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  1. green pro clean

    I reckon if i could put just 1 100° fan jet in the middle of the brush that would be awesome on 100% The noise might be horrific though
  2. green pro clean

    Just messaged you
  3. green pro clean

    It's a shame you're not trad then as i have loads of vids on youtube lol
  4. Take it in 1 lump and blow ot on hookers and coke lol Never know how long you got so i refused to pay all my life for something like a pension My dad payed over the odds for his in the hope of a nice retirement and sadly died of heart attack before his 54th birthday Makes you wonder what is the point
  5. green pro clean

    It might go cold by the morning lol Completely forgot today while i was rushing about Will set a reminder on my phone for tomorrow
  6. It's all i know mate The army taught me how to bang dents out of pinkies (old 109 land rover) etc as i was a reme metalsmith and tried a few other jobs over the years but windows is what i know Could maybe do a bit of roofing if needed but the windows and add on jobs is where i will make my money Just need to get a few helper monkeys working for me as the business will be my pension I haven't ever had a proper pension
  7. Van ports

    I stuck mine straight through the door when i had a tank Needs a grommet to tidy up the top hole in the trim as i misjudged it at first (remember lads measure twice cut once rather than eyeballing it lol) Works perfect though and will be fine for when i get my 400l flat tank and install my bilge pump to fill trolley
  8. I will just potter around in the background while my exterior cleaning business runs itself Just starting to expand the softwash side of things now winter is coming and loads of slippery decking and pathways to clean Hopefully have first employee next spring on the glass so i can concentrate on the bigger jobs I would be happy just doing 1 off big jobs while my employees make the cash for me on the windows
  9. I would be pablo escabar of i had the chance again
  10. Awkward windows

    That's probably it Noddy My mate just got a competitors customer earlier Never turns up and does a poop job He quoted £16 and the guy who lost it was charging 8 for a glass clean only and missing the frames This is one of the local guys moaning that i am taking his work lol Maybe he should do a proper job instead of doing it halfarsed and losing work
  11. green pro clean

    Been using the jets on 100% today @Marko067 Never worked so quick in my life Nice to see a sheet of water pouring down the glass
  12. green pro clean

    I use the type 2 with quicklock swivel and order all my brushes with quicklock
  13. green pro clean

    If you do it properly it is a good job I have built my round mostly on recommendations and facebook where everyone recommends me If the flow is good then it is fine You do also have to use your eyes like you would with any other method
  14. green pro clean

    Have a look at the vid Green is using a water genie with a gardiner sill brush so they do fit
  15. green pro clean

    I was using the 100° gardiner fans on an ultimate 35cm brush today to try the fans out and was even quicker as the way they spray on 60 i had a 35cm curtain of water down the glass I use either those fans or 4 pencils on an extreme usually and the flow is usually 50-60 Like @Marko067 i use a swivel also which makes a huge difference I'll film myself tomorrow