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    Hello from Virginia, USA. On another forum there are a number of Britts, so I jumped across the Pond for some out of country experience. I do have a brand new window cleaning business; started after I quit a cleaning job after 16 plus years. Since I started I have done some storefronts for dirt cheap, and some residential for some decent money. What fascinates me and the reason I've joined is because Scrim is new to me. I bought some commercial flax scrim fabric and made my own. I got 4 scrim for less than the price of one commercial scrim. I also go to thrift stores looking for the elusive flax fabric. Any way, look forward to your great incites. I watch any number of you on your videos, and hope to make a decent living from this trade. I am in my sixties, so do not have the stamina I once had, but I do love to clean glass, and am very good at this, "detail gig." Cheers.
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    I went to the doctors with tennis elbow. She asked “how many years have you had that?” I said “about fifteen love” 😂
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    Feeling like taking the leap

    That was a joy to read and agree totally with you. Who else would be out cleaning windows all day long in sub zero temperatures, come home have a shower and their tea and then spend the night reading a window cleaning forum. Window cleaners are mad, FACT!!
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    Still struggling to get customers

    It can be rather frustrating when you don't seem to get anywhere fast. A few of us in our area have found leaflets don't bring in much response, but then another cleaner swears by them. The motor trade in general has stopped posting out flyers as country wide they have a too little response rate these days. Some seem to do well with Facebook but as I'm not on Facebook I don't know. We have found that the most effective for us is door knocking and also networking. I can remember knocking for hours and getting absolutely nothing. Then one evening in summer son and myself went out and canvassed a new residential area and got about 50% of the houses. But if you don't canvass you wouldn't hit the jackpot - a cleaner who has stopped cleaning and left his customers high and dry. Don't forget to use your existing customers as referrals. After you can done a good job and the customer is happy, ask them if any of the friends and family living close by would like your services as well. One of our customers got us at least 30 new customers and that lead to further referrals from them. In fact most of our customer base is from referrals. Another lady asked us to clean her mother's flat in our town as the window cleaning pair hadn't been seen for 8 months after they had a partnership split. (We called them Little and Large. Little went up the ladder whilst Large couldn't due to his size so did the bottoms. Little felt he was doing most of the hard graft and only taking 50% of the earnings.) We ended up with 13 houses on that street within half an hour of arriving. And of course, you can offer your small customer base add on services such as fascia & soffit cleans, gutter clearing and cleaning, conservatory roof cleaning and also add on garage door cleaning. We also offered internal window cleaning but tend to not offer that nowadays. Don't be afraid to stop the van if you see someone trying to clean their own windows. We did this on several ocassions and got a customer from one of the stops who was with us for about 7 years until circumstances changed. As @David Ksays, its all about being patient and not portraying desperation when canvassing. It takes time for a rolling snowball to pick up snow. You have got to be obsessed with window cleaning from now on. Forget your favourite football team and you haven't time to go out with your mates to the pub unless its on a special ocassion. When you go out canvassing try to look presentable. When someone answers the door, "sorry to disturb you, but I clean windows in the local area and would like to offer you my window cleaning services. Would you like me to give you a free quote whilst I'm here?" "No thank you, we already have a window cleaner." "Well thank you for your time and sorry to have disturbed you." Then pull a Columbo on the crowd. As you turn to leave then say, "Oh sorry, do you mind me asking what your window cleaners name is?" If its John, then thank them and walk away. When you get outside write that address down with John's name on it. Keep a record of every house you canvass. One day if John stops cleaning, you have a list of his old customers you can canvass. If they answer they do it themselves, then fine, just say if you need someone in the future here's my number. (We have a customer now who used to do his own until he had a heart attack. We did his neighbours each side and often chatted over the fence. We were his first choice when he needed his windows to be cleaned.) Don't ask questions that can take you into a dead end cul de sac such as "do you have a window cleaner?" "If they answer yes then you shot yourself in the foot.
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    Thinking of giving up

