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    I've only been a window cleaner for 10 years now but I been in business for a long time, used to sell nails to Noah. :) As the business has grown so has the work load, inevitable I know, nothing you can do that's just a fact of growth. But why has it grown? Well obviously cause we acquired more customers but also because those customers then started saying 'could you just clean the patio? could you just clean the roof?' and so on. Soon enough we found ourselves acquiring more equipment, pressure washers, softwashers and so on but also the loads of consumables that goes with it, chemicals, sand, sealants and on and on it goes. Now sure it's nice to pick up a £1000 driveway clean but lets look at it like this. (Based on 100sqm) Driveway cleaner -- £100 Sand -- £30 Sealer £400 Not even counting the cost of the pressure washer and fuel etc so let's call it an even £500 for the sake of debate. Half a day to clean it and another half a day to sand and seal.... now that's assuming the weather holds long enough to seal a drive in this country. So by the time all is said and done about 2 days is what you will have invested. Still not too bad I hear you think £250 per day profit. And it is. Here's the kicker, how often will that client want the drive doing? Once every 3 - 5 years typically Now if you had spent that 2 days dropping leaflets, chatting in the street and knocking a few doors you could easily have drummed up £300 per month in good regular window cleans. No heavy expenses such as sealants etc.. And whilst you would have to put in a day a month to get there at the end of the year that's £3600 you're up. And the next year and then next. How does that measley £500 look now? I have found (through experience) that the add ons can be toxic -- you get a taste of a £1000 job and net thing you are pushing them, chasing them laying awake at night wondering how to get them. The add ons we adopted over the past 5 years include pressure washing, softwashing, roof cleaning and commercial kitchen deep cleans. We have several thousand pounds invested in all the gear to do these jobs but does cause stress. I made the decision at the beginning of this month to drop all add ons and get back to our roots -- Window cleaning. As of now we ONLY offer window cleaning, gutter cleaning and conservatory cleaning. AND IT FEELS GOOD. No more hazardous chemicals, no more lining the pockets of sealant suppliers, no more ruined clothing, no more all equipment covered in shite all the time. Back to WFP system, some squeegees and some applicators and rock and roll. Sometimes when we add on much much more we end up with much much less. If I had spent the time I used to focus on add ons to building up the window rounds I would probably be at 4 - 5 vans by now so in a way I feel I have held myself back some what by doing the add ons but also feel it has been an invaluable learning curve to figure out what works for me. A reason many of us go add on route is sometimes window cleaning gets monotonous, in future when I am feeling that I will just take off for the week. So happy to be free of add ons.
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    "it is estimated that there are an estimated 3300 accidents needing hospital treatment caused by sodium hypochlorite solutions each year in british homes (rospa 2002)" the last time data like this was collated. whilst the video was imformative,what was the point in posting it and then saying i'll not divulge any sectrets into how it was done?-is it a kudos kind of thing? either way i don't really understand the logic as the way i read this is "i'm cleaning this,i'm not going to tell you how its done-why because i've spent loads of money and hundreds of hours learning how to clean surfaces like this-i'll just rub you guys noses in it - unless your my friend of course,thats the way i read it sorry if i cause any offence but thats the way i read it. i think its really good that some members of the forum have the gonads to stand up and question the lack of ppe,after all its a forum and whilst some will see your way of doing things perfectly acceptable and ok thinking the wind 'll blow the drift away-i'm fine, others won't,personally i would side with the others it shows that some members are learning and are trying to be professional about this and want to progress more into softwashing and hats off to them i say. am i right or wrong?,i don't know,i've done the courses-learnt from them and carry that knowledge forward on a daily/weekly basis however my ppe differs from yours but hey thats what makes us all different we all earn a crust or two however up until now i've not had any accidents or mishaps (apart from dropping some hypo on a tarmac drive-my fault)
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    This is me doing them Easiest way i reckon
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    thanks lee,aahh we go back a while don't we!,i first saw the wood treatment/cleaning around 16 months ago on the first softwashing course and was taught/shown it by an american,it did blow my mind and all sorts of things came into my mind-theres literally thousands of miles of fencing in the uk for instance,bishy was there too but was maybe too hungover from drinking with mark m the night before-i'm too old to keep up with mark-maybe too wise aswell. thing is i know the exact chems to clean and restore/the surfactant to go with the two,only the % ratios by weight no-one but no-one will give away,trust me i have even asked my tutor and he wouldn't divulge info on this,your dealing with sodium hydroxide and its not a substance to mess with unless you really know what you are doing,plus oxalic acid to restore the wood back to its original ph,its much easier to buy it off the shelf as it has its own sds sheets/use it as instructed and you get the results as shown in the video,(p.s. guys download the sds sheets gloves and goggles required!)it is the only place in the uk to obtain this stuff-no hundreds of hours researching and no secrets-and no i'm not your mate but i'll give it away-its not a big secret just please be responsable lads and don't try and cut corners as this will catch you out google softwash stystems lads https://softwash-systems.com/shop/softwash-chemicals/wood-restore/ link on the bottom of the page works
