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  2. Hose connectors & hose... I use these nylon air hose connectors - same as Gardiner fit to the goosenecks I stocked up with a few of those from ebay the other day as my tubeless setup relies on them and no doubt they won't have very long lifespans. I only use the straight connectors - none of the other fancy ones you see above but thought i'd post the picture anyway.
  3. Tango

    Water dried up..

    Trouble with tap water is it would then contaminate the backpack... and also invalidate the warranty for it. Last thing i need is that going bang and further crucifying me! Spotless are saying they're opening here soon... but they're refusing to give a date despite the fact i've signed up and apparently other windys in the area are wanting it here too.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Chris34

    Water dried up..

    That's a cracking idea, customer doesn't need to know and won't know that you're not supposed to blade it, yeah so it might take longer but hey it'll work out a lot cheaper till you get on your feet.
  6. Fairly certain that guy is on here
  7. I personally would scrap having next clean dates on, why don’t you just get contact number and send a text night before , thats how I do it , once am sorted and settled for the night , I’ll send a mass text message
  8. R wcs

    Water dried up..

    @Tango Use tap water and blade the window afterwards 🤓
  9. Good Question. You would not be selling anything just handing out leaflets. I suppose some of the bigger towns may be funny. Here in Wales there are plenty of small towns and they still seem to have that local mentality, which is a good thing. Just look at the guy in the news the other day from glynneath. He was cleaning the road signs in the area for free and the council were happy for him to crack on. Now there are no doubt towns or boroughs in London for instance that would not entertain such an activity due to health and safety, or some other red tape legislation.
  10. Are you allowed to set up a stall in a town? Or do you have to let the ****** Council know? Or even pay them... I like the idea
  11. Currently I post cards with a next cleaning date, but sometimes I am unable to actually arrive on that date. I am thinking of changing it to a weekly date, so on the card it will say - next cleaning date 01-07 to 05-07 I'm unsure if this will lead to even more confusion What do you think?
  12. CHWS

    Pole Hose..........

    Exceed blue is by far the best. Had mine since the univalve came out and it got a hole a couple of months ago so have been using the black hose that came with my hi mod pole. It was brilliant for the first month and is now starting to coil
  13. THL4KEL

    Gutter cleaning

    Your probably going to need around 500 quid as a minimum to set yourself up with some alright equipment.
  14. scottish cleaning service

    TIps to maintain shutters

    There was a creep up here who ran a Post Office in the scheme. Every Sunday the kids superglued his shutter keyhole. It meant a big queue on the Monday morning because he couldn't open the shutter for the front door. He ended up changing the locks himself after the locksmith showed him how to do it. In the end it was costing him a small fortune in locks so he soldout and retired at Yale's dismay.
  15. Davy G

    Upto 50 customers

    Well done. Glad it's going well for you. Thanks for the update. 👍🙂
  16. HWCS

    Gutter cleaning

    Mon3ys tight aa just starting up fpl hundo or am i dreaming? Genuinely no idea how much id need to spend
  17. HWCS

    Upto 50 customers

    A month further down the line from my OP and im upto around 100 customers, my pricing had got better and im feeling alot more confident in giving what i feel is a decent price for a decent job. Avg house is being priced at £1.00-1.50 a window down £1.50-2.00 a window up £7-15 a conservatory depending on size Same for internal windows. Ive invested in all new equipmemt from WCW as opposed to BnM/Homebase. Things are going well and i finish my job as a baker on 26th June to do wimdows full time. Alot of this is due to sound and solid advice from this forum. Many thanks guys
  18. Gasket

    Water dried up..

    Only pick it , if I texted the night before to leave the petrol cap open , and they’d forgot 😂😂
  19. P4dstar

    New Enquires that make you chuckle

    Then they tell you with a serious face that the last guy stopped coming 🙄
  20. I actually know of someone in my area who only trads, and he has admitted to me how he puts wfp down to his customers. I had to explain to him how he's mistaken, but this will happen - misinformation its called. hes retiring soon, and then all his customers will have to be re-educated, or do without a cleaner.
  21. ks789

    Water dried up..

    getting to like mad max days, men killing for pure water. Haha, going out equipped for the crime 'Mister, hand over that water.... all of it.... or i shoot ☠️
  22. If customers are intrested or understand it then just explain how it works if not just do them wfp and don’t explain as long as they have clean windows most won’t care how it’s done
  23. lol, sell em to RWCleaning above. personally Ive gotta get meself a bulk load of forkandles
  24. Also buddy, a lot of customers will be out and not even know its wfp. We've all had that, where they're in for once and are like 'Aren't you gonna dry it off?' erm, no, its how ive been doing it these past couple of years. 'Oh' It slowly sinks in everywhere that its the better way, I do say my bit to the customer when required to help push this knowledge. better finish/repels dirt/flies etc.
  25. Marko067

    worth stockpiling anything?

    I bought a whole load of 'O' clamps a while back then discovered I didn't need 'em. 🤣
  26. P4dstar

    Water dried up..

    You could go one better, even if the van is locked @Gasket can pick the lock for you and then help yourself 😂😂
  27. I'm with Dazmond on this one. Three of the four I lost when I switched over 12 years ago came back to me five years later when the traditional window cleaner they replaced me with fell off his ladder, broke his wrist and decided to retire from window cleaning. The fourth one replaced me with another windy and a couple of years in he made the switch to WFP and now she's replaced him. However, she is fast running out of traditional window cleaners to choose from round here. Most now seem to prefer WFP as they get their frames cleaned each time as well instead of just windows and ledges. Some of my current customers came to me directly because they had seen the results of WFP on their neighbours windows. So I wouldn't worry about it too much. I still have one who occasionally says she prefers the old way as she calls it. But I have the feeling she just says it to try to wind me up as she is a bit of a cantankerous character
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