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    Foot note. Remember to stop and open the gate each time your passing for a month.
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    My very first clean

    Not trying to pee on your cornflakes here but..It's OK to be keen, but don't be a mug. Respect yourself and the trade you're entering. Spending 4hrs on a house for ten quid no matter how new you are in the game is just dumb. The problem this trade has is that there are hundreds of people starting in the trade doing silly stuff like this and bringing down the price for everyone with this kind of desparation tactics. These people then end up broke and going back to whatever they were doing before. Clean the house reasonable standard, have a friendly chat and pretend you've been doing it for years, then move on to the next. Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Part Timer

    customer letter

    Thank you for your past business, I apologise for last time when I didn't leave a docket, I am however very busy and can forget at times. I suggest that to stop this happening again, and therefore upsetting you, I stop cleaning your windows. I will also keep a copy of this letter, and yours, on file. Regards
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    steve garwood

    Nightmare customer

    Why not respond with “You know it’s nothing to do with your gate, it’s because I rejected your offer of a threesome with your husband. Thanks for your previous business, and good luck with your halitosis problem”. 👍
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    I would have closed the gate and not cleaned it.
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    Pump isn't sucking water

    And tidy your van, lol
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    New startup

    I have thought about going electric not decided against it. I did 18 months with the bike as my only vehicle by which time my round had grown so much I was able to buy a small car and build a trolley system that fitted in the boot for jobs further afield and up steep hills! I now use a mixture of pedal power and petrol depending on the location, distance and how much water I need. I have now bought a van which I'm currently converting, but will always keep the bike as I love and my community loves it. It's very useful for jobs where it's had to get vehicle access [emoji3] I am indeed very well known in my town and spend quite a bit of time being photographed by tourists... Especially when my boy is with me (I'm a single parent so he rides with me every weekend :) ) The trailer is a Surly Bill flat bed trailer with a diy conversion. The base trailer with hitch is not cheap, but has an impressive payload. The fully laden weight with the ladders and 2 extra water barrels is 31st so it needs to be sturdy. Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
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    Green Pro Clean Ltd

    New storage panel built.

    Well it took all weekend but finally got my organizer panel built ad dry fitted. Last job for tomorrow is connect the tank heaters to the junction box.
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    Part Timer

    Would you put the prices up?

    I could do 20 houses that size spread over a 2 mile radius. If you're not bothered about competition then put them up. This job is not rocket science, by your figures you are currently grossing £800 a week doing a manual job. I'm sure in the not so distant future competition will come along and they would love to earn that. Not being nasty you did ask if anyone would put the prices up.
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    Fully agree with the last few comments. Be as blunt/up front as you can and do the best job you can within your means. Always remember 1. you’re cleaning them, not replacing them. 2. UPVC should be cleaned regularly to keep it in tip top nick, i have a few customers that have theirs cleaned annually or bi-annually at most and it still looks pretty damn shiny, if you’re gonna leave it 5 years without cleaning it then...its never gonna look the same. Sunlight and all sorts degrade UPVC over time and turns it brittle. 3. The whole idea of the water fed pole system is to save you from getting up ladders!! People aren’t spending thousands on equipment and van systems only to spend half our lives on ladders (although we all do it) Always price high because you know you could end up spending more time there than you anticipated. Sometimes you do have to get the magic sponges and cream cleaner out here and there. But there seems to be an age old battle going on in my head, chemicals this, chemicals that, ( theres always something they dont bloody shift) and there’s always a new chemical you could have. Should I convert to a hot system?? etc etc. The point has got to come where you stop spending money and profit from your job. hypo this hypo that, really? Some of the stories i’ve heard of hypo ruining property..sorry...just no, not for me. If it looks like a complete mess and you think you’ve got a grumbler or a quality control inspector for a customer then maybe think twice and say better off to replace. We live in a world where the cost of living is so high that people are expecting more and more for their money and being more awkward, and in the world of online reviews and bad word spreaders uuugh. I’ve used lidls w5 platinum washing up liquid for four years now, clean plastics week in week out. Magic sponges, cream cleaner and ladder here and where i think i feel it needs touching up. But it is what it is. My line has always been the same “it’s not going to look brand new but it’ll be a hell of a lot better than it looks now” and they accept that. As long as you feel you’ve done the best you can within your power without being ridiculous, then dont kick yourself fella [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
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    J and S


