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  2. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Window cleaning and depression

    Good for you, to be honest it took me just over 2 week, (I think 8 sessions) before I could finish the week one routine completely without praying for a bus to squash me. Got one more session on the week 2 program and will start week 3 on Saturday. The first two to three sessions are pain but if you get past the first three outings it gets addictive and you start to look forward to it. The wife even started with me this morning, she didnt want to do the week one, just jump in on week two...... she wasn't taking the mick by the end of it though! 🤣 Today I managed the first three runs, walked the fourth and then managed 5 and six for a good finish. Hopefully Thursday I will smash all six.
  3. Yep always got garden hose and adaptors for all scenarios and types of taps. Useful for conservatory roof cleans guttering first cleans allsorts
  4. We carry all our own hose to be self sufficient as you will see on Thursday 😂😂😂
  5. I found it was much more comfortable to adjust it before cleaning downstairs. For the few seconds it takes its worth it for me.
  6. I carry a lengthy of hose with a hozlelock on each end to use hose reel and customers tap. Just make sure you rinse all tap water out of your reel before washing windows.
  7. Part Timer

    Window cleaning and depression

    This will mean that you're earning more per month than you were before the price hike, and you're working less, still a win win.
  8. Does anyone on here have any experience cleaning alucobond on buildings? It's the material that thay put on the outside of modern buildings so I'm not sure if you'd call it cladding or fascia. Any way if anyone has experience doing this and could give me some tips it would be much appreciated.
  9. Today
  10. No its not a rendered property. I am going to go back and check again if its on the outside of the galss and take my SLR camera to get some better pics. Thanks for all the help guys
  11. Chris34

    just did the first quote...

    I invite the customer to walk round the house with me while I'm doing the quote, I then ask them questions as I'm doing it and explain how I clean. I only give them the price once I have explained everything they are getting (direct debit payment, text notification, frames every time etc), I then work out how long it will take me and tell them the first clean takes longer to get the windows and frames thoroughly clean so it is higher for the first one, typically I'll be here for 1.25 to 1.5 hours (this then preps them for a high price) I then work out the regular price and add 50% and give them the first clean price and then the regular price. 'So Mrs Jones, the first clean takes longer to get the job just right getting rid of the build up of dirt so the price is higher on the first clean, it will take me about 1.25 to 1.5 hours, the price for the first clean is £40 and then it's £25 every 4 weeks. You get a text the day before your clean and the direct debit is processed on the day of your clean which takes around 3 days to leave your account.' I call it the kick and the kiss approach, go in high then give them the lower price and it sounds better. Also people seem more understanding about the price if you tell them you are going to be there a while.
  12. Just wondered if many others carry their own garden hose with a hookup to fit the pole hose in the van ? Or maybe just an adapter to hook up to customers hoses ? Been doing quite a few gutters lately and using the pure water for that seems like a bit of a waste.
  13. So I wanted to thank everyone for your replies, its surprising how many are similar to me and very encouraging that depression hasn't stopped people being as successful in this line of work as they want to be. Its helped me put things in perspective better and theres lots of advice to implement. I want to keep this going abit more so I'm gonna keep giving updates. I was very encouraged last week but didn't manage to get any work done. Since reading all the comments I'm putting my plans with the biz on hold, I'll still take on new customers or whatever opportunities come my way if viable but I'm not pushing for it until I can manage my day better and keep on top of my existing work. Once I've done that I will look to expand and employ again. @Green Pro Clean Ltd I've decided to start the c25k runs too, I did a run on Thursday and then yesterday..you did really well to be fair to keep going if you're 20st I'm 31 and 13/13.5st and after the first 15mins the first run was killing me. I'm enjoying doing it though, when it starts to get difficult you know you only have to go for 60secs before a 90sec walk so it helps you push through. Yesterday was my first decent day at work in about 3 weeks. I set a target to clean 20 houses and managed 17. I felt alot better mentally and just eased through the day, I had some negatives too to deal with. I lost a customer to a £1 increase after 2years, it bugged me cos I've cleaned for 15years and it makes you feel unappreciated but I knew she would cancel as she kicked off 2years ago when I last increased. I also had another nearly cancel over £1.50 but I talked home round. I find price increases the most frustrating part of window cleaning, it's like you've insulted them when you have to put them up, I've lost 6 out of 155 so far to the price increase and this is causing anxiety but I will press on because I know it needs to be done. I'm interested to know what everyone's customer retention rate is after a price rise though. I estimate its gonna be a 6% drop off for me based on how it is so far. Today I'm abit late getting going but I'm gonna have a read through @Damo thread and get going. I'm aiming for 26 houses today then I've completed the area I'm in. I forgot to mention I've had to move my tank and filters etc to my dads house due to having to move into a flat. I went to turn my tap out to make some pure and discovered someone has cut a good chunk off the hose pipe! I suspect it's another window cleaner. Fortunately I have spare hose so I was able to sort it but man what's loser that guy is.
  14. Alex Gardiner

    Backpack turned pumpbox

    Here is a wiring diagram link - https://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/media/wysiwyg/Backpack_V3_Wiring-1.pdf
  15. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Wfp first clean where am I going wrong ?

