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  1. Someone else had the same problem from hose bought from WCW. Might be an idea to rattle their cages about it.
  2. I've just seen the Steve no longer has those 360 Protectas on his site any longer. This is a bit of a pity as they worked well for us. To begin with a couple of cleaners bought the newly released Slick Connectors but a few weren't impressed with them. Are there any users out there who have current experience with them. We have 3 hose reels and 7 poles with all interchangeable Rectus couplings.To change them over will be expensive.
  3. Getting bits and peices cheaper elsewhere??

    In my experience there are Rectus fittings and there are Rectus fittings. They aren't a wfp specific part as they are originally 'borrowed from the airline (pneumatic) industry. If you can find the Schraeder genuine ones on Ebay then those are quality. The ones I bought ended up to be cheap copies and were a waste of money. I also bought some from a specialist air line supplier but they were also substandard. The ones I've got from Gardiners have lasted for a long time now. I don't believe I've changed any in the past 3 years. But we moved away from Protectaballs to Exceeds 360 Protectas but I see he has discontinued them in favour of his expensive hose couplings. Sad because those worked for us. (All the couplings on the vans are interchangeable and I don't see the point in spending over £75 so all our couplings are compatable with his new Slick Connect system.)
  4. 8 or 10 lpm 100 psi pump

    https://www.vyair.com/window-cleaning/pumps-controllers.html Not sure about the quality of these pumps @Scott Burn. The mechanical pressure switch was a weak point. You need to be aware that having a higher lpm pump doesn't mean that you are going to get a greater flow of water. Your hose can only 'transport' a limited amount of water, minibore more than microbore. One of the local lads brought one of these many years ago and found that he got no increased performance over his Shurflo 5.2lpm pump.
  5. The connection between the van battery and the lesiure battery might not be immediately severed once you switch the engine off. A small residual charge could still keep the relay on. It might even stay 'charging' for 5 or 10 minutes depending on the state of charge difference between the 2 batteries. I also noticed the same system virtually switch off within a few moments if the leisure battery is near to fully charged. If you operate the remote central locking you could get the charging signal to switch off as the central locking draws a bit of current when operated. .
  6. Battery size

    If he is using a proper Spring or Varistream controller then the controller cuts out when it reaches a voltage low of 10.3v under load. So it won't be 6v. There may be a slight voltage drop from the vans battery to the controller but this can be minimised by using a higher amperage cable and keeping joins to a minimum. We prefer to solder joints where possible. Some people have managed to run their pumps from the van's battery for years. We haven't been able to. The most we were able to get is 4 days before the van's battery was flat. We do very low daily mileage. At the same time we were doing this a fellow window cleaner in the south, with the identical van, was successfully using his van's battery - a Peugeot Partner 2.0hdi. We later had to replace that van's battery with a new one. We tried the same experiment but again the van's battery only lasted 4 days. So being able to do this is all about how long your daily drive is. If you are stuck in stop start traffic then this will allow the battery to receive a longer charge provided your engine is running. In our case our journey times back and forward to work are 20 minutes tops and my van isn't used much for private use either. So what might work for one may not work for another using the same van. We also tried the same with a Transit Connect T220, and although a little better, still didn't last much longer even with more private mileage than we do. My suggestion is to try it but use a good multimeter and test the voltage across the battery every day. You will then be able to monitor the state of your vans battery charge. A battery is fully charged reading 12.8v or above and flat (minimal charge) at 12.0v. You need to start to make plans when the battery gets to 12.3v as starting the engine may become an issue. These voltages can only be checked accurately when the battery has stood idle for about 4 hours. This time allows the voltage in the battery to stabilise. Its worth noting that a battery looses its ability to charge quickly the fuller it gets. So a battery in a low state of charge will accept a faster charge than a battery nearing fully charged. .
  7. Battery size

    As the old saying goes; 'calm seas don't make good sailors.'
  8. Battery size

    Its interesting as you can see a direct implication in your day to day life. I loved physics at school because the teacher brought the subject to life with day to day application of the 'experiments' we did. I disliked history because it just didn't interest me. I love the technicalities of this job. It is more than pumping water from a tank in the van through a hose and washing a window using a brush on the end of a pole. There is complexity in the detail.
  9. Looking to purchase a new wet system for my cleaning

    Its a difficult one tbh. When we first started window cleaning we were looking for all sorts of other jobs as we didn't have enough customers. So we offered the usual inside cleans, gutter clearing and fascia, gutter and soffit cleans. We pushed conservatory roof cleans even although I hated it. We offered to clean garage doors as well. But further down the line this add on stuff as become more of a hassle. We are chock a block with window cleaning work and will only do other stuff for existing customers now. But last year we just got unindated with conservatory roof and gutter cleans from existing customers. We have never had so many in all the years we have been cleaning windows.
  10. Battery size

    It will take longer than that as the battery accepts a less and less charge as it gets closer to being fully charged. This is the biggest issue with lead acid batteries. But what you say is correct in theory and being simplistic, makes it easier of others to understand.
  11. I love it when the seller describes the van he is selling as in emaculate condition - no expense spared. Then you look up the MOT history and see the list of advisories he didn't bother with to get the van through MOT. Only did what he had to do to get the van through test. Then you see some of those advisories popping up the next year only to be left again.
  12. Don't see why not. Tusion MB115 is the equivalent of Purolite MB400 according to Daqua website.
  13. Looking to purchase a new wet system for my cleaning

    My honest opinion is that you need to be careful about being seen as a 'jack of all trades and master of none.' I'm not implying this is the case, its just what potential customers might perceive at first glance. I would tend to want to separate things not cleaning related ie joinery and gas repairs and get a new website for those. You might then want to sticker your van up with a name that encompasses all job sectors, ie. "Scottish Property Maintenance. All aspects of property maintenance undertaken." You get where I'm coming from. Most know that I spent many good career years working for Bosch Power Tools as part of the after sales service team in South Africa. As a company, our core business was selling and servicing Bosch Power Tools. But over time we started to add other sales lines that were hardware related but not power tool related. These included Companion gas barbecues, Gardenia Hose fittings and Gardenia gardening tools amongst others. As a company we did very well selling Gardenia and it became the most recognised hose fittings brand in South Africa due to our efforts. But we lost focus on what our core values were, emphasised when out of the blue, Gardenia announced that it was taking the agency away from us and opening their own sales and distribution center in Johannesburg. They even had a go at poaching some of our sales team. It was only when we cleared out everything not power tool related and focus on our own brand did our business get back on track. I also think you need to expand on the answers to your FAQ - for example, why does being a firman for 16 years make you trustworthy? I found out why by Googling attributes of a fireman, but it wasn't immediately apparent to me when I first looked at your answer. https://www.firerescue1.com/firefighter-training/articles/781925-The-10-traits-all-great-firefighters-have/ .
  14. Looking to purchase a new wet system for my cleaning

    Right at the top of this window cleaning menu is a fixed header on how to start a window cleaning business. https://windowcleaningforums.co.uk/topic/18970-how-to-start-a-window-cleaning-business/?page=6&tab=comments#comment-363741 What van have you got with a 1250kg payload? That will allow you a 650 liter tank easily.
  15. Looking to purchase a new wet system for my cleaning

    First tip is to spend the next 4 weeks reading through back posts. (You joined the forum 3 hours ago and posted your first post 3 hours ago.)

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