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    i think @kevinc250 post hit the nail on the head there im not having a go but y post and not shair it is like saying look at me and then giving the big fat finger sory if i sound a bit brutal but thats also how i read it as well i joined the forums to help others and gain info if no one shaired info the forum would be dead i just think the hole im not guna tell ya cos i dont want to harm any one is a load of B.S or cop out to put is polite thats my view any way , ive allways shaired info to help others with cems equement ect thats what forums are about just to say again this is no dig at any one but just my 10p worth
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    If I have enough on the list close to me and I can squeeze in £100+ before 6pm I will still pop out. I have to take advantage of anything on a weekday now as I recently stopped doing weekends no matter what. Not even if I need a catch up so don't have the luxury of jumping in on a Saturday anymore. Life first, work second.
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    Don't need to spend 3k. £150 for a fogwash or ecotemp water heater, bottle of propane gas, connectors, done. I only use mine when the weather gets icy and reeling in and out warm hoses is far easier than stiff cold ones. Warmer on your hands as your grabbing the hose and slightly warms the pole up. Yes you manage through really cold conditions without hot water, but for under £200, I appreciate my heater 👍
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    The three C's Canvass, clean, cull Most simple but effective advice I've ever heard.
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    This has sod all to do with window cleaning and no I aint gonna send you a £5 note. This is about switching -- anything, any time. Got my LAST British Gas bill, £292 for the quarter -- that's gas and electric. Not a lot so I aint too fussed............but wait then the pricks send me a letter, it's going up 15% (even though their wholesale cost is down 10%) Well today I decide to go on one of those switch websites. My annual use is currently £1168 -- going up with British Gas to £1336 On this site I get a new tarrif, of £850 for the year AND there are no switching costs involved. £486.30 of FREE MONEY!! These big firms rely on complacency to line their golden parachutes! Do YOURSELF a favor and go get some free dosh!!
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    Also planning on truly simplifying the round. Anything higher than this. PASS. Not going to be rushing out looking fir expensive long poles just cause that one client wants a 4th story council flat cleaned. It is all about streamlining. Banging out houses like this is so simple that you could do it blindfolded. After some thought I just dont see why we always make work so hard for ourselves.
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    Found this on another forum a while back and thought I would give it a try, might hopefully help with reducing snags for the o rings, it's a rubbery plastic starts of as granules you pour in hot water then they become soft so you can mould into any shape, haven't tried it out yet will give an update after a couple of days.
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    Life is so much easier now im just cleaning windows, not done hardly any add ons the last 3 months and its great, just get up and clean windows. got all my work done by thursday this week, just 3 first cleans this morning, early fiinish and weekend off. happy days, once i cant get all my work done in 5 days ill take someone on and keep growing. Add ons can be like a stone in the shoe
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    Strange....I remember when green was a moderator he put up post about bad language on the forum... Expect it must be his time of the month ! [emoji23] Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Hey, that's me. My son says that he has never seen anyone else slip into a coma whilst cleaning windows and still remain standing up.
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    Got asked to quote a previous customer of old boss today. She was a bit shocked when I said no sorry not interested. Why not she asked. So I told her. I worked for your last window cleaner an you never payed him on time. In fact you possibly still owe him three months. She told me I was rude as she walked away. Lol
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    Long story short my pump packed up on me earlier and was knackered for commercial jobs in the morning and residential monday Quick drive to see @Damo and now have a lovely pump installed with different fittings so he retrofitted my system to make it fit and now back to working early doors tomorrow Gives me time to sort out a new pump Just wanted to shout him out as that has helped me out immensely Cheers buddy
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    If you think this is hate you are a very sensitive person @Green Pro Clean Ltd As others have said it's an opinion maybe not one you agree with however but if it upsets you people not agreeing with the way you are working posting videos on forums like this is not the best idea. Also it looks a bit silly when you talk about people's English when your response has errors in it lol 😊
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    If @Green Pro Clean Ltd has spent thousands on professional courses in the past he should requesy his money back from those courses as anyone with any idea about doing this professionally would not be dressed like the guy in the video with no ppe. Especially someone who claims to have been nearly blinded in the past!! Coming on a forum like this where others want to learn from people showing that as an example of using chemicals is at best unproffesional more like stupid
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    Private gated community. 8 houses and 2 bungalows, 120 panels - 2.5 hours. A nice finish to the week.
