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    Alex Gardiner

    Gardiner package

    Hi Craig We do not offer a starter package. We have considered this over the years, but there are so many variables to be considered that we instead offer excellent value products that clients can put together themselves into a setup that exactly meets their needs.
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    Alex Gardiner

    Keep snapping fan jets

    It is such a pain when a product like this breaks - apologies for the inconvenience that this has caused. We think that some of these were partially fracturing when being assembled into the brush stock so that they were weakened leading to breaking easily. To cure this we have just had delivered yesterday afternoon a new production batch of these 100° Black Fanjets which are made of new tougher, more impact resistant plastic. In testing they are surviving the most abusive of treatment. So for anyone who has had these 100° black fanjets snap please send an email to the Customer Service Team on sales@gardinerpolesystems.co.uk with the following information: 1. Your Name and Order number 2. Details of what fanjets have snapped and how many you need replacing 3. A photo of the broken fanjets (if possible) We will then send out replacement fanjets from the new improved material.
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    Iron Giant

    Allways watching the Weather

    I gave up paying any real attention to the weather years ago, It's never a 100% I just get out and crack on
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    Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Moving to reach and wash

    People will always defend the method they use. They dont want to seem like perhaps they made the wrong decision on gear. Sure budget plays a huge part on start up but remember the old adage penny wise pound foolish. You could save £100 choosing the budget set up but the premium set up works quicker so will allow you to do 4 extra houses in the same time.. Which is truly the better system for you? Hope you get the example. On to my opinion..... and that's all it is... an opinion.... trolleys and back packs are an add on tool for a professional window cleaner, they are not the way forward for building a professional wfp based business. The only way is a good van mount. Say you land a nice commercial contract..... 4 hours work.... using a 20L backpack.... you need to go refill on average 24 times to get the job done. That 4 hour job just became a 7 hour job.. with a 500 or 600 litre van mount no refills and its a 4 hour job. People too often set up for where there business is now..... they should be buying for where their business will be in 12 months time.... strong growth is only possible with the right tools. Buy cheap buy twice.
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    First cleans with WFP

    We don’t do builders cleans that is explained to the customer , if they want paint, cement, silicon, sticker labels or plastic protective coatings removed then we would be unable to help them , we do carry ladders but don’t do this service : if however it was an existing customer who had had an extension built on there property and the above was on there new windows I would suggest they get the builders to remove it or put it right , as a very last resort and I mean a very last resort we would do it but stressing any scratches on the glass we would not be liable
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    1: ALWAYS QUOTE only what you see with your own two eyes... never quote or even 'GUESSTIMATE' on line. 2: NEVER even 'SUGGEST' they don't pay... everyone pays. 3: WHEN you balls it up.... apologize briefly.. analyse why and how (so you dont balls it up again) and redo them 4: This SCARES you? HA you could be a @steve garwood (Natural born ginger) 5: What tea? Go fetch me another Cider!
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    Markyboy 50

    Avengers. And me being old.

    Must be my age. Was asked if I wanted to go and see the new Avengers film that’s been released yesterday. I thought it would be a re make of the one from the 70S with Purdy and Steed in it. How wrong was a I. All robots etc. Not mything. Fell asleep twice. Let’s say I won’t be buying the dvd when it’s released!!
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    Sadly that's what happens when price is the over riding factor. People may put us all in the same pigeon hole but it doesn't mean that we are in the same pigeon hole. I keep saying to my son, "just because he says it doesn't mean its true or right." There will always be those windies who still manage to keep their heads above the tide of poor quality workmanship. We have a few in our area that think of the pole as a magic wand they can wave about for a few moments and have the money rolling in. But we have also had quite a number of cleaners pack in recently. One asked me to quote his house and I quoted him the same as the other houses we do in the street which are all identical. He was visibly taken back. He moved into this house about 18 months ago and leafletted all my customers quoting a price much lower than mine but got no takers. Another did a leaflet drop in Redcar offering first cleans for free and £4.00 there after for a 3 bed semi. He lasted 6 months. It didn't stop customers phoning around to see if anyone else would better the deal or at least match it. But they soon found out that the deal was too good to be true. The rest of us are too busy to even give an enquiry like this a moment of serious consideration - I wouldn't even bother to give an enquirer a quote as I know I would be wasting my time. My reply to an enquiry like this is; "thats a really cheap price. I wouldn't hesitate to take him up on his offer. But the price is just so good that I can't help wondering what his real reason is to gain access to your property. Do you think he could be wanting to case the joint out?" A have a standard reply to the customer whose cheap window cleaner stopped coming. With my teeth together, mouth slightly open and sucking in air through my mouth with a very serious, dead pan expression is. "oh, he died! (pause) He straved to death as he couldn't afford to eat on what he was charging." Despite all the cheap window cleaners around including one business charging £2.50 fronts and £2.50 backs for a 3 bed semi, I'm passing new enquiries over to another window cleaner as I'm chock-a-block. Over the years we have had a constant drip feed of geniune enquiries from their ex customers who have got rid of them because of the poor quality associated with their cheap price. So these cheap window cleaners maybe influencing customers but I'm not going to let that become a big problem for me. But then again, we are well established; I might be more concerned if I was a newbie starting out. .
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    Moving to reach and wash

    I had a lad help me out last week, he had been window cleaning for 30 years. I subbed him a days work, when i checked back on the work he had done 5 out of the 20 had complained to me about missing doors, missing sills, spots. My only point is you can do a great job or a poor job with the water fed pole, its always the users fault never the system. Also i think a lot of the speed comes as you get to know your round and your particular windows, from parking the van in the right spot to getting in the right position to clean that awkward one and rinsing on the glass where possible. All small details that add up over the day. Its not as easy to say do it this way or that, but to know the houses and windows which you actually clean and get effiicent at clenaing those.
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    Moerman ( again!!!)

