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  1. spruce

    Pure freedom battery life

    A new leisure battery will only read 12.7/12.8v when fully charged and left to rest for about 4 hours before testing the voltage across the battery. Over time a lead acid battery will start to deteriorate and will generally loose capacity (amperage.) So an 85 amph battery when new should have a capacity of 85amps but over time that capacity will slowly drop as the battery sulphates up. In 95% of failures it will be because the battery hasn't got the storage left to last you through the day in the case of window cleaning. (If you use 20 amps of power through the day and have 25 amps of capacity you will just think things are all fine. Its when you need 20amps and you only have 18amps of capacity where you then find out that you have an issue.) You have done pretty well to get 3 years from a battery tbh even although it gets limited use. It always good to fully recharge your battery at the end of every working day. @BlueClearChoice. You asked " do you think the charge isn’t strong enough?" Under load (pump running) the battery voltage will drop a little. In fact, you won't notice if it drops into the low 11 volts under load. The controllers that were supplied with these units were programmed to cut off if the voltage of the battery under load dropped to 10.4 volts. There is no simple way for us window cleaners to know when the battery has to be replaced - a form of preventative maintenance. One day you won't be able to finish the job as the battery dies. If you leave if for a few minutes it will recover voltage and will quickly die again under load. Its then time to replace the battery. It also doesn't make sense to buy a replacement battery just in case. We get about 3 years service from a leisure battery normally, but we do have one that is over 6 years old. The only way we can see what the capacity of a battery is is to fully charge it and then put a known load onto it. If we put a headlamp bulb of 55 watts on it then we know that the bulb is drawing 4.5 amps, similar to what our Shurflo wfp pumps draw. If the bulb burns for 12 hours before going dim, then we have a battery capacity of 55 amps, etc. So at 55 amps we still have enough capacity to do a days work. At one time a Mercedes workshop would automatically replace a battery when the car reached a certain age. It may have appeared to still be OK, but some engineers decided that an average battery life was X years so we will replace it before so its owner would never be plagued with a non starting MB. I don't think we can afford to do that.
  2. The New Citroen Berlingo will accommodate 2 child car seats (we have tried it), but the driver suffers and the middle child will have a problem with the gear lever. If I put my motor trade hat on I would say no as the middle seat with a child in a car seat is too dangerous. I think you need to see how a Vivaro or Renault Trafic would work for you. I have a Citroen Relay SWB and that will take 2 car seats with ease and the middle seat child would be 'safe' in an accident. I take the Grandchildren to school and collect them on a Wednesday.
  3. TBH this looks a better deal - much more battery capacity and more rugged.
  4. spruce

    Effects of weather

    A window cleaner in Cyprus once told us that they have to rinse the glass first and cool it down before scrubbing and rinsing. We have to cool the air gap between the glass when cooling the window down. You need the water to drain away down the glass taking the dirt with it. If the water dries before it does this, then the dirt is left behind when the water evaporates. You will see the issue if the glass is streaky or spotting occurs at the bottom of the glass. It doesn't happen very often in the UK, but is a popular problem in hot countries such as Australia.
  5. You will just need to order the right one. Is it "normally closed" or "normally open". Normally closed is when the valve closes when power to the solenoid coil is switched off.
  6. spruce

    Quote ideas

    Cleaning at height trad is very difficult and takes a lot of practice. It will be more difficult if the glass sits back in box section frames. You will have the added disadvantage of having sales promotions infront of the store windows. You will also most likely have self opening doors. Someones law says that when the time comes to switch them off, ten thousand customers want access. In this instance we found that portion of customers get very abusive when they have a wait a few moments for the doors to be cleaned, especially when they are in a hurry. I certainly wouldn't want to learn these skills in that environment.
  7. spruce

    Help pricing this

    Your price of k5 might be taken seriously down in your southern regions, but in the north we would stand a better change of falling pregnant by wind pollination than getting that price. Just a walk around Newcastle city center will impress upon anyone how little clean windows mean - after all, they will get dirty again so why bother?
  8. spruce

    Help pricing this

    Supermax 63 = £980.00 + VAT Running costs; including wages, insurances, water production etc £???? = not much change out of £3000.00. Then payment terms 30 days from 1st of the following month = cheque should arrive 6 weeks later. After 6 weeks; sorry, we haven't received your invoice; please can you supply a copy invoice for my attention. The finance director is on holiday so we are unable to get his 2nd signature on the cheque. Its his first day on holiday and will be back in 2 weeks time....................... He's back from holiday but in a meeting....... Then you start to calculate how much you would have taken in had you carried on with your normal customer cleaning routine. Had all this 'payment stalling' before so talk from experience.
  9. spruce

