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I've been working on this Calculator to estimate the time/charge for window cleaning for about a year. I keep tweaking it when I find situations where it didn't work and it's pretty good now. I often use it while quoting and it's saved me a few times where I would have underpriced things.

I'd like to make it into an app and release it but think it needs a wider field test. Download it and have a go and see what you think- does it work with your houses? Any issues or improvements?

I made it on Excel mobile so you need excel to open it.

Dead easy to use, just fill in the blue sections and don't touch the rest!


Window Estimator.xlsx
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I can't post this in the Marketing section for some reason, so will post it here instead.
Here are a few resources on creating a vector logo. You do not need to pay someone to do it for you, it is very easy, and it also means you can make adjustments anytime you want. It will inherently create a healthier business because you have full control of it. I will do one as well on how to create a website using wordpress when I create mine, again creating a website is easy because coding is a thing of the past, now mere mortals like us can create one with relative ease, and we are talking about high quality, not low graded muck that I see online, and again you will have full control because you have the knowledge to make changes. Anyway, here are the resources below for creating a logo.
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How to start a window cleaning business.

Starting a window cleaning round/business

As with setting up any business, it can be a mixture of excitement and utter stress. The key is proper planning and realistic expectations.

Starting a window cleaning business is certainly a great choice as a business model and one that allows a fair amount of freedom. Still, you will only get out what you put in! So let's talk a little about why you want to be a window cleaner, what the best methods are and everything in between.
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