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    Resin change cone.

    Changed my resin today have been using my grandson football training cone to fill DI vessel works a treat quick,simple and clean and off course a £1 poop scope lol
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    Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Converting to WFP, trolley or van

    My personal opinion is a trolley (or backpack) is an add on (useful one) to a full van mount for the occasional tricky access issue. Some lads will struggle on with a back pack or trolley day in day out and claim they like to do so however I can't for the life of me see why. A full van mount WFP is so much more useful.
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    steve garwood

    Benefits of a Signwritten Van.

    Just looks more professional when you turn up outside peoples houses 🙂
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    steve garwood

    Anglers on the forum

    Down in Cornwall at the moment. Been out fishing today, so thought I’d do a bit of showing off with a beauty I caught today. Now before others boast of 30lb carp etc, I caught this common with a standard rod (not carp rod). Only had a 7lb line, no boilies etc, just a bit of bread. 18lb of solid muscle. Took me 20 minuets to land it as my rod was virtually bent in two! @tench0771 I know you live in the south west, do you know ‘smugglers lakes’ at Cubert, between Newquay and perranporth? Its a good day out. Also had a bag of big bream.
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    What's the best brush on market

    Totally agree with the above. I've tried numerous brushes from three different supliers and by far my favourite brush at the moment is the Gardiner Xtreme Natural Hybrid. For me it ticks all the right boxes for my work which is all residential. My Dad, when teaching me DIY used to say, "Son, don't over engineer things." Ie: Don't use 3inch screws to hold a shelf up if when used corectly 1 1/2 inch screws will do same the job. The first brush I used 11 years ago was a Vikan. It was huge and heavy. Coupled with my first fibreglass pole and heavy hose the whole setup weighed a ton. But it did the job and got me into the world of WFP after 30 years of being a ladder man so I can't complain. However, I've now discovered I can do as good if not a better job of the same work using a much lighter and better engineered pole and brush and do it much quicker and with less effort.
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    Iron Giant

    Getting Paid - How to & Options

    Yeah, I hear what you are saying, mate, I would say my opinion is based on being in the game for so long and going through all the various payments options from only cash over 18 years ago up to around 8 years or so ago to offering bacs and Paypal without the newer options really taking off at any point as most people had the mindset that a window cleaner would always call back because they always have so 6 hrs plus a week doing evening cash collections really sickening me off just over 4 years ago I wanted my life back. GoCardless was the godsend I had waited for, as once it really took off for me it meant no more cash collections at all and for years now I have been able just to come home and for me and my wife to enjoy going out for a drink or a meal or just be able to go out for a walk with the dog, big bonus for us both and got 7kg of blackberries these past 2 weeks so loads of crumble and custard after a cold day at work 😜
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    UPVC Cleaning

    Thanks for the advice customer was happy with quote and I got the job cheers again Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    What is this on the window?

    Thanks for the input everyone. Popped to the co-op and bought Viakal. Applied it twice and it's removed 95% of it. No Idea what it could be from though. I've done this house for years and never seen anything like it. I'll have to ask the custy if I ever see him (GC customer)
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    Squeaky Clean Dave

    Powered hose reel upgrade for £40

    Hi all. I know this has been talked about on here before but I have just posted this tutorial video on YouTube on how to upgrade you hose reel for around £40. Hope this helps anyone interested
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    steve garwood

    Pole Tape, will any tape do?

    Don’t know what I’m doing right, but one of my SLX poles is nearly 5 years old and I’ve never changed the tape once 😊 Pub time. Have a good weekend fellow windies 🍺👍
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    Van storage idea's

    Aargh righteo, this is what I use this is my home made contraption that It works really well, an old ultimate flock brush bristles pulled out and Velcro stuck on the stock with a gardiner scrub pad.
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    What am I doing wrong?

    You will eventually streamline your setup. I started with barrels and had a massive speed boost when I switched to a tank. Then got even faster by mounting hose reel and having it run through the floor and out the back through a hose guide so I don't have to lift the reel in and out. Just stop, grab pole and go! Sped up switching to a Univalve instead of a tap. Avoiding rose bushes! Sped up switching many customers to GoCardless so don't have to knock. Technique improvement and better equipment helps. Then there's the whole other side of the business- getting lots of houses done in a day. Pricing them right for how much time they take out of your day. Ditching awkward jobs. Compacting work. Cutting down on travel time. Having a good hourly rate will be a combination of many little things.
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    What am I doing wrong?