    Help pricing this

    I got 2 of the 3. No hot water and not that much left in the stamina tank - its usually just above empty these days.
  10. spruce

    Help pricing this

    We clean this school building once a year. Believe it or not my SLX 40 is extended to between 30 and 35'. Due to streaking, we have to do one section of the window at a time. So we start on the left and clean the top run of windows, then start again and clean the second row of the top windows and then do the same again for the bottom row of the top story. I can only get half way before I'm too tired to work the pole and son does the remainder. We then do the same for the second and third row of the top run. I couldn't imagine working at 60' with that number of windows. It gets easier with the 1st floor and ground florr as I use my SLX22. That section including the cawl panels either side take us 2.5 hours. Its taken us the same time for the last 8 years we have done the job despite us trying to reduce the cleaning time. Welded on bird strikes are a real problem on these windows, especially as we are a coastal town with a thriving seagull population.
  11. spruce

    Help pricing this

    They are using your estimation as a lever to beat their regular cleaner down in price. As @Green Pro Clean Ltd says, there is something not right when someone wants you to quote a job without seeing it. I wouldn't even entertain this. There is no way you are going to be able to clean a window 3 x 1 20 meters high in 30 seconds for very long. Have you got a 60' pole? "Sorry Luv, this is not for us" is a perfect response.
  12. spruce

    Quote ideas

    How are you thinking of doing the internals with the height, stock and customers in the way? Health and Safety will be a major issue with this one. Externals could better be done on a Sunday early or evening after the shop closes. If it was my enquiry I would pass up on it. The risk would be too high in my view @Cjtb. This has all the hall marks of a disaster waiting to happen.
  13. spruce

    Van mount set up...

    I don't understand this. Water thats processed through the r/o isn't under pressure when it leaves the r/o. We had 3 vans on the road at one time, so it made sense r/o - di - storage. It meant that we didn't have to invest in another 2 di vessels - one for each van. However, I do get where you are coming from with a di on board to top up if necessary. But maybe your problem is that you have under speced your system requirements - you need to carry more water. Hot water apparently uses more resin according to some window cleaners.
  14. spruce

    Help pricing this

    Allow for coma time as well. I would be brain dead half way through that. (Or should I say more brain dead than I am now. 😁) As @Part Timersays, height is the main factor to consider. For me, I would first try and clean a couple of glass panels to see whats involved and to get an idea of time it would take you. At 2 meters high I would have to rock backwards and forwards to clean that height in one stroke. So whilst 30 seconds a window could be achieved to start with, I certainly wouldn't be able to maintain that pace. There are a few other questions as well. Have you got the water availability, van tank size and r/o to keep up with water demand to clean that amount of glass? What are the customers expectations as far as quality is concerned? How are you going to deal with baked on bird strikes? When were they last cleaned? Have you got the ability and stamina to take the job on? Is it possible to subcontract some trusted person to help? Can you afford to put your regular customer's cleans on hold whilst you devote time to this clean? .
  15. spruce

    Which RO System

    Our garden hose reel has the hose fitted to the inlet nipple inside the hose reels axle. Its at 90 degrees to the coiled hose. At the point it makes that turn on exiting the hub the layered hose on top of it flattens it and restricts the flow. Even an extra 3psi will help. 😁 I have my 4040 in a cupboard in the garage. Yesterday I opened the cupboard and found both pressure gauges at 40 psi rather than the usual 50psi. The water is much warmer already and the change in viscosity has meant I had to tweek the waste gate. I closed it fractionally and restored the water pressure back to 50psi. Whilst I was there I thought I would then nearly close the waste gate altogether allowing just a small amount of waste to pass through. The tds of the pure output very quickly started to rise. But restricting the waste to that extent didn't give me any more than 50 psi at the gauge, so 50 psi is all the the mains are supplying yesterday. (They are building 150 houses on a new estate next to ours. I hope that those houses aren't going to interfere with our water pressure when they are all occupied. The only saving grace is that they will all be fitted with water meters which will help.) It took about 15 minutes of the r/o running before normal rejection rate was reached. .

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