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    I've only been a window cleaner for 10 years now but I been in business for a long time, used to sell nails to Noah. :) As the business has grown so has the work load, inevitable I know, nothing you can do that's just a fact of growth. But why has it grown? Well obviously cause we acquired more customers but also because those customers then started saying 'could you just clean the patio? could you just clean the roof?' and so on. Soon enough we found ourselves acquiring more equipment, pressure washers, softwashers and so on but also the loads of consumables that goes with it, chemicals, sand, sealants and on and on it goes. Now sure it's nice to pick up a £1000 driveway clean but lets look at it like this. (Based on 100sqm) Driveway cleaner -- £100 Sand -- £30 Sealer £400 Not even counting the cost of the pressure washer and fuel etc so let's call it an even £500 for the sake of debate. Half a day to clean it and another half a day to sand and seal.... now that's assuming the weather holds long enough to seal a drive in this country. So by the time all is said and done about 2 days is what you will have invested. Still not too bad I hear you think £250 per day profit. And it is. Here's the kicker, how often will that client want the drive doing? Once every 3 - 5 years typically Now if you had spent that 2 days dropping leaflets, chatting in the street and knocking a few doors you could easily have drummed up £300 per month in good regular window cleans. No heavy expenses such as sealants etc.. And whilst you would have to put in a day a month to get there at the end of the year that's £3600 you're up. And the next year and then next. How does that measley £500 look now? I have found (through experience) that the add ons can be toxic -- you get a taste of a £1000 job and net thing you are pushing them, chasing them laying awake at night wondering how to get them. The add ons we adopted over the past 5 years include pressure washing, softwashing, roof cleaning and commercial kitchen deep cleans. We have several thousand pounds invested in all the gear to do these jobs but does cause stress. I made the decision at the beginning of this month to drop all add ons and get back to our roots -- Window cleaning. As of now we ONLY offer window cleaning, gutter cleaning and conservatory cleaning. AND IT FEELS GOOD. No more hazardous chemicals, no more lining the pockets of sealant suppliers, no more ruined clothing, no more all equipment covered in shite all the time. Back to WFP system, some squeegees and some applicators and rock and roll. Sometimes when we add on much much more we end up with much much less. If I had spent the time I used to focus on add ons to building up the window rounds I would probably be at 4 - 5 vans by now so in a way I feel I have held myself back some what by doing the add ons but also feel it has been an invaluable learning curve to figure out what works for me. A reason many of us go add on route is sometimes window cleaning gets monotonous, in future when I am feeling that I will just take off for the week. So happy to be free of add ons.
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    If I have enough on the list close to me and I can squeeze in £100+ before 6pm I will still pop out. I have to take advantage of anything on a weekday now as I recently stopped doing weekends no matter what. Not even if I need a catch up so don't have the luxury of jumping in on a Saturday anymore. Life first, work second.
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    Life is so much easier now im just cleaning windows, not done hardly any add ons the last 3 months and its great, just get up and clean windows. got all my work done by thursday this week, just 3 first cleans this morning, early fiinish and weekend off. happy days, once i cant get all my work done in 5 days ill take someone on and keep growing. Add ons can be like a stone in the shoe
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    Ask @James Allen he has one i believe I rinse on the glass 99% of the time whether top or bottom windows A lot easier Especially as just been to the gym and done full body workout on the weights.. no pussy footing around just heavy compound lifts after a full day of conny roofs and fascia cleans Arms are gonna be no good monday lol so on the glass makes the difference between managing to work and just wussing out for the day
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    This has sod all to do with window cleaning and no I aint gonna send you a £5 note. This is about switching -- anything, any time. Got my LAST British Gas bill, £292 for the quarter -- that's gas and electric. Not a lot so I aint too fussed............but wait then the pricks send me a letter, it's going up 15% (even though their wholesale cost is down 10%) Well today I decide to go on one of those switch websites. My annual use is currently £1168 -- going up with British Gas to £1336 On this site I get a new tarrif, of £850 for the year AND there are no switching costs involved. £486.30 of FREE MONEY!! These big firms rely on complacency to line their golden parachutes! Do YOURSELF a favor and go get some free dosh!!
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    Just had a lady call... Hi I saw your van. Can you clean my windows, I live round the corner from you. Now my van is yellow and signed as a "window cleaner" She says.. how much bla bla.. it's £20... Oh is that inside and out.. no just outside.. do you use profession equipment? ??? Yes The conversation was going great so far. Then boom.. Do you clean the walls... Uh no I am a window cleaner. The brush is designed for glass and frames and it cost £50 to replace. Oh ok what else do you do? I clean frames and windows... Ok Can you now lawns? Pardon? Do you cut grass? Uh no I only clean windows. Ok Your van is big... Can you take some stuff from my garden? What stuff... My van is full of window cleaning equipment!! I don't have space.. If not much I can't fit it in my car... Lol now this is where I just think to myself that this women is taking the ****... Ok I'll come round Friday and have a look. Can you come today or tomorrow? No I have a big contract I need to do. And tomorrow? It's a 2 day contract!!! I'm in tomorrow.. Ok I'll come tomorrow if I have time... Bye.. I hope she finds a window cleaner because I'm stuffed if I'm going to that one... Lol Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    I started with the unger ninja and decided to upgrade to the less detailing squeegee that is the moerman tool. At first I bought it and put the thing in a cupboard but it came back out and I'd never leave home without it. @Trad-Man just put out a good video on it.
