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  2. dazmond

    How do you work your clamps?

    i adjust them so i can close the clamps fully.....maybe this is where ive been going wrong as within 6 months the 2 top sections start to spin due to wear when pole fully closed(whether its an SLX or an xtreme pole)
  3. DeLaCruz

    Ubik on fake wood panels

    I have a job job to clean an entire house front cladded with this wood effect panelling - I was going to use Ubik 20:1 mix, to remove the green stuff - is that going to be okay on this material or should I steer clear of using it ? I tested a little and it seems the panels are pretty flimsy in terms of the wood effect layer (noticed a couple marks after brushing my house and it’s my neighbours place I have to clean). Also noticed some some marking on the cream angle trims after cleaning. I looked and all properties had signs of marks on the trims but they show up more after cleaning. Plan was to use a WFP and brush to clean the soiling but now I am not sure the Ubik brush is the best technique - just feels like a possible pain in the **** job if it goes wrong, but £50 for an hours work is obviously not to be sneezed at 😉 any tips welcome thanks in advance
  4. CMcB

    How to open a univalve

    @spruce fantastic! Thank you! Both univalves have the hose removed. On the new one the barb broke the old one the spring has bust so the plan is to swap them over. Going to try that this evening if I get them both open
  5. ive had little electric shocks down my right arm when cleaning some solar panels a few years ago.....a very uncomfortable feeling......ive never had it since when cleaning them though....im still here to tell the tale so it couldnt of been that bad......
  6. Den

    Van Sign Writing

    Don't forget to inform your insurance that you have signwritting as it's classed as a modification, I just recently taxed my Vauxhall combo and that was £250
  7. spruce

    How to open a univalve

    I need to be a bit careful here @CMcB. Steve took his video off Youtube. Another cleaner put a copy of it back onto YouTube and Steve was on to him like a flash and it had to be removed. So another cleaner put up his own version of how to disassemble it. I seem to remember we could replace the spring but if memory serves me it can only be done with the hoses removed. There are 2 x "o" rings inside the Univalve. There is a tiny one on the bottom plunger. Mine popped off. If yours has, a tiny smear of Araldite glue (or similar) will hold it in place but it mustn't get on the sealing part of the O ring. Its tiny.
  8. Today
  9. Probably covered in forum somewhere but i cant find it. Ive got myself 50/60 customers now and the whole writing adresses/prices/names in an A4 day-day diary is a ballache, then having to move forward 6weeks and do it all again. Is there any organising apps or any advice that any of you guys that have been more than helpful alreafy can give. Tyia
  10. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Back pack trolley - water shortage hack

    No there is nothing wrong with said thread. Quite informative IMO. I started with a ladder and £1 bucket from B&Q so a trolley would have been luxury. My personal take on trollies and backpacks is well documented as a waste of time again IMO HOWEVER if that's the means that the budget allows at present then go for it. I know a few windies that have full van mounted systems all the bells and whistles and are still scummier than some lads working out the back of an Astra Estate I know. So the addage of 'Clothes maketh the man' does not apply in this game. You do what needs to be do be done to make a living, makes you no less a man the tools you use to do it. Keep the conversation cordial please.
  11. Glazenwasser (.NL)

    Rutland Pumps.....

    A big thanks to those here who gave me the advice to go to Rutland Pumps..... Spoke to Ben originally and then Sophie who has been able to dicipher my wish and wants list given that I don't know a great deal about PW and on occasions she steered me not to the most expensive but the best options. So soon will have a hot setup and a few toys thrown into the mix. Rutland Pumps will certainly be my go-to peeps now..... And even the shipping from UK to .NL isn't that bad as I'm sure it'll be more than one pallet. I know some will not think that hot is required but I have a few jobs on farms where hot is need and I will be using the hotbox to heat water from a static dump tank on occasion to my van tank to have 'warm' water during the day for wfp. 🤣
  12. strech

    How to open a univalve

    you only need 2 tools to open them up, works every time.
  13. Part Timer

    Which Gutter Vac?

    Sky Vac Industrial and a converted Kiam
  14. chris clean

    Water water every where. Where to buy.

    Sorry to say mate but if someone's charging you that they are ripping you off. The most expensive place on the south coast know fire pure is spotless and that's 3p a L plus vat!
  15. RWCleaning

    How do you work your clamps?

