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    Old tank out and new tank in. Soft wash side set up installed A view from the rear Power washer and WFP side coming together. Finishing touches later today. @Eviestevie it aint red! :p All fabrication installation by Ian a Spire WFP Supplies. Find him on FB Spirewfpsupplies.
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    Just brought an aldi platform for conservatory roof cleans and got to admit for £70 it's brilliant used it this morning on a conservatory roof clean and it was a doddle!!
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    Yours will be the same in 10 years time;) There have been many other oldies on this and other forums, but eventually they loose interest and you never see them again. In my early days they were my crutch to lean on. Nowadays if we have a problem we can just ask on a forum and we will get numerous ideas and opinions. When I first started wfp there was nothing like this. We jumped into the deep end and we had to learn to swim quickly or we sank. There were just 2 of us wfp in our whole area to start with so we relied on each others experiences, and boy, did we need each other. Whilst we were trying to work out the best cleaning technique and making the most of crappy equipment, we were also having to convince customers that this was the new way forward. Having had a senior moment stepping off my ladder from the first floor window thinking I was on the ground made me seriously realise that if I was to continue working I needed to be alive. We bought a trad round and converted it to wfp. Most of the houses were dormers. So not only were we new, we were foreign (South Africans) among Yorkshire folk trying to convince our new customers that this was the way to go. (Yorkshire folk aren't the most trusting; I know as I married into a Yorkshire family.) We were also new to this technology ourselves.The only way most on that estate could be convinced was when we told them they didn't have to pay until they were totally satisfied with the job. Thankfully that didn't take long, but we spent hours explaining to different people how this magic water worked. "What do you put into the water to make it dry without spots?" "Its not what we put in but rather its what we take out that makes it so special." De-ionised water meant nothing to most people back then. It was rocket science to them. I'm all to aware of what works for me may not work for you. It just gives you another angle to consider. Our circumstances could be totally different. As I mentioned on another post I'm the wrong side of what we call youth. In the same way as you have taken a long guided leap of faith into the wfp world, I'm also in the same position. For example, I need to consider a fixed motorised hose reel as winding hose and lifting a hose reel in and out of the van is literally killing me. But I also need to keep the van doors locked whilst working around the back. In the winter having warm water to work with would make my life a bit easier - I think. I'm not interested in if it cleans faster etc as I can't work faster; it just means that warmer hoses are easier to manage than cold ones. If its really cold I have a warm air diesel heater fitted to the van which I can leave on. It gives me a warm retreat to thaw out when I need to. That was very important for me. At one time these were 'likes' but I'm not too sure when things like this change from 'likes' to 'needs'. So in a way we are both on diving boards ready to dive into the pool. Its the same pool, we are just on different diving boards. New window cleaners like you who take the proverbial bull by the horns and are prepared to go for it give me a lot of encouragement and motivation. So its a two way street. I get as much out of this, probably more than what I put back tbh. I need to thank you for doing that. -
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    After watching and reading posts on here I wanted to give my thanks for the valuable info and advice that is within. I only started my business about a month or so ago and it has grown greater than I had originally anticipated. Think I achieved a milestone today with my first solo builders clean under my belt. Learned plenty for my own benefit today but thought it only right that I gave thanks to the many who have written their experiences down in here for me to peruse and learn from. So a genuine heartfelt thanks 🖒 Garden 2 Gutter Property Services
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    I sometimes soft wash Indian Sandstone if it's flaky to avoid damage and so rely entirely on the power of hypo. But if sturdy enough I'll pressure wash it but always mindful of bits splitting off. Attached are 2 recent jobs. The yellowy stone was in a really bad way so I applied 15% hypo diluted to about 5% scrubbed it in with stiff brush and left overnight.Back next day,applied stronger mix and left half hour then pressure washed - you can see results. The other job I did at weekend and was 100% soft wash - 50/50 mix of 15% hypo,poured on with watering can,left half hour,rinsed and soft washed with another 50/50 mix,left half hour and rinsed.Used about 20 litres I think. Both great results - all down to the hypo.
