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  2. Clarkus84

    Upto 50 customers

    I was doing a house on Saturday. Was one of the first I got when I didn't have any confidence in pricing up jobs. Been charging £20 every 4 weeks. Decided to go around, take a look and see what I would quote now. Needless to say, it's easily a £35 house. Done the same on the next house and I'd be about an extra £8 a clean. Was a bit of a kick in the teeth but I learnt the importance of getting prices right.
  3. THL4KEL

    worth stockpiling anything?

    Or we might find that there are multiple suppliers for products either in this country or other countries and that they are actually a lot cheaper to purchase from especially when the EU aren't putting tariffs on imports anymore.
  4. Part Timer

    Dashcam footage

    Do you know anyone that wants to buy a slightly damaged silver van.
  5. RWCleaning

    Dashcam footage

    I knew it! Slow down mate you’ll hurt yourself next time
  6. Part Timer

    Dashcam footage

    I think I actually drive on that road when driving to do a job in Norwich when I'm down Newmarket.
  7. DJT

    Dashcam footage

    that crash at 2:50...what the hell was he doing!!!!!!1
  8. CHWS

    Pole Hose..........

    Funny you say that I had a length on workers pole the a few years ago and it was 💩. It was unworkable , but the next one I got after the nightmare with Gardiners yellow has been spot on
  9. Today
  10. BlueClearChoice

    LIttle price help please

    Thanks guys.
  11. Alex Gardiner

    Gooseneck/brush keeps coming loose

    As Tuffers has said - you need to tighten up the angle adapter lever a turn or so. To do this open the lever and rotate clockwise by 180 or 360° and then close.
  12. cheers for replies everyone. I bought a Phoenix 35 and can now clean it by using the top of the roof to take some of the weight of the pole, when cleaning front on. My back could not handle tackling this from the side!
  13. Thankfully all my leads minus one have had two brain cells to rub together haha. My best one yet via text as they knew I was a windy. "how much please" Thats it!
  14. steve garwood

    Dashcam footage

    One of my favourite videos, the singing lion 😂
  15. J and S

    It’s it morale or right

    Surely the padlocks on the garden side so you would need to climb over to get to it anyway.........I have a couple I can lift up a bit to clear the hook, both customers told me this.
  16. I suspect a lot of parts are made in china so those might not be affected anyway. If the value of the pound changes for the worse though we might find stuff suddenly gets expensive.
  17. And 3 storey houses.....picked quite a few up since changing over.
  18. Tango

    Water dried up..

    Thanks - must have got confused somehow (doesn't take much when i'm stressed). 1) was previously discussed with supplier - who did come up with another idea but has since back tracked on that - and i'd just been thinking he was a legend too! 2) Solid idea. I like that one a lot and could possibly make that work! But I have more news that might render that idea obsolete as brilliant as it is - see under the next quote 3) Definitely gonna get a cheapy to tide me over / backup 4) Need to look into that as a van would be awesome too. 5) Can't do that yet - too risky for me and risks tend to backfire with me. I'm one of those people who has to plan for the worst (screwed that up this time not having my own RO/DI unit eh!). I do like working there with my colleagues who are great but the weekend just gone was a rotten one. Another windy said to me recently that he could never go back to working for someone else now... "I've gone ferrall" he said lol. Having got the bug myself it's almost torturous going into work to make someone else better off... I can't wait to have a sustainable income from window cleaning. I got word today that their cargo container arrives here tomorrow! Further backing that up, I've also got a notification that my fob and welcome pack have been dispatched so it looks like they're definitely arriving. The voicemail did say that it might still be several weeks until it's plumbed in and operational but it's arriving here tomorrow! Well needed given the lack of alternative RO suppliers round here. I'll pay the site a visit tomorrow and get photos if i can
  19. R wcs

    LIttle price help please

    I normally charge £20 each side , that includes gutters Aswell, so £80 take me 45mina not even that depends on how dirty they are , by looking at them photos they don’t look that bad , probs 20min
  20. Jonnyavfc

    LIttle price help please

    £120.00 should only take about hour and half m8. If the soffit had vents on I'd charge a bit more as it takes more time. Reach and wash it and touch up of the ladder after if needed.
  21. BlueClearChoice

    Gooseneck/brush keeps coming loose

    I’m having the same problem. Using a streamline pole.
  22. Tighten the round nut opposite the clamp. Turning the clamp rather than the nut helps get a tighter fit.
  23. On a few houses while giving the windows and frames a good scrub the brush becomes loose sometimes and flops about (I use a clx22) means I have to pull it down from extension and re clamp it but the clamp doesn’t feel proper tight, should it be very rigid, maybe I’m scrubbing too hard but I thought it should be made for rough work. Anyone else have this issue? Any tips?
  24. BlueClearChoice

    LIttle price help please

    Hi Guys. Littl help please. How much would you say for cleaning of all the whites? Not the gutters just the facias. House is down south. Thanks for your help.
  25. It's worth capitalising on customers with Velux windows, I've found that people are quite noticeably impressed that they will be part of the regular clean. A big selling point for WFP.
  26. Part Timer

    Gooseneck Stuck in New SLX

    If you remove the last section and stick a long thin pole up the section you can tap it out
  27. Part Timer

    Dashcam footage

    Not yet but one is on order 😁
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