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    Ubix 2000 for 99.9% of all uPVC situations and it is Biodegradable and you get a COSHH sheet with it. I mentioned it on a previous topic and by law you are supposed to give a COSHH sheet with every chemical you sell. Scott Dennings and Simon Palmer so far both seem incapable of providing one for any of their products, I shay their....... but re-badged Bonnymans product mostly. Nothing new there. For ingrained gray and tiger stripes Unger Rub out. Ubik 2000 and Unger rub out are the only two products you will ever need.
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    Greens hit the nail on the head again. Not often I agree with him but this time I do. As I said last time, seems I've been doing it right for 35plus years. Never do add ons. To lazy. Do my windows. Go home. No hassle. No out lay.
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    Yeh you could do but if you are going to do that then why not just take on more window work instead to fill the extra hours? Plus I don't want to work 12 hour days everyday got better things to be doing than working myself to the bone. Would rather stick to sensible hours and have some energy to live life.
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    Don't take it to heart if you lose a few customers along the way. That's normal for all sorts of reasons. Most will appreciate the job you are doing. You can get self doubt about all kinds of issues sometimes when working on your own. That's when this forum really helps. You are not on your own. You have shown initiative and drive to set up in the first place. Many wouldn't take that chance. You have respect from all on here already. Best of luck.
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    Must say I'm well pleased I've just got a contact to window clean Barnet football club Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    I think I've only cleaned windows 3 times on a Saturday in 35 plus years. Weekends are for me!
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    If you really need to use chemicals to clean windows then they haven't been cleared for years. All I would say is use a little extra water and scrub a bit longer. Never come across any glass that won't clean up with water.
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    It would scare customers if I arrived and started to get dressed with all the personal protection equipment needed. Gloves, safety glasses and protective clothing. The only thing missing is a Geiger counter. I can imagine the consternation when they see this and wonder if there will be any vegetation left within the radius of the exclusion zone I set up. I went wfp to remain alive. I wouldn't want to cause a chemical meltdown in Guisborough. Its bad enough wondering what the old ICI Wilton Chemical plants are pumping out into a surrounding Teesside atmosphere.
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    Just bought a KLX 250 for green laning, had sports bikes in the past but too old for that now..
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    Are you a poet but don't know it
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    Hello folks! this video covers how to get window cleaning customers, from fliers to presentation ideas. Thanks for watching! Trad - Man Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Got mine put together and working today. There's just a huge grin on my face and I reel it in. Just a few things to change now, I think I need to get a longer chain and a tensioner for the chain. With longer chain I can mount sprocket in better location and fix motor to the bench I love it in the day but it's at night it really comes alive customer I put some blue LEDs in too!
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    They need to introduce the licencing across england and wales might help slow down the unregistered , beer money, benefit dodging, undercutting window cleaners about :( Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    The amount of houses is not important it is the price per job and the effort you put in as a sole trader to gain x amount(profit). As for leaflets it's not something I have done but anyone that I know that has success with them puts out tens of thousands,Putting out 1-2k won't return much if any at all unless your lucky.
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    If I understand you correctly you need what you can see in these pics These are all available from Gardiner pole systems. Gardiner's green PU pole hose is my favourite as it is more flexible than most PU hoses, but others are available such as Ex-Ceed's blue one that many like. The connector in the lower picture is a John Guest 8mm-8mm straght connector and can be used with or without the hosetail seen in the picture. If you use a hosetail I recommend the black version found on Gardiner's website as it's more robust than the red one pictured. For a Valve or tap I woud strongly recommend the Univalve from Ex-Ceed inovations as it fits into the hose just inside the top section of the pole and is operated by tugging on the hose where it exits the pole.
