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  1. Facelift Phoenix Pole

    If your going to buy a glassfibre pole you may as well just buy that cheap **** off ebay untill you have the money to buy a hybrid or carbon pole. To be honest I started with glassfibre, then went to hybrid im now on carbon all within 14 months. I could have saved a fortune if i just saved and bought a carbon pole or bought a cheap pole and saved up for a carbon one.
  2. Is And Ibc Tank Ok

    Take a corner to fast and your van can tip over! Not to mention theres no way you can secure it properly.
  3. Hourly Rate

    Say you work from 8-5 is that your 30 pph there? or Are you calculating comeing home and fill your tank say 45mins-1hour. Then you come in and tally up your takings, 10-15mins. then say you have to go out and collect money for 2 hours and all other business related stuff you do. Are you taking all that in to account when working out how much you make per hour.
  4. Back To Trad

    Just switched to WFP and I know where your coming from... Theres still plenty people out there that want thee windows left dry. In my case all the old people lol. Nice picking up 17 customers too!
  5. New Jet Wash?

    http://www.jetmac.co.uk/9-horse-power-loncin-jetwashers?pm2_a=show&pm2_id=75 An extra 150 quid and you can get this.
  6. Wfp Trolley

    Theres an absolute nightmare! Hose tangles. Moving the van all the time Trailing hoses round houses Stick with 1 van mount and keep the trolley system for the other person. I had a 2 man set up and ended up taking the other out due to it being a pain in the .... We just use trolleys now and fll them from the tank in the van. If theres any big job I stil have the can mlunt set up. Its much quicker!
  7. Edwardian Conservatories

    You must have left a nice bend in that gutter after you were finished
  8. Shurflo Pumps £52

    Do you want my code?
  9. They good thing with unger is if you dont like there products you can send them back for a 100% refund. I couldnt find any shops in those areas on google
  10. Business Meeting

    Do you or can you provide a risk assessment and method statement?
  11. Business Meeting

    It was a joke....
  12. Threats From A Window Cleaner

    Couldnt have put it better my self
  13. Threats From A Window Cleaner

    No such thing.
  14. Business Meeting

    He probably fancys you.
  15. Need Help Tuning My Set Up

    Do you fill your tank up with pure water or do you fill up with normal water then have the DI before the hose reel? if your doing it that way you will lose a fair amount of pressure

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