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  1. If it is a regular clean don't worry about it Pure water landing on the roof is just like it is raining and will cause no issues
  2. Pricing and price increases

    Franchising is a good idea but would cost more to set up Once up and running though I reckon it could be quite lucrative I have ideas but to start with will just be subbing out work until i have enough to fill a round full time for someone The idea is to eventually get off the tools so running all the day to day worksheets and employees etc would be pretty much my only job
  3. Pricing and price increases

    A few years ago i was subbing off a big firm and used to take double what i could do and pay another guy to do the extra I paid 20% and it was the trad days back then I took £200 for a day for me so made £160 Took £200 for him and paid him £10 ph as long as he did £20 ph of work Left me with £100 per day from him minus 20% so made £60 a day extra Subbing and taking on self employed guys part time is a good way to get built up before going the employment route once you have the work What's the worst that can happen? Have an extra round falling behind until you fill it with someone
  4. Pricing and price increases

    I will retire and have the business running for me Only here once and be buggered if I'm working till i drop My dad worked stupid hours for the future and died before his 54th birthday What was the point of it if you can't sit back and enjoy life 42 now and will be off the tools before 54 and enjoying myself As my grandad said you're a long time dead Prices need to go up i agree but it is a balance between growing a business on ok prices and being a 1 man band on very good prices However mine are going up in Jan as it has been 3 years since the last It all depends whether you want to be a 1 man band forever or a businessman earning from your businesses working for you while you reap the benefits of your hard work setting it up
  5. I miss frankncheerfull
  6. Ionic Resin any good

    It is £75 delivered here
  7. If you let it dry on just spray a little more on and scrub the whole lot off Not an issue really Never had a problem
  8. Upvc max was very watered down The original is upvc cleaner from bonnymans and very strong People saying it is rubbish as they are diluting already watered down product
  9. Payment

    Put a note through and say you have also added a £10 admin fee Totally legal and make her pay Tell her she has 5 days to pay or it will be passed on to your debt collection agency which will then incur additional fees from them
  10. The 6 p's mate Can't go wrong
  11. Was on the glass at 9am in the ice and snow Gotta man up people Jets froze once but soon thawed them out No gloves today either lol
  12. Water freezing on the glass

    I enjoyed it once i got going today Snow everywhere Army boots and thermal socks Got my hair cut before i started and then realised i had left gloves and beanie at home Still felt nice and warm It's all about keeping your feet warm
  13. Water freezing on the glass

    I'm 42 and i feel like that lol
  14. Water freezing on the glass

    Horses for courses mate I clean all year round Not had more than 2 days off in the last 12 months due to weather
  15. Water freezing on the glass

    So you don't need to pay bills in winter then??