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  1. Green pu is great.. bigger id (internal diameter) 6mm instead of 5mm which a lot of pole hose is Od is outside diameter
  2. That sheet is a good starting place I am very good on excel with formulas etc with nvq qualifications and used it as a starting block Heavily modified and linked to expenses with receipts sheet etc and a summary sheet which shows tax due etc and 100% good enough for the taxman
  3. No need for the red bits.. univalve will be fine Just shove a pushfit in the join That's what i do
  4. zafira question

    Connects are good but check out the steering rack as my mate @Adams0211 needs a new one and I have since found out it is a common issue
  5. NOOO! Not again!

    It's not that cold though Snow has stopped and up to 4° tomorrow Fine weather for working
  6. Jet for applying tfr

    It depends what you are using to spray with A big flow pump and a euro nozzle would be good but i use a backpack to spray connys and render etc and the fan jets are more than enough used close to the surface
  7. Jet for applying tfr

    I use 2 gardiner 100° fan jets in a quicklock brush connector with the holes drilled out to take the jets Same as @Den
  8. Paying for water.

    Depends how you have the ro set up A 4040 ro you need to regulate yourself to around 60% waste 40% pure but a smaller one like my 450gpd ro comes with a restrictor on which is about 1 3rd pure 2 3rds waste but i have an inline tap instead to make it around 50/50 but the membranes won't last quite as long
  9. Paying for water.

    My tds varies but is around 340ppm
  10. Fairy for first clean.

    Bleach and water for me
  11. Qs for using ubik for 1st cleaned

    I don't use any of those chems anymore I do some softwashing so always have some hypo or cheap bleach from the shop on my van An inch of that in a big hand sprayer bottle topped up to full with pure is all i use now Very rarely it will cause a slight orange tinge to the upvc but by the time you have finished and packed up it is all gone again That is the reaction with the bleach but the zinc oxide in the upvc reacts and turns it back white again Don't use it any stronger as it will stain more and take longer to fade although even neat bleach stains will fade in about a week but will be bright orange until then If you are wary use screwfix no nonsense degreaser as it will not stain even neat and rinses a lot easier than ubik etc
  12. Thinking about starting my own round

    I don't go through houses Most round here have back gates just takes a while to get to the backs or carefull planning to do a few fronts then get the backs after I have all my domestic work (except for a seperate round in a nearby village) in a 3 mile radius from my house Very compact areas If I was as fussy I wouldn't have the round I have now Council estates are fine and I grew up on some dodgy ones but you will find most normal council estate tennants will pay promptly without hassle.. maybe they realise how important it is to pay swiftly as they rely on their wages to pay bills.. happier to work for normal people who will pay rather than chase money I also do some nice areas with big detatched houses and some new builds which gives a nice balance but to me a house is a house
  13. Thinking about starting my own round

    That's ok if you don't live in a town full of terraced like me Price to allow for walking round to the back etc and it is a good earner
  14. I find the red 50° jets very brittle amd easy to break Don't know if different plastic on the 100° but they have taken a battering and not broken yet

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