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    Change your diet? I find if I eat 5 small healthy meals a day no bread or pasta or anything sugary my energy levels soar typical day all have breakfast around 7 meal at 11 then 2 6 and 8 sometimes skip last but find it has big impact during the day
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    If he goes up a ladder to gutter level, how is he going to clean the panels satisfactorily whilst having 3 points of contact on the ladder?
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    I work in west yorks and would be 10 for me, that's wfp probly 12 for trad and a extra 2/3 for a conny! where in west yorks are you?
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    I have his mobile number if you don't have a number you may need to set up an account send me your email and I can send it to you. if you are really stuck I can help you out with some water Tuesday I am in Stevenage but it will have to be before 7.30am as know one will be around.
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    I replace my poles every 18 months for shiny new ones. Helps keep the tax bill down. SLX was replaced six months ago. Next month is the Vipers turn.
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    This was my favourite tool before the excelerator handle was made Loved the way the wag handle worked but had too many issues Wrong angle so needed heating and bending back to 25° Rubbish way to attatch washer and i had to sew on velcro strips to get it to stay on Needs some sort of bearing not just a screw through a hole in the plastic The plastic that holds the channel is very brittle after time and cracks The wagtail could have been so good that the excelerator wouldn't have been invented but nobody ever listened to criticism
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    I don't know why you'd want to work on behalf of someone else for less money. You can just put the time in and develop your round yourself and you will get there. It's better spending 40 hours doing your own customers than doing it for someone else.
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    I have 3 wish I had 1 and a 1 lad Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
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    My shoulders are both feeling it but i think it is the 6 day weeks doing it to 1 and not letting my damaged rotator cuff heal on the other Ice and anti inflammatories are the best thing Lee Ibuprofen is ok but naproxen or diclofenac is best if you know anyone who has some
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    I like to know how others got into this industry and how they managed. So my question is what did you do before you went self employed and how was your first year, let's know how hellish it was. Before I started window cleaning I was working in a production factory that was producing air conditioning. I worked in mitsubishi electric for 3.5 years. The job was deadend and the pay was low. All in all the Job was never the hardest but wasn't a career. So I made a decision and had a look around for careers. Saw a window cleaner clean a store front. I went over to inspect his work and I criticised it and said I could do better and here I am. I'm still in my first year and I'm getting there. I now know the frustration of letting first cleans build up and pulling my hair out,but after the first clean it's all a dream. I'm certainly not the cheapest for my area but I get my work. I do owe alot to the regulars on this forum. I took alot of information and learned from other people's mistakes and tried to avoid them. For any new members coming here, this forum is a brilliant opportunity to learn and assist you with your business.
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    Oh and no one from any council would just state "district council". They'd have a name with a contact number. You could have a laugh with them and give them false information.
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    I suppose it depends how desperately you want or need to work that day. I think sitting around waiting to go out is a waste of a day. Shall I shan't i. Wait a bit longer etc. I usually look at the weather when I'm setting off read a few weather reports etc then make a decision. If (like Tuesday ) it's heavy and forecast all day I'll just sack the day off and get on with something else. If it looks like weather is going to clear in a couple of hours I'll just head out and clean the first few in the rain whilst waiting for it to dry up. But it depends what I've got booked in.
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    I remember using heavy metal ladders that were long enough for dormer windows in a 3 floor townhouse roof that had no rope so had to be extended on the ground and then lifted up How i used them i don't know Plus whenever i needed them i had to put them on the roof of my fiesta van in the morning and tie old hi viz jackets on front and back as only the middle of the ladder was above the van Nothing against them but these new guys who only wfp haven't experienced what we had to go through lol
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    Same here regarding add on's. I've got to clean a regular customers conny roof. An old dear, she thought I'd give it a quick swipe with my brush when I clean the windows. How much will it be then she asked, £50 and that's with discount as I usually charge more. FIFTY POUNDS!!!! she gasped. Would she go and clean a conny for £50? I think not. Gutter clearing; how often do you get covered in for not a lot extra per hour? getting sick of add ons plus it puts you behind with your regular work.
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    Going forward in time, this alliance could be recognised by customers as the place to go to find a registered window cleaner. Otherwise there's no point in WC using the membership as a USP with its logo.
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    Hiya Ken and welcome to the forum.. You will find all manner of information and tips etc. Hope you get all 4 corners on the windows lol. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Depends on your work area maybe. I find its up and down right across the year I never have a big influx of enquiries but I am well established so not overly bothered. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Don't take it to heart if you lose a few customers along the way. That's normal for all sorts of reasons. Most will appreciate the job you are doing. You can get self doubt about all kinds of issues sometimes when working on your own. That's when this forum really helps. You are not on your own. You have shown initiative and drive to set up in the first place. Many wouldn't take that chance. You have respect from all on here already. Best of luck.