    If you have a Facebook page and it's new the best thing to so is a competition. FREE UPVC CLEAN TO THE WINNER OF THIS COMPETITION BELOW ARE THE RULES rule 1) tag 3 friends in this status Rule 2) like and share this page Rule 3) comment below on the status Now you can share this competition on buy and sell sites, you can start it on a small paid boost and you can ask community pages to share it. Cos of the 3 pal tag rule, watch your organic (that's unpaid for audience) flourish and hopefully a local audience to you too. AND you'll get pms for window cleaning during this as well, possibly other add ons too, and down the line you have started an audience for future posts/comps As above, if you do not have a Google my biz page-ITS ESSENTIAL. You can optimise this by photos, the new question and answer function (btw you can ask your own questions and answer them, only the answers will show as written "by owner"), reviews with keyword specifics ie Chris done a great job on our driveway in Kirkcaldy, you can write posts on these google business listings (where you add a button/offer) I notice these are seen by many more people than a standard post, and finally make sure you verify the listing. If you are not using buy and sell sites they are a must in the early days, now you can either just share your page to these groups now or you can write a post on the group's. Join around 20 plus min groups and post on each group twice a week. Cold calling should be working but here are some tips. Look for houses with dirty windows, always always smile, be charming but not forward, do it 5 evenings a week. I hope some of this is useful, repetition repetition repetition. Feel free to pm me. Chris Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    scottish cleaning service

    Window lickers lol

    Best job I have ever had and I have had a lot, wish I stumbled on this career years ago
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    Wfp mindset of customers

    The old saying you can please some of the people some of the time but not all all the time comes to mind : I did one for over 4 years with wfp always happy with the results but always at work when I did them , one time she was on holiday and at home when I did them she went nuts about the water on the walls and path and said don’t come back again : I asked her who she complained to when it rains she didn’t see the funny side of it 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    Iron Giant

    Employee nightmare

    You expected way to much of him to do earn a full days wage when it was his first day i would say you set your target way to high. As for losing the gutter job once you knew you weren't going to make it a simple phone call to re-arrange for today if it was desperate should have sufficed and pre-booked window jobs that you didn't make if you contacted them and they said don't bother coming at all if not today then they ain't worth having as clients anyway. The 2 jobs that need footing either get a safety device like a https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/173205248792 or similar or consider getting a cheap wfp set up backpack and pole to get those awkward windows. In 18 years i have never lost a client because i didn't turn up because 99% never know what day i will be calling the other 1% that do get a text to unlock side gates the night before. If you are o.c.d like me then a worker may never be for you, Set yourself achievable targets then you shouldn't have a issue after 3 months into a new business and your flat out is bloody brilliant, massive achievement. I typically only work a 4 day week this gives me 2 days leeway for bad weather etc, Compact your rounds as much as possible is also key slowly refine your rounds overtime as you move forward to make sure you are maximising your earnings each day.
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    Employee nightmare

    Hi mate. I set on a part timer a month ago. He was out with me and first week he slowed me down obviously having to show him what to do. Second week a bit faster he just about covered his wages. Still having to correct him. Third week better still but I quickly realised that working as a 2 man is t very efficient. I would be waiting for him to finish, we would get in each others way etc. So fourth week and I thought sod it and bought another van and sent him out on his own. Well what a difference it's made, he's not as fast as me but he is out there and he is making me a profit now. I am water fed pole btw so I would have thought it's easier to learn than traditional, no footing of ladders needed etc. Get him out on his own. The other thing I would say is if you are going to employ someone who has no experience you have to realise that you need to be patient and give them time. You can't judge them in a week. A month would give you a beer indication and I wouldn't expect them to be up to my speed for a good few months. Just realize that they won't do as much as you even when up to speed
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    Iron Giant

    Thinking of giving up

    Just stick with it, otherwise you may well regret it. Their is folks in crappie jobs working 40hrs a week for minimum wage if you are are working 16hrs a week and making the same as someone doing 40hrs then it ain't that bad. Just keep on at it!!! Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    I had nothing on after 2 today so thought well I do one house on this street so I’m going to knock the rest and see. First house said no then the second one said yes. Started to clean and got approached by a man asking if I could fit him in aswel. Walked from that street gaining 4 new customers. Happy days
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    Snow you wanna be a Window Cleaner?