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    One of the biggest banes of this game is getting paid (quite often) A big thing that is over looked when it comes to collections is that it actually COSTS YOU MONEY to get paid. I will be 100% honest, when I get a sizable bill through the door I deal with it, when I get a bill for a few quid I think 'I'll sort that later' So I can't really whinge at clients for thinking the same. Now before I go on, this is all based on information I have gathered in phone calls to Paypal, GoCardless and my bank manager at Santander. There is no right way or wrong way to go about getting paid and which ever options you choose for you are entirely your choice and only you can decide what works right for you. Lets begin with getting paid in cash: Plus side: It's cash Negative side: If your client is not home and has not left it out for you then you will need to spend time and fuel to return later to collect the cash. Some time back we calculated that collections was actually costing us 20% of our business in fuel and hourly rates for lads collecting. Cheques - A bit outdated but still valid: Plus side: If the customer has no cash they can still pay you on the spot. (Or post it to you should they not be home on the day) Negative side: You will have to make a trip to the bank to pay it in and await cleared funds. Paypal (This is a 3 part option) so let's start at the begging: Paypal Online (through phone tablet or PC) Plus side: Instant funds Negative side: The charge for this is currently 3.4% PLUS 20p. Lets use a £15 payment as example :- 3.4% of £15 is 0.51p and then there is the 0.20p charge on top - total to Paypal 0.71p per transaction leaving you £14.29p PAYPAL HERE: Using paypal here and just keying in the card details on your smart phone or taking payments over the phone the comissions are the same as online methods. IMO - That 0.71p is a lot less than it would cost you to return later to collect the cash. IMPORTANT NOTE -- I am writing this with a regard to the fact that you use Paypal in the spirit it is intended, we all know that if the customer sends payment as 'Gift' or 'Friends and Family' then you don't get hit on the commission - HOWEVER - I personally would not put a note on any receipt asking a customer to help me avoid fees as that speaks volumes about the sort of person you're coming across as. Paypal Here: - Using Chip and Pin Card reader Plus side: You can take on the spot payments. Negative side: You need them home to use the card reader. Commision is 2.75% (there is no 20p charge on top) Example :- A £15 payment. 2,75% of £15 is 0.42p (0.4125p but they will round up) So after 42p cost cost to Paypal you are left with £14.58 Paypal will reduce your percentage to a flat 1.4% across the board should you choose do over £6000 per month business through your paypal account. GoCardless: This is a method we are favoring as it does automate much of our administration. Plus side: Pretty hassle free and payment pretty promptly - Also less likely a customer will cancel on a whim. Negative side: Like Paypal there is a commission to pay. GoCardless is just 1% commission per transaction HOWEVER there is a minimum charge of 20p but at the other end of the scale there is a maximum charge of £200. Example of a £15 Payment - At 1% the charge would be 0.15p but due to the minimum charge it is actually 20p (1.39%) Moving the example up however to say a £30 payment the fee is only 1% so hence 0.30p The new minimum does not screw you that badly unless you are doing lots of £5 & £6 jobs. The maximum charge of £2 in nice if you have a good SFG with a conny perhaps at £250 that means you collect £248 and it only cost you £2 to get your money in. Admittedly the only clients that are likely to pay large jobs on GoCardless are the existing clients you have set up already on a regular clean. B.A.C.S. Plus side: Straight into your bank. - No commission Negative side: Relying on customers to press a few buttons on their phone, PAYM: Plus side: Straight into your bank. - No commission Negative side: Relying on customers to press a few buttons on their phone, We have also investigated Android Pay but at present you need an app (as in your own app) to collect this way) A note on banks - you can use a personal account all you like that's up to you. We use a business account with Santander and pay a monthly standing charge of £7.50 for the first £1000 of cash paid in and then 50p per £100 there after. You will if starting out be amazed at how much it actually costs you just to walk out of the door in the morning. No do please note that this post is correct at date of publication and is for your general information purposes only, it is not telling you any right or wrong way to collect your money, just to help inform you of some options out there. A MOST IMPORTANT NOTE: When it comes to getting paid IT'S YOUR MONEY, YOU EARNED IT - Never be embarrassed or afraid to ask for it, I hope some of you find some useful information in this.
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    Hey everyone, just to let you know i have now renamed the inner circle area to more clearly represent what it is for. Many members have been and probably still are unaware that only logged in members can see this area so essentially a non-public area. Renaming it hopefully will help this to be more clear. Its now called Private Discussions (Members Only)
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    Got most of it though. :))
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    After a catastrophic week for my old car, and my pocket, I've upgraded! '07 ex-housing association 104k miles for a grand AND the commercial insurance is £400 less than the now scrapped under-powered hatchback (go figure). Time for a deep sigh of relief and a few beers before kitting her out tomorrow all ready to catch up on Monday! Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Last family holiday as one daughter already moved out. one finishes uni this year. my oldest has downs syndrome so will always be a little girl. So we taking her to florida to see EVERY Thing. Swimming with dolphins the works. No more holidays then till we help first one out start buying instead of renting.
