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  1. Dupont bristles

    Vikan have made brooms, like forever. They probably fell into water fed by accident when the first DIY guy rammed a pair of jets through their flocked truck brush. 😊
  2. Dupont bristles

    No. Got the Phantom from David Kemp and the Tucker was a ‘swap’ from a colleague here in NZ. Splay is standard and being dual trim splay is assisted even further. Lens distortion on the phone is possibly giving that impression.
  3. Dupont bristles

    Simple economics. Standard floor brush heads are made in runs of 1000’s if not 100s of 1000s. Window Brushes ... custom specified ... batches of what 25-100? I don’t think you’ll find that suppliers are making obscene margins on them.
  4. Dupont bristles

    The DuPont bristle that Tucker use is a very high quality nylon. The bristle itself is almost transparent so quality control in manufacture is assured. The bristle on the glass is like skating on ice so even if the brush is slightly heavier it simply doesn’t feel like it as it’s very efficient at shedding water with a low absorption level. We’ve been using the Tucker brushes over here (NZ) for many years now and although really quite expensive in comparison to most others the quality of the build and longevity and lack of wear on the bristles pay for itself over the long term. When you talk expensive? I don’t believe they are. Ask a manufacturer and he’ll tell you that depending on quantity the bristle can be up to 6x the price of the bog standard nylon. The latest range of RHG Tucker aren’t at the quality level of the originals but they’ve been lightened and manufactured for the CF Pole market and in my opinion are still excellent. WCW Phantom Dual Trim is absolutely identical (bar block colour) to the UK built Tucker’s before he jumped ship and started waving the ‘Made in the US’ flag. is this why there are now so many DuPont bristle versions in the UK? Manufacturer left high and dry with a container load of bristle? 🤪
  5. Yep. It’s always been obvious to me that this is where the inspiration for the first of the lateral clamps came from. ...and shimano are not going to be concerned about a minnow like window cleaning (in comparison to the billions of bikes out there 😊
  6. Ettore contour pro plus

    Yep, they’re no magic bullet. But the spring load on close out can definitely be a bonus.
  7. Whats your thought on this brush???

    This one has a full array of DuPont bristle across the whole brush and can accommodate up to 6 jets...it would be very very good. Using DuPont bristle is like skating on ice.
  8. Facelift redrazer

    Anyone had a play with the Yellow from Cleaning Spot. Apparently same recipe as Razer Red?
  9. How to Cut Squeegee Rubber

    Getting lazy in my old age. Arrived this morning and I have to say... perfect in every way...
  10. Gardiner Brush Advice

    Hey Tench. Enough on the Kiwi attitude 🙈...I’m a kiwi and we’re a fine, evolved, gentle race 🤪 Perry’s lived in Oz from about the age of 15 so let’s blame them... 🙊
  11. Under or Over Scrubbing Pad??

    It’s because the Excelerator/Fliq was initially designed and optimised by Bob for over the top flipping. He used his modified Wagtails like that previously as he only used them for high glass and found they closed out best in that configuration although I do believe Wagga did similar early on as well. I used to use my Wags with pad under and found close out was fine because the pad is quite slim however once I changed to Fliq I found close out on all but the slimmest of frames was problematic so... I use it the way it was originally designed. Too damn heavy to use in hand all day anyway and even before Excelerator came out I’d reverted to bare Wag in one hand with scrubber in other. My wrists and forearms have thanked me ever since 😊
  12. Herman that was the original 3D design concept and if they had stuck to that they would probably have been fine. In the early days there was never any mention of CNER being the manufacturer and I for one assumed it OVA8 was being prototyped in Europe. The clamps as produced look very similar to the Smart Clamp so Alex has every right to defend his patent should they have infringed. As for IONICS ? Couldn’t care less, bit like the pot calling the kettle black. Their latest range of poles have incorporated a load of stuff that’s been out there for ages and they throw ‘patent pending’ all over it? Pfft!
  13. extreme 18 the langth

    Does this mean that the 18,22 etc measurements are made with adaptor and brush attached?
  14. Which Squeegee would be best?

    Although obviously not ideal for the Liquidator I use a 10 or a 12 with Razor rubber. I simply can’t pass on the confidence that the plastic ends gives when using against painted wood. You’re not going to get zero detailing so don’t try and just stay a few mm off the frame if they’re really rough.
  15. Reach it enquiry

    I can't really comment on the streamline but I used to have the Gardiner Microbore as my supply hose (I had 100m on a reel). I had an excellent run with it for over 3 years until it started splitting and getting a bad case of 'boils' along its length. No complaints, it served me well. The one major advantage of the Rhino Tube and the larger flat Rhino Hose is that they have very low resistance so flow at the brush head seems much better. With the Gardiner hose over 100m+ I was down to an almost unworkable trickle but with the Rhino Set up? No issues at all. Perry is an excellent 'marketer' so take the lie flat with a grain of salt. Like any hose it still has to be deployed and packed down doing the "candy floss" roll to maintain a tidy roll.

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