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The new WCF community quick start guide.
1. Where can i find the rules? You can find them here along with our privacy policy here
2. Is there a how to use the site section or a place i can ask questions about using the site functions? Yes go here for more specific guides on how to use the forum. 
2. All other questions are answered in the below videos. They cover everything from posting to tagging other members in posts and sending private messages. Under each video i have added time stamps so you should be able to find the info you need quickly. 
If you still need help after watching these, please send me a PM (private message) 
0:50 default activity stream (recent posts)
1:35 All activity stream on desktop
2:14 All activity stream on mobile
2:50 Unread content
3:40 Changing and setting the default activity stream (recent posts etc)
5:53 Create your own custom activity stream
0:30 creating content on desktop.
1:35 creating content on mobile
2:23 adding images to gallery
4:03 Notifications and notification settings
6:40 Accessing notifications and notification settings on mobile
7:00 Private messages on desktop
8:40 Private messages on mobile
9:17 reporting content
11:28 How unread content works
0:35 What prefixes look like and are. 
1:00 Adding tags and prefixes
2:35 using tags to search
3:34 Marking item as sold
0:30 Your profile page
1:58 Update your status
2:16 Find all content you or a member has posted
4:34 Editing your profile
5:07 Account settings
6:22 Linking your social media accounts with your forum account
7:54 Ignoring users
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How much quicker is cleaning with hot water?
On average how much quicker is cleaning with hot water over cold? I’m thinking of investing in hot water, but need to know how much quicker it will be on average.
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Managing notifications on the forum (onsite & emails) 🔔🔔🔔🔔
Ever wondered how to manage your notifications on the site? Maybe you seem to be missing replies to your posts or you only want emails and not on site notifications whatever it is you can adjust pretty much everything in your notification settings. 
Use the below screenshots as a guide.

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Got a vs or comparison questions? 🆚
Add another element to your topic by adding a poll that members can vote on.
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Favourite brush ??
What’s everyone’s favourite brush at the moment then. Looking at buying a new one. 
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Best way for heated water
What’s the best way to heat my water .looking for options 
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Hi guys
just reading about the weather hitting us next week. Always causes me a problem. 
I use an oil filled heater over night so no worries their, our problems start when we arrive on jobs, the reels freeze as soon as you reel em out! Then the brush head freezes and so on. Any ideas what we can put in the purified water to stop this winter fixture?🤨
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This is an interview with my father, Bruce McKay. He's run his business for over 30 years!
Lets hear his story...
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Who does best tanks
Ok guys who does the best tank and frames. Need a new one but preferably flat.
Id like to know based on quality, baffles and cost who think offers the best tank and frame or delivery only system. 
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Gardiners Swivel Angle Adaptor Review
A quick review of Gardiners Swivel angle adaptor.
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Just a quick how to video on how to do internal windows.  Mostly for noobs and those wanting to do the occasional interior.  Not aimed at the pros or trying to teach granny about sucking eggs. Hope you enjoy. 
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Rain Water Harvesting Advice Please Help!
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Gardiner SLX or CLX?
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Best brush for gutters
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D.I.Y Electric hose reel conversion for less than £50
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Phoenix neon
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Hi Guys

Due to starting college full time I'm regretfully selling everything.


All equipment is 6 months or less old.  

·         Claber hose reel and 100m 8mm microbore hose - £50

·         Spectrum DI vessel 11L  x2- £150

·         DI Resin  Tulsion MB115 25L unopened - £70

·         Wydale Flat baffled tank 500L Height: 62cm Width: 92cm Length: 100cm
Weight: 35kg - £200

·         SLX 25 Gardiner pole with univalve and 3 brushes - £225

·         Split charge relay - £35

·         Shurflo 5L 100psi pump and Varistream controller - £120

·         Gardiner Backpack V3 22L - £75

·         Skyvac Atom 1600watt 35L capacity with 6 carbon fibre poles 9m/30ft - £350


I will sell it all together for £1100 or at the individual prices

Collection only Plymouth PL5



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Ok so this is a brief guide / walk through as to how to recover a debt / file a claim with the Small Claims Court against a residential client.
Now many will say 'Oh just write it off, it's only £10' or whatever the price is but in my book the price is irrelevant, it is principal.
If I let a customer get away with two months of window cleaning and I do nothing about it except drop them when they see another window cleaner they will pull the same stunt and get away with more free window cleaning. Unacceptable. If I take action they will think twice before taking liberties with a fellow windy in future.
I have in the past successfully filed against a residential customer and done so as a matter of principal.
The key thing to remember is that being able to take action begins at day 1 when you sign them up as a new client, you need both first and last name and full address minimum, this will make your life easier as you go as you will file against 'Mary Roberts' instead of just 'Mary'
This is my final demand by text for payment.

Now many will say 'oh you don't have a contract etc etc' well the news for you is that a verbal agreement is still a contract under English law. Also you will be very hard pushed to find a Judge in England that has not had a window cleaner at some point and this is in your favor as the judge already understands that window cleaning is a verbal agreement.
I have sent three of these today and given them till Friday to make a payment.
Ruth Fern
Leila Simms
Jackie Cole
I will update you all on the process as it unfolds I know full well that Jackie Cole will not pay as she has ignored previous threats of action. But we will see.
Some on here may also suggest Thomas Higgins solicitors £2+ VAT letter but Higgins will only chase a debt above £25.01 and if proceeding to court can actually end up costing you money so really IMO only worth while for a sizable commercial debt.
Will keep you posted
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I have just started up window cleaning with a Gardiner backpack and CLX18 pole and would love some advice on pricing. I have been assuming that the frames are included but have been advised that this is not the case. Please help me with a solid guide as I am lost and in the dark now. I also live in Bournemouth so again a consideration as up north for instance they charge less etc. Many thanks


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Any know of any good apps for organising customers
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Going to be a fun day tomorrow trying out these bad boys
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If you are having any issues with the moerman squeegee, this is a short video discussion on possible fixes to some issues folks have with them.
Thank you

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Window Cleaning Price Calculator
I've been working on this Calculator to estimate the time/charge for window cleaning for about a year. I keep tweaking it when I find situations where it didn't work and it's pretty good now. I often use it while quoting and it's saved me a few times where I would have underpriced things.

I'd like to make it into an app and release it but think it needs a wider field test. Download it and have a go and see what you think- does it work with your houses? Any issues or improvements?

I made it on Excel mobile so you need excel to open it.

Dead easy to use, just fill in the blue sections and don't touch the rest!


Window Estimator.xlsx
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