made a few large sandwich advertising boards today for when I'm powerwashing. Handy if anyone wants a quote when I'm in the area. Getting my sign writer to make me 4 pvc boards which I will fix on to them. Probably £100 for them, good to put on the pavement and acts as a barrier also.
  4. Yes was very careful I applied jelly while my son pushed them in so I didn’t touch the membranes
  5. With what I’ve learned re these backpacks and their innards, if I were to rely on one for extended day to day use I would modify it right off the bat. First, the pump. They are sturdy little pumps but with one big issue. The micro switch in the built in pressure switch is not up to much. They give out quickly the way most of us use them (Switching them on and off constantly). Modification: I would wire an automotive 40amp relay (eBay £2.29) into the circuit to carry the current responsible for this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-Automotive-Changeover-Relay-with-Bracket-40A-5-Pin-Car-Bike-Van/282011957360?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Second, the flow controllers. The controllers used in these backpacks seem to fail often from what I’ve seen on here. Modification: Remove the controller altogether or if flow control is required, fit a cheap PWM controller (eBay £3.25) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-40V-10A-PWM-DC-Motor-Speed-Control-Switch-Controller-Volt-Regulator-Dimmer/173191125741?hash=item2852fedaed:m:mWMCyrNL0oy8LyX-DSszMLw Third, I’ve opened up two backpacks, (one from Gardiner’s and one not) and both were poorly wired. Almost all the connections were loose. I would either tighten or remake all the connections with connectors I trust. Also make sure all hose connections are watertight. They weren’t in one of mine. If you make these mods there’s no reason why these backpacks shouldn’t last years with a little maintenance from time to time.
  6. CleanerWindows

    Average membrane lifespan GPD450

    Did you apply the little sachet of jelly on the runner washers when you changed your membranes. Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app Rubber Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  7. Incheck

    Pricing driveways

    I only use a 6.5 hp clarke from machine mart. It’s awesome, £650 ish? It does say 30 power washes a year roughly, driveways, patios & that. Made its money back in no time. Had it 3 years and will be having another [emoji4]. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  8. scottish cleaning service

    Pricing driveways

    Might be better with a hydrant license. Talking to a guy PW an average size driveway today and asked him the going rate. He said about £500 but this is a friend and I'm doing it for £300. This PW cleaning is getting better all the time I thought. I would be happy with £300 a day and after 10 days I would have paid back my new PW that I'm getting.
  9. Just reseated the membranes and still the same?
  10. MCM Cleaning Specialists

    The Selling Power Of A Test Patch....

    My test patch, customer loved it I thought it was a bit bright but cutomer knows best, l got 4 houses on the same row from this test patch. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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  12. RWCleaning

    Franchise finally started

    Nice well done.
  13. MCM Cleaning Specialists

    Canopy cleaning in a nursery

    How did you price for that job? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  14. Diamond geezer

    Tucker rinse bar

    thanks Eric Today I phoned Rutland Pumps with the same question,thejr Tucker supliers,and was told just to wait a couple of weeks as tucker are bringing out a plastic version that will fit,they have seen the prpototype and will contact me when they have em in ,hey ho.
  15. Always good to check the connections. Poor soldering had been an issue in the past with these backpacks. That's done at the manufacturer, not at GPS
  16. Even adjusting the ratio to 2litres waste to 1litre of pure can only get it to 024
  17. Connected correctly as I done one membrane at a time and only disconnected the screw end ratio is roughly 60% waste to 40% pure. just lifted for approx 5 mins and the tds is now 026 have noticed the water coming out the waste and pure outlets a little faster than normal is that relevant?
  18. HBM

    Franchise finally started

    The bullet comment style used under "Key Benefits" is easy to read. The following would also look nice if it was formatted as bullet comments: "With a window cleaners franchise from Green Pro Clean Ltd we continue to support you in running and growing your business with ongoing lead generation and a tailor made website package specifically optimised to rank highly on Google local search results. With our experience and expertise in running a successful cleaning company we know the importance of having a website that performs well and the work it generates. We will make sure you are up and running and able to attract enquiries from day one with our complete website package."
  19. 170 houses,30 bungalows. 2 7hr days to clean, lots of scope to expand, I pick up 2-3 cleans per week. no other window cleaner on 80% of the roads I clean. I collect 2 nights per month if needed, customers that are hard to find in pay straight into my bank account, rest pay double next clean or pay in advance.
  20. Something is wrong. Why are you flushing for 3 hours? Start producing water and then check the pure output after about 5 minutes. When producing water, what is your pure to waste ratio? The other thing to check is that you have connected each housing up correctly. If you have connected up a waste into the pure line then you will always get a high pure tds reading.
  21. I had same problem,was a loose connection.Take bottom plate off and check all connections.Think you need to undo retaining screws for battery as well.If I remember I had a loose battery connection.Contact Gardiners as I think you will need some replacement parts.
  22. Fitted the new membranes today axeon have been flushing for3 hours and still getting a reading of 034 how long for the tds to drop?
  23. Thanks very much for ya help Paul might go for one but still use my gardiner flock for leads as you say seem best for lead windows Cheers
  24. BigFoot

    Franchise finally started

    In my opinion you have the edge on the competition with the 100% GoCardless and the integration of lead generation. If I was going down that route I’d want systems that make life easier and I think you have two key elements sown up there. Best of luck.
  25. How are you guys securing the channel in the handle please
  26. paul alan

    Tucker Dual Trim Brush any good

    I have one and its a very good brush, I seldom use it though as I use gardener's brush's and they are by far and away the best. The tucker has the best scrubbing power I have come across so far, but you pay for that in weight. Mine has pencil and fan jets fitted, the pencil jets are very narrow and the water comes out way too fast for me, the fans are good though. I use this brush for anything really hard to remove or very dirty first cleans, its my "big gun". I wouldn't use it day in, day out though but that's just my opinion. I like the gardener's extreme at the minute as it has excellent scrubbing power for its weight which is hardly anything. Plenty adequate for 4 weekly maintenance cleans. I do believe the tucker will last forever though. A great brush worth its price, just not my favourite. It wouldn't be suited to lead, the inner trim is VERY stiff and it'll just bounce all over the place. You want a flocked for lead and other brushes like a 14" for larger panes and something light for high windows etc. There is no one brush to suit all work, a selection is best.
  27. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Franchise finally started

    Well, it only took 1 year 17 headaches and 800 emails and several dozen conversations but we finally got there and launched the franchise side of the business last week. Already sold the first one since launch to start early July so exciting times ahead. https://greenproclean.co.uk/window-cleaning-business-franchise-uk/
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