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  1. Hypo

    It's not a pi$$ing competition I stated i use it to make my life easier.. nothing to do with anyones earnings You do it your way and i do it my way And what is to say i don't use blackwash I agreed with you about dish soap and even pointed out about getting chlorine bubbles bit i have used it in the past at short notice and it is a surfactant and will help with the job but yes a proper surfactant is best
  2. Hypo

    Softwash means any cleaning with low pressure Technically you could call wfp softwash Ubik etc is all the same principle of spray on, agitate then rinse off Different chems for fences and decking etc
  3. Hypo

    Look at the ingredients of household bleach and you will see it usually has sodium hydroxide in it as well as hypoclorite I use hypo for many jobs and know what i am doing with it and won't use bleach from the shop Hydroxide and hypoclorite have different uses As for washing up liquid it will work as a surfactant as all that is is something to break the surface tension of the water but add some to neat hypo and watch the chlorine bubbles start appearing Not ideal Why would you reserve hypo just for black lichen etc? Have a chat with Benz Softwash or watch their vids showing how blackwash (hypo and surfactant basically) is the best product to clean upvc and first cleans etc I clean conservatories etc with it in next to no time compared to other methods and have plenty of very happy customers Try getting the same results with other chems without spending an age scrubbing and wearing out your body The name of the game is maximum earnings from minimal work for me
  4. Hypo

    That is the right stuff and the same as swimming pool suppliers As long as it is sodium hypoclorite as you can also get calcium hypochlorite which is effective but usually found in powdered form and hard to dissolve fully I like calcium hypoclorite but more of a faff to prepare
  5. Hypo on uvpc going yellow?

    It can cause yellowing The zinc oxide in the upvc will bleach it back out in a short while at that strength I do first cleans and fascias etc with it and don't even worry about any yellow
  6. Going back to backpack

    Decided to keep the van mount as i have some jobs it will be a lot easier on but i will be doing a good majority by backpack though as it is easier Thinking a combo of the both is best
  7. Fibreglass Van Floor

    Good idea Adam Easy way to do it and no hassle of fibreglass etc
  8. Training first employee

    I would just take him out and chuck him in the deep end Give him a pole and make him do bottoms so he can see the sills etc and tell him to crack on That is how i learned trad.. just given squeegee and applicator.. shown how to do it on 1 window then told to keep up and i was tradding perfectly fine within a couple of hours.. less detailing on each window i did Sink or swim type situations make you pick it up quick.. then you can work on the finer points as you go
  9. Promax tfr 10 and 20

    200ml is a glug in my book lol I don't measure any chemicals except hypo and biocide Everything else gets the just a splash treatment
  10. Fibreglass Van Floor

    Should do but even if it didn't it will cure hard on top of it Not seen anyone else do it that way but i know from experience it will work
  11. Fibreglass Van Floor

    The stuff you use when building a wall or patio etc to stop damp from below Thick black waterproof sheeting Would be like a barrier between floor and fibreglass so it isn't actually stuck to the floor
  12. Going back to backpack

    I have a bilge pump ready to go in the tank in my van.. a lot easier
  13. Going back to backpack

    I don't care if wfp or trad.. a clean window is a clean window I have some bungalows i part right outside but still trad them as wfp is unnecessary for that job
  14. Going back to backpack

    Where i live it is a maze of alleyways and backpack issues for 1 half of the whole town
  15. Going back to backpack

    I have mates round here who use pf trolley only and know 2 cousins who work together with a backpack each