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  1. I understand the predicament you are in financially. Unfortunately you can't earn without the right tools or equipment. I didn't realise how I stiffled the growth of our business by rationing water. Ask Doug what its like trying to run a car with strict petrol rationing. I was doing the same with too small an r/o. My 4040 is twice the size of a 4021 and that produces 2 lpm of pure. I am also going to add not to be drawn in by some cheap membrane offers around. You need the best membranes available and those don't come with a 'cheap' price tag.
  2. I see a bit of myself in you @Robt100. I struggled on with a 450GPD for a year when I knew that the 450GPD was too small to supply 3 of us with water. I procrastinated about upgrading the r/o. My son told me to replace the old membranes but I eventually made to right decision and upgraded to a 4040.
  3. As I have said before, a second hand r/o is only worth the used value of the housings. When buying a used r/o you must account for having to replace the innards pretty soon after your r/o arrives. Hence the reason why I don't believe most used r/o's are worth what window cleaners believe they are worth. What would I do? I would replace the membrane with an HF5 and forget the booster pump. (A booster pump will just add additional management issues you aren't experienced to deal with yet.) I don't believe a booster pump is necessary atm. It will be an added expense as I believe you will have to replace the membrane anyway. I would also replace that di vessel for something bigger. Even with an efficient performing membrane your rejection rate is going to be around 12ppm. Its fine going 'lite', but it also needs to be practical. My first r/o was included in a used system I bought. The system was a year old and the prefilters had never been changed. I had to replace those membranes shortly after I purchased it. The seller was on the same water supply as I was. After I replaced those membranes and did regular prefilter replacements, the new membranes lasted me 6 years. If your waste gate valve is producing that ratio when closed then there is also the possibility that a small hole was drilled in the 'gate' Purefreedom do that and I thought it was a good idea and did it myself. I did it for 'safety' reasons. Now I know the gate valve can't be completely closed and damage the membrane. What Doug is asking for is how much pure does your r/o produce in a minute. It should be close to 1 liter.
  4. spruce

    6mm or 8mm hose reel

    Purefreedom had a lime green hose at one time. They also had a few issues with the quality but that was a few years back (2016). According to a few cleaners they had issues trying to get PF to resolve the problem. This would be a sticking point for me. Haven't heard any negative comments about Circuit Hydraulics hoses but I think they are now red in colour.
  5. spruce

    6mm or 8mm hose reel

    I hope so. I've always had 8mm and have just had a roll of 6mm delivered yesterday. Will try to fit it onto my hose reel sometime in the school's empty car park.
  6. First purchase is a genuine tds meter and check the tds of your tap water. Daqua will have one. If you have a low tds as I believe some areas of Scotland have, then why not double di with resin? Trust me, "Ill only be using it in a backpack for hard to reach windows that would be a bit dodgy on a ladder" are famous last words most of us have uttered. Within a few hours of your resolve you will seriously be thinking why you are up a ladder when you have a pole in the car. If you are shortish like I am and can't reach the top of most downstairs windows without a step ladder, then poling those windows makes a lot of sense as well. We hardly use a squeege on externals these days.
  7. spruce

    Advice on RO system

    Do a search on https://windowcleaningforums.co.uk/search/?&q=hidrotek&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy on this forum as the quality of the membrane isn't as good as the manufacturer states. A quick look at a 4040 membrane specs reports some impressive rejection rate results, but the small print on their own printed spec sheet says "Stated performance may vary by ± 15% from the data shown." That might be good enough for reverse osmosis pure water to the kitchen tap (Americans do this) but not efficient enough for window cleaning. No matter how you look at it, what you save now you will pay for later.
  8. spruce

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    The poor girl sounded almost embarrassed as she read the report back to me. Its not easy for anyone to pass on a message that the customer will be unhappy about. So does this mean that you have added Gardiners onto that long list of suppliers you recently highlighted as ones you won't deal with; Brodex, WCW, Xline to name a few. 😀
  9. What about this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hozelock-Type-Brass-Fittings-Quick-Male-Connector-BSP-Male-3-4-/321177798618 this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hozelock-Type-Brass-Swivel-Quick-Revolving-Elbow-BSP-Female/321798437748?var=510721871902&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D51875%26meid%3D117bce899d4241c793b10b843b449be2%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D321177798618%26itm%3D510721871902&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 and this for 1/2" pipe https://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/all-products/pump-hose/hose-fittings-adapters/john-guest-fittings/1-2-fittings/john-guest-outside-tap-a-to-a-push-fit-adapter.html or this 15mm to 3/4" (depending it the pipe you are using.) https://www.johnguest.com/speedfit/product/10-15-22-28mm-size-fittings/straight-tap-connector/
  10. No. Those won't work either. I can't find how that swivel is joined to a FG fitting atm.
  11. No you haven't 😁 Those fitting are design to 'latch' onto a peice of water pipe firmly. They were not designed to swivel.
  12. spruce

    prefilters quality

    That's what the Spectrum spec sheet says. The 20" is twice that. This is why I always got Fiberfyne from Gardiners as that filter has a longer service life. 12000 liters for me isn't good enough. Gardiners haven't increased their prices on imported Fiberdyne filter so the price is good compared to other suppliers. GAPS water also supplies Fiberdyne prefilters as does Grippatank. For my situation Fiberdyne are the best for me as they are 5 micron. I have tried a long service life 1 micron carbon block but even with a sediment filter (5 micron) the c/b filter became blocked with sediment long before its service life was reached. Yes, Gardiners are discontinuing some of their water filtration lines. Yes, GAC does also remove chlorine. The still sealed 20" one under my desk says it does and is good for 2500 gallons. As the filter is made in the USA it will be US gallons (4 liters) so 10000 liters in our speak. That's a waste of time for me. There is also another option of filling a di vessel with activated acid washed carbon granuals but this is geared more toward the higher end of water production.
  13. http://robinson-solutions.blogspot.com/2010/08/q-with-electric-window-cleaner-jeff.html Google Jeff Brimble 88 feet.
  14. spruce

    Facelift Phantom Pole

    That's what I would have thought. If I was marketing a product I wouldn't want the names of the various suppliers/designers emboldened into the components I had used to assemble to finished item.

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