    Give one a cheap price the next one will want the same.
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    New startup

    You can definitely fit a ladder on a bike trailer. And a tank and waterfed pole. [emoji12] Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
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    Pimped my gutter vac wheels

    After my last gutter job, the first I have had to do with a gravel drive, I decided my tiny vac wheels needed to be changed. After a bit of eBay shopping here’s the result. Much better movement but I hadn’t quite appreciated the extra width, it only just fits in the van! Compared to the old wheels, a big difference!
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    Pricing and price increases

    I Increase mine every other March and the customers accept this,this year I went Wfp at the same time and thought I could reasonably afford to lose 20 customers . It turned out I lost just 5 which were soon replaced. Regarding an exit strategy, I just plan to do similar in my sixties, keep the cream and do 2/3 days a week. I'm not the type to sit around and watch Jeremy Kyle all day. Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Oh... and I would have done front only and out in a full bill. If queried I would have casually mentioned the back was inaccessible due to dog turds everywhere. This normally embarrasses them enough that it don't happen again.
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    seymour sunshine

    Battery and Pump Advice Please

    A bit of simple physics here: First of all, two things you're certainly familiar with: Voltage (measured in volts (V)) used to be called electrical pressure, and that's pretty much what it is. It's the energy available to push the electricity around the circuit. Current (measured in ampere (A)) is the measure of the flow rate of electrical charge. They are both directly analogous to water pressure (V) and flow rate in litres per second or gallons per hour etc. (A). Now for something that you might not be familiar with: Electrical charge (measured in coulombs (C)) is a measure of the quantity of electrons. It is directly analogous to a quantity of water measured in litres or cubic meters etc. Just as we measure the flow rate of water in litres per minute, electrical current is measured in coulombs per second which is the same as ampere: 1A = 1C/s. The capacity of a battery is measured in Amp hours (Ah) and is a convenient measure of the amount of electricity stored. It's directly analogous to the capacity of a tank measured in litres. It's not a quantity used by scientists, they use coulombs (C), but Ah is a more convenient unit for us everyday Joes. So when you use your battery to power a pump or anything else, you aren't using up voltage or current, you're using up Ah. This is easily understood if you use the water analogy and realise that you're not using up pressure or flow rate, you're using up litres of water as it drains from the tank. So a bigger battery has a higher charge storage capacity just as a bigger tank has a bigger capacity. If your pump draws a current of 3A and you're using it for 5 hours, you've used up 15 Ah. That might make you think that you could get away with a much smaller battery. But the batteries work better and last longer if they are only partly drained and then recharged. That extra capacity you have in your battery is there to ensure longevity. To summarise: Voltage is like water pressure Current is like flow rate Capacity is the same in both. Hope that helps a little.
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    Water freezing on the glass

    We had the same on Friday with a North facing conservatory. As soon as I had finished washing the water froze on the glass. Previous experience has taught me to wash first and then rinse immediately. The windows have always dried fine when I inspected them later, so I haven't even given my conservatory window clean a thought until now. I don't even consider going out when the weather is like this. When you get older its easier to slip and fall. Falls usually mean a higher risk of broken bones. Broken bones don't heal well. Then I think of the expense should I crash the van on a slippery bend. For me it just isn't worth the risk - but that's me.
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    A government warning said that anyone travelling in icy conditions should take:........................... Shovel, Blankets or sleeping bag Extra clothing including scarf, hat and gloves 24 hours supply of food and drink De-Icer 5Kgs of Rock Salt Torch or lantern with spare batteries Road Flares and Reflective Triangles Tow rope 5 gallon petrol Jerry can First Aid Kit Jump Leads I looked a complete pratt on the bus this morning
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    Part Timer


    Personally wouldn't get out of the van for a £20 gutter job. I appreciate that money for the Newbies is tight but why risk your life for buttons. £50 minimum for me, and I'm usually very competitive on pricing
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    K in Kent

