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  2. Backpack only ever on full for me with 4 jets in my brush and can still do 2 x 3 bed semis with 1 fill if maintenance cleans Just takes experience to get the speed
  3. Funny you say that, i noticed a while back that when i turn up the volume it seemed to last longer than it did with it down low. Weird...
  4. THL4KEL

    Back pack trolley - water shortage hack

    Once you get more experience and speed up you will find that one back back will easily do most average size houses. Remember it's a false economy using a low flow rate. I have mine set to (think of the dial as a clock) about 11 o'clock.
  5. Part Timer

    Suns out and so are the chancers

    Mine's in and tax calculated, if you keep well on top of your paperwork then you'll be running a tighter ship and know where you stand and can therefore plan your finances. Most new companies fail because of cash flow, the majority of these is because they have no idea of where they stand.
  6. Part Timer

    Public liability IOnsurance

    I have it in writing from A-Plan that any windows I'm working on are insured. I do a few old buildings that have big curved glass windows that would cost at least £1k+ to replace. With you doing National Trust type work are you not concerned that you might cause some seriously expensive damage. For an extra few hundred quid a year you'd be fully covered, 20% of which is tax deductible.
  7. Hi I got the Gardiner back pack and while it carries an impressive 22L of water, It's been quite clear from the start that i can empty it on one side of a house and then need to top it up - requiring a barrel of water to be nearby / second trip to / from vehicle. This has bugged me now for a while. Sure, you could say i'm a tad slow, my customers have all been first cleans too so that doesn't help either however slow, 1st or just too much glass, I needed to find a workaround for this water shortage problem that was workable easily, efficiently and reliable. I've given it some thought and come up with a hack! So, here's the trolley in use, a simple folding aluminium sack truck: As many of you will know, it's quite a small truck and does flex a bit with weight on top. It's rated at 90kg and a quick google revealed 1L of water to be a smidgen over 1kg. Thus this trolley in theory can take roughly 85L of water max - but you'd have to be bloody strong! So my first idea was simple - two barrels at the bottom, strapped together and the Gardiner BP sat on top also strapped to the trolley - 72L. Heavy! Sure it works but the barrels are a bit wide and it felt like they'd happily slip sideways and off the truck despite a bungee cord. In reality though, I've never needed two barrels, just one so hauling a 2nd one round is pointless. Problem: Standing one barrel on another is fine - they're designed for that... stacking a back pack on a barrel doesn't feel or look right so that's not going to work either. So I gave it a few more moments thought and came up with my moment of genius I figured many others would find useful. The BP is usually strapped onto the trolley by itself with the back facing the trolley. Today I've abandoned that after realising the BP was not as wide as a barrel and this is what i've come up with - carrying 48L: Yes, you've got it, I've turned the BP SIDEWAYS and strapped it to a single barrel! Both are heavy, both will act as anchors, the BP has ridges under the yellow part that give it extra grip too! Also water is heavy! Two large containers strapped to each other will act as anchors and hold one against the other. From the rear side, you can see that both do hang over the side of the trolley slightly however it's a couple of inches with the rest of the bulk on the trolley: Oh yeah and my pole holder is 50mm drain down pipe from B&Q - with a bend section at the bottom to hold it and also let water drain out - more on that in another topic soon to come. I like to get the most out of things I have so as you can see the hose is also cable tied to the trolley with a reusable cable tie and I've been mulling over plans for a shelf to put a small toolbox on for extras like gloves, paper work (quotes / receipts) and any other misc stuff i might need. I've worked this trolley like a dog many times over the years, it's not getting off the hook just yet lol. From underneath the trolley, you can see that both have plenty of surface area on the trolley base - and i've not even tried the BP straps round the barrel yet.: Due to the orange hose on the BP I have the back pack slightly offset more than the barrel (the hose and pole holder clash). I've yet to try this out in the field but it seems stable enough wheeling it round at home. IF you try this yourself, the risk is yours - I'm just showing what I've come up with to solve the water shortage problem. Will update in due course as to how practical it actually is.
  8. My insurance is 5 million cover but like @Part Timer said it doesn't cover the glass worked on , if I drop the pole on jo bloggs car and damage it Ime coverd , if I break or scratch a window Ime not covered absolutely ridiculous, but the excess on most policy’s is around £250 so I wouldn’t claim anyway evan if I was coverd unless it was considerably more than the £250 as you have to declare the claim for the next 5 years and your premium will go up , so I would just pay for the damage to the window in 20 years I have cracked two pains total cost was less than £200 , so Ime better off anyway . Still annoying though . Most don’t , gleaming is the only one I am aware of that does , but there premium is a lot dearer , personly I would rather go for the not insured for the window insurance and put to one side the extra cost for the all inclusive policy , given a couple of years the money you would save will pay for a decent window , should the need arise .
  9. RWCleaning

    Bank Holiday (Good Friday) day off?

