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    2nd clean sacked off

    I’ve found the first 3 cleans are usually when you’ll find out if they’re going to be keepers or not. If you can get past that then you can 99% of the time look at them as a reliable customer. Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
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    2nd clean sacked off

    @Tuffers I think they dumped you first. 😂 I had the same thing 6 years ago. "We have a new puppy so can we leave it for a bit." I've bumped into them several times since as their children go to the same local school as the grandchildren. "Ah! we must get you back to start cleaning our windows again, I need to talk to B..... and we will give you a call." "No worries, just give me a shout when you are ready." I see B...... walking home with his now 6 year old dog having had a run on the beach. "Hi B...... How are you doing? I haven't seen you for a while, you're looking well." After a few moments of idle chat he says. "You know, we really need to get you to start cleaning our windows again. I'll have a chat to P..... and will give you a ring." Still waiting for the call. 😁 But that's ok. I don't have a problem keeping a bit of banter going with ex customers. I'm even nice to the ones who 'disappeared' owing me money. They can't hide in a small town forever. Everytime I greet them nicely I get a kick out of seeing them being uncomfortable. When our paths cross they try to ignore me but I never let them get off that lightly. If they take their children to school and collect them then our paths are going to cross when I do grandfather duties on a Wednesday. I never treat a customer who discontinued my services with contempt. Its not the quality of my work or the effort I go to to clean their windows that was the real reason, so the problem is not with me, its with them. I've even had a customer who dumped me refer me to a couple of her friends about 6 months later, so maybe that says something.
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    Part Timer

    2nd clean sacked off

    I am targeting 3 monthly and commercial work for the reasons above. The commercial is the small independent offices and carehomes, not the large chains. Residential prices in my area have always been on the cheap and cheerful side, and there is an abundance of window cleaners. Yes there are pockets of better business, but few and far between, and in my opinion overall, in my area, they won't get better. I am not saying this is countrywide and I'm not saying I'm correct, at the end of the day I am trying to build a successful business and this is my vision of the best way to do it. Each to their own
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    2nd clean sacked off

    The world of window cleaning in general is changing (for us anyway). We have good rounds but they aren’t really growing, if they are its quite slowly, and often a case of one replacing another that has been lost for one reason or another. In terms of new custom, a lot of people will only get them done once in a blue moon & not opt for regular service (which is fine if you’re charging accordingly) The position we would all like to be in is....e.g. Mr brown phones you up “hiya, windows haven’t been done for a while now, can you clean them please” you have a look, give a price that you can make money on, he either agrees or disagrees, if he agrees, you clean the windows, then Mr Brown says “thank you, great job” and either opts for a regular service or just says “i’ll call you again sometime” either way you’re happy and not kicking yourself because at that particular moment, you know you have come away with a decent price. Since the trad days of one windy doing every house on the street fortnightly or monthly, things are becoming more and more call out like and our work is far from compact. many companies claim wfp window cleaning will “keep your windows cleaner for longer” which is maybe why a lot of us run 6 weekly and why more and more customers are only getting them done as and when suits them. Any specified journey (a visit not on a local round) i often ask for £40 or £50 to make it worth it on travel time and diesel. (i dont often get it as you’ve probably guessed but sometimes i do) Your carpet cleaner will show up, take 45 mins or an hour maybe. £60. You’ll call them maybe 2-3 times a year i guess. If you asked for a monthly service from them i’m sure they’d still say “£60 please mate” the blokes equipment could be worth what...a grand-2grand say. Not all that different from a van mounted system. And once you know what you’re doing and have had some sort of basic training, its not all that skilled. Same as taking your car for a valet at whoever you use. My car when i had it 2-3 years ago was £35 at a place on the corner of the street, if i took it again a month down the line I’m sure it still would be the same. Why our industry is valued so low by so many, i dont know, but id like to see it turn around in the modern age. These are just my thoughts of course & they’re not necessarily right, many people will say otherwise. Our businesses are our own. i’m just trying to adapt to what i sense to be a new era & Its not easy. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    steve garwood

    How windy is too windy?

    If we have another summer like the one we’ve just had next year, I’m thinking of getting a sign written burka 👍
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    Reach For The Glass

    Raptor lined my van just now (PICS UPLOADED)

    Hey guys Long overdue but finally got around to raptoring my van. Its a new shape dispatch, m wheelbase. Prep was- remove ply Remove plastic trim and anchors key up with scotch pads Clean up with xylene Tape up all bits i didnt want covered. As its below recommended 20c to spray i heated van with oil rad for a good few hours before. Applied grip4 primer to bits which were hard to key up, 15 mins before raptor went on. I used 2 litres of raptor, more than enough 1st bottle i chucked a 3rd, secind bottle i chucked a 3rd again. Used with a shultz gun set at about 4 - 5 bar. Sprayed 1st coat and put oil rad back in. Hour later 2nd coat went on and waited 10 minutes and pulled off all tape and paper. Oil rads back in to help with drying ans curing. This stuff covers very well and is very forgiving. Trim and anchors will go on tomorrow and ill apply upol tiger sealent to all edges. Im really really happy but time will tell how well it cures and lasts.
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    How to start pressure washing