    Average SEO Prices in UK

    Below is a screenshot of average SEO prices in the UK - source is seopremo.co.uk So that's £50 to £200 per hour or £800-£1000 per month. And to be clear that is for SEO only. You would be expected to supply your own content or pay someone else to write it for you. Well written, properly optimised - or SEO'd - content is THE single most important requirement to rank well on Google. And these SEO companies do nothing in a hurry because it's not in their interests to do so - they're out to make money for themselves first and foremost so they take their time. I charge you ONLY £50 per page / service and WILL get you onto page 1 of Google FAST and that includes rewriting your content, optimising it and dealing with other SEO issues - and some think that is expensive! If window cleaning up north it's still paid for itself after only a handful of jobs - everything else is profit. If gutter cleaning it pays for itself after one job, pressure washing and you're already in profit after one job. And remember, being on page 1 of Google means ongoing customer enquiries week after week after week. It's the best return on an investment you'll ever get.
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    I agree with the sentiment, and I replied and gave the author my thoughts earlier on. The last post was in reply to someone that said they had been using backpacks for 4 years, and all I was saying was having a van mount would make their lives considerably easier. This is surely what we all aim to do, i.e. maximise earning potential in the easiest possible manner, and as long as you buy sensibly it should mean the more you got the easier it is.
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    Best waterproof warm gloves?

    I use Skytec Argon gloves from Screwfix at £5.99 with vat, while not 100% dry during rain they are good and I have two pairs, one for the morning and the other for the afternoon. Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Just how?

    For that house in the photo with no conservatory I would charge £12. What's that? Someone else will charge you just £5? No problem luv. Have a nice day. Turn key and drive to next job. You can't dictate to any one what the price 'should' be. If someone wants to clean windows for £1 per house that's his business and there's naff all you can do about it. Was this the last house and only potential customer in your area for the next 12 months? I doubt it. So why stress it? Just forget it and move on.
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    my business

    I'd just like to say you've really been an inspiration to me a pane in the glass. If I'm honest IV been going 20 years and only have about 700 to 800 a week of work myself. Iv not put in the effert I should have until this year. I'd say so far iv doubled my round this year alone. I thought that good till I saw your success. I am planning to canvass though the winter so let's see where I am by April, which will be 12 months since I started my canvassing campaign. I was wondering how I'd get on with winter canvassing but after seeing about your success it's made me determined to go hard all winter with my building of the round. Truthfully my biggest regret is not building harder over the last 20 years since I started. I wish I could of put my current head on the 15 year old who started this back in 97 This will be rectified over the next 5 years. I plan to have at least 5 people working for me full time by then. If I could give anyone any advice I have learned, it would be don't put anything of till tomorrow you can start today. Or you could end up years down the line wishing you'd pulled your finger out your ass sooner. Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Essex Window Cleaner

    Starting out on my own.

    Why not try build a round up on the weekend. Or ask the bloke you work with if you can have Friday's of now. So you can go out knocking on doors. I wouldn't just leave and hope to get work. I did that once and was trying to take any job £16 house driving 30 mins to do it. Just to get any work in. Very hard getting the work. Plus. I find you pick more work up March time. Why don't you go out knocking one weekend. Saying do you want clean windows for Christmas? Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
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    Iron Giant

    Pricing and price increases

    I raised some of my prices by £1 last year without issue but I have been a bit nervy about increase some others as of next year it will have being 3 years without an increase on some I will wait till march/april people are in a more positive mindset. Right now at the age of 43 I will happily go out a work 2-3 half days in my 60's I will be pulling in far more money than a pension could ever provide, I really don't ever see myself being able to let go and employ or sub out work but who knows
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    Hey guys well finally got the new van, dispatch enterprise plus. Absolutley love it to bits. Great van. Will post pics tommorow for anyone interested. Jobs to do is Protect floor Fit system Signwrite Will keep this thread updated.
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    Green Pro Clean Ltd

    customer letter

    She states in the letter she is paying £5 per clean? And you're pondering what to do about it? Which area is this for £5? 1985? If you feel the need to retort I would simply text. 'Thank you for the payment. With immediate effect you will need to make arrangements elsewhere to have your windows cleaned as we are no longer able to provide services to you. Thank you for your past custom. Window cleaner.' People like her love to feel they can tell the little man what to do.... send her a text dropping her and she will be livid... how dare you, a window cleaner, drop me! Moreover she will be we livid when she gets the next quote in at 2017 prices.
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    mine works perfectly every time, no issues at all, probably rubbers worn, wrong angle or not enough slip.
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    Trad and wfp work together

