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    mark m

    Water shortage in ireland

  2. 6 points


    It has been asked so many times that I thought I would make some charts for mixing ratios for 15% and 10% Sodium Hypochlorite to water.  Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    How work spreads

    A bit random, but I was thinking yesterday..... I'd picked up 1 in a street due to word of mouth. I traced it back to canvassing a house over 4 years ago. That house turned in to them and 2 next door neighbours...then someone down the road through word of mouth.....then someone else through word of mouth....then someone else.....then their next door neighbour...then another through word of mouth....then 3 of their neighbours just because they had seen me. One job gained through canvassing turned in to about 10 jobs! Just thought I'd put it out there for anyone feeling disheartened with canvassing; if all you get is one job then it can be worth it! Enjoy the sunshine fellow window cleaners ☀ 😀
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    Alex Gardiner

    Maintainence of pole

    Hi Brian If looked after, a pole that is 5 months old should not really be causing issues with wear and should certainly not be needing lacquer applying. To help provide some maintenance and use advice could you email me some photos of the areas of wear and also some photos of the overlap areas on the top 3 sections (pull out the sections from the clamp so that the 20cm area of overlap on these sections is visible). Please email these to me on alex@gardinerpolesystems.co.uk and I can take a look and discuss further with you.
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    steve garwood

    World Cup fever

    Messi’s heat map from last nights game. (apologies moderators 🙂)
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    Make sure you are not holding the pole upside down .
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    Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Franchise finally started

    Well, it only took 1 year 17 headaches and 800 emails and several dozen conversations but we finally got there and launched the franchise side of the business last week. Already sold the first one since launch to start early July so exciting times ahead. https://greenproclean.co.uk/window-cleaning-business-franchise-uk/
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    Dave B

    Just for fun.

  9. 4 points

    Leaks, leaks everywhere.

    Ok so if someone could help me to wipe this egg from my face I would greatly appreciate it [emoji23] Took the tank out, propped it up on bricks and low and behold the leak is coming from the outlet port 🤦🏼‍♂️ Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Green Pro Clean Ltd


    Any good chartered accountant will see you right. Any one of any worth will either give you a 30 min or hour sit down free so you can explain yourself and he can get a feeling for you and what you need. When I was a sole trader mine charged £150 per year for the books. Now Ltd I pay a lot more but he also looks after other business interests for us and mine and the wife's personal taxes each year. Many will just say 'Oh do it yourself with QuickBooks' or some twaddle like that but I prefer using the professional means I can sleep at night knowing HMRC can't bother me .
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    Part Timer

    Why thank you sir I will.

    Did he sign up to GoCardless 😝
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    Iron Giant

    Ro production nightmare

    @phillip totally top guy, Very very much appreciated mate, 350ltr tank nice and full along with 2 containers to so I can complete all my work tomorrow without losing out. Thanks @Part Timer I should be good thanks to the decent lads including you on here who have offered to help me out a the drop of a hat.
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    Ro production nightmare

    I'm in Gateshead have plenty pure if you want you can pop through and fill up. Would not want nothing it happened to me before now how much of a **** it is.
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    Ro TDS

    The most important considerations when buying a 4040 is your water pressure, water volume and regular carbon block filter changes. So my preference is for an Axeon membrane. I have an HF5 in my r/o which will be six years old in September and still delivering a rejection rate of 98%. An HF5 membrane will work from 50psi - 100psi where an HF4 performs best at 80psi - 105psi. We use Fiberdyne carbon block prefilters. A 20" c/b filter will remove/reduce chlorine from 75700 liters of water and a 10" will remove/reduce chlorine from about half that amount. Chlorine in the water destroys membranes. There are some cheap carbon block filters on the market but only have a service life of 10000 liters. (This is pure and waste combined). Our tap water is about 120ppm atm. Our system runs fine at a 50/50 pure to waste ratio. So a 20" Fiberdyne filter will make us about 38,000 liters of pure water. The best place for a replacement membrane. There are so many suppliers using Axeon membranes as 'click bait' and send something else in its place with your order. I would advise either Grippatank or Daqua. You will be guaranteed that they are the genuine article.
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    Facelift backpack charging help

    Maybe thats why the previous owner sold it. I would ask them.
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    Water shortage / Hot Weather

    This isn't the first talk of a water ban since I have been going and it won't be the last but going from expierence it did not impact our industry before so I would assume it to unlikely effect us now. Also it is times like this when love them or hate them The Federation Of Window Cleaners stand up to represent their members and present them with the facts like they have in previous talks of water bans affecting are industry. To be honest rain fall has been low this year and the last 2 weeks unusually hot but it just shows how lack of investment and a bit of hot weather panics one of the wettest european countries. We just can't deal with any type of adverse weather in this country it's a joke.
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    Why not just bounce on the trampoline?? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Window clean centre for the majority of my stuff ( trad.) Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Part Timer

    World Cup fever

    This made me laugh
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    Waterfed Pole Hose! Nightmare!

    We coil our hose up when we put the poles back into the van. It means we have to spin the coil out at the next clean. And as @Marko067says, we also inadvertantly recoil our hose when we are cleaning. If you use a Univalve @Edward Baskervillethen the very stiff, non stretch nature of the hose we have to use doesn't help with coiling. We occassional get a 'birds nest' of hose at the bottom of the pole which we have to sort out either by disconnecting the hose or turning the pole a few times, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it a nightmare. In the overall scheme of window cleaning its down the bottom of the list of issues. A nightmare for me would still be using ladders to clean windows traditionally. A nightmare would be falling off those ladders again.
  21. 3 points

    Waterfed Pole Hose! Nightmare!

    In my experience, it kinks because we feed a twist into it as we work. If you figure out how to stop it twisting you will solve your kinking problem.
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    Cif outdoor multipurpose cream

    You are probably right, but using a solvent cleaner requires you to be up 'close and personal' with the frame you are cleaning. This is fine if you are doing a full frame restore as you have to get the ladders out anyway. The beauty about CIF is that we can squirt a little on the brush head and scrub at height. It isn't as effective as doing the job properly but then that's not the remit. BTW I do have some solvent UPVC cleaner which works much better. But when using it we need to use it with care.
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    Only family member I clean for is my mother. Every time I ask for payment she starts going on about bed and board......
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    Building a round.

    The way I started was to pick an area a week, then hit it hard with canvassing, booking them in for the following week. Then the following month hit it again, after I had 1 or 2 full day's hit the neighbouring area and repeat. Then after you got 3-4 days a week you can start recanvassing the original areas, knocking on weekends. If you have no luck in an area after a couple times try s different area. Takes time but I found it works.
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    Is now a good time you let you all know im a tax inspector....... only joking. You cant get anywhere in this world keeping a stock pile of cash and not paying tax. So just be straight you will get further in life Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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