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  1. any 1 had any intimaditon/threats of violence of local windis in the area.? iv jus leafleted this area 1 of the roughest estate in town picked up 12 customers in few days and at every house iv been to this windi is constantly driving down the street up and down slowing down, following me from house to house lol
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    2. 1stopcleaning+maintenance


      i live walsall mate this particular area is an estate in wolverhampton
    3. 1stopcleaning+maintenance


      ye thats the estate, the windi is a local lad he only does it part time so me taking his custis is like taking his beer money. allround i mite be moving wolvo if i do il be targeting the whole of the town lol 1stop domination haha
    4. 1stopcleaning+maintenance


      haha i know yeh thats true,all round id defo concentrate on scotlands est, wednesfield and ashmore park seems to me the best areas for work with in miles.

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