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    Softwashing job from today

    very old cheap plastic badly stained but came up very well customer was very happy with the results
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    Dave B

    Giving up being moderator

    Hiya guys Stepping down as mod now as way too busy to keep on top of it Just waiting for @Gav to remove my status and then rejoining the muggles🤣
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    Giving up being moderator

    You are now a muggle once more Dave, thanks for all your help! 👍
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    Giving up being moderator

    You done a good job Dave 👍 I know how time consuming and involved running a forum can be.
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    Yep I agree.great backpack I think because I have it on a little trolley it’s the vibration.😀
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    My son uses his b/p every day rather than his hose reel. It was purchased on the 16th of June 2016. Apart from the lid, which was a common problem and was reported to Alex by another cleaner, this packback has been well worth every penny of its cost. My son is left handed and we did have an issue with one of the straps pulling out of its bracket. He carries the full backpack with one strap. He doesn't work with it on his back. He usually carries it back to the van by its handle. I modified the strap locating 'lock' to mirror the one on the other side and we haven't had an issue since. I've never heard of anyone else with this problem so I wouldn't concern myself with it. I can't carry it full as my back is 'history'. If I occassional use it for a couple of windows I will empty half its contents out so I can carry it. The battery is charged virtually every day and on the occassion when I haven't bothered, the backpack has worked 2 days and the battery hasn't showed any signs of going flat. When the charging light changes colour from red indicating the battery is full, I unplug the charger. I actually don't know if it can be left on all night like I do with the leisure battery charger. I charge the backpack off the same extension as the leisure battery charger an do it in the back of the van. If it stopped working now I would take it apart to see if it was a simple fix. If not, I would happily buy another just like it, even if it still had a 'problem' lid.
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    Best ladder safety

    a man at the bottom footing it. Otherwise i wouldn’t even go there Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    I find them great. I use one every day and it works fine. have a issue with my hose at present but thats not the back pack, my hose sprays water out the end that fits to the puller part of the uni valve, very frustrating, tryign to work out what i need to do. The back pack is great, works well and the charge is great it goes on and on. It pumps fast too. Great kit!!!! I want a van now and will use it still, just get a longer hose leave in the van via filling from a tank with a pump or just plonk it on floor at places I cna not park on drive so dont have my hose going across paths etc. TOP KIT!Enjoy
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    Thank you for taking the time to reply Spruce, its very appreciated. When I saw vans with tanks and the packages that go with them I had assumed that to be fully mobile the industry would be producing water on the go and recycling the the rejected water back into the tank until the TDS (or conductivity levels) reached a certain level. I had no real idea of how much water you would be using a day but I can see that if you can easily run for a day between refills then it is simpler to refil with RO produced at home. I presume the waste water is not costing enough to be a big financial problem. I would preheat when I install my unit but it would be for eccological reason as I’m not on a meter 🙂 Regards, ATM
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    Yes anything that 5mm pole hose fits onto use 7-9 o clips. Buying the correct tool should be your first stop and very likely why you're leaking as the clips need to be completely tightened
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    I can partially help you. I am currently using the reinforced pole hose and it's very good although gardiner don't recommend using it with a uni valve as the hose could balloon. As for the leaking and o clip question, it could be linked. You're looking for 7-9 o clips but search for double eared oetiker clips as the single ones from gardiner always made it leak for me.
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    steve garwood

    Take care in the heat all!

    True. I’ve not been this nervous about a semi since watching broke back mountain 👀😆
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    Sure your not diagnosing what a lot of us England fans may be experiencing tonight!!!!!
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    doug atkinson

