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  1. Expensive mistake - Nearly

    I've left my step ladders at a customers house once. He thought they were his and someone had broken in to his garage then got confused when his were still there and his garage locked. I once left a scraper at a house with a three year old child playing in the garden. That was scary but fortunately her mother found it first. I won't be doing that again!
  2. No success canvassing

    Some days are like that. I remember when I used to knock for work there were good days and bad days. It's just a numbers game, the more you knock, the more you'll get! On the insurance front, the extra cost of business use is minimal, sometimes nothing even. If you get pulled without it then you're up for driving with no insurance and in for a whole lot of trouble. It's the same with public liability, dong even think about not having it!
  3. How many window cleaners here

    I had a convenience store for ten years. 5.00am to 10.00pm seven days a week. Now it's Monday to Friday only and I like to finish around 4pm. A further hour sorting out paperwork and the van and that's me done. The van doesn't move at weekends.
  4. Some other windi billed my customer.

    I started to clean one last month which was two doors down from the one I should have been cleaning. The lady came out and spoke to me and we figured it out, no problem. Errors can happen.
  5. Sounds like she's trying to claim for a replacement sealed unit. There's no way your water could get in to an undamaged unit or even one that's already blown unless there's a hole in the glass that you're cleaning.
  6. University or chase my dream.

    I did an engineering degree between 1982 and 1986, worked in various engineering roles until 1995 when I quit and bought a shop. I've been self employed ever since and have no desire to return to the ranks of the employed. I enjoyed my time at university but it was definitely aimed (at least back then) at becoming employable. If you want to study for a degree then go for it but be aware that there's no substitute for experience and you'll learn a lot more about business by being out there and doing it!
  7. wfp vans

    The payload of the env200 is 703kg, not 770kg. Great van though and designed to fit two pallets in so plenty of space.
  8. wfp vans

    Battery replacement is a non issue. It's like worrying about the cost of an engine when you buy a new van! Batteries are lasting 150,000 miles plus and deteriorate slowly reducing range rather than just stopping. There are also companies starting to refurbish battery packs back to 100%. Hydrogen is a dead end and IMO a non starter, batteries will be so good by the time they solve all the hydrogen problems that nobody will want one. Hybrid is an intermediate step but still has an engine. Whether it's a basic hybrid or a range extended EV, there will probably be a place for them.
  9. wfp vans

    It depends on how much water you use. I'm sure I could get away with 400 litres which would give me an extra 100kg to play with.
  10. wfp vans

    I bought it outright at 12 months old with 4500 miles on it. I paid £12500 for it which I'll save in diesel over five years. Payload is 702kg which allows me a 500l tank and all my gear. I purify water at home and fill up from a storage tank now. Previously I had a van mounted Ionic system. I just rebuilt it in the garage and bought a couple of tanks. The range is a minimum of 60 miles depending on weather, temperature etc. My longest round is 54 miles but there's a rapid charger en route just in case the wife wants me to run errands! It works for me but only as a one man band. Larger payload/range vans are on the way but may be a while yet!
  11. Advice on this van guys

    I bought my 2005 Trafic with 113000 miles on the clock and sold it 7 years later with 187000. I had to replace the alternator once, had one snapped cam belt and lots of front wishbones (usually one per MOT). The gearbox issue is the cables, an easy and quick fix. I didn't have injector problems but heard that it happens. Renault and Vauxhall usually do interest free credit meaning you can get a new one for around £250 per month.
  12. wfp vans

    Done 18000 miles and not a drop of petrol or diesel!
  13. Hi I have few questions about your electric Nissan as I'm about to buy one, are you ok for me to ask? Thanks
  14. How many miles do you do per year?

    9000 miles per year and not a drop of petrol or diesel!
  15. Leisure Battery recharging

    I have an electric van so I just plug the van and the battery in to charge every evening when I get home. I have an extension lead coiled up in the van by the door so just run it to the outside plug socket. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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