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    I'm in North Yorkshire. I used to only charge extra if it was a one off or a customer who wanted an irregular clean, i.e. 2,3, or 4 times a year. I used to explain to the customer if they wanted a regular 4 or 8 weekly service I wouldn't charge extra for the first clean (in my eyes I was happy to take the hit on a first clean to get a regular customer). I quickly found that for every 1 customer that stayed regular there was 1 customer that said they wanted a regular but cancelled after 1 or 2 cleans so obviously didn't want to pay the one off premium and that was how they got out of it. So now all first cleans are priced higher, between 25% and 50% Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    @kevinc250 we do go back a wile i must say nice to see u post on this forum we should have a chat some time its been a long time haha green dont scare me m8 my spelling is legenderry if any one dont like it fuk them
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    You wouldn't believe it can would you? http://www.intechpower.com/blog/bid/48151/Moisture-Absorption-Swelling-in-Nylons-except-Cast-Nylon-12 Also http://www.plasticsmag.com/ta.asp?aid=3786
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    I choose to wear ppe on some jobs and others not but that is my choice and my risk If teaching somebody else how to do it i would be making them put ppe on for every job Then again some jobs like decking i would be using sodium percarbonate and not need ppe It is a personal choice and an informed choice but i wouldn't be advocating to others not to wear ppe If using hypo at more than the 1%ish that i use on fascias i would have my old british army nbc (nuclear biochemical warfare) suit and respirator on Looks a bit like overkill but i know i am not harming myself
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    I paid a guy years ago to do a leaflet drop of over 2,000 pretty sure they didn't all get delivered as I never got 1 call. Getting out knocking on doors let's the client see who will be cleaning their windows and you get to sell yourself a little. I have been in this game over 17 years and door knocking is by far the best option and it only costs you time not money. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    That's just what I was looking for! Cheers Karlos! (y)
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    Thanks lads got a lot of inspiration from this thread , hurt my back last week probably down to taking trolly down steps and lugging barrels round , so just added this reel to trolley 30m pole hose , and putting small tank in van with a fast fill outlet , my work is more suited to trolleys due to parking issues
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    I used them for a short while, but they became redundant when I went tubeless. I found they worked quite well but did occasionally come apart when they caught on things. However, the outer part that protects the fitting stayed put. It was the inner part that would disappear off down the hose. I like the Rectus fittings but I prefer the simplicity and ease of use of the JG fittings now. No messing around with 'O' clips to hold hoses on. (This works for me as I only use PU pole hose). When a connector comes to the end of its life, just pull it off and push a new one on etc.
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    The day you all start wearing PPE to use a bittle of Domestos to clean your kitchen counter is the day that I will wear PPE when using this particular mix. Yep I am a big advovate of PPE. Yep I am also no longer sharing info cause whilst I know hiw to make this mix at less than the active content of a bottle of spray Domestos which is just 1%. HOWEVER - if I were to share my mix there would be some idiot that would ignore the hypo proportion in the age old misnoma that more is better and do them selves harm. No I dont need a refund, my training has paid for itself many tines over and continues to do so. But hey... thanks for hating... and just a side note but the only thing 'amateur' here is your use of the English language. Amateurs do things for passion or love not for fininacial gain or reward. I'm always well rewarded for my work.
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    I have problems sometimes, then go home at end of day have a coffee get the problem liquidator in my hand and soap up one of my windows and use it....and it works perfectly. Could be my angle of attack especially if I am up a ladder working with it methinks!!! and not the tool.
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    I've got one, it's brilliant! including the hose it cost me £500
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    Installed my power up hd this afternoon, can't believe how fast it is, going to give it a good run tomorrow.
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    Nice job looking good , must say though that Ime shocked with the lack of Ppe you said that you got hypo in your eyes and ended up in hospital looking at this video it's easy to see why ,you have always been very safety contious with your advice which is good but the video doesn't show that in real life , all that mist /vapour as well breathing that in won't do you any good , why not use a course spray ? That will reduce the misting by about 80%+ also the overspray with the neighbors property ? Hope they weren't in the garden or had any washing out ?? 😂😂😂😂 this isn't having a go but it does look a bit slap dash just like our American friends , bare arms, no respiratory protection, or eye protection , skin will absorbed any chemical which will then enter the body causing a number of ailments , in my early days of using hypo I did exactly the same but very quickly suffered a number of symptoms that were very unpleasant, now using ppe this is a thing of the past , however still don't like using hypo but for quick lasting results it's hard to find anything better .
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