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  1. Gardiner natural hybrid

    http://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/media/wysiwyg/Brush_Guide_Chart_Jan_2017.pdf I presume you mean sill brush not silk brush. Predictive text is probably the reason. In South Africa the correct way of spelling sill is with a C so I always have to think twice about the preferred spelling in the UK.
  2. genarator

    I haven't an answer for this one @Part Timer The quality of product has fallen dramatically since China became the manufacturing hub of the world. Just because its the same supplier doesn't mean the components are supplied from the same manufacturer from 10 years back. We have a 4hp Briggs and Stratton, USA manufactured petrol engine on our lawn mower. I bought the lawn mower new in 1983 and it gets a regular oil change, had 2 spark plugs and 1 airfilter in that time. Its also had 4 replacement blades in its life time. Looking at the engine it looks antique but it still works well and never been opened. We were sick of my son borrowing it to cut his grass as well, (they are quick to borrow and slow to return) so we ordered a similar lawn mower as a present for them with a 4hp Briggs and Stratton motor. I was actually quite shocked at what I saw when we opened the box. The motor works fine, made in China, but just looks so cheap. If it didn't have the B&S name on it I wouldn't have believed it. One of the big issues is that vacuum cleaner motors fail. Some fail immediately and others take their time. Cooling is one of the biggest problems facing manufacturers. The smaller houshold units rely on the air being sucked up the suction tube, through the dustbag, and into the motor to cool it. If the dirt bag is full then the air available for cooling is restricted. As the motor is working harder sucking through a full dirt bag it heats up quicker. Bigger machines have a separate coiling circuit. But a faulty motor can draw a much higher current and seem to be running correctly before it decides to fail completely. Once a motor has suffered overheating the windings seem to change characteristics even although it still works. .
  3. genarator

    I can't say am very knowledgeable about this tbh @tench0771 When I worked at Bosch we sold 2 generators, a 2.4kva for small power tools and 5.5kva for larger ones such as the 2300 watt 9" angle grinder which happened to be the most power hungry power tool we sold in those days. The generator module also came from a quality manufacturer. To ensure that each generator complied with its stated output it was very probable that actually the generator was built to a higher kva and downrated on the label. At the time there was no law against that. A manufacturer on a production line couldn't guarantee each generator was exactly 5.5kva without testing and certificating each unit built. So in those days genuine honest manufacturers built in a margin for error. A 5.5kva generator was also heavy. We mainly sold these into the construction industry and moving them around on site (no wheels) was a 2 man job. The gubbins was in a strong steel frame - you have no idea how they treat equipment on South African building sites. One of the gutter vac suppliers says that they can run their 1400watt vacuum motor on a 2.0kva generator. This is interesting as motors have a higher starting current. (Some new power tools and appliances have a soft start built in to reduce the initial power surge at start up.) According to the calculator a starting current for a vacuum cleaner motor can be 3 times the running current. https://www.sgs-engineering.com/help-advice/which-generator-should-i-order/ Another calculator says 2.5 to 3 times. But I wouldn't rule out what that supplier says as a load of rubbish. I have a 2200 watt Bosch angle grinder which is about 30 years old. 2200 watt is 10amps. On occassion it trips my 15amp circuit breaker in the garage on starting, but not often. Now 15 amps is 3300 watts so the starting current required to start that grinder isn't 2.5 to 3 times the running current. (I'm also allowing for a time lag through the circuit breaker. Not all circuit breakers are identical and some might be slightly more sensitive than others, even from the same production line.) If my grinder did draw 2.5 times its running wattage on startup then it would trip the circuit breaker every time. I don't recall a starting current listed on the specs of my cleaner but I will have a look later. So according to that I would need a much bigger gen set to run my gutter vac than a 2.0kva. I would like to be self sufficient and have my own generator, but gutter clearing isn't my core business. I do it begrudgingly for existing customers. I bought the gutter vac for the safety aspect but don't want to pour vast sums into the service - I just don't fancy falling off ladders doing a gutter clean. We have still had to use ladders to remove the down pipes on a couple of customers houses recently as they were fully blocked and had gardens growing out of them. So I would probably hire a generator to ensure that the size I was buying did actually work for me. I would take the vacuum unit with me and let the hire company size the gen set for me to hire. If that worked fine I would then buy my own from a reputable supplier. Just to further complicate matters; how do I know that my vacuum cleaner motor is a 1500 watt? Maybe its a higher wattage motor down rated on the label. In my old Bosch days they did that all the time. (There was no law back then making it illegal to under rate a spec - it was illegal to manufacturer a product with an advertised 800 watt motor that was only 600 watt obviously.) A new Bosch drilling machine was lauched stating it had a 500 watt motor even although it was manufacturered as a 750 watt motor. Further down the sales line it was then relaunched and promoted with a more powerful 550 watt motor and then later as a 650 watt drill. But the part numbers for the armature, brushes and field coils were the same. The only thing that changed was the label and perhaps some minor cosmetic changes.(The rear handle may have been given a soft absorbant material to absorb vibration which cost a couple of Phennig in those days before the Euro.) Edited. My Vacuum cleaner motor doesn't have a starting current on the label. I have emailed the supplier and asked them. .
  4. Grippatank hot water