    Being self employed you cannot afford to work for a low hourly rate the bare minimum you should earn is £30 per hour , you don’t get paid holidays , no sickpay , if it’s bad weather you can’t work , all this has to be taken into account as well as vehicle expenses , poles, hose ,water, and all the other costs involved you cannot earn £20 per hour and make a living
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    Best software for window cleaners

    Or Squeegee for £9.95 a month with a fully working mobile app Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    WFP rotting window frames

    I ditched a £60 customer not long ago because her decorators had ‘advised’ her I should use the cloth method because it damages and rots the frames. My lengthy but diplomatic response was I would no longer be cleaning the windows and to send me the decorators number so I can educate them in the WFP method. In the past it’s given me alarm bells when they mention it so I just try to replace them before the inevitable. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Paddy was on his death bed and knew the end was near. His nurse, his wife, his daughter and 2 sons are with him at his home in Belfast . He asks for 2 independent witnesses to be present and a camcorder be in place to record his last wishes. When all is ready he begins to speak: "My son Seamus, I want you to take the houses in Cultra." "My daughter Geraldine , you take the apartments over in Malone Road." "My son Patrick Junior, I want you to take the offices in the City centre." "Bridget, my dear wife, please take all the residential properties on the Upper Lisburn Road ." The nurse and witnesses are blown away. They did not realize the extent of Paddy's wealth. As he slips away, the nurse says to his wife, "Mrs. O'Shaughnessy, my deepest condolences. Your husband must have been such a hard-working and wonderful man to have accumulated all this property".. "Property?”, his wife replies. “The ****** had a window cleaning round." [emoji12][emoji12] Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    New Window & Gutter Cleaning member

    Your Real Name: Richard The Location You're In: Kinldare, Republic of Ireland How Long You Have Been Cleaning: 4 months Brief intro about yourself: Hi, came across the forum browsing for info on the web, done a lot of lurking and reading and seen some great hints and tip and info. I've recently started up my own window and gutter cleaning company called Clean & Clear Window & Gutter Cleaning. I'm using a ford transit custom with a 650ltr ro unit with Gardiner Slx poles,a werner 2ft multi ladder. I'll try attach an image
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    David K

    Benefits of a Signwritten Van.

    With a signwritten van you step up, and it looks professional.
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    Part Timer

    Resin change cone.

    Did you know you only have 4 toes 😱
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    What pressure washer?

    If you price the jobs correctly you make your money back after a few average sized jobs.
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    targeting condensed work

    I have certain estates that are like gold mines, lots of nice easy houses to clean that pay well. Usually these estates have a facebook residents page. Put a nicely worded advert from your personal profile, not your business page, and make sure your profile picture is a family photo or something similar that gives them the impression you're genuine. When I have done this I have had 8-9 jobs right off the bat, plus more from walk ups from these new jobs. It takes so long to get compact work, especially with so many other start-ups, but it gets better year by year and now I can have the odd day where van hardly moves. However, I have a lot to work on, and plan for things to get even better. I do have days where the round is spread out more than I'd like so have room for improvement. I personally haven't offered incentives. I don't doubt they'd work, I'm just tight and can't bring myself to work for less than I want!
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    Why isn't my resin lasting longer

    I have spoken to doug this morning, and we have come to the conclusion that the Di vessel sound so is the riser Doug suggested that I wait till the next resin change & then send him a sample of the old resin for testing...so that’s what I will do for now just a side thought... maybe the water isn't being distributed efficiently enough within the di, I noticed there are some di units by spectrum claiming better resin efficiency. May have a look once we have sorted is out. ps many tx to Doug for his help so far😍
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    steve garwood

    Little joke to start the day

    Bloke up a ladder putting up a cinema poster promoting a new film. Women shouts up “is King Kong coming?” He said “no it’s just the paste from my brush”
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    Ignore the instructions on the bottle, use at 10:1 so 500ml in 5l. It won't make it white again if stained as said above only elbow grease and a magic sponge will do that.
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    Going limited

    Speak to an accountant to get bespoke advice Rather than the advice of a bunch of window cleaners with different opinions Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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