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    Part Timer

    A Issue With GreenPro

    One thing I constantly hear on here that irks me is established windies saying this is how it should be done. Apologies if I've read your circumstances wrong but I'm assuming you're a relative newbie that is out there looking for work, and aren't particularly bothered where it is because once you're established you will then look at refining and compacting. Absolutely the best way to achieve your goals, good luck
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    Customers Not Paying

    As much of a pain as it can be, in the long run cleaning in all reasonable weather roots out the customers that you don’t want. I envisage in a few years time an established round of trained customers that pay electronically and are low maintenance. The problem is it takes a long time to get that even when you have a full round. I’m glad I’m shot of her even though she has done my nut in with her attitude. One less nutter to deal with one step closer to the dream. oh, and it wasn’t raining! 😂
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    What van would you buy?.....................

    Would you drive it yourself or have someone employed? I'm an advocate of buying new if you know it'll make you money. I see my van as any tool; it has to work to make me money. It's counterproductive trying to save money on a cheap van and ending up with a vehicle that's constantly in for repairs. Now, if you want to go the cheap route, maybe get a car and take out the back seats so you can chuck in all your machines? Or why not kit out a trailer? That's doesn't cost much standing around.
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    Iron Giant

    Back pack and poles?

    I manage windows above connies etc easily with a 22ft and you know I ain't tall 😜
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    Gutter Clearing New Member

    Hi I have a gutter clearing business based in Central Scotland. I've been trading for nearly 2 years. In the better weather I wash fascias etc but I'm mainly gutter clearing. I had a read through some posts on the forum a couple of years ago when I was just starting out and have dipped in and out on a couple of occassions since and got some useful information that has helped me quite a bit. If anybody has any questions about what I do or how I clear the gutters I'd be happy to help as I said I took a lot from this forum when I 1st started. Thanks Danny
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    Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Digital Canvassing Services

    Since I made a comment a while back on a thread regarding an upcoming project there has been quite a lot of interest in the planned service through the private messenger service so here is an update. Digital Canvassing Services: You're all familiar with the world of traditional canvassing and the very hit and miss results that it can produce as far as quality of work, the customers understanding of the frequency of work and so on. The new Digital Canvassing Service is a very simple concept and an extension of our Lead Generation Service. If you're looking to grow a window cleaning round Digital Canvassing really is the fastest possible route, it has helped build a round for Green Pro Clean of just over £70K in 18 months and recently helped build a round worth £2.1K per month for our franchisee in Sheffield in just 5 weeks. Why is it so much better than traditional canvassing? Simple: All the potential customers have already come directly to us to with an expressed interest in a regular window cleaning service, they are not being 'put on the spot' by door knockers desperate to fill an order. They have all been spoken to by an experienced window cleaner so their expectations have been manages perfectly and they will all have been confirmed as 100% requiring a monthly or bi-monthly service. As they come to us looking for a service they are also ready to pay a fair price for the service being offered and not 'bargain basement prices' that traditional canvassers push for in order to fill books more easily. All the customers are sold on the service of having the windows, frames, sills and doors cleaned on a regular basis and that's the service we expect you (the window cleaner) to provide as afterall it is the only service we have ever offered. Down to the nitty gritty : - The cost to you? Two times the regular clean. Yep it's even cheaper than traditional canvassing. We do not offer and carrots such as 3x or 4x cleans, or clean before you pay. We simply offer you decent reliable customers that are in need of a good reliable window cleaner. Why do we not offer any guarantee? Simply because we want your business, not just today, not just tomorrow, but next month, next year and for many more to come. How do we ensure we keep your business? Simple provide the one thing that all our lead generation customers have come to expect, that all our own window cleaning clients have come to expect, quality product and quality service time after time after time. We are currently finishing the trials of our 'Guinea pigs' but it's all gone super smooth and we are getting ready to roll it out this weekend so if your looking to bolster your client base this winter then just hit me up on the PM or to discuss further call me on 07581128101 General questions drop them below as usual guys.
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    van set up advice

    This is a couple of pictures of the van not very tidy at the moment as we have been so busy haven’t had time to sort it out 😬😬😬
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    Part Timer

    price of water comparisons

    Not really, mine's a van system, it takes 5 minutes to plug everything in. I then do paperwork, texting customers etc. After that's done I'll walk the dog and when the tank is full it shuts off so I'll then unplug everything and move the van. Basically it takes me about 10 minutes of work spread out over 2 hours
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    steve garwood

    Wyedale tank lid

    You can seal the vents with mastic, then drill a small couple of holes just small enough for the width of pole hose either on the top of the tank or the lid itself. Cut 2lengths of pole hose around 5 inches long and squeeze them through the holes and seal around the edge with silicon. This will let the tank breath so no vacuum occurs and the water will not be able to splash up the length of the hose 👍
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    Dave Shaw

    Back pack and poles?