    VID-20180301-WA0000.mp4 My brother in law works for a national company, he left Swansea at 5am and went to do a job in Barry. This is what he found when he got there
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    Still struggling to get customers

    Generally the longer you stick around the more you’ll pick up. Some people wont hire somebody until they know they’ve been in it a year or two, simply because of reliability worries. Also, a lot of people like to see you’ve got a good rep before hiring you. How long can you drag it out is the question. We were on the brink of going bust after 5 months thinking we’d never get anywhere, our first van died at the same time and we were seriously contemplating packing it in. But then just at that moment the phone started ringing non stop, had a good think, managed to secure finances for a new van, & luckily enough, here we are 4 years down the line still going. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Feeling like taking the leap

    personally i would stay in your job until you've enough well paying customers to make that leap,30 customers is great and i'm not knocking you 30 customers at £100 each is enough to make a decision whereas 30 customers at £5 each isnt,when people look at window cleaning you will see on the forums people bragging about earning 200-300 pounds a day and yes it can be done and more(some are dreamers by the way) these guys talk about turnover not profit they are bragging maybe because they don't understand the concept of overheads both fixed and variable,green pro touched on this recently and damn i hate to agree with him,(twice this year darren-gonna have to stop this!) but being a window cleaner invariably means you are self employed,now being self employed means you should understand business and how it would work for you,many don't understand this. i would say its very unlikley that in two months you could build a round to cover some of your personall overheads to make it work, as it often takes a window cleaner around two years to make a profitable business to be open and honest,and this is the first time i've done this on a forum,today i turned over £172, it wasn't a good or bad day turnover wise,i'm in the north so there are turnover differences,that £172 minus my daily overheads both fixed and variable (fuel costs and overall equipment costs/wear and tear etc)minus tax and ni won't make me a millionare whatsover plus i need to re invest back into the business so i have to put some of that aside for savings makes that sum less apealling,and with my customers payment is 90% bank transfer so i need that consant cashflow so i don't overtrade,its not as easy as you think being in business,sometimes you starve and sometimes you feast,lets not forget the 28 days holiday a year you won't get paid for being self employed and funding your own pension and no-one will pay you when are sick and don't feel like going to work. this is something you need to understand before you make that leap into the unknown-it can be good if you make it work,and work very hard at it. good luck in the way you move forward but i would urge you to look more into the business side of life before you make that plunge
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    NOOO! Not again!

    I hope I have removed my offensive post which I insulted Iron Giant. I attempted friendly banter but it was just too offensive. I am sorry to him and everyone else it offended.
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    I love all this discussion of 'patent clamps' ****. This type of clamps were on my bikes as a kid for quick release 3 decades ago. Wonder what Shimmano would have to say?
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    Thinking of giving up

    Look hundreds or thousands of people have started a round from nothing to being full, all of us will have experienced different levels of difficulty. If it not making you want to quit then its not worth doing, weve all had days when we want to jack it in, its not easy mate but its possible. Dust yourself off then go again tomorrow.
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    Thinking of giving up

    One thing i’ve learned about self employment is that the phone never rings at the right time. In winter you could be sat around for days waiting for the phone to ring, then when you’re busy it won’t stop ringing lol. It’s still off season. March is a winter month and spring is late this year. Not a leaf on the trees, mowers still in the garage and snow flakes falling as we speak. If you can wait til april it should all start happening then Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Part Timer

    Any videos of how quick you are

    Speed comes with experience, no point looking at how quickly someone with 10 years experience is as they will have much better control. Just keep going as quick as you can and you'll naturally speed up
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    Personally I wouldn't and couldn't use a brush weighing in at 280g way to heavy to be using day in and day out as a everyday brush, I'd struggle on one house with a brush that heavy
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    Unless you’re on a building site, hi vi jackets are for pikeys. I hope they bring the license in and enforce it. All those with a proper, professional set up will have nothing to worry about
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    I presume you're talking about the Scottish licence? It's the law, so I would say that regardless of personal feelings on whether it's right or wrong, if you want to run a professional business you should have one. Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
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    @El Sombrero from Excel Reach & Wash is the latest forum memeber onto page 1 of Google local search results. I have some work to do on additional areas to target but the number 1 location of Northwich Brian is now 3rd on page 1 - commercial window cleaning Northwich 2nd on page 1 - solar panel cleaning Northwich 5th on page 1 - conservatory cleaning Northwich 3rd on page 1 - conservatory roof cleaning Northwich 6th on page 1 - gutter fascia soffit cleaning Northwich If you want to kick start your business by appearing on page 1 of Google by the spring get in touch with me via the forum - only £50 per page.
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    Really? people are having a nice lay and a window cleaner starts clattering around in the morning unexpected. Cant see many being happy, they would be thinking wtf is he doing here on a sunday ive never seen that before.
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    Ladder Slipped - Ouch - My Story