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    I got a text last night from a regular customer who's normally really good. She's often there when I call and I always get a coffee and a biscuit. I was expecting the usual "can we leave it this time?" - Couldn't have been more wrong! It said "Sorry won't be here tomorrow but will leave you a cold drink in back garden. When I got there today she'd left a cool box with ice blocks in it with a can of coke a twix, a kit-kat and a packet of crisps! How kind is that? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    I worked for a bank for 12 years and like Chris got fed up of the politics. Before I had a round set up I handed in my notice and used the flight or fright method. Once I handed in my notice they offered me my own branch to run, turned it down. That was in the may and in the November got another call to offer me another bigger branch, asked how much and told them that I was earning more doing this. Plus work better hours with much less stress. I did get a bit of luck as two months after I started my parents window cleaner was retiring and couldn't find any to pass it on to. He gave it to me for nothing and I built it up from there. I worked hard at it to get it going but best choice I ever made Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    If they're like that over £2 either a. Build up some rapport with them so they see you as more than a commodity, or b. They not worth keeping. I've had my custys canvassed and offered a 5er less and they've all told him to jog on, but I tend to spend a few mins chatting to them about stuff they like, my family etc so I'm seen as a person, not just the person who turns up, cleans there windows and they don't know who I am. I've also done price rises the day after and they've all been happy, so I must be doing something right.
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    Well @Markyboy 50 , time to get the hat out!! I have handed in my notice as a Moderator for the forum. I have held the position for over a year now but personally feel I no longer have the time to hand to do the job justice. A nomination has been forwarded for my successor so watch this space ( no @steve garwood it wasn't you ) Being a mod is a very time consuming task as we read literally every posting to make sure everyone's playing nice and getting along, removing spam, deleting duplicate or irrelevant posts and the likes. @daveyboy stepped up as a mod as it really is a two man job and also what I may deem to be out of order they may deem to just be funny so helps to have a devils advocate from time to time. Mods do actually have to play by the same rules as we all do and are not exempt from a warning or kicking from other mods / Management! Many remember @SPCleaning was a mod prior to me and within my first week on the job he had issued me a yellow card for misbehavior. Any how, enough waffle, my thanks to you all for having made my time as a mod a relatively simple task and I'm sure you'll continue to make it easy for @daveyboy and my successor. Now it's time to see how many cards I can issue before the end of the month!! I will continue of course to post and contribute but just not as a moderator. (I think a minimum £10 each @Markyboy 50 should go a good way to an Extreme Pole) )
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    Thank you guys. It's a ford fusion 2 and the tank in the boot is 105ltrs. I will also be carrying a couple of 25ltr containers in the rear footwells if needed. Did my first proper clean today and I felt so proud as I drove away knowing that the once green upvc frames are now shining brightly and had a glowing report via email from the home owner Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    It seams silly season is around again. Lot more cars with ladders around, clothes on window sill. Not knocking working from a car, did it for a year. But please. One crew of two with triple an double ladder on a little Citroën. Top award goes out to today's crew. Three Eastern Europeans. Battered estate car held together with duck tape. Bin bag rear window. I passed them leaving a job enquiry from fb. I quoted an did the job. Lady didn't like the look of the other crew. Liked the sign written van, uniform and said so. She accepted a price agreed no problem on double first clean. Told me I was nearly four times more expensive. But to go ahead kettle going on cash OK. Sold only on image.? Yes the fact that I told her I could produce insurance paperwork right there. It seals many a deal. Honestly it doesn't cost a massive amount to get a cheep print t-shirt even. I didn't spend a fortune on sign writing, But even a magnetic sign on her car gets my wife's friend work ironing.
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    Porn star. Close the thread.
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    This has gone down with the general public in a big way in my area! Hundreds of likes and shares on FB, lots of kind words and brought in loads of brand awareness, new quotes and some new regular window customers just in a matter of a few days, goes to show give something back that people appreciate and the rewards pay far bigger dividends than following the masses ways of advertising.... Also rather satisfying hunting down the odd minger and cleaning it up.....