    Ro production nightmare

    That pump is not suitable I have an answer from the tech team and having it on flush for such a long time will foul up the membranes hence slow production. The last membrane that goes into the flow restrictor disconnect the blue tube from the T- Piece and if you can measure how long it takes to do say 400 ml and the ppm. Then soak the membrane in white vinegar must be covered for about an hour then insert back and flush for 10 mins. Then repeat the readings again and hopefully this will have unclogged it.
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    My thoughts are that we’ve run our entire show off backpacks for 4 years. They last about 18 months-2 years being used every day. Pros - easy to access rear of terraces & awkward jobs, cheap to replace, hoses are contained so none trailing across pavements, can be easily removed from the van & saves a lot of interior space, a good thing if you want space to put a pressure washer, surface cleaner, gutter vac etc, no endless reeling of long hoses, no worrying about keeping the van warm in winter as nothing inside to freeze, if it breaks you can be back up and running in no time IF you have a spare. Always wise to have at least two on the van that way if one goes down the other is good to go, you can take work other window cleaners wont touch and charge accordingly because you know other window cleaners just wont go there. E.g. backs of terraces. If you suddenly changed your mind and wanted to change career e.g. man & van service, gardening service etc, you’ve got the freedom of not having a gigantic van fitted system to worry about getting shot of. If you wanted to sell your van or something, you’re also not stuck with a gigantic tank in the back that the new van owner may not want, you would probably have to sell it as a window cleaning van. Cons-filling and carrying of backpack/25L barrels is strenuous, if you aren’t physically fit you will struggle. (get the nigel backpack-it has wheels) Not practical for commercial work or very large jobs, if e.g. cleaning big blocks of flats or hotels etc you’re definitely going to need a van mount. Also they take up space in your house, 25L barrels in any significant quantity you’re gonna need a garage really. When they come to the end of their life its a trip to the tip as they’re too big to simply throw in the rubbish bin. Hope this helps and best of luck! Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Cheers spruce . Keep looking back up the road for my lid
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    The guy was a waste of space tbh. He was adopted and had a chip on his shoulder. The adoptive parents had other children but he managed to persuade her to give him the house as all the others had families and their own places. It was mortgage free. He promptly remortagaged it up to the hilt and when the bank refused an additional loan against it he stopped paying and waited to be evicted. He told his 'brother' who lives further down the road that he had given the fish to a good home. Now homeless, he persuaded the council to give him a council house in a nearby town. We contacted the rspca but they couldn't do anything as they had no place to 'house' them. Basically, they weren't interested. I was told to contact the police who told me that I should contact the bank as the fish technically belonged to them. I had to wait 21 days from my letter before I could do anything about trying to find a home for them. In that 21 day period the bank found a new owner and the new owner arranged a new home for them. The pond was filled in because they had young children. We were also told by the police that we could be charged with breaking and entering, even if we were just unlocjked the side gate to run hoses into the pond. We ignored their advise and did it anyway. They were lovely fish - large Koi and a couple of other fish. We just couldn't let them perish as the guy with no heart could.
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    Yes I did my own house it was just dirty with a bit or red algy I sprayed the whole house down with the garden hose ,then just sprayed the walls with hypo mix I gave it several applications allowing around 30 muinits between coats then just rinsed it down with the garden hose made a huge difference, oviously you cannot adjetate it like you would with a painted render or k rend but compared to the neibours houses it looks amazing well worth doing , evan doing it this way a very small amount of the pebble dash will come off but nothing to worry about
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    Double eared O Clips can be bought off amazon if you don't have anywhere local to you I just double check sizes against the info on Gardiners website County Durham Lad
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    I wouldn’t be without our accountant. It would be a weeks worth of paperwork and grief for me, at least. And our accounts are a nightmare to process. We do around 3000 jobs per year. Every job is a paper invoice, so thats 3000 receipts they have to pile through, plus our expenses receipts. It must be so tedious and nail biting. I reckon it takes one lady at least 3 days on her own bless her Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    You need an RO. I don't use one as my tds is around 70. @spruce or @doug atkinson are the ro experts on here. You'll need a IBC container and transfer pump as well.
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    Re birth of a carbon pole

    There is a video on the Gardiner's website or their YouTube channel, explaining how to fix the same issue. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
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    Eric Gilliand

    How to Cut Squeegee Rubber

    Getting lazy in my old age. Arrived this morning and I have to say... perfect in every way...
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    I won't read all the replies but here's how mine is setup it's very simple. Outside tap is connected to inlet on RO. The ro is in an outbuilding next to tap Ro has a d.I cartridge on it so what comes out is pure. The outlet of my ro goes direct into my vans tank to fill up. That's it. When I get home o look how many litres I need to fill tank and put the ro on a timer overnight.
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