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  • when did you start window cleaning?
    1991..think it was a tuesday
  1. He is part of another company now who is starting to put self contained units around the country for people to fill up
  2. He's a top bloke for sure Been helping me out with logo and got some good advice also
  3. I used to work out of a car but since getting this van i work a lot quicker as it is easier to set up etc Cars and vans all did the same job for me when i was trad but i couldn't go back to wfp'ing from a car Plus once you start offering other services you won't have space in a car
  4. Give this guy a call I used to buy water from him He has a depot in charlton too i believe http://www.constant-services.co.uk/
  5. How far are you from charlton? My geography south of the river isn't great as I'm from the right side (w10) which means i speak properly lol
  6. Also it stops spinning sections with a couple of very fine coats of lacquer
  7. "This time next year Rodney..."
  8. If you get bad reviews change your category to product/services That removes the ability for anyone to see your reviews Not ideal but it will hide them A mate of mine had that problem trad man and it turned out to be a friend of a competitor Some people are ruthless
  9. I will send you an email shortly Welcome to the nuthouse We have a lot of knowledge between us so someone will always have an answer for you Feel free to send me a pm if you have any questions and if i can't help somebody will Dave
  10. Where do you buy your water @slippy
  11. I think longer frequencies are better 2 monthly as opposed to monthly means twice as many customers but also when the economic climate goes tits up customers are less likely to bin you as it isn't much of an expense Safeguarding against recession or job loss etc
  12. That can happen once it is fully saturated It is too far gone to use even as a pre di
  13. If you are on a meter and save a tenner a week through having less waste for example then that would be £520 a year saving so worth doing and buying filters more often or even membranes once a year if you have a big saving If you don't save enough to outweigh the costs then it makes sense to just pay for the extra waste Gotta do the maths on your particular situation
  14. It depends what ro you have, whether you use an inline flow restrictor for your waste or a manual valve to set your own waste/pure ratio Usually it is about 60/40 waste/pure
  15. I tried it on fake georgian sash windows thinking it would be good for the side channels where the windows slide up and down Didn't touch the dirt Then tried on conny roof with the idea od getting the sides of the upvc bars Worked just the same as a normal sill brush Each to their own though.. i didn't like it