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    Cavass as much as you can. Don't underprice other windies but have ur own price list and stick to it. Walk away if they don't like the price. Only work for what you are happy with working for. Window cleaning is a game that people constantly move in and out of. One minute there he is cleaning windows, the next, he's moved on - changed career. So there is always more than enough work. ALWAYS You just have to find it Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    ...they get electronic gates fitted and ask you to choose the code for the gate :cool:. I kid you not
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    Shaped vans at the weekend, took the system out the old van and put it in the new one, we had to move the controllers so they was at the back doors and we have also added storage box's at the back doors for the reels to sit on. Took us 2 days. Very please how good it turned out. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    A little club I am setting up I hoe it should be ready by March [media] [/media]
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    Never cleaned a carpet but munched a few rugs over the years
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    Hi Guys Simple little video on how we are doing new cleans from now on when they needs a bit more than just pure water. [media] [/media]
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    Maybe I am doing it wrong but for the first time in 20 years I am taking a break and I can afford it. 2 weeks holidays over Christmas/NewYear period and only back and was texting customers on sunday to get they windows cleaned and only one of 80 that is due this week texted me back that I can go ahead the others want me to leave it until next month. Reason - no money. And for that reason I know I am doing something right here because I still have money even if I only worked for myself only 4 month and most of the income went to buy equipment (over 4K spent in the last 4 month) and I started with 0.0 on my account. So I went out and did some canvassing yesterday and will do some today. Working on advertisement and putting my website together. I probably should be feeling unfortunate but I am not. Worked hard all my life for others so I deserve a break. I see my first 4 month as a warm up anyway. Learned a lot. Made few mistakes and I am still learning. But I know I am in the right business!
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    Been a totally shite start to the year all round really. Week before last was raining everyday. Last week was dry but bloody freezing. This week rain all week and same forcast tomorrow. I will clean in light rain and i clean in moderate rain when I think no one is in or they won't mind. Heavy rain or wind is when quality suffers and you get complaints. The only thing you can do is suck it up and just do what you can. If you get a clear spell crack on and do as much as you can. Try not to worry about it do what you can and get up tomorrow and go again. Sooner or later it will get better. There not many days when it's really heavy all day long you can usually get something done if you try. On days where it's just impossible then why worry, do some web design or a businessential plan, or just play on xbox all day in your pants.
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    Hi lads I do think pole maintenance is the key for keep your water fed poles in good working order have look at this link you will see how i do mine [media] [/media] Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    However there are days when thanking God for getting us all back in one piece has to be done. The Microlite was snug under the gutter whilst I was working on the gutter. You can see what happened. 12 inches was all it took. Thank god it stoped on the tarmac or I would have face planted the porch. Am I shaken up? Hell yes. Am I in one piece? Thank God I am. :sweating:
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    Even my cat is on the windows now. Climbs up anything she does, works for 2 packs of felix per day and is a bit partial to a Sheba dome with shrimps as a treat if we have a really good day. [emoji250] Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Hi guys, I've been following this forum for last few months. Then few weeks ago I registered as we started WFP window cleaning as well. Great stuff. Thanks everyone for supporting others! The idea. Few words about ourselves. We are based in North Yorkshire. We've run, purely a cleaning business, for last - over 10 years. However properly established in 2010 as Ryedale Cleaners. We've been through some employing and basically always needed some more people but last couple of years we've been very unlucky finding someone reliable, honest and wanting to work.. So we decided to get into window cleaning more. It's something we used to do anyway but now in a little different, more modern way. Before we were unable to start as we had no 'proper location'. Got a Peugeot Partner and started planning and thinking. Decided to get a diy set from Pure Freedom. It's a basic RODI system... The main thing is - we treat this as a something additional, as a boost to our income, as a additional service we can offer. (a less time consuming). So following it - thats the reason - this project has been kept rather on a budget side. Start. First thing I've done was painting the ply panels. I wanted to get protecta kote but at the end I decided just to use Cuprinol - an outdoor waterproof paint. I've got loads of it so it came useful. The floor was going to get rubber mat on it anyway. Considering thia paint is for outside, inside is going to last well enough. Then I've put proper thick rubber matting, bought from eBay. The tank - 250l and standard Shurflo pump with their controller. The only bit we changed was the pole, we went for a Gardiner one. With two brushes, flocked and dual trim ultimate one. The main challenge was a frame. I really didn't