    Of course, it would never happen to me, I'm far too careful. I never take a chance, and I pride myself on my safety precautions. I bought my LadderMate for 25 quid off of e-bay years ago and it's the best bit of kit I've ever bought. I throw it on the foot of my Titans whenever there is gravel, decking or those slimey paving slabs....grass of course, is never a problem. So what happened last Thursday ? I'm cleaning the windows of a regular 4 bedroom house where there are three windows up, and three down at the rear. I clean two of the first floor windows, then put my ladder in place of the third but, return to clean the two ground floor windows first, to break up the monotony. A neighbour pops round and asks 'do you have 5 minutes to clean mine' ? I had to decline, I'm way too far behind trying to catch up after Xmas and recovering from a cold. I could maybe fit her in on Monday etc etc. I return to finish the ground floor windows and then I climb my ladder to clean the third bedroom window. I soaped up, started squeegee-ing and was just thinking to myself, 'um, could I possibly fit her in if I'm quick' and then I felt it, my ladder was sliding, perfectly smoothly and building momentum rapidly. Everything started going through my mind but my main thought was, "of course it's slipping, I didn't even check it and yes, I have had to use my LadderMate here before because the paving is slimey below this window"... and then I had a flash back of even seeing the green slime when I put my ladder up but I wasn't even thinking at the time, I was too busy giggling to myself about how that neighbour thought it only takes 5 minutes to clean her windows. Of course all of this was flashing through my mind at light speed and now, I was half way down and the reality cut in....yes this is really happening, I'm on my way to an accident. At this point I started telling myself, LAND ON YOUR FEET, land on your feet, don't fall, don't land upside down. I felt I was surfing the ladder, is the tip of my ladder going to go through the kitchen window which lies directly below...is anyone witnessing this...can I make it look like everything's in control and it's not as seriuous as it looks, I even had a flash of posting this thread on this forum, am I going to be lucky or, could this end my career or WORSE ? ****, here's the floor......brace ! It stung, my god it stung. Pain shot up my legs and into my back....argh my back. Clatter clatter from my Titans and then the accident stopped. I let out a big 'f...ing hell' and immediately looked at my legs, please don't let me see any strange twists....no, all I can see is my ladders around my lower legs....can I wiggle my feet, yes I can. But no way could I move, the pain in my back didn't last but my legs were stinging like hell. I lay there maybe 30 seconds repeatly saying 'oh f..k'. I looked up at the window and could see the half cleaned glass....how strange I felt such concern for the terrible job I'd done. I pulled my legs out of my ladders and lay on my back for a minute, no way could I stand up....then I felt terribly sick, I moved to all fours and edged towards a drain to throw up but, it passed, I was ok....just breathe....breathe. After a couple of minutes, I decided to try to get to my feet, I managed it and wobbled down the garden a few yards to try to walk off any injury. My mop was over there, my squeegee was over here and my business cards had exited my pocket and lay all over the yard. I unbuckled my belt and went out front to my car. I got in, lit a cigarette and phoned the wife at work to tell her. My shins were all bloody, I had scraped them as they went between the rungs, my left calf was bruised, my left wrist was sore. A couple of cigarettes later, I returned to the scene, picked up my ladder, and repositioned it against the window, I was curious, I got inside the ladder and gently pushed on the bottom rung, it was like a skate on ice....I had been doomed from the moment I went up there. How did it hold for so long, allowing me to soap up and start to squeegee before it went ? I grabbed my LadderMate and went back up there to finish that, and the kitchen window. Thankfully, there was no damage to the property. I could barely use my left wrist. I finished up and struggled to rack my ladders, I could barely push down the levers of my fast release clamps, my left wrist was now really becoming sore. Time to drive home, which I did by mostly changing gear with my right hand. A couple of hours later and once the wife got home from work, she drove me to A&E for an X-ray on my wrist which the Doctor was convinced, was broken. It wasn't and I was given a splint and returned home. I've recovered quite well over the weekend, I couldn't move my wrist at all by the end of Thursday night but after a few days of rest, it's a lot more free today, yellow-ish with brusing and there's no way I could put pressure on it but, at least it's free enough for me to be able to type this out. My legs aren't too sore and I can now walk without a limp. I'm hoping to be back by the end of the week to finish last Thursday - Friday's work.....but we'll see. So has this put me off ladders, no not at all. It was my complacency that caused this accident, concentrating too much on the job, the round, the customer and totally over looking my ladder safety, something I have been strict on for the past 5 years. Of course my ladder slipped, I put it on slimey slabs and climbed it, that is what happened here....why did I forget all my safety ? Distracted by a customer...positioning my ladder before I was ready to climb it and therefore forgetting my checks...going with the flow and thinking of what next rather than what now. All of these little things contributed but at the end of the day, I got complacent, I forgot about the danger, it's like being so used to crossing a shark infested lake by boat that one day, you decide to swim but forget about...um, what was the danger again ? I can NEVER let this happen again, oh I was lucky yes, oh I might not be next time, of course I realise all of this but, I have to make sure that there is never a next time. Ladders are perfectly safe as long as they are used in safe conditions and that also means, with a clear mind. I must remind myself of this every single time I put my foot on the first rung from here on end. And I must keep trying to dream up that device that works like a LadderMate but, never leaves the ladder and never gets in the way of the job. Thanks for reading.
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    Not yet but once again it will be stripped over the spring bank holiday insulated and 're ply lined with marine grade ply. floor sides and roof. There is a great vid on you tube where he converts a high top to a camper and insulates every last nook and cranny. a good tutorial / guide.
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    Slx / Univalves ?