    Trad man you are a legend. After watching your videos i got myself an excelerator f*liq, its a excellent tool. I also have the wagtail prescision glide which is much harder to master but im practising. We have used backpacks for four years but I have issues navigating the hoses and pole around plant pots and tables. Bbqs and whatever else, so i thought i’d get some trad gear. Some peoples yards are very cluttered up or have tight spaces and it definitely helps to trad in these difficult areas. Im of the firm belief that theres a place for both methods and you prove this. You’re a true pro, thanks for your videos. It’s nice to see someone else using the same methods Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
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    Organizing the round properly

    What im gonna do is work all my work into a complete"circle". By that I mean organise my days so the next days work is nearby, so that if I cant get the last few jobs in, its only a short hop from that work to the next days saving driving time. Then if needed put an extra 30 mins onto end of day so it all gets done by Friday. So if u imagine a clock face Monday would be 12-1, Tues 1-2 weds 2-3 and so on.
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    Michael Anderson

    Water freezing on the glass

    Yea no problem Dave I am 62 so I dont have the drive like you young bucks.I get enough to do me.
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    alan watson

    How to be faster

    i keep seeing other windys carrying a bucket about why why why its knackering and heavy a 2 pint sports bottle and a bottle of soap is all that is required to do 5 -6 3 beds and your not as tired and keep a decent pace. or am I missing somthing
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    Fascias wouldn't clean...

    Whats the difference between a FSG clean and a UPVC restore? We tell customers that we will clean the dirt off of them. Each customer is made aware of this before we start the job. If they want them looking like they were just fitted then they need to get someone else in to replace all the plastics. That is a lot more expensive than the price we are doing the clean for. We don't do UPVC restores. Some plastic stain and even with direct abrasive cleaning, the stain and discolouration is still evident. We are window cleaners and offer a cleaning service as an add on for an existing customer. We are very blunt in explaining what the end result will be. They will not look like they have just been fitted but we will do the best job we can on them. Our sentiments also. Yes, our objective is to get them looking like new but that doesn't always happen. In the early days we had a whole lot of windows in our area that had sections of the plastic window frames and gutters turning pink and customer wanted us the get them all white again. Not possible - and its actually not our problem. Its the customers problem.
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    Markyboy 50

    Two weeks off over Christmas

    A man after my own heart. Earn what I need. Had Thursday and today off. Spent the days with my little lady. Better than working. No more windows til Monday. Oh I finish on the 20th. Might turn out on the 27th for 5 hours of weekly shops. Might not. Who knows!
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    My very first clean

    charge at least 50% more for 1st cleans, ideally double, explain they'll take longer on 1st clean so need to charge more, also weeds out messers before you even start
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    The original MkI Gaz swivel I still have some MkII's in the van![emoji16] Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Average SEO Prices in UK

    Don't mistake K in Kent's amazing price for mediocre service. This guy knows his stuff and have no trouble recommending him.
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    Keep it simple mate. LOGO WINDOW CLEANING 07654321098 www.website.co.uk Services Services Services Services Services Services No one cares about how they're going to pay when looking for a window cleaner, that comes after. I'd worry about getting the enquiries first and deal with payment etc when signing them on. That's my opinion anyway!
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    Yes, youtube has an incredible wealth of information. My missis accuses me of "spending your life watching window-cleaning porn" whereas I describe it as research. And everything that everyone has said on this thread has been perfectly valid; there are advantages and disadvantages to every approach. You're doing exactly the right thing by asking the questions and gathering so much information. There's no such thing as useless knowledge. I wish you every success.
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    Gutter Vacuums

