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  2. This is an interview with my father, Bruce McKay. He's run his business for over 30 years! Lets hear his story... Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  3. Stupid silly mistake

    Pumps are usually fine, never had a problem in 10yrs, even when the tanks been a block of ice. Hose reels are a bigger problem, if it’s a petal style reel the inner spindle is plastic, it can split and leak if it freezes.
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  5. DI vessel

    You don't quite know my circumstances, in time I may say on this forum as there are some lovely people on this forum that have helped me. I am quite a perfectionist, plus I'm new to wpf. So I felt I needed to be 100% sure. Hence the question.
  6. 100m 6mm microbore for sale

    No got a few left
  7. Employing somebody

    Totally illegal
  8. Employing somebody

    If your off work as employed staff. You are entitled to 28 weeks statutory sick pay. They didn't pay a penny until you work there for 5 years. Hence why no one took days off, I only quit this year.
  9. Carrying water is far different to carrying bricks. Bricks don't have inertia
  10. Has anyone upgraded their gutter vac hose to 2.5in (63mm) I've been getting some blockages in my grippavac and was thinking of a larger hose and a clear hose so I can see where the blockages are. A lot of my houses here in Australia have gum leaves and twigs so probably harder to suck up. Also is there a way to test for suction, I feel like I've lost a little suction power.
  11. Employing somebody

    But the company pays the first 28 weeks, not the Government . This was changed years ago.
  12. £5 Window Cleaners Yorkshire

    We can all disagree with what some people are prepared to charge. What you have to remember is that charging £5 a house could mean they are earning £15 an hour, with next to no expenses. It's fine everyone saying they should be wanting £30+, but if you've worked for minimum wage then double that is good money in their eyes. I've said since I first came on here, I can get my 4 bed semi cleaned, very well, for £5. The bloke that owns it works as well and has worked my estate for 20 years. If the people are fiddling then whose fault is that.
  13. Xline Evo Pro +30

    Were do you live mate Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  14. Bits and bobs poles/tanks/controller/di

    Hi Would you take £260 for your pole can pick up Sunday Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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  16. Employing somebody

    I worked for Mitsubishi, not an agency. It's in there company policy. Everyone is entitled to statutory sick pay by law. But not full pay.
  17. Employing somebody

    I think you were badly informed, if you worked for a company that didn't give you sickness benefits unless you'd been there 5 years. It must have been an agency, that supplied you, and lied you or it was in the 1950 's. Anyone working, I believe, 16 hours a week, is entitled to sickness benefit.
  18. £5 Window Cleaners Yorkshire

    I will put this one way, there is always going to be folk who will work for pittance avoid paying tax etc. Far as I’m concerned these types are servicing the types of customers I wouldn’t want anyway and someone has to clean for these types I guess!
  19. £5 Window Cleaners Yorkshire

    Are they declaring all earnings or even legit? Where I live is full of beer token boys, most would probably clean Buckingham Palace for a fiver if they could
  20. Bits and bobs poles/tanks/controller/di

    All sold bow sorry buddy Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  21. Bits and bobs poles/tanks/controller/di

    Hi do you still have the di vessel our reel with hose? Kind regards Martin
  22. DI vessel

    0 is pure so no need for a DI, I don’t understand why your asking this? As you surely should know this already being a WFP cleaner and treating your own supply.
  23. Employing somebody

    You don't have to pay them sick pay. I worked for Mitsubishi and they didn't pay anyone sick pay until after 5 years. Regardless, any employee you hire will have teething problems. I think college students would be a good option. Part time, Studying for a new career and hopefully if they follow there education you won't fear them taking over. Edit: Everyone is entitled to statutory sick pay. But there is ways around this. I don't think part time employees count. Full time employees would need to take off 4 working days to qualify.
  24. DI vessel

    My tap tds is 106. I have a R O system, when it's gone through that I most often get tds as 0. So I then fill up tank, run from there no di in van, but should I have one in van????
  25. A quick spruce up.

    That’s an epic end result Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  26. Employing somebody

    Do a deal on a partnership where you retain all the assets and they get 20/30/40% of the profits. Not sure how it would work, but it gets round all the employee rules. A Solicitor would be my first port of call
  27. Best pole on a budget?

    http://thecleaningwarehouse.co.uk/water-genie-barracuda-hybrid-5050-complete-4ft-27ft-5867-p.asp 18ft 102 + vat
  28. Employing somebody

    i personally would say look for ex forces guys, but im extremely biased. Imo 99% will graft, weather doesnt faze them and if they not been out long then fit enough to do the job. Only issue you may have is if they did the minimum 4 years, as some of them probs hated it, and just scraped through. Cadets may be a good place to look, but make sure they done a fair bit, and progressed through the ranks, although saying that i got demoted from sgt to lcpl in cadets for a couple pranks, mainly painting the rsm's cane yellow and putting his bike up a flagpole (6 of us, all got caught, he was a complete ****). Should of had the boot but the CO found it hilarious.
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