    SLX-Univalve-Swivel....... the ultimate "everyday" combination and used by myself..... every day!!
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    You can get tablets for that 😂
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    David K

    Still struggling to get customers

    Patience.. Its my advice! And when you get a certain amount of work , the work comes automatically ,just because youre visible and people start to talk about your service.
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    mark m

    How times flys when your having fun

    I have been a member of this forum for 6 years today x
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    Before this turns into another age old battle between trad & water fed, i’d like to point out that both methods have their positive & negative aspects, i use both methods and favour not one more than the other. For first cleans, especially domestic including UPVC frames etc, i believe that water fed is vital. In combination TFR or not, the brush bristles reach nooks, crannies that simply cant be got at by hand, & also for removing loose dirt it is simply quicker and more effective. There aren’t many cons to this method of window cleaning, if you use hot water it is even easier to remove encrusted on bee pollen, poo etc etc. (I dont have a hot system) However, when cleaning upstairs pvc sills, TFR is very good on a first clean for removing green grime and algae. But, can you rely on it 100% when you cant see what youre cleaning? I would say no. Many a time have i got the ladder out to touch up an upstairs window sill, even after UBIK. Also, how are you going to magic sponge greys off an upstairs sill as a ladderless window cleaner? I am fortunate enough to work as part of a pair, so i always have someone to foot the ladder if necessary. I completely understand why many lone window cleaners wont use them. The ladder is also handy when it comes to removing glues, silicones, egg, paint blobs etc from upstairs windows, especially if at the bottom near the seals,. You simply can not get a good angle with a scraper off a trad pole in these situations, it needs to be removed by hand with a scraper or otherwise. When it comes to removing paint, i find it far easier to remove by using an applicator to soap the window, it gives it more slip for the glass scraper because there is no surfactant in purified water to give slip. Especially handy if working on hydrophobic glass. Im sure weve all tried removing paint using wfp on hydrophobic glass, constantly having to wet the window only for the majority of the water to bounce back off. Its annoying no? Also, trad at ground level. very handy for shops e.g hair dressers where they want the inside & outside done, and no excess water for customers to step in as they walk in and out of the shop. Also no trailing hoses (a big safety plus) and if youve got a garden full of plant pots, rose bushes, tight enclosures etc, trad is simply easier. The downside is that the windows get dirtier quicker as the surfactant left on the glass attracts pollution in the air to stick to it. But hey ho, a sacrifice for practicality. Also, the finish on the glass is instant, whereas with purified water the finish is reliant on the window to dry (not a big deal at all) but if you miss something wfp, tiny things like encrusted pollen etc, you may not see it due to water being present on the glass as you leave. With trad there is also the plus that if you leave streaks, you see them instantly. Trad is more practical for front doors especially “under shelter” porch areas on the old victorian terraces. And if the door isnt air tight at the bottom or has old wooden frames that you wouldnt want to touch with a wfp. Also there is very little if any water left on the floor, in winter there is no excess water left to “freeze” over. Before i started any trad work i regularly took a day off when it was too cold and i knew the water would freeze. I dont want any of our customers or members of the public slipping due to my excess water freezing. There are many out there who take some real risks regarding this subject. I charge high for first cleans and do whatever it takes to “get the job done” regardless of method. I dont want anyone to think this is a mandate for “how to clean” but more to provide insight if it can be of use to anybody, before you think of abandoning your ladders and squeegees. I am still relatively new to this and only been going for four years. Im constantly learning but want to provide the best results using the most appropriate methods for various tasks. Sorry if it’s been long winded! Hope its a good read for somebody Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    starting up for weekends