    Solution! And quite possibly another preverbial can of worms... Petrol engined gutter vac! 1 ton waste tank, thus far haven't found something it can't clear! Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    X line rinse bar brush

    I think it's a matter of personal preference and the type of work we have that dictates what is best for each of us, and it's great that we have such a choice of equipment to choose from. My current brush of choice is Gardiners Xtreme natural hybrid fitted with 100° fanjets and coupled to my pole with their latest angled swivel. I haven't tried the Xline rinse bar, but I have tried their brushes and whilst I like them, until they produce one as light and as effective for my work as Gardiner's Xtreme, I have my perfect brush. However, that could change as newer suff comes on the market.
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    Part Timer

    Tax man

    You have to keep every receipt to claim it in your annual return. The tax man doesn't allow something scribbled down as a legitimate receipt. It is a very useful practice to list and then tally up each month what you have spent on diesel, repairs and renewals, insurance etc. If you then tally up how much you've earned that month you can roughly work out your monthly profit. Set aside 20% of everything over £800 for your tax bill and accountant and then you won't get any nasty shocks. You can do this in a diary or on your computer as this info is for your eyes only. A lot of people fail in business because they don't know how they are doing each month.
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    steve garwood


    I saw one of Santa’s little helpers holding an i phone in front of his face today. I think he was taking an elfie 😂😂
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    Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Two man lpg

    Watch how this guy insulated his camper. Ain't no frost getting in there.
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    Correct you can break your neck or have a accident using a ladder..... can same riding a motorbike....can same putting up xmas decorations....can same standing in line waiting for a takeaway....can same lifting your toddler...can same serving in the forces...can same doing sport... can same...can same. Small minority have accidents sure, but small minority....ban everything that can cause a injury.........we will not exist.........conkers are banned in school playgrounds on H&S grounds, playing tag on concrete playgrounds are being banned for same. USING COMMONSENSE is what matters!!!!!
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    increasing pressure at the brush head.

    Just work to your own strengths and abilities. If having a high flow rate doesn't work for you then that's ok. At the end of the day its all about providing a customer with a quality service that they are happy with. If your standards are higher than those of your customer, then you will have happy customers. We tend to over clean. Its become a habit. I work to the pace I'm happy with. I'm too old the keep chasing 'daily cleaning targets.' But I often wonder how much time I waste overcleaning. Out of courtesy we put the brush over bottom flat windows when we clean above them. Honestly, these windows are done halfheartedly. When we check back they always dry perfectly. Your best testing area is your own windows at home. Do a flash clean, no rinse and see what the results are when the window has dried. Sometimes a job that looks messy isn't after its dried. We also do a council building over a weekend. A row of windows is in the sun (south facing) so they dry quickly. So with no one around they are also make good test windows. Personally, I don't like fan jets, I prefer pencils. For me there is more control and the flow is more focused. But that doesn't mean that other windies will feel the same as I do. Its all about personal preference. My advice is to focus on your own efforts. Sometimes the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence.
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    J and S

    Don't Bother Coming Round To Quote....

    Think we have all had it....for normal semis I charge £25 a side gutter clearing....Asian guy just setting off in his top of the range BMW next door to where I am working asking how much for 3 sides of his semi which was really bad down the side actually leaking...when told him how much he said he would give me £25 if I did it when I had finished his neighbours....I thanked him for his offer but told him I would have to decline as I could not fit another £25 in my wallet as it was bulging and my safe was full to brimming.
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    Starting out- Tax credits

    i no a guy who is 72 bin a wc for like 20 odd years 4 years ago he needed a new hip he tryed to clame some benifet to get him throu as he couldent wrk even tho he has bin paying tax since the dark ages , he was intilted to xxxxx all they prity much told him to xxxxx off , on the other flip of the coin some one eals desides they need benifet they get it despite never geting off there lazy ars in there life and wrking, the system if a xxxxx joke sory but rant over its a tuchy subject for me this as i wrk my ars off to pay for these lay abouts to sit on there ars wile i rent a xxxx shole some of these get it all under flore heating nce new house 5 bed ect nce garden they can have as meny pets as they want!!!!