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  1. i hope you have done a lot of research, as i doub't you have invented anything new.
  2. Varistream Low voltage

    i used a ratchet crimper £20 from maplin, the spades crimps are ideal as i take the pump out when it freezes.
  3. Varistream Low voltage

    i used crimp spade terminals, been there for 8 years now
  4. is any of the work Bedford town or near, are you interested in rent-selling any.
  5. 450 gpd RO Question

    is it a boosted RO. mine has an auto flush, when switched on. after a couple of minutes it switches back to normal fill mode.
  6. RO System Advice

    yes a 450gpd from you, it had a faulty autoflush. the part you sent me didn't fix it. so you sent me a nice upgrade 600gpd in a floor standing cabinet. which has worked perfectlysince day 1.
  7. RO System Advice

    i had the daqua 450gpd its pretty good, i did have a faulty one tho but they gave me a free upgrade to the 600gpd. yes get a seperate 11L DI it will last longer and be cheaper in the long run.
  8. sunglasses!!

    i wear dewalt safety/ sunglasses, UV protective, and cheap. i used to get a lot of head aches, but didnt want to wear my decent sunglasses incase they got damaged.
  9. where is your pump is it before or after you prefilters. if its after you probably need new prefilters, if its before check your water flow/pressure. my RO wont come on if the water flow/pressure is too low.
  10. Pre filter leak

    you should be getting 0ppm then. make sure in and out are the right way round and its all sealed correctly. sound as though the water goes in and straight out if the ppm is nearly the same
  11. Pre filter leak

    if you have been putting 180ppm water into it, it wont last very long.
  12. Pre filter leak

    could be you have killed the di already.
  13. Pre filter leak

    it sounds like something is plumbed wrong to be that high. you probably have already. but check all the pipes again. can you check each membrane output seperatly. see if they are working as individuals.
  14. Pre filter leak

    when you flush your getting 90% waste is that right. when producing it should be 3-1 ish, 3 waste to 1 pure is it still the same.
  15. Pre filter leak

    what the reading of the other output, they may be the wrong way round. my RO goes into DI at 6ppm from 430ppm

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