    ... and you have to be super motivated to give up your weekends to work a second job only for the tax man to take most of it. It always seems to rain on weekends as well. Are you super motivated? Your post doesn't sound as though you are desperate to make a go of it come what may - "see how it goes, have a go." Most guys who start at this time of the year don't last the first winter. Sorry, nothing against you, but we've seen this a hundred times before. The guys who make a success of window cleaning are the guys with bills to pay, 4 slices of bread left and no money to buy anything. Hungry mouths to feed is a good motivator. In this job there is no sick pay and there is no holiday pay. If you don't work you have no income coming in. As a sole trader you have no one to cover for you. .
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    Feeling like taking the leap

    I am just re-starting, but I have seen what it is like, and if anything I would expect it to be tougher now. The problem is, there are some really good customers out there, that are willing to pay a good fee and are the best sort of customers you could ever wish for. Then there are lots of ok ish customers, they have some faults, but they are not too bad. Then there are really bad customers. Every single one of these customers is your boss, you eventually get to choose your boss which is a good thing, but it takes time, years, to be in a position to be able to do that. At first you do not get a choice, you get the boss you can get, some of them will be really nice to you and then surprise you by revealing how bad they are. I tell you now you will not find many bosses worse than some customers. Then you have all the problems with running a business, single handed. Paperwork, finances, keeping in profit when a big bill comes and you realise that you have not turned over enough yet to cover it, lack of holiday and eventually you get sick, I got sick, anyone can get sick. Even though you did not realise it you suddenly discover that the money you had in the bank was to cover you when you got sick. A puncture, a bad winter, a bad summer, or a bad illness are all varying degrees of how the money stops. If you read between the lines you realise something here, on this forum. It is full of nutters that have a strange fascination with cleaning windows, and a few ruthless financially driven people. The ones that have this strange mental affliction that makes them addicted to wanting to clean more and more windows, and the ruthless financially driven minds have one thing in common. They both need money to feed their habit. For those with the financially driven mind it is all about the money, they seek to clean more in order to earn more, for those that just want to clean more and more windows they always need more money to buy a van, move house to install a better WFP system or find some other thing to spend money on that they can use as an add on, to earn more, to clean more. I am not sure I have made this point well, but, it is all about the money no matter what the goal is. So, we have a job that has some of the worse bosses you could ever imagine, we have all the stresses that comes with running our own business not least the constant cloud of financial uncertainly, and it is all about the money no matter what we really want out of it. So no, I would not give up a 30k job for an easy life cleaning windows unless you are completely mad, and then, in that case, welcome aboard the insanity train.Chooo chooo!
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    Iron Giant

    NOOO! Not again!

