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  2. theres something about mary

    Looking good nice job , but as I said in the first place you did end up using bleach , the mixture does need to be weaker/stronger depending on the substrate
  3. vans vans vans

    I just had a ford custom 2014 and it's amazing just like being in the car has all the toys and hill start. It's great customers always say how it looks . They are one of the best looking vans I think Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  4. Thanks guys. I'm thinking Unger or Moerman at the moment (or Teleskopic if I go down the wf route). Any views on those please, quality/price wise?
  5. Today
  6. Best safe ladder setup

    What are those bars running up the side of your ladder?
  7. Ladder feet guards

    Does you ever use the ladderm8trix? I'm tempted to get one as it looks very good....
  8. Ladder feet guards

    I have these too Mike and have found them to be good. Particularly on decking slotted in between the pieces. Even my ladder mat will slip on decking but these are great for a more secure foot. Anything to increase safety!
  9. Best brush for gutters

  10. Gardiner Backpack

    Here you go http://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/all-products/pure-water-systems/portable-systems/the-gardiner-backpack/new-gardiner-pure-water-backpack-v3-22-litre.html Look in the description, 9 hours use on a fully charged battery Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  11. Gardiner Backpack

    I think Gardiner say 9hours battery use. Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  12. Gardiner Backpack

    When you say there using it for three days is it used all day or justva few jobs over three days? I have one but always worries the power will cut out so I charge it daily.
  13. Nationwide wondow cleaners

    What can you expect from a large national with employees who are paid peanuts. Of course they are going to cut corners.
  14. Bought a set of ladder feet guards from Scewfix for £11.99 and collected Friday morning and used them on a custies slightly slanting damp lawn.......impressed with them and felt safer up the ladder.Will have to drill two small holes in them though so I can attach them to my belt so always close to hand if needed though. but impressed.
  15. wish.com

    Just used it, bought a watch, bluetooth earpiece, and a baseball cap..........for the price of a couple of pints!!!...if they turn up.
  16. Nationwide wondow cleaners

    seen then up in Berwick they travel 70 miles to do the banks in town
  17. That's so true I have enough for two of us, even thinking about taking son in law on maybe next year as he fancies a career change.
  18. Easy Friday.

    well friday was disaster what I should of done is taken day off Thursday night indulged in large volumes of beer , so Friday was no gd for anyone ,all I done was eat bacon roll, made enough cash for my mate and went home.
  19. vans vans vans

    Hi tench, if your thinking of getting the custom, the basic starting one only has a payload of around 850, so it's best to pay a little extra to have the next one up with a better payload. I test drove several different model vans before buying my custom, but as soon as I drove it, I knew it was for me. I also paid to have the more powerful engine. Fully loaded it flies up hills, and the turning circle is second to none. Ive had loads of vans throughout the years, but this is my favourite by far. In my opinion, going on asthetics, they make other vans look ugly. Good luck with your search 🙂. Ive got the number of a guy who imports them if you want to pm me
  20. vans vans vans

    thats the same van as mine my mate has one also what a difference with the bulk head,no chance of getting squashed like a fly on wind screen
  21. vans vans vans

    thats a gd idea tenchthe mecanic is going to make a cover to fit over the injectors it has already had the injectors done 2k it cost so i,m not going to take any chance,its getting fitted when I transfer tank etc 111k on the clock so happy days
  22. vans vans vans

    @Duncs when u get your van m8 first thing u need to do is open the bonnet then pore a bottol of water on the wind screen then check if any is driping on the enging if it is then get your garage to seal the scuttle pannel asap that will help your van have a lot less problims my m8 has one with the 2.0cdti and its on 145k ish no injectors failed or gear box its bin so good he said he gunna keep it as long as he can , good luck with yours m8 mine has 66k on it now had it since 39k only issue was the gear box and had to seal my scutle pannel just had my mot yesterday failed on track rod end and a suption bush so prity happy with that
  23. Easy Friday.

    Are you on the correct forum?🦉🦅🦆🐦🐦🐤🦉🦅🦆😉😉
  24. Noticed the longer you do this job, the easier it is to replace culled customers, got a new one Friday myself...nice end to the week, and I always charge slightly more...so working for more...luvly jublee.
  25. Gardiner natural hybrid

    i,m using the supreme brush also just cold water best brush i,ve ever had ,i,m getting one year out of them
  26. Easy Friday.

    Always like a light Friday, home for 11.30am then walk to the pub for a pint and some pool...heaven.
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