    That's the angle at which I get most coverage on the top windows, I never bother to change the angle between upstairs and down. Downstairs is easy enough to see what needs doing. I adjust it if I need to stretch over an extension or conservatory though.
  16. Alright Green Pro. Quick question. Why have you got your brush at that angle? You just seem to be using top row of bristles and not the whole brush as you would if it was square on with the the glass. Looks to me if brush wants to go up a notch less of an angle.
  17. Wind o kleen

    Looking into pump boxes

    Good idea fella! , could you not do a DIY pump box for lot cheaper ? Also mate if you want a decent reel. Pure freedom have a good one , cost a bit more then your eBay one , https://purefreedom.co.uk/product/pure-freedom-professional-hose-reel/#hose-colour
  18. chris clean

    Price rise after 5 yrs.

    Normally I am polite with people that leave for whatever reason and just say thanks for your past custom if we can help you in the future please get in touch. But this guy would annoy me with his stupid comments. My response would be a dig like this.... thanks for your message although all my other customers have been happy with my minimal price rise I completely understand not all can afford to pay slightly more and need to go with someone cheaper. All the best
  19. Part Timer

    Back fishing on a relaxing Sunday

    You'd have caught @Denwith that if he was swimming in the lake. Now that would've tested your line.
  20. Hi guys I'm currently a one man band, working with a gardiner backpack and several 25 litre barrels daily. While this option has given me the ability to become self employed again (for which I'm very grateful) on a budget I'm keen to try other options that would help me save time mauling with barrels and carrying backpacks here and there. Im fit and able to lift barrels with ease and also carry 12 barrels per day in the van and it's plenty, have made a frame work to keep them together while on the move so there's little movement. i don't want a fully fitted van system, my van is used for work and play so it's not a option to have something screwed in. After seeing what others have done using a gardiner back pack I've started to look into doing something similar but keeping my pack for those hard to get areas. id like some thoughts and suggestions on this. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F113409883066 it seems quite handy and could be plugged into my barrels pretty easy, possibly splitting the intake line into two barrels? With the flow rate at 70 psi I'm also wondering how much hose it could handle meter wise? I would also need a hose reel, again one I quite like is here. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264288280876 any and all advice is welcome dave
  21. Iron Giant

    Price rise after 5 yrs.

    I found this funny as he isn't bothered why the increase has to be made although he is smart enough to realise it's a 16% increase, he simply wants the cheapest price, 5 years in between price increases is way to long 50p to £1 increase every 1-2 years on houses until you feel you've increased as much as you can that's my plan but I know I will hit a wall at some point and have to increase the time frame between rises on some.
  22. steve garwood

    Price rise after 5 yrs.

    Exactly. I’m polite to those who have a genuine reason for not using you anymore, but that bellend with his flippant remark, deserves a flippant reply in my opinion
  23. I have found the same but I am targeting the same area and a similar audience I can spend £10 or £30 and get better results from £10 but I don't really need much more work as I am busy enough it's just keeping my face at the top, I think if you are really looking to gain good numbers as in new clients it's an uphill struggle with fb
  24. Nicky

    Back fishing on a relaxing Sunday

    Good day day on the bank last Sunday 4 carp caught up to 10lb, using hot dog sausage and garlic sweet corn.
  25. Yesterday
  26. I'm practically 90% like you, I have depression but only get anxious if moneys tight. You make some good points that I relate to. I do feel like if I don't move forward with the biz then I'm not doing enough. The thought of going out does my head in but I don't know exactly why I have that thought most mornings and when I get going I'm fine and the thoughts and feelings go away. It's funny you mention balance cos the friends that got me into window cleaning have simple balanced lives. In the end I do want to be working part time but after being in a good financial point to be able to do more in life, travelling etc.
  27. Ozzylawless

    just did the first quote...

    First question I ask every quote , are you looking for a regular window cleaner or just a one off clean? if they say one off I know where my pricing starts , if they say regular I then tell me what I class as regular for me every 4 or every 8 weeks , people like choice so only saying 6 weekly or nothing will get you more no's then yes's, you should then have a flyer or business card with a section to write both prices if you want them to go 4 weekly go a little high on the 8 weekly if you want them every 8 go a little high on the 4 weekly it's very important you have a way for the customer to visualise the price as people buy with there eyes not there ears you can add other sections to flyer or business card to create a package with gutters facia soffits etc this will turn £30 windows into full days work , with 4 and 8 you can have customers on different plans but still fit in nicely with your other work .
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