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  1. Can anyone recommend any chemicals for preventing algae, moss etc?
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    2. M.K Cleaners.co.uk

      M.K Cleaners.co.uk

      How long will the effects last? It seems like a cowboy trick to me lol.
    3. M.K Cleaners.co.uk

      M.K Cleaners.co.uk

      Oh get off your high horse! Tt wasent aimed at you or your business. I asked a question if you dont know the answer Simpy say you dont, dont come back at me with more questions that you clearly know I dont know that answer too. Which leads me to beleive you just trying to be argumentative or sarcastic.
    4. M.K Cleaners.co.uk

      M.K Cleaners.co.uk

      Ill stick with my initial thoughts.

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