    My thinking is to have one using van mount and the other using a portable device. At the min he’s 100% trad and it saves loads of time being able to send him off doing the runabouts, terraced backs etc that’s a bit of a ball ache to drag the hose around. There’s no bigger time waster than being under each other’s feet waiting for drips and waiting for each other on small jobs. Not so bad if the van doesn’t move on the more compact domestics and big commercial jobs. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Back pack and poles?

    We work as a pair, we work with van mount now but My son used the pf nano for the last couple of years which is far superior and robust in so many ways compared to backpacks the footprint is smaller on the nano than a backpack even on the smallest of trolleys, I also have two gardiner backpacks one for going thru terrace houses where no rear access is available etc, the other is on a cheap trolley as we do some flats where there is no parking obviously the the nano is more expensive but better, but I also highly rate the gardiners backpack for the money.
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    Dave Shaw

    Back pack and poles?

    That’s good to know. I’m in the process of getting my lad trained up on wfp and dont like the idea of both of us being tied to the van by a van mount so I’m looking at various portable trolleys, backpacks etc so I can send him off doing his own jobs. Being able to split up when working as a two covers a lot more ground and saves a lot of time. Double van mounts are great when on big jobs though. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app Most are deffo doable with a 22 but if you was to buy only one pole a 22 would seriously limiting you. My 28 only just reaches many 1st floor over connies and many 2nd floor windows. I’d say get a 22 with one or two extensions then you’ll have the best of both. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    scottish cleaning service

    Muskuloskeletal disorder

    I think it has a lot to do with repetitive strain injury. Changing hands should make a difference but hard to begin with.
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    Dodgy Connectors?

    Yeah they don’t. Happens all the time. You’re trying hard to connect it and water is squirting in your face, but it just won’t click in. Sometimes I find if you turn the pump off then unplug the reel from the van, releasing the pressure, it’ll then click in no bother. But you can’t be doing that all the time. 😡
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    CM Cleaning Services

    New customer sign up sheets yey or nay?

    I have every customer fill in a sign up sheet , name , address , contact number , a section to detail service quoted for , quote amount , a tick box to consent to us contacting them .... Payment queries , text reminders etc and finally a signed section to agree all above with permission to access there garden should they not be home ..... I then transfer that info onto smartround and file the paper piece in filing cabinet ...... Works for me Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Daniel Perkins

    Few more questions (again lol)

    This is the thing with window cleaning, unfortunately you have to go through several different brands to find the one suited for you, everyone is individual and will have different opinions. I've spent so much money over the years trying out different equipment and products only to have them gathering dust now. IMO Unger products stagnated for awhile after being the best for years but they have caught back up with the Ninja range which is great but I still think their rubber isn't great. This time of year soft rubber should be used outdoors ( I use it on shopping malls all year round to be honest). Ettore soft rubber imo is the best but so pricey. Next best imo is Pulex. I use a lot of Sorbo gear which is SPC over this side of the world. The equipment is so well made it will outlast me but the rubber is fairly average sticks and burns out quickly. I only use it because the sorbo channels takes the "T" shaped rubber as oppose to the normal round one & I bulk order that rubber, plus I can't find any wide bodied channel better than the Sorbo. I use 36" channels which most don't bother with, I have four 36" channels from different brands. I could use the Sorbo with the sorbo handle and it won't be as good as the Sorbo with an Unger handle, how annoying is that!!! Yesterday I bought Legend channel (Cut like Liquidator for apparently less detailing) but it is absolute rubbish unless used Ettore rubber and Pulex alumax handle, wtf like!! Like the Moerman Liquidator mix and match other equipment to get it working to optimal levels (check out that thread)It's incredibly tedious swapping and trialling all these different brands trying to find out what actually works as oppose to what I want to smash against a brick wall. Things like angle, grip, technique etc can effect the outcome of your work but also handle, rubber, channel too. For me and this is just my opinion, the Unger ninja handles 30 degree is by far the best handle on the market, genuinely no other handle even close imo, so well made and so versatile. The same Ettore rubber, it's just way ahead of everything else. What channel you use is really up for debate, depends on the type of work you do, as I said I use a big wide bodied 36" as I do commercial with large panes of glass but this would be useless for domestic stuff which I would use liquidator or several of my modded squeegees. Angled handles or likes of Wagtail angled attachment or Ledgers are excellent for awkward high jobs with poor leverage, helps you close out. As for trad poles and scrapers, Unger poles are a solid option, I also have an Ettore one which his decent. I use the Unger ninja scraper with holster.. it's brilliant. I have Unger stainless steels blades & Triumph blades which are imo the best. Stainless steel won't rust as quick as Carbon but carbon are sharper. SS from a cost point of view imo. I also have a plastic scraper for surfaces you can't use the blades on, fairly handy actually. Cloth wise I loads but my go to is Vikan & Vermop detailing cloths (I love them!!!), got several sill cloths and large microfibre cloths too. For large glass in commercial I use a large flat head duster and screw/click onto top of pole, so handy for dusting internal windows and saves you from washing tops all the time. Been doing it for decades and now every f**ker is copying me last few years lol. Emmm what else, degreaser (screw fix and likes of b and q one in spray bottle), hard water stain remover (winsol), Unger rub out (Brilliant!). I can't think of anything else off the top of my head but that's mostly what I would use on a day to day basis, not that you need all of that.. I just like trying new products in the hope of making the work easier and quicker. I know i keep saying IMO (in my opinion) through post but everyone is individual and likes different sh*t so it is each to their own and there are loads a top tradders on here that would use completely different stuff to me. Long winded post but if any of that helps then it was worth it. Ask as much questions as you like on this forum as the wealth of info is amazing and I would say 99.9% percent of your questions could be answered by folk on here, helped me out no end and i've been cleaning windows since the 90's.
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    Dave B