want to spend almost £300 + VAT for just a frame. I had a plan to get one made to fit the tank in and to bolt it to the van's floor through the original fitting points. There are 6 threaded in the floor. Wanted to sit the tank in the middle so I can still use to space just behind the seats for ie. laundry baskets that we carry all the time and have the rear space for our cleaning stuff. My father in law is a welder so I had some help. We had two 50x50 angle sections, that we used for the base of the frame. And then going up we used 30x30 which costed me £20. We didn't really feel the need to wrap it totally but went like 3/4 of tank's height and put through threaded bar across to secure it and make a 'sandwich'. There are also wooden bits to screw the filters on. External ports. I drilled the holes in a floor just at the end. One was there with a seal cap on, I made it bigger and drilled additional ones next to it + another ones on the bottom. Secured the holes with proper paint so shouldn't rust. Then run the hoses through in grommets. The port ogirinally was with connectors facing other way so it would stick out too far, I didn't like it so I faced them other way. Screw the plate onto the bumber and it seems solid. I wanted the this port mainly for filling. But now I found it useful for working with as well. The only downside is you have to lift the reel up and down... The battery. I've got the leisure one that Pure Freedom provided. It sits behind drivers seat, secured with a bungee rope. The idea is to connect it to the rear 12v socket. Van's manual says its 30 amps. I bought heavy duty 12V plug and soldered the cables. I haven't connected it yet as I need to complete the set the way I want it. For the time being I just charge it with a mains smart charger. For these very few windows we do atm it's perfectly enough. So - that's it really. Few little bits to finish off. Need a shelf above the rear stuff as well to store lighter stuff, like cloths etc. But I have to work with it for a while and then exactly decide what I need and where. My worrys mainly are in regards to the system and filers itself. I'm not going to use it everyday for thousands of liters of water.. I'm not sure how often I will need to change pre-filters and the resin. But... That will be my lesson to learn I guess. Cheers guys for reading and I appreciate any comments, especially these criticizing ones. Below some photos, not proper but should do. With best wishes, Tom Before painting. Painted sides. External ports installed. How it looks with ports. The frame being painted. Front view of the system in. The room between the tank and the cabin.
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    Started in 1982 as a 14 year old summer holidays & then any school holidays, done this for two years every job leather & scrim , wooden ladder 1987 skint . 1 child at the time pinched a ladder of a building site bought a bucket 50p or so and old rags, first house neighbors council house £1.50 back and fronts went out knocking on rough council estate built it up there still on foot a year later walked 2 miles with ladder and bucket go a £7 house BIG TIME so knocked another council estate got a few in there 40 plus in the end £2 house , just stuck at it word of mouth and the rest is history wouldn't of ad it any other way really tough start looking back But that what made me the man I am . On the 2 council estates I did I use to leave ladders on each estate and go on the bus to clean windows . The £2 houses are now £10 & the £7 house is now £40 I have kept some customers for 29 years now so must be doing something right. Good luck to anybody just starting up,keep at it regardless and it will pay off for you. One day I put a clip on here of my set up and how I clean windows wfp and traditional and I will film me pricing a job I have cleaned windows on most buildings bar an airport
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    Just had one of these a job in last turned up to in September to be told "leave then this time as it's going to rain tonight" I haven't been back since but they still text last week to say are you going to clean out windows before Christmas. I text her back saying sorry it's forcast rain next week so I won't be out cleaning Windows as no one wants them doing. Was one of the most enjoyable experiences thus far
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    Don't personally agree you have to gain commercial work to run smoothly, I also do not agree you have to get rid of cash payments. Apart from a chain of dental surgery's, all my work is domestic. I also have loads of cash payers. The key is simply to keep going and dump any rubbish. Eventually the round will be customized to how you want it to be. Been going over 20 years, and it works for me
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    Wafflings of someone thats been on the roof too long ) [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AO8OyDzSL48[/media]
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    Hi guys, been planning to do a conny roof video for some time and today I finally remembered to actually record some vid on my phone. Not the best quality but hopefully you can find something useful in it. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Yvg047ouLc[/media]
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    Might sound like a small thing compared to yours, but I am just planning to get a van, so I don't wear out my personal car so quick. It will have a custom built wfp system m, diy style of course. I am designing a special setup with one short and one long hose and a trolley to fit all kinds of jobs most effectively, as well as support two man when needed.
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    [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIVbhOznzSQ[/media] Just a quick demo of using a booster pump, still need to add second battery and inverter to run the whole thing from the van but for demo purposes this will do. Hop you find it useful.