    Sounds like the alcohol is wearing off Steve, get yourself down the pub fast!! Ysame as you, I never shut the clamp completely, it’s too stiff to do easily & quickly (if that makes sense?) The only time I do close them completely is when putting it back in the vac, as the guttering is quite tight. Just fits in when all closed.
  16. Cleanco

    How do you work your clamps?

    Ive always been same as you but now you mention it does make sense to tighten whilst closed so you don’t over tighten the clamp.
  17. Hyzer373

    Canvassing - how do you guys find it

    I think I need more confidence
  18. windowsurfer

    Which Gutter Vac?

    What vac do you use?
  19. Good afternoon fellow windies. I switched to WFP around 11 years ago and have used various poles. For the last 7-8 years I’ve used SLX 22s. Now I’ve always adjusted the clamps so they lock the pole whilst there not fully closed. This has been successful for me as my poles have lasted for years and years without the need to apply lacquer etc. Now, I’ve just taken delivery of 2 xtremes and when I watched the video of @Alex Gardiner demonstrating them he closed the clams fully. Simple question, what do you do?
  20. R wcs

    Water tank lid,

    Think I have found the problem, it’s the fitting around inside the tank , over weekend I will put some sealant around it and see if that does thr trick
  21. DavI'd Clarkson

    Window cleaner required part time Leicester

    Jamie, ring me please. After one day a week. Dave in Leicester. 07821435952
  22. Part Timer

    Canvassing - how do you guys find it

    Now that would be fun, you have to try and take the personal thing out of the equation, you're trying to build a business not make friends. No one would deliberately undercut another windy but as long as you quote what you think is a reasonable price and sell your service, if this then leads to the householder changing to you then that isn't your fault. I'm fairly sure that I have a few on my books that would leave if someone quoted a few quid cheaper but they're not the type of customer you're going to keep in the long run, as there will always be someone cheaper.
  23. DavI'd Clarkson

    Anybody selling a 400-460 litre tank

    Hi, is it just a water tank, you want, or a full set up? Dave in Leicester.
  24. Joshyouare

    Canvassing - how do you guys find it

    Was doing a street the other day, was told by one of two people that there was a window cleaner opposite. I then approached one guy who was working on his car. Hi mate, sorry to bother you, would you like a free quote for your windows cleaning. That was met with "I am a window cleaner". I thought he was gonna start telling me to get off his patch etc. He started asking me about the business and what method I used, turns out he might need someone to help him with his work because he's quite full up at the minute. Got one on that road and a few interested. Got 3 on another road which I know there's a window cleaner on.
  25. you’re well within your rights to do it, but it may feel a bit odd. Either just target houses which he obviously doesn’t do (Stinking) or move over a street & come back at a later stage. I dont like stepping on other peoples toes and no matter how much a potential custy moans about their existing window cleaner, i wont take them on until their relationship with the previous cleaner is thoroughly at an end. To me its just not the done thing to poach other peoples work. Good example, a custy rang us about christmas time for a price (they wernt happy with the existing company as it was different people cleaning all the time, some doing a good job some doing a bad job) they were on a rolling contract which meant they had to renew the contract every 3 months. I said no problem, see the contract out and call us when youre ready. And thats how it went. 3 months down the line we have become the new window cleaners. Its also not a good idea to take on a customer just because they say “your price is lower so i’ll go with you instead” theres no loyalty in that and they wont last on your books long because someone could just come in and under cut you. there are people out there who are loyal to their windy and will stick with them for years, and there are people out there looking for the lowest price they can possibly get. Sometimes you have to have a 6th sense. also, if they say theyve “got rid of” multiple previous window cleaners, dont take them on, its a bad sign. If 3 previous windys cant satisfy them the chances are you wont either. The downside to this is, houses with exceptionally dirty windows are often dirty for a reason (dont value it and say no thanks) or for one reason or another theyve been avoided or dumped by the existing windy (obstructions or bad access, poor payers etc) so have this in mind
  26. Part Timer

    Which Gutter Vac?

    Side entry spins round the drum, front entry has a lid over to prevent it flying into the motor I believe. All I know is I've worked with both and whilst big wet sycamore leaves are a pain with side entry it doesn't block anywhere near as much. I turnover £20k a year clearing gutters
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