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    Not sure that a 400 upright fits against the bulkhead in a caddy. Briefly had a flat one fitted to a caddy and suffered badly from the effects of the water sloshing around, and constant air locks. Traded it for a 350l upright, and it's spot on, fits nicely against the bulkhead, reduced sloshing effects and no trouble with air locks. I also carry 2x25l drums with water in if I am expecting to use a lot, but that's very rarely.
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    Could also be depression or stress. There's many things that can cause extreme fatigue from diet, stress to a physical condition. My advice take a week off, relax, eat and sleep well and see how you fell when you get back to it. If you are still struggling see your doctor. It's not normal to be knackered after a couple of hours.
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    money drives me to be honist u just gota push throu the tiredness dont eat to much at lunch as that will make u fiel slugish eat a good breckfast in the morning but this sounds more like u have lost your drive?
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    i know that if i was starting out it be a god send as it save on set up costs and u could be cleaning windows for less than 150 quid wfp
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    Ok, thanks guys, any info on the tank, upright or flat, which would be safer.
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    Don't think it will reach mate your gonna need extensions
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    For anyone having problems with the hole distorting over time and creating slop, check out this pic. Put this together for a guy in the US. By using SS washers on both sides of the disc (epoxied) and the smooth shanked SS bolt a 'bearing like' integrity is created. I used this daily for almost 2 years with zero slop and minimal need for adjustment.
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    Hi James, not sure if you got my reply, you can give me a call if you like, up till 10.30pm 07894 913 698
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    I was joking about and have been cleaning since 1991 when i was 16 I have a manual reel but it doesn't bother me but i spend a lot of time in the gym though so see it as more exercise As for trad i have it in my blood and can still trad bottoms as quick as i can wfp them when i feel like it
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    You named THE important safety feature...COMMON SENSE......nowadays the granny state and blinkered H&S doctrines, the suits wants using common sense and reason a thing of the past.
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    Heres a fun little face for you guaranteed to start a war but what the hell!! The Water Genie Vipers are LIGHTER than SLX like for like OK OK so only by about 20 or 30 grams as I recall but hell, lighter is lighter. How do I know? I have Viper and SLX 18 fts, and viper and SLX 25 ft poles. And yup I weighed them (some time back) but regardless. The Vipers are lighter!
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    £100 cash and I will take the lot and COLLECT :)
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    I'm originally from barnsley and I'm not surprised at the scare of a price increase lol. My grandad always used to tell me to Get owt for nowt and pay nowt for owt! Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    I sub a bit of retail work over the years I have worked with quite a few of the nationals. It is best that you all ready have work of your own in town as driving in to town to service the odd shop sometimes isn't cost effective. But get a load together and you can earn good money in all weather before most have started there day. If you are going to start subbing work then never take on to much as you can start to become reliant on that provider and with retail window cleaning you can be dropped instantly for no reason.I only sub a very small amount now about 2-3% of my turn over and should they go bust like CAPS I could live with it no problem. I'm mainly commercial I prefer that type of work and for me personally I can earn a lot more but it's just down to choice some lads are doing very well out the residential. My area is saturated with sinners all competing for the same work and a lot of the residential cleaners are trying there hand at getting commercial this is driving prices down a bit and making it a lot harder to gain good work at good prices.
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    I would be going for the roller option GrippaTank sell what look like a decent options and not badly priced one through the floor then 2 more to fit underneath the van so you can pull the out without hose getting trapped under van tyres when pulling towards the front of the van. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Even though there was such a large gap where the whole glass unit had slipped? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    I would try on good customers,bought some PVC cleaner by Soudal that thinking of testing. If works a treat will probably offer as an extra charge. Certainly would not use it on a first clean as I do not charge extra for first cleans and this would be a restoration.
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    Welcome to the forum hope you enjoy it.
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    Watford are harder 🐝
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    Great app for this sort of quarterly service is 'findagrave' you can drop a pin on the exact location of a grave and photo it and save to favourites, easy to find after that. It also identifies every graveyard in you area. Not for everyone but if you decide on a different sort of add on that can be done in the rain this could make things easier. https://www.findagrave.com/mobileapp/
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    9am - 4pm if I'm solely on houses, start much earlier if I have commercial stuff and adjust my finish time to suit. Will work evenings/weekends on commercial stuff to suit myself if I'm behind or want to get ahead... I wear a polo shirt and shorts all summer, have a sweatshirt and dark jeans in the winter, and just a light weight jacket for light showers or an extra layer when it starts getting cold. A pair of good quality light and water proof boots which have made the biggest improvement to my day to day comfort at work... I'll clean in light showers or drizzle, try to avoid heavy downpours, but that's just because I don't like getting wet! Customers are fine with me cleaning in the rain, all my work is guaranteed if they aren't happy with the result I'll clean it again.
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    I use about 2000l a week. My yearly water production costs are about £300. Using this system would cost me about 5 grand a year! The idea is great, the price is beyond ridiculous.
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    I just add zaflora now and find it clings to walls really well and also masks the smell satisfactorily Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Quite surprised at this post @noddy, didn't think you northerners washed
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