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  1. This is how i do all my harris poles The unger adjustable crank fits fine then Good old wagga made a vid of it https://youtu.be/Qp4Ihsoy6Lc
  2. Welcome Best person to ask is @spruce and he is a fellow South african
  3. I used to use a gardiners backpack left in the car with 100m hose Thought it was fine until it packed up It has the power to do it but i don't think the pump likes it
  4. I'm only 6'2" but have monkey arms lol Not much i can't reach on tip toes
  5. You can't advertise your own products without paying for the privilege, that is clearly stated in the rules It is as simple as that as it is advertising that pays to keep this forum running Recommending a tool that is nothing do do with you is perfectly fine as that is what the forum is about
  6. I spray some degreaser on and then wfp off You don't want loads of grease stuck on your brush though so if it is really bad a spray and then rub off with a cloth then wfp is a better idea
  7. That is what i like about this job No rules and do what you want I may lose 1 house a day tradding bottoms maybe but who cares For me work should be enjoyed as well as make a good income Some people obsess about hourly rate or daily rate etc but why? No point being the richest man in the cemetary
  8. I do around 20 jobs per day and still only have a 210l tank in my van Was trad for 24/25 years and am quick so doing bottoms trad is no issue and i enjoy it a whole lot more than stick waggling Wfp just means no ladders anymore I was going to get a bigger tank but i have plans for a dedicated tank or 2 smaller ones for chems in the van instead alongside my pure tank with seperate pump etc If you are purely wfp then get as big as you can as you will use it
  9. I count 8 storeys lol You would need a long pole for that Not cheap
  10. An employee has to make 30k a year on a full time basis on average just to break even Holidays, sick, wages, equipment, insurance etc etc You could have someone out every day but won't make a great deal When you start earning is when you get to the stage the guy i used to sub off to cover sick and holiday etc I had work every day as he had 9 people working for him This was about 9 years ago and then they used to do £20 ph of work for £10 wages ph He was making £90 ph and then working himself also A bit (well a lot ) dodgy though as they were all "self employed" although all working for him every day for years
  11. Please be aware that advertising is not allowed on the forum except paid ads about which you would need to speak to @Gav Thanks
  12. Try the excelerator then A bit sensitive at first if used to the wagtail but a lot better piece of kit and the pad actually holds enough water for more than 2 windows which the wagtail is poor at I can use a trad pole all day no ladders and love it I went wfp just to make life easier on some jobs but i still have jobs that are easier and quicker trad pole due to access etc and it is easy once you have practiced for 26 years😂
  13. Was 23 here today Lovely
  14. If you keep the mop on the glass it is never too hot for trad
  15. Hi and welcome Get on YouTube and search polzn bladz The moerman setup he uses is what i use also Can't go wrong with that