    Having tomorrow & Monday off. Had a couple of long good weeks recently so treating myself. Have a nice weekend whatever you’re doing 👍
  10. Off till Tuesday. Looking forward to the rest. Happy Easter, all. 🙂
  11. That was my way of thinking too - I only use a trolley so my hose is minimal however I'd rather have that peace of mind than the bailiffs possibly turning up to seize everything after losing a court case! Screw that!
  12. I’m not a godly person so I work the friday, but i dont do bank holiday mondays anymore
  13. Just tomorrow morning will be enough for the weekend.
  14. brianbadonde

    Bank Holiday (Good Friday) day off?

    I’m doing a full day tomorrow but will have the Monday off.
  15. If you do everything the old way (on paper) like i do, i think it has to be submitted by october, if you submit your accounts digitally, maybe december sometime? And the payment deadline is like Janurary? Dont hold me to this but i just do it asap while the busy season is in full flight, i submit accounts to accountant in april & pay the bill in like may or June, that way i know i’m not paying tax in the winter when moneys tighter
  16. yes i guess thats the tricky bit often, after 18 months and tax is due. Ive only been going 18 months and now due to fill in 2nd return, though they give till end of the year I think to do it? Didnt pay any first return, as didnt have enough custom and the equipment cost a good wad. Should owe some this time, but I dont see why they give you till the end of the year to give them your details, dont seem good policy really. Yet conversely down the line they want tax upfront so seems a bit conflicting really. Still doing a part time paye job too. Best get it sent asap I reckon. Yep, your right I think, if serious, gotta hold your nerve and outlast the cheap poachers and it should work out.
  17. Working and on Monday
  18. How many of you out there are working tomorrow? I wouldn't normally work on a bank holiday but I have a couple of customers that want their windows cleaned for the Easter weekend. Not wanting to let them down I said yes. No big deal really, just working half a day to keep people happy, and I'm sure it will be appreciated. Happy Easter to you all.
  19. Incheck

    Window Cleaning in Winter

    Yeah we’ve got two or 3 with long term scaffolding up or skips in the driveway, we’d rather not be around when all thats going on. They all let us know in advance and theres nothing you can do about it 👍
  20. Pjj

    Window Cleaning in Winter

    Totaly agree none of my customers complain about working in rain as I point out when quoting work we work in all weather all year round , if they hesitate I suggest they find someone else , any who say not today get instant dump unless there is a genuine reason , like building work going on etc
  21. Incheck

    Window Cleaning in Winter

    Windows do indeed get dirtier in the winter. If you’re building rounds Its a good idea to try and plan for a 7 hour day (finished by 3pm) so that in the winter when it gets dark at 3 you dont end up with the problem of having to split it. I think our largest round initially had over 30 houses on it and it wasnt a particularly compact day either. I ended up splitting the rounds to two short days as i got caught out in the dark with about 6 houses to go (one of those days where EVERYONE wanted the back done) but they’ve both grown again so now both have around 17-20 houses. In the summer you can always bang a first clean on the end of the day or a gutter clearance, but if you aim to be done on the round by 3 then it will save you the hassle above once the clocks go back. Traffic always kicks in after 3pm as well so the less driving you can do after the school run the better, your hourly rate will drop massively just because of being stuck in traffic
  22. Pjj

    Window Cleaning in Winter

    Same hear, wind is more of a limiting factor than rain , it’s not pleasant working in rain but commercial work is done on the booked date in any rain within reason , just get on with it and finish the job 😬😬😬
  23. I think we’ve all learned the hard way at some point or other. Reality kicked in for us at 6 months when we were basically on the verge of going bust. Drastically raised prices, by 50% for new customers, immediately. then made another mistake by not raising prices for 3 years. They have gone up the last two Aprils and will be doing so for all consecutive aprils. I dont want to be in that position again. most newbies are gone after 18 months
  24. Part Timer

    Softwash Course city & guilds

    I've spent more on a night out and learnt many a thing, nothing you could certificate though. No one is doubting you've learnt, and that you think it was money well spent. What I, and a few others, question is the legitimacy of the certificate.
  25. I can identify with this. I've not had an easy ride either. I've always been very individual in my thoughts and interests, and I found some work colleagues would be jealous for no good reason, especially as I had no interest in football, getting pickled, or Eastenders. My interests were sea angling and kayaking. I worked for many years on pipelines and water mains. Always tried to help people up when I could. But for instance when I put down a deposit for a starter home as a young man in 1985 some of my peers would hardly talk to me. "Who does he think he is, buying a house on a labourer's wage" was what they were saying behind my back. I only found that out ten years after when I bumped into one of the guys who had been a lorry driver with our company and he told me. I'd always got on well with him and we were delighted to meet again after so many years. He said though, that a lot of them shortly after decided that if I could do it on a labourer's wage they should also be able to do it on driver's, machine operator's, and gang leader's pay and most of them did. I didn't know for ten years as I'd left for another company. To be honest I found that there was no one better to hold a working class man back than his fellow working class colleagues. I actually found most of the bosses to be fair minded once they got to trust me. I always spoke to them with respect for them and for me. Oh! And yes working for myself is great. Power to the people, is right. 👍🙂
  26. He won't last long. Give it six months & he'll realise he's earning less than the minimum wage....
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