    When I used a 5.2kw Webasto Thermo Top C diesel heater to heat hot water as an experiement it would only raise the water from 9 degrees (temperature of water in the tank) to 35 degrees at the brush. My usual flow at the brush head with cold water was 1.5lpm. It was much faster with 'hot' water so I could have reduced the flow on my controller to push those temps up a bit. In summer the figure banted about for use is around 40 degrees and in winter its much less.
  5. Surflow pump onto 1/2 pipe

    https://www.asap-supplies.com/shurflo-pump-straight-wing-nut-fitting-509921?cid=748694303&adgpid=39320082876&itemid=&targid=pla-56128534817&mt=&loc=1007046&ntwk=g&dev=c&dmod=&adp=1o3&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIs5n2-eu11gIVp7DtCh2CIApPEAQYAyABEgK9y_D_BwE Both the straight and angled connectors work with 1/2" ID reinforced garden hose. These couplings are available from Williamson Pumps here in the UK.
  6. Someone's law. My hose is 18 meters and I can join it with another piece to take it to the road. The longer the hose the lower the flow rate out the end. Unfortunately, the bigger the hose is the more unmanagable it becomes coiling it up to put it away.
  7. The problem is the size of the hose and not the abilities of the submersible pump imho. I have 1" transfer hose and an external pump. The specs of the pump has a 40lpm delivery rate. Even so it can take 10 to 15 minutes to fill my tank from empty (one of the reasons why I go off and forget the system is filling. It pretty painful standing outside in the dark of winter with a cup of coffee going cold 'watching paint dry.') Water comes out of that pretty fast, but even so, it takes a while to fill my 650 liter tank in the van. One of the local lads filled his tank at our house once when he was moving and 'complained' how slow it was as his submersible pumps quicker. At the same water pressure a 1" hose will delivery 60% more water flow than the 3/4" hose will. Also you have to consider the water temperature will alter flow rates considerably as the water's viscosity changes as it gets colder - water at 0 degrees is a solid. The cheap Titan subpump in Screwfix will deliver 200lpm. I'm guessing that is free flow not connected to a pipe. https://www.screwfix.com/p/titan-ttb499pmp-550w-automatic-dirty-clean-water-pump-240v/81341?tc=BT8&ds_rl=1245250&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8_Dkgd611gIVorvtCh2RHghREAYYASABEgJLhPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CMq6wYjetdYCFc3HUQod-k4Djg#product_additional_details_container You have to cut the hose nipple on the pump to suit your hose size. Leaving the piece for the smaller hose on the nipple will restrict flow and the pumps performance. .
  8. Battery charging new vans

    Its recommended for battery longevity that a battery shouldn't drop below 50% charged. So if you have a 110 amp battery then 50% is when you have used 55 amps. Each pump draws around 4.5 to 5 amps per hour. We estimate that our pumps run for around 50% of a cleaning hour doing residential. It does go through charging phases as an intelligent charger does, bulk boost, absorption, condition and then float. Voltages are also user adjustable. Instruction manual attached if you haven't seen it (I'm sure you have.) Sterling-non-waterproof-battery-to-battery-chargers-instructions.pdf
  9. Battery charging new vans

    No, I have an older van with a VSR (Voltage Sensing Relay) It doesn't fully charge my leisure battery as I don't do much mileage. I'm tempted to buy one of these and compare it against the VSR but that's for another day. Grippa do one and have a write up on their site. A few have had theirs and the Sterling fitted and both groups using it have reported it works for them. But as with most things, windies don't do indepth studies so without facts its difficult to come to an exact conclusion. In our industry its seat of your pants experience and as we all are different, what works for them (or they think works for them - with no disrespect) may not work for another.
  10. Battery charging new vans

    I posted this under tutorials a few months ago so will give you a little info. https://windowcleaningforums.co.uk/topic/22375-split-charge-relay/ The price of the Sterling Battery to Battery charger is now £189.00 for the units excluding wiring. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sterling-Power-12v-30amp-Battery-to-Battery-Charger-BB1230-/252410937461?hash=item3ac4dd4075:g:iUoAAOSwyltZTR4- They also supply them in kits
  11. Placing 800ltr tank in lwb sprinter

    https://windowcleaningforums.co.uk/topic/15870-tank-position/#post-279971 There's a formula for tank positioning on this thread
  12. Shurflo or Aquatec?

    Which is all well and good, but how do you identify which companies are importing these fakes?
  13. I've never had an issue. Over the years we have monitored plants under some of the windows we regularily use Jif cream cleaner on. A couple of bay windows we do come to mind. But we have always used Tulsion MB115 from a reputable supplier - you.
  14. Insurance to cover different services

    Our public liability insurance is through Gleaming. It covers all aspects of "Cleaning".
  15. I couldn't agree more. Makes my fall seem like a walk in the park - just a bit bruised, sore and a shattered ego. I was glad no one was watching at the time, but on reflection, that wasn't a good thing to be glad about. Generally speaking, I just can't believe the number of people in all walks of life that just don't believe it could possibly happen to them. Two photos of hurricane Irma are burned in my brain. The first was of a young woman in cutoff jeans standing on the beach looking out to the stormy sea and the other was of a surfer making the most of the waves whipped up by the winds. That was the area people were told to evacuate because they were in the predicted path of the hurricane. I wonder what happened to them. Then there is the report of the family who ignored the keep out warning signs and their 11 year old boy fell into a volcanic crater in Italy. The parents also died trying to recue him - they left another child orphaned.