    Damage to very old wall

    Not sure on this one The way the law is means that if you were to fall off a ladder working on a customers property you can legally sue the customer (although we wouldn't) as they have a duty to know how you are doing the job and are agreeing to it Not sure about the broken wall though This is why I have £5m liability cover though £1m is about 14 quid a month through gleaming though and covers a very comprehensive amount of circumstances so well worth paying for
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    Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Customers Not Paying

    SCC covers all amounts up to £10'000
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    Scratch glass waver

    Cheers m8 appreciated thanks Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app Thank you Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Scratch glass waver

    GLASS SCRATCH/DAMAGE WAIVER AGREEMENT Construction Clean Up Agreement and Disclaimer THIS AGREEMENT is made this _______ day of _________, __________ (the “Effective Date"), by and between ____________________________________________ (Insert company name). (Insert company name). agrees to provide ‘Owner’ construction clean­up type window cleaning services in exchange for the agreed upon sum of £________.___ due and payable at the completion of the job. These cleaning services are to include the cleaning of all windows facing the outside of the building. Cleaning is to be done on the inside and outside of each pane of glass. Disclaimer (Insert company name) and its employee’s or subcontractors use industry approved cleaning procedures including scrapers to clean windows requiring ‘construction clean­up’. We take care not to damage your glass. However, there is always the danger on any construction project that windows may become damaged or scratched by the many different trades’ people that work around them. This damage and/or scratches can easily hide underneath the dirt and other materials found on the glass. Also some Heat Treated glass (Heat Strengthened & Tempered) may have defects that result in fabricating debris being embedded in the glass. These defects may not visible to the naked eye. These fabricating debris can be dislodged during normal window cleaning using a razor blade knife resulting in light scratches on the surface of the glass. With respect to the above paragraph, it is agreed by the undersigned, while performing ‘construction clean­up’ on your windows, (insert company name). (and/or its subcontractors) WILL NOT be held liable or responsible for any damage or scratches found on these windows or window frames. By my signature below I understand and agree to the terms of the agreement and to the waiver of liability above. Signed_______________________________________ Date _____________ Owner / Responsible Party Signed_______________________________________ Date _____________ Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Leading Digital Lead Generation Services

    I see a few of you quoting Dave Shaws words again and as it's no secret that I care not in the slightest for him or his opinion in this business I will simply say this as he continues to be nothing more than an argumentative bane on anything I write about. Being ignorant is no cause for embarrassment, choosing to remain ignorant is. You accuse me of having a 'my way or high way' attitude but you are a prime example of pots and kettles. You are tiresome and tedious Dave Shaw. Time for you to give it a rest now.
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    something that can remove very strong limescale on windows

    Thank you all for the help. Much appreciated
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    Dave Shaw

    Leading Digital Lead Generation Services

    I wasn’t criticising the business but pointing out that 15 miles each way is a long way to travel for a few houses. I know a few lads that specialise in commercial cleaning, I used to work for one so I know about travelling for work but they were all big jobs and wouldn’t of dreamt of going that far for the odd small domestic. Also I’d say that the one cleaner on an estate is still going very strong but the only way you can get into that is if you buy in. That’s what it’s like in my area. There are lads starting up just doing the odd house here and there and has been for years but the majority is done as proper rounds. It makes sense really, if someone was to give you some work and had two rounds but you could only have one, both identical houses and prices etc but one was all on one estate and the other was spread over a large area which would you take? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Alex Gardiner

    Gardner doport brush

    Xtreme Sill is in final stages 35cm Universal Sill is nearing completion Also we will be tweaking the stock design of every brush for Spring 2019 Hoping to bring it out in: Medium Mixed DuPont Hybrid Flocked Stiff
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    Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Damage to very old wall

    No idea where you stand. The law states clearly that liability insurance is compulsory but hey you saved yourself £150 per year by not bothering to get any so that's a result! 👍

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