    Here is a blog I wrote on how to start pressure washing, done for Rutland pumps. I hope some of you find it useful. Chris https://www.rutlandpumps.com/blog/fife-window-cleaning-services.html
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    Poles Apart

    2nd clean sacked off

    I never knock doors I put myself out there on the net they have to knock my door it's the 21st century.
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    2nd clean sacked off

    Where abouts in Worcs are you mate? Do you work in Kempsey? I moved down from Brum 2 years ago and I find the ones I pick up in Worcester can be problematic. Most are great but a few decide they want to 'leave it this time' for no justifiable reason. I'm just knocking any Messers on the head from now on. At OP, stay away from Asians. They will only cause you stress mate!!
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    2nd clean sacked off

    A few months down the line when (all being well) you'll be a lot busier they'll come out and ask for their windows to be cleaned again. You'll feel a lot better about it when you can turn round and say "Sorry! Too busy!"
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    2nd clean sacked off

    Most of the problems we had were as a result of canvassing, when they “come to you” its usually a lot more promising. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    New record today, on nightmare job.

    I've found having a long conversation with whoever made the enquiry helps identify how clean they're actually looking for. Some people don't care as long as they don't look dirty (notice, they're not fussed about them being clean, just not dirty) that's how these big companies charge less than us and still turn a profit (as well as low wages etc etc). Big jobs, you bang it out, and let the person have a walk around and point out what theyre not happy with. Usually a lot less than what we think. Happy days
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    Squeaky Clean Dave

    Powered hose reel upgrade for £40

    Hi all. I know this has been talked about on here before but I have just posted this tutorial video on YouTube on how to upgrade you hose reel for around £40. Hope this helps anyone interested
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    johnny bravo

    Fao Alex Gardiner

    sorted, clamp is glued onto pole section, gardiners been straight on phone with 100% advice to rectify problem, 10 / 10 for cuetomer service
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    What pressure washer?

    The best thing to do is have two pressure washers one an industrial grade unit for big jobs (GX390 or GX610) and then an industrial grade electric unit that's runs on 240v. Like a NILFISK Poseidon 12lpm. Then your not pulling out the monster for small paths and small patios and your not turning down small jobs. Small jobs can lead to a lot more i.e. once they see your work you can try and get windows or fascia gutter ect..
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    What am I doing wrong?

    You will eventually streamline your setup. I started with barrels and had a massive speed boost when I switched to a tank. Then got even faster by mounting hose reel and having it run through the floor and out the back through a hose guide so I don't have to lift the reel in and out. Just stop, grab pole and go! Sped up switching to a Univalve instead of a tap. Avoiding rose bushes! Sped up switching many customers to GoCardless so don't have to knock. Technique improvement and better equipment helps. Then there's the whole other side of the business- getting lots of houses done in a day. Pricing them right for how much time they take out of your day. Ditching awkward jobs. Compacting work. Cutting down on travel time. Having a good hourly rate will be a combination of many little things.
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    Leave My Windows

    Yip feel the guilt if its going to rain never mind a storm coming, so annoying.
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    What pressure washer?

    Just use this formula to compare machines - LPM x Pressure in Bar, then divide this by 600. This will give you a number to compare machines, the higher the number the more powerful the machine is.
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    Best questions to ask an accountant

    See if you like them first Just be direct and say you want professional help, how much is it going to cost and what does it save you ie how much time and benefit Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Iron Giant

    2nd clean sacked off

    Plenty people sign up for Ringtons and sack them off after the first order,Only us up North might know who Ringtons are [emoji23] County Durham Lad
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    How windy is too windy?

    Being young, slim and long hair helps 😀
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    How windy is too windy?

    I honestly don’t know how you guys stick it down there, i couldn’t cope with the heat in Cardiff this year it was unbearable. So glad the autumn is now here it’s much more comfortable to work in Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    is a four way swivel possible

    The simple answer is that you can't use a dual axis swivel on a WFP brush. Unlike the flat surface of a sanding application, the bristles on a WFP brush remove that contact stability. You would require a certain amount of tension on the vertical axis (like eric above) to get it even close to being usable- at best. The vertical axis presents multiple problems/issues to the point that I believe even if you got one to a degree of function it would present more negative issues than positive.
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    Part Timer

    Where for system insurance?

    Mine's a modified van, tank bolted in the back, and the value of that and the tools is £8k, hot water system, so whatever the van + £8k I use NFU and that costs me £604
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    Dave B

    Low pressure ..effects on Ro

    I killed a set of membranes on my 450gpd in only around a year and they were completely caked up with deposits It coincides perfectly with when my water pressure was lowered from 73 to 35 psi I don't think they ever flushed effectively at that pressure as I always flush a couple minutes each day before use and a proper flush at weekend Got a booster pump now and have no issues
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