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  2. Typical estate type of house £12-15 I feel is a reasonable price
  3. I used to do it that way and found it a right faff , yes it does work but you need to keep pumping it up to get a decent spray pattern , I have a pump up ik 9 it’s ok for spot spraying but doing a whole house the battery powered backpack is far easier , quicker , and no pumping up .
  4. Today
  5. Fair enough dude 😎 each to their own. I haven’t gone down the go card less route, not really planning on it either but you never know. I try and keep things simple as poss. Cash cheques and BACS, i had a debit card machine before & it was nothing but a nightmare, constantly changing their regulations, re-funds & taking payments were a nightmare etc, the machine itself was poor quality and flimsy. My fear also is technical glitches. When online banking goes down as it has done before, sometimes for days, a considerable number of custys still pay cash, so can still operate to some degree
  6. Iron Giant

    Suns out and so are the chancers

    I agree with what you are saying, but for me no GoCardless no window clean and once they sign up I have all there details, plus almost all of my quotes are done via Fb so the conversation is archived 🙂
  7. It brings some “officialness” to it all. in the event of non payment...if you file a small claim against e.g. first name only...it’s not a good start. It’s also good for tracking payments. If they forget to put their address as a reference when paying (as they often do) and you’ve got 6 people with the same name, you know which one it’s coming from. Also if they’ve changed telephone number or address and then contact you, you can have some incline as to whether you’ve worked for them before or not. i find that the more information you have at the start the more time it saves later on down the line.
  8. Doesn't take that much rinsing out, to be honest, a couple of fills and it's rinsed out that's all I used to do after doing f.s.g cleans then clean my own windows and check them after to be certain, if money's to tight to mention all I used was a spare pole with hose outside the pole insert a fan jet into the top of the pole hose and clamp with an O clip then tape to angle adapter worked a treat.
  9. Iron Giant

    Suns out and so are the chancers

    Don't understand why you need the full name, I ask for the first line of address so I can define whether it's a yes or no from me, if it's an area I don't cover but I know someone who may or does cover the area I pass there number on and I don't visit the address to quote unless absolutely necessary
  10. Yesterday
  11. The pressure lasts for quite a long while. No need to pump and use the pole at the same time. I just pump it up when moving along to the next section of gutter if it needs it. Don’t use a lot of liquid either. Got a tap on the pole to control it.
  12. David K

    Window Cleaning in Winter

    Year round ! No exeptions
  13. Yes it will work but will use a fair bit of liquid it’s difficult to pump and use the pole at the same time , just put a connection on the sprayer outlet hose that’s compatible with your pole hose
  14. thanks very much everyone for the great advice. general question - can i use one of these: http://vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=361345433113&category=50365&pm=1&ds=0&t=1539334146000&ver=0 and just add the correct fitting to attach my WFP to the garden pumps hose ? possibly a cheaper solution until i can afford another dedicated back pack ( as i already have a gardiner backpack but i use it for pure water cleaning on the hard to reach balconies so would be nice to have a cheap tank dedicated to applying the cleaner solutions ). or would the height of a high gutter make the pressure system on them kinda worthless for the task ? any recommendations for cheap garden pump and spray would be appreciated
  15. Clearview Lee

    Can't you just get your cherry-picker out?

    If I had one to get out, yeah.
  16. Yep I agree. If you haven’t got a backpack use an 11 litre garden pump up spray bottle. Rectus fitting on the hose from it. As above just plug it in your pole apply and then rinse. I always use tap if there is one.
  17. Yeah, was fishing yesterday, relaxing over next few days and back working Tuesday. A manic busy short week next week. Bring it on.
  18. windowsurfer

    Graphic Designer?

    I tried fiverr. Think there was a language barrier as when trying to suggest changes to the logo the person designed. what came back was a tad inappropriate looking. Probably just my requests that messed it up.
  19. steve garwood

    Bank Holiday (Good Friday) day off?

    Sod work. Millwall yesterday, been fishing today then off to Hastings for a couple of days. Enjoy life 🙂
  20. water trailer with 2 x 400 ltr baffled tanks and pump for sale. I retired recently after 33 years of being a sole trader commercial window cleaner so I have all the gear available for ground to 3rd floor work. Collect in Boston Lincolnshire PE21 £800
  21. Rain water harvesters and then pump it through d.i. Vessels. Thats what we do. When theres very little rain we’re back to the outside tap though. The more rain you get the less tap water you’re using therefore the resin lasts longer.
  22. davewindowcleaner

    Bank Holiday (Good Friday) day off?

    I will be working on monday morning doing the oap Windows. The kids are already driving me mad and I can't wait to get back to work.
  23. its not worth it as you need to use very harsh.poisonous chemicals..... if he s using lots of resin his tds must be high......
  24. dont overcomplicate it....all you need is a backpack with your chemical of choice in it...simple plug your normal pole in,apply the chems then plug your pole back into your van system and scrub/rinse away.....simple and quick....
  25. the house is up for sale...id wait until they sold it and the new owners moved in!😀
  26. P4dstar

    Booster pump fittings

    I've been told they offer to send it good to go, just the connections on the inlet and outlet to fix. By the look of it I need one male to female and one female to male which saves me the hassle of knowing which is which 😂 Thanks mate, I think you're right i'll give them a call Tuesday and see what they say.
  27. at the end of the day he can charge what he wants for a window cleaning job.....theres no "standard charge" for window cleaning...... i have all sorts of prices low and high.....i have some cheap estate work that is very compact(90+ houses on one estate and 70+ on the one across the road)some jobs are only £4 for fronts only(3 windows and a door)and they take min 5 mins to clean....im still earning £40-£50 an hour on this work....i have other jobs that are £80 and take an hour to clean in the same area......i must be doing something right as im earning around 45k a year for 20-25 hours a week window cleaning....which i can live on quite comfortably
  28. I always like that sketch where they're looking out to sea pondering over the sunken family fortune, 'The sea shall not have it' goes delboy haha, expecting rodders to get out there in that cumbersome antique diving gear lol. Might have to watch that later whilst supping a beer pre pub/club.
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