    I know what u mean, I'm the other way round, tend to keep it over and use my thumb to keep it held back when in hand
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    Alex Gardiner

    Gardiner swan neck removal

    Drop a line to our Customer Service team on sales@gardinerpolesystems.co.uk and they can give you removal advice and arrange to send you a replacement base part to prevent this happening again. Occasionally a gooseneck can become jammed after prolonged use. To remove this, the best method is as follows: Remove the gooseneck lever set and top part of the gooseneck. Remove the lever set in the top clamp of the pole. Extend the top section of the pole and get someone to firmly hold this section. Fit an adjustable spanner on the circular part of the gooseneck (see photo) and twist the gooseneck around. Once the gooseneck starts to turn you can also start to pull it outwards. 4.
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    scottish cleaning service

    Competitors calling

    Just tell him you will visit his house and give him a quote, it really is that simple. All he can say is, no thanks.
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    Part Timer

    What would you charge for this....

    Looks like you've dodged a bullet there.
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    Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Advice on buying a round

    3 x cleans is what you pay a canvasser for a pile of names and address with no real guarantees of anything and not knowing the condition of each first clean. For decent established work that he is going to work with you and introduce you to customers first then 6x cleans is perfectly fine. I would write a letter simply explaining the change in window cleaners to the customer. Keep it simple. Make it sound like its from him. 'Dear customer as of June 2018 I will no longer be cleaning windows but have arranged for Dave to take over your window cleaning for you. There will be no change to schedule or pricing. Daves contact details are blah blah blah. My thanks for your past custom and my best wishes for your future. Kind regards. Pikey Window Boy Hand one to each customer as you work the round. Have him write you a receipt for the 6k detailing EXACTLY what its for. MOST IMPORTANTLY find out EXACTLY how each customer pays and change them to your payment system on the first clean. 6 x cleans is perfectly fair for quality well maintained work. Good luck.
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    Dave B

    Percentage & Dilution ratios?

    5.3 litres of 15% hypo in a 20l barrel and then filled to full with water is a 4% mix which is good for patios etc 2.6l hypo and the rest water will make a 2% mix which is good for render etc
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    I had one yesterday telling me how he saw another guy with a pole over the road putting in a right "performance". I told him its not as easy as brushing the window and squirting water at it, we're similar to a good painter and decorator as we use a brush and have to cut in perfectly,and get full and thorough coverage over the surface to achieve a proper finish.
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    Lichen covered conservatory roof

    if its covered in lichen,then the worst thing you could do is use a degreaser on it,(its not covered in grease but lichen,use the correct product for what you are trying to clean or remove and its so much easier mark),personally I would spray with a biocide that will over the following week soften the lichen and kill it thus releasing its grip on the surface of the glass,return to the job after two weeks and see how you go just using tap water the lichen would be a lot easier to remove as it should be dead. when the lichen is removed there may be a few marks left-theres not a lot you can do about that as lichen excretes acid as a bi product-think wee and poo and that's what it is explain that to the owner,and no its not the best thing to scrape a self cleaning glass roof hope this helps
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    Moerman ( again!!!)

    Which way you got the pad? Over is better on pole, under in hand
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    Decisions Decisions

    I do get where you are coming from @steve garwood. I got from @paul alanthat there is more than enough windows to clean that are easier to reach and still earn a good living rather than going for the bulls eye moon clean standing on earth.
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    Univalve repairs?

    I had a univalve with similar problems as you described, took it apart as per what nudel said. There is a Spring inside and an o ring, cleaned it all up, put some silicone grease on the o ring and all worked fine for about a week or more, but then back to same problems. Binned it and replaced with a new one. I got 18 months out of the last one so can’t really complain.
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    Part Timer

    What Age Are You

    But that's not off window cleaning
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    Same across the new build estates i have being on for years always a constant stream of lads dropping flyers and canvassing only 1 out of my 100's of clients have jumped ship for a cheaper price. Agree it's good to be kept on your toes and maintain high standards .
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    You've made a good point here. I've experienced this as well. Some long time customers are genuinely concerned about the amount of window cleaners using the pole. "They seem to be everywhere these days." "I've never seen so my people using your system." Whilst it is also nice and reassuring it is also a personal reminder that our standards need to be higher than the others.
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    Those of us with established rounds, often get our residential work targeted with flyers and canvassers etc, and you often get a flyer off a customer showing you a cheap price. And for me it's reassuring that some of your customers show you these not as a bargaining tool to get a reduction, but to tell you somebodies canvassing the area. Things have changed in residential areas a lot over the years many windies are happy to travel distances for odd houses (albeit well priced). However i do a lot of compact work and I find customers still think that patches exist and if your a familiar face in the area and do a good job they don't like others canvassing work in your area. I find that nice and reassuring. Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    You’d do it quicker with a wide brush and without the swivel - that looks like the most awkward technique you could possibly come up with, especially with the floppy pole. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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