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    I decided to canvass two new build estates close to where I've moved to today. I knocked on about 100 doors, possibly 50 weren't in, but I gained 12 new customers. Quite chuffed with myself :thumbsup:
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    My favourite customer is a £12 house....really nice woman but you should see the size of em:whistle:
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    if they start going on I say this do you like running around and playing with you kids and grand kids at xmas time ? they always say yes then I say , so do I , that's why I am not on a ladder and runing the risk on my being in a wheel chair with dribble comeing from my mouth and my wife having to change adult nappy all for ten quid when put like this they never say anything again said it to loads now
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    Most of you will have read about my recent bad luck with my transit breaking down and then the new van giving me a whole heap more issues. So I thought I would give you an update and show you how I set up the van. The oil leaks, appear to have been sorted. It starts, and drives nicely. So here is the van, it is 08 plate Letter is gold over purple, grey and purple. You can just see the white John Guest pipe beneath which is the overflow. I used some timber to make a pole rack. Also the triple and some steps live in this rack. The battery, pump, split relay and the vessels all boxed in. You can see the lift out access lid. With the lid removed. The vessels slide through the top of the box and into a piece of ply that has DI sized holes cut in it. This secures them very nicely. I hope this may be of use to someone setting up a van. It is never an easy job.
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    worst thing is coming up with a brilliant cutting reply 5 minutes after they've gone :mad:
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    Just had this reply so seems I'm in the clear.... Hi Trevor, thank you for getting back to me. Firstly I apologise if I sounded a bit frantic earlier, we haven't had the car very long so still 'new' to us. My partner actually knows somebody who runs a body shop and took it along this afternoon and he kindly polished out most of the fine scratches there and then. He's suggested we get it polished to remove the last few. So no lasting damage done. I hope there's no hard feelings and that you'll continue to clean the windows for us as we are extremely happy with the job you do. If the car is there next time please knock on and we'll move it, I appreciate now knowing how you work it was in your way. Thanks Adele
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    I wish I had fore thought and had taken a couple of pics. I was waiting ten minutes today in the drizzle for a client to come and give me access to a property and the outside wall of the extension was algae green (on white paint) well you know how a bored cleaner likes to fidget and experiment. I grabbed a bottle of Domestos spray bleach I had out the van and sprayed up a two square feet, agitated with brush lightly, left for 5 mins then rinsed with the WFP no extra brushing and it all just melted off. Customer pulled up and caught me. 'How much for the whole wall'?, 30 m2 is about all. 'Oh I reckon about £120 will cover it'... 'Get it done' says he. Easiest £120 I made all week! No wonder it's called soft washing! )
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    Where everything goes just right? Left my house at 7.30 this morning. Get about fifty yards down the road and my phone starts ringing. "Hello mate, I'm just driving behind you. Can you pop round and give me a quote later?" Pull into my local shop to grab a cold drink and buy a scratch card too. Win £20. Result. Start first house at 7.45am. All gates unlocked, no parking issues, most of my customers home and waiting with the money, first day I can remember that I haven't got my hose caught on something. Absolutely fly round my houses, got two five pound tips, people asking me for quotes as I'm working. Got a call accepting a quote for a conny that I quoted yesterday. Went and quoted a gutter job on the way home. Old girl was happy with the price. Upsold window cleaning to her and got that too. Did it there and then and had a nice chat with her and her daughter. Old girl asks me to go and see her neighbour in the bungalow a couple of doors down and quote to clear her gutters, clean gutters and fascias and clean her conny inside and out. Drive home. Do some paperwork. Spend some time with the kids while the wife pops out to work for a couple of hours. Wife gets home so I shoot out to pick some money up. Everyone is home and pays. Upsell gutter and fascia cleaning to one customer and book that in for next month. Next door neighbour comes out and asks me to start doing his too. Stop at shop on the way home to grab my daughter a bottle of drink for school tomorrow. Buy another scratch card. Win another £20. Result. Hopefully I'll get lucky with the mrs tonight too. Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Got myself a much needed boost today. While I was cleaning a house, the neighbour walked up and wanted a quote. As we got chatting about the pole system, he told me he had seen someone cleaning the windows next door with a bucket and squeegee and he wasn't interested in that. "That was me" I chuckled. Turns out he is very knowledgeable on health and safety and the like, and started telling me about a window cleaner that came crashing off a ladder on a friend of his property. The windy is currently sueing the homeowner. I knew this was a possibility, but never heard of it actually happening. Anyway, it's a good story to have in the bank for the next whinge I get. Nice little 50 quid job that I wouldn't have got off the ladder.
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    Don't know yet, first clean on Thursday, got the contract. £50 first clean and £30 every 8 weeks Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums app
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    Working in shorts and vest top today, looking at the snowy mountains
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