    Water under the bridge now.
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    CIF and Astonish UPVC cleaning paste with plenty of elbow grease. It took hours but that conservatory looked brand new when we had finished. And I'll put my hands up and admit that the side that was on the boundry with the neighbours conservatory next to it didn't get cleaned off. I've hated cleaning conservatories ever since.
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    scottish cleaning service


    Put your prices up 20% and maybe lose some customers and less busy for same money.
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    Iron Giant

    Removing pencil jets

    Brass pencil jets are easily removed with a a old drill bit and a few taps of hammer, I just place on corner of worktop in garage and tap each one out.
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    Green Pro Clean Ltd

    The right van insurance

    So we have all been tempted on occasion not to be upfront with our insurance broker in order to get a better price but is that always the smartest move. My Van the past couple of years was insured by Van Line Direct (broker) through Pukka (Insurance provider) Last year my premium was £600 fully comp - because I paid on direct debit there was a 20% charge so £720 all in. They know I am a window cleaner and the van was for commercial usage, they may not have know I had a fitted HOT water PROPANE system, I can't recall if I mentioned that. Moving on my renewal cam through today - down to £440 + the 20% so £528 all in. I called A - Plan insurance and spoke to Josh, A - Plan are one of only two insurance companies that specialize in window cleaners vans and systems. I explained all about my van, he asked if it was sign written, I said YES, he asked if I had a fitted system, I said YES, he asked if it was hot I said YES, he asked how it was heated, I explained through a propane powered unit. Then the boring questions my no claims etc (5 years plus) and so on. 'I'll get back to you' Said Josh. He just came back to me with a premium of £495 - For my van with fitted HOT PROPANE unit declared, knows the van sees personal and business use and all the other details. If I have a no fault claim they will also supply a van and system from Grippa whilst I am being sorted out. If it is a 'fault' claim or van is stolen they dont supply a van, however I can add that as an option for £82 for the year. Just shows that talking to the right people honestly is not always going to be an expensive issue. Some may remember pics of my old red Brodex system. I bought that used of a lad that had totalled his van and had his claim refused as he had not declared the water tanks in the back of the van. Basically it finished his business as he couldn't afford a new van nor the insurance so I got the kit for a deal. I bet he wishes he had done it right to begin with now. I will take the optional upgrade of a loan van if a fault claim or if stolen so my insurance is going to be £577 for the year. More than if I continue my existing policy but for the peace of mind of knowing I am 100% covered why not. I work 20 days per month so this policy is costing me £2.40 per day. When broken down like that it's just crazy cheap. Hope you find some helpful tips and info in this and please, for your sake, make sure you got the right insurance.
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    Iron Giant

    Gardiner Brush Advice

    I don't see the point of spending £100's on a lightweight pole and sticking a brick on the end like a sill brush, Get the new Ultimate with dupont bristles melts on to glass and frames like a soft flocked bristled brush but has the scrubbing power of a yard broom with inner bristles. I used to use older brushes for f.s.g's well worn in and can take a beating and still do a quality job on add on's
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    I am in Bournemouth too. Wallisdown. Give me a ring on 07850 262016 and you can try out my Xtreme pole and brush and see if you like the idea of it. Another thing to help is, I use pole hose on my main reel, very light and easy to use. All helps minimise fatigue. Anyway give me a bell. Robbo
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    Who's out today then?

    As you said sorts the men from the boys 😂😂
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    Best gloves for freezing cold

    Skytec Argon from Screwfix about six quid. Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Still struggling to get customers

    Everyone will grow a different rate determine by how much effort they put in and also by how saturated the local area is. There is no shortcut to a full round. I have 350 plus customers but it's taken me 3 years to get there so it's not easy and it doesn't happen overnight. Lots of hard work and setbacks. There's only one secret to building a round and that's perseverance. Whether it takes a year or 10 you will get there if you simply refuse to quit. Good luck
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    Part Timer

    Purified water freezing

    Connect your brush before you pull out and turn the pump on
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    Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Part Timer

    starting up for weekends

    I actually believe there would be good demand for a "weekend window cleaner" If you target the areas where both people are working and there are electronic gates etc then I think you will get business. Would do it myself if I didn't work all week.

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