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  2. mupps

    Razor Red Leaving Lines

    I have tried this product today. It's bloody awful!! You can even feel that the edge is rough just by running your finger along the length of the rubber. I carried on using it through the day but it generated more work than it's worth. Stay well away as it really isn't worth even ordering it to try. Spotless yellow is the most superior product I've ever used and will continue to use it. Razor red get it sorted!
  3. It’s because the weather is warmer mate. You have to press the fob earlier down the window as the weather warms up 👍
  4. so did you ask them what the problem was?was it the wiring loom on the split charge relay?what a total faff for you esp if you ve had the system a year and parted with an eye watering amount of money(grippatank would of been cheaper mate and would have fixed the problem straight away).... still......hopefully you can just crack on with your work with hot water every day now without issues.....😃👍
  5. I won't touch insides either.
  6. steve garwood

    One off inside and out clean price

    Insides!!! 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 Each to their own, but it’s a no from me 🙂
  7. steve garwood

    Quote request from customer who droped you

    I personally think that’s a terrible idea. she will then go around telling everyone that WFP is bad for wooden windows, this will spread and those with wooden windows will turn to the trad guys, so less work for us. Pub time 🍺. Have a great weekend fellow windies! Ska festival in Maidstone tomorrow, Charlton v Sunderland at Wembley Sunday, big family meal in a restaurant Monday. More to life than work! Love it
  8. YES .... the van appears to be working when the engine is off, new wiring, new parts fitted etc, hopefully this is the last of it and I can post positive issues! Thanks for all your help guys, the comments were invaluable. 👍
  9. Today
  10. Spot on with that , payment is cash , they wanted it done this afternoon, so told them evening time and want cash payment,
  11. Yeah mate. Is it sorted?
  12. I always found, in my experience it takes a long time to get paid for work done for third parties (landlords and house sellers etc) through estate agents. Now I tell them I'll do the work but they have to receive the payment in advance and hold it ready to pay me promptly on completion. Folk generally want the work done ASAP but think they can pay when they might get round to it.
  13. Probably wouldnt want insides done every 4 weeks, outsides regular reckon i could do in half hour and Id probably charge £30. Maybe different, pictures can be deceptive. i did a large old manor house place yesterday, looked massive, georgian windows etc, charged £40 but only took half hour. I darent push it much higher lol.
  14. I don't follow...doesn't the £1500 buy the franchise contract?
  15. Fair dos, gives you time do a good quality job too.
  16. For me looking at the windows I can see it would be £160 first clean and then £110 every 4 weeks, inside and out. Time wise which is probably more relevant. it's 2.5 hours regular.
  17. It’s in a nice Area , Darras hall, So am thinking would of been cleaned regular, anyways I’ll let yous no how I got on as am going be starting it at 6 o’clock , 2 hours no more less I’ve under priced it (my hourly rate) Call was form the Estate agent , hopefully this will help me get more work from them
  18. If you're in that much of a rush to find out you would probably be quicker typing it into this thing called google. Anyway; for a squeegee either get one from screwfix or get a Moerman liquidator. I'm guessing you mean water-fed pole? If so, lots of people start off with Gardiner CLX's. I got an SLX (one tier up I think) second hand for a good price. Just from my experience a 22-25 ft pole would be best. Why does this make me think your plan is to WFP the windows and then squeegee them off 😂
  19. Reneh7

    carbon pole supplier/ seller

    the poles is without any branding. I only know off one company who sells them. I want options to get the poles myself.
  20. Joshyouare

    One off inside and out clean price

    Yeah, I'd be around the 70 pound mark, think you've done well to get it at 120 unless they're filthy.
  21. Saying that, I cant be doing too bad, as I did the outside of a biggish place last week, huge conservatory on it, which they wanted inside of conny doing too, I charged £70 but it only took an hour and half. In my book thats plenty good enough hourly rate. But i do work fair quick, coz im a skinny b'stard 😄
  22. Actually, I change that to £60 to £65. Yes, I like it, get what you can. I am guilty of undercharging to be fair. Something Im slowly working on. I tend to undercharge, and then realize the mistake, and then have to go like the clappers to make it worthwhile. Daft I know. Its why I like the bog standard outside of a 2/3bed semi, 8 windows, £12 to £15, takes 15 minutes, everyones happy. I never like quoting large/different jobs.
  23. I priced it at £120 , ive give me self hour and half todo it to be far mate , I charge 40-50 for out/in clean on a 2bed terrace
  24. people will say too low, maybe right, but from what i can see £40 to £50. Dont look too bad, outside quick enough, inside squeeg and blade. Not much more than an hour if your quick enough.
  25. Hi all just noticed something today, when pressing the fob on the remote one stop, to stop the controller/water flow, the water flow seems to keep flowing longer than usual. Its only just started doing this. Wonder if anyone else ever had this? Also had a bit extra water leaking from the reel but I wouldnt have thought this was connected. To see what that is, when Ive access to a decent size garden, at my friends I'll unreel all the hose, turn on the flow and see whats happening. Maybe need extra ppf tape. Any help/ideas much appreciated.
  26. Evening guys!! got a phone call asking if I could come and clean this place inside and out , i have give them a price and they have accepted it, just wanting see what the rest of my fellow windys would charge , just see if I have got it right , what you see on photos is what I have priced it
  27. so is it finally working now mate with the engine off?👍
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