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  2. BrummyJohn

    Chemical injector with a 12v pump

    Thanks Pjj, your mention of 'metering ball valves' has sent me on some research journey. It looks the best suited for us and the way to go though for accuracy and ease of use. cheers
  3. Not flipping likely! What if they don't take you on but start telling their neighbours (who most likely have plastic windows) you do the first two washes free!? Keep it simple and straight and professional, I reckon. 🙂 PS. Please tell me you're not really doing the first two washes free?
  4. Part Timer

    carbon pole supplier/ seller

    The calculation is correct, as long as your initial figures are correct. Wouldn't be the first time that the UK gets charged more than the rest of the world
  5. Robbo

    Pole hose inside or out.

    Pole hose inside...pants outside!
  6. Today
  7. How about: Thank you for contacting me. I’m actually offering the first two cleans for free at the moment, as an incentive for new, or returning customers. However, I understand you have wooden sills and I have a concern that my wfp system could possibly cause damage. Sorry I can’t help. Regards
  8. Pit Creature

    spotless yellow rubber

  9. Tango

    Pole hose inside or out.

    You've abandoned the trolley and air hose reel?
  10. cleaniac

    Not got customers phone numbers

    First of all, well done for pushing forward. All customers should provide. Contact Number Email Address (of course) Postcode. If they have agreed to do business with you, its your business to have that info.
  11. I’m with you all the way on missing cleans due to rain etc. Had one a while back that tried missing two in a row due to rain. I told her if she doesn’t want a regular service I will gladly do them at her discretion but it will be at a one off clean price. She politely declined and has stuck to the routine ever since. I was more going towards customers that cancel due to wrongful information on their part. It’s not often custys admit when they are wrong but when they do they usually turn out to be really good customers as they’ve taken the time to educate themselves. Everyone makes mistakes and deserve a second chance. Maybe I’m too soft but it’s served me well up to now.
  12. Hi guys, this is the Webasto report after they have cleared it apparently? They didn’t log a report prior? its all double Dutch I me but may make sense to someone? also they are fitting a new loom permanently? I’ll be getting the full Ionics report when I collect the van at 13:00!
  13. Its not a case of holding a grudge , it’s running a buisness and having to pay staff and bills if half your customers decided they didn’t want there windows cleaning this time after agreeing to it then your takings are way down , I know it’s not likely that would happen but it reduces your income , if there is a genuine reason not to do them then that’s fine but just deciding they aren’t too bad or it looks like rain then it’s them going back in the verbal contract that I made with them , instant dump
  14. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Ian Lancaster franchise package

    Getting slow in your old age.. 😏 4 is enough for me. May go to 5 if in right area but no more than that Save that £1500 and put it towards the £5k to £6k of legal expenses you'll incur setting up your franchise contracts. He is a nice guy. His contract is seriously dated and I personally don't think it would hold water.
  15. Chris34

    Water dried up..

    This is very true and is relevant to all types of business. I often think of those war zone countries where in the middle of being bombed they still set up a market stall the next day and carry on with business, even though there might be a suicide bomber bomb the actual market. i think if they can do that then just about anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Another thing to note that is closer to home is how people look at brexit. Those with a negative mindset usually say things are going to go pear shaped and their business is really going to suffer, house prices crash etc, those with an optimistic mind say that although there might be bumps in the road, there will be new opportunities. Nobody likes to be classed as having the negative mindset but most people are, which is usually why they never set up a business.
  16. Eric Gilliand

    spotless yellow rubber

  17. Good Morning, Please contact our customer support directly on cst@grippatank.co.uk with your order details and feedback - we will be very happy to work with you to find a solution to get the best out of your purchase.
  18. clearview

    Pure freedom hose reel

    I’ve got this reel in blue with the 100m high viz hose, yes it’s heavy but as you say well made. The drum spindle is fully ball raced as well so lovely to reel it out and so easy to wind back up again.
  19. tell them about the fuel issue i had with a similar system fitted at grippatank,i bet thats what it is......
  20. Robbo

    It’s it morale or right

    I see what you are saying but, all my customers are generally very good, I clean 8 weekly and (i've got rid of all the timewasters), so if they leave a gate locked it is because they have forgotten. We all forget stuff, it happens. We're probably talking 1 or 2 a month, over a whole round. If I can't fit it in somewhere else, then I'll charge half price and do the front only. I think that's fair and reasonable. I text the customer to let them know and I've never had a single problem; they are very apologetic and it generally never happens again. I can earn good money doing the fronts only for half price; no going round the side, no conservatory to clean and I'll just fit another job in if I want to make up the time. Personally, I would love a 'fronts only' round.
  21. Pit Creature

    spotless yellow rubber

    Can’t find this anywhere. It’s not showing up on Cleaning spot when I search. Does anyone have s link for where to get it? Cheers
  22. Den

    Pole hose inside or out.

    I I think my poles last a long while by being tubless and using a electric reel after each job I use a cloth cleaning the hose whilst reeling in so my hose is spotless after each house clean. Also so a little maintenance washing the pole each weekend for good measure.
  23. Hi, a lot of people use 'Window Cleaning Warehouse' for traditional gear like squeegees, and 'Gardiner Pole Systems' for WFP gear The water for WFP needs to be purified before use.
  24. Guys, thanks for all your comments, I am currently sat in Ionics waiting room with the van in the workshop. lets see what the day has in store this time? (4th time of being here for repair work) keep the comments coming regards the possibilities of what then issues could be. cheers, Phill
  25. P4dstar

    carbon pole supplier/ seller

    Wondering if my figures are wrong 🤔
  26. We all know that wfp doesn't damage wooden window frames. But we have a local painter who blames wfp for his bad workmanship. I have the same problem with an old customer I've had for years. This painter has convinced him that we are damaging his wooden window frames and he now wants us to dry the windows off. I suggested he employ a trad cleaner to do them off ladders, but he doesn't want that as they would rest the ladders on the sills and damage them. He has shingle tiles under the bedroom windows. I think the main reason why I wouldn't take her back on is because of access. I would reply thanking her for her enquiry. I would remind her that you are still using the same window cleaning system as before and that you cant quote because she cancelled your service 2 years ago due to her being